Hello, Literotica. This is my first story, a little short I whipped up last night at the request of my mommydom. While I hope most of my stories will be longer, this is pretty indicative of the types of stories I'll be writing, so if you like what you read here, go ahead and add me!

I come in from work, and find a note in your handwriting on the table. "Come to the bedroom, Pet, mommy and daddy have a date tonight."

Excitedly, I peel out of my work clothes and make my way upstairs to find mommy on the bed, naked. She smirks at my reaction, then beacons me over.

She tells me to start by worshiping her body. I kiss her feet, softly and gingerly, taking a moment to suck her toes, then make my way up her legs, up her stomach, paying extra attention to her boobs, giggling them, stroking the nipples.

I move to plant a kiss on her soft lips, but she stops me with a finger. "No, no, pet. Your not to kiss mommy on the lips. Only daddy can. But, you can kiss me anywhere else."

I nod embarrassed, returning to my place on my knees beside the bed, before she offers me her fingers. "Suck." She commands, and I do, taking each digit individually and sucking them, drooling all over them then sucking them clean.

"Now", she says as she stands, walking to her closet and pulling out a dress. "Your going to help mommy get ready for her date."

First I help her pull the nylon stockings up her legs, enjoying the sensation as the fabric glides up her skin. This earns a smirk from mommy. "You like mommy's legs?"

I nod nervously. But then she simply stands, telling me how to put her bra on. I do, standing behind her and wrapping the bra around her perfect twin globes, watching slack jawed as a perfect valley forms on her chest.

Next I help her into the dress and help do her makeup. "Your a good little makeup artist." She coos at me at one point. "You like helping mommy with makeup, don't you?" I nod, my cock practically slapping my stomach at this point.

She leaves for her date, leaving me extremely horny but with express orders not to masturbate. I manage to make it, though, and I practically started sobbing as she walked back in. She giggled condescendingly at me, waiting by the door, naked, my cock red and leaking precum. "Aaww, your very excited, arent you, pet?"

She leads me back to the bedroom, and told me to undress her. I did, going as slowly as I could, just to get a moment longer with her bare skin. Once she's naked she lays down and tells me to lick her. I do, moaning as I taste daddy's cum. Mommy chuckles. "You like that little surprise I left for you down there, baby?" I nod, barely able to tear myself away. "Yes, daddy really took good care of me tonight. He gave me a pounding you could only DREAM of. He used those powerful muscles and that giant, veiny cock to fill me with his hot, sticky cum. You taste it, don't you, pet? You taste a REAL man. And you LOVE it."

I finish cleaning her soon, and she has me get down on my back and she climbs on top of me, riding me cowboy style, running her hands over her body, looking back every once in a while to smirk at me.

"Oh...oh, mommy..." I gasp. "I-Im gonna-" But before I can even finish, she gets up, making me groan in desperation. But she tosses me a towel and says, "Here, finish in that. We cant have you cumming inside mommy, after all. Only daddy can cum in this pretty pussy. But don't worry, mommy will play with it while you finish."

And that was how my day ended, naked, covered in sweat and cum, trembling with a cloth around my cock, my mommy casting her spell on me once again.

Pub: Jan 11 2021 05:45 UTC
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