Chapter 10 - Naked in School

Eveline's stress-level went down only slightly when Strickland changed the subject:

"By the way, I talked to Mrs. Comstock. I'm pulling you out of study hall and you're going to be spending your first hour of the day in here with me as my student aide. Study hall's a total waste of time: for losers, retards, and drop-outs. You're not a retard and you're not dropping out of school if I have anything to say about it, so you're out of study hall. I need some assistance in here anyway. Now help me set up."

By regulations established by the school district, physical education instructors and coaches such as Jamie Strickland were required to teach at least two hours of an academic subject in order to spend the rest of their day teaching gym classes. In Strickland's case that meant two hours of Algebra II. Algebra II was a course intended for mediocre juniors and seniors who needed a extra math credit to graduate or apply for college, but who were not capable of handling Geometry or any of the school's other higher-level math courses. Students like Eveline, for example. Eveline had the same class herself, with a different teacher, later in the day.

The student knew that she was going to be naked in the classroom with 25 fellow students. Her nude-in-public debut at school would began as soon as the bell rang and students started filing into the classroom. Eveline had thought that she'd simply sit in the back of the room, slouching and trying to hide herself as best she could.

Wrong. Strickland ordered her student to place her books on a work table under the window, right next to the teacher's desk.

"But... where am I gonna sit?"

"Sit? You're not gonna sit. This is a full class and there's no extra seats. Anyhow, that's not why you're here."

Strickland handed the student a sheet of paper covered with algebra equations and unsolved problems and a marker for whiteboards.

"Start writing these problems on the board, in the same order I put them on the paper. And make sure you leave enough space below each of them to write in the solutions later on."

For a moment the teenager stood stupefied, holding the paper in one hand and the marker in the other.

"What are you waiting for? Get started."

The nude-at-school nightmare just kept getting worse and worse. With both of her hands occupied, she wouldn't even be able to use them to cover herself. Her only option would be to keep her back turned to the class as much as possible while she wrote. She remained facing the wall when the bell rang and students filed into the classroom. Their hallway chatter ceased immediately as soon as they saw their naked classmate. They fell dead silent as they took their seats and stared as Strickland took attendance and Eveline continued to write on the board. A couple of the male students attempted to take out their cell phones to get pictures of the incredible sight. A harsh look from their teacher let them know that was a really bad idea and those phones needed to disappear immediately.

Eveline spent the next hour standing at the chalkboard, trying to ignore the gaping expressions of the first-period algebra class. The teacher called on her students to come up with solutions to the example problems on the board, and Eveline had to write the answers so the class could discuss whether the guesses were correct or wrong and why. Eveline had studied for the exact same class later in the day, so hearing her classmates struggle with answers did re-enforce her own studying from the previous night.

Throughout a very long hour being on display to her peers, Eveline wondered if it was really possible she'd be going to her other classes without being allowed to get dressed. Surly the school principal would have something to say about the matter. Certainly he'd shoot down the idea that a student could attend his school in the nude. Eveline waited for the hour to end, hoping that someone would finally say something and her coach would be forced to provide her with an outfit.

Coach Strickland gave her first-hour class a pop-quiz during the final ten minutes of the lesson. She took advantage of the break to type a letter, which she printed, signed, and placed in a sealed envelope. She then handed the envelope to Eveline and told her to take it to the principal's office.

Eveline rushed out the door, desperate to make it to the main office before the bell ran. Already 30 students had watched her and studied her bare bottom for nearly an hour. The last thing she needed was for the entire hallway to be full of classmates while she was streaking around the school. She was worried about getting into trouble for being naked, but she assumed that once she made it to the office, she'd be forced to get dressed. There was no way this could go on. Surly the principal and the school district wouldn't allow it.

When she entered the principal's office, Eveline was surprised when she saw the school's newest receptionist, the one who worked directly for him. The woman was tall, thin, and couldn't have been more than 21. She was gorgeous, but looked about as intelligent as a Barbie doll. Eveline was most surprised, however, by what the receptionist was wearing, which was not much at all. She had a skimpy dark green matching outfit consisting of a very short mini-skirt that barely reached to the tops of her thighs, and a skimpy top that looked more like something you'd expect to see on the beach.

The receptionist's outfit slightly eased Eveline's fears about being punished for being nude in the school's main office. She did wonder what the hell was going on, however, especially after the receptionist caressed her shoulder and seemed not surprised at all about the fact a student had entered the office naked.

The receptionist escorted the girl into the principal's personal office, where he was sitting at an expensive-looking desk. The employee handed him Coach Strickland's letter, and then, in a totally unprofessional manner, put her hands on the desktop and leaned on it and flirted while her boss chatted with her. She bent over and smiled and seductively shifted her weight from leg to leg. The back of her skimpy skirt rode up, exposing her bottom and revealing that she was not wearing anything underneath. As she was talking to the director of the school, she seemed oblivious that her naked backside was on full display to the student standing behind her.

The director and the receptionist spent several minutes chatting about office matters that had nothing to do with Eveline's dilemma. They completely ignored the stressed student, leaving her to stand quiet and helpless. Eveline desperately wanted to cover herself, but she remembered Coach Strickland's admonition against doing that. Reluctantly, she managed to keep her hands at her sides.

Eveline's eyes were drawn to the bare bottom that was only a few feet away form her. She couldn't believe that a school employee could possibly go around dressed like that. The receptionist was practically naked herself, which meant...

Oh... shit...

Suddenly Eveline had a very bad feeling concerning what was about to happen when the school director got around to opening that letter from Eveline's coach.

The principal finally turned his attention to the letter. The document wasn't very long, but he seemed to take forever reading it. The student was desperate to know what it said, but at the same time very fearful of what might be in there and what it would mean for her future.

The principal seemed to delight in prolonging the girl's anxiety. He talked to her in detail about her life up to that point, going into detail about her bad grades. He made some derogatory comments about her having to repeat the previous year due to flunking out. The conversation moved to Eveline's unhappy home situation, the house fire that ended it, and her current living arrangement with Coach Strickland. During the entire time his eyes shamelessly studied Eveline's uncovered body. Finally he commented.

"You know Eveline, you are extremely lucky to have a coach who cares enough about you to take you in. If it weren't for her, you'd be in a homeless shelter right now, and out of school, I might add."

"Yes, Mr. Donovan... I 'spose that's true."

"I do hope you never forget what a huge favor she's done for you, keeping you off the streets. I expect you to do everything you can to make sure she knows how grateful you are."

"Yes, sir... "

"OK. Let's talk about the letter. Interesting situation with your clothes. A bit of bad luck, I'd say. Oh well, looks like where you are lucky is that we're one of the few places in the US that doesn't have any kind of legal restrictions about what you have to wear. There are some rules for the school, but I'll go ahead and wave those, given your circumstances. And also, I'll let the school board know. So, you can tell Coach Strickland you won't have to get dressed until further notice."

Eveline took a deep breath. She had a feeling this was coming, but still it was a shock to actually hear it. She was glad she wasn't in trouble, but being told she wouldn't "have to get dressed" was not what she wanted to hear. She desperately wanted to beg the principal to cancel the "favor" and make her get some clothes, but she remembered her coach's foul mood and the threat of the belt. She was on "very thin ice" and did not want to commit that "one more fuck-up". She stayed quiet as she tried to get her breathing under control.

As she regained her composure well enough to speak again, one last hope popped into her mind. What about a new team uniform for games? Her old one was soaked in sewage and was probably sitting in a dumpster full of other toxic items, but would she have a replacement in time for the next game? She shyly asked that question and was not surprised by the answer:

"Oh no, not at all. The spare uniforms were being stored in the closet next to the bathroom in the locker room. They're completely soaked and are a total loss. We'll have a new order for next season, but that's next year. The vendor doesn't ship replacement items between seasons."

"But... then... you mean... I can't play?"

"Sure you can. That's why I'm notifying the school board. No reason why you can't play like you are now. You just need a new pair of team sneakers and you're ready to go. Sneakers won't be a problem, 'cause those are being kept over at the district warehouse. Just give Coach Strickland your size and we'll have a new pair ready for your next game. And as long as the school board knows ahead of time, you'll be able to travel with your team and play at other schools."

Eveline didn't know what to say. Not only would she not be getting dressed anytime soon, but every time there was a game away from her school, she'd be expected to travel to a new location in the nude and play that way in front of thousands of strangers. Her plight would be much more public than she ever could have imagined. The principal continued:

"We're doing everything we can to accommodate your situation, so I expect you to be thankful, and to express that gratitude with improvement in your behavior and grades. And, as I said before, you are extremely lucky to have a coach who cares about you as much as Coach Strickland."

"I... yes sir... "

Eveline missed her second-period class, but left Principal Donovan's office just in time to go to her third period class. The teacher was shocked at seeing one of the students showing up to class completely naked. Blushing and trying to hold back her tears, Eveline said nothing as she handed over a copy of the note written by the school's director informing the staff that the shy student, due to a set of unfortunate circumstances (which included the infamous sewage back-up in the girls' locker-room over the weekend), had lost all of her clothing and was authorized to attend class in the nude until further notice.

Eveline was used to sitting in the back of the class and trying to stay as out-of-sight as possible, but that day the teacher called her to sit up front. Fortunately Lance was sitting up front as well, so Eveline ended up sitting right next to her new boyfriend. His presence gave her a limited feeling of comfort, to have someone who cared about her sitting just a few feet away.

Lance was completely oblivious to the very stressed expression on Eveline's face. He was elated that his "free-spirited" girlfriend was sitting right next to him, in class, completely uninhibited and uncovered.

She really was the girl of his dreams.

Meanwhile, the team captain Jenny was sitting a few seats away, next to the window. Jenny spent the entire hour studying the nudist's bare figure. She couldn't keep her eyes off her teammate. Even after having endured a painful spanking over the issue just a day earlier, she realized that the punishment was not a deterrent at all: she still badly wanted her.

Jenny looked around the room, especially at Lance, who she now considered a rival for something she wanted. She deeply regretted not having more forcefully tried to seduce Eveline before everyone else started paying attention to her.

As the day progressed and Eveline was forced to expose herself in class after class, she wondered how on earth, over just four days, she could have such horrible luck. She felt that she must be the most unlucky person in the school, if not the entire Tri-City area.

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