Chapter 1

The hallway was nearly empty as the end of the day approached. It was Friday and I was eager to get out of here. I worked for a vitamin company and was the head of multiple projects. Which earned me a wealthy amount of money.

As I approached my office, I was greeted by my lovely assistant, Monica. For three years she worked for me and did one hell of a job. I cared for her as a friend. Last year, at the age of 32, she gave birth to her first child. A beautiful baby girl named Laura.

She stood up from her desk, her raven hair flashed before my eyes as she said, "Mr. Benoit, your ride will be here in 30 minutes. They said they are running a bit late due to traffic."

I gave her a warm smile. Inside I was a bit upset by this news, but it wasn't her fault. I simply said, "Well that gives me some time for a drink. Anything else?"

"No, sir," she said, sitting down. I continued for the door to my office when she added, "Oh wait, remember I will not be here next week sir."

"Oh yes, your vacation. Where are you going again?"

"Colorado, my husband's family is there."

"I see, have a great time Monica. Bring me back a shot glass."

She gave me a smile and said, "Of course, sir."

The sun had been setting when I entered my office. It's orange light gave it a warm glow. I kept a few bottles of alcohol in my office drawer for the rough days. Today was not one, but seeing that my driver was running late, one would be fine. I grabbed a glass and poured some whiskey into it, then I sat behind my desk and rested my feet on the end. My eyes closed and I began to rerun the day's events back in my mind.

Unfortunately, my thoughts were cut short when I heard the door to my office open then closed. I opened my eyes to see my best friend, Jeffrey. He also worked here at the company with me and we had been friends since high school.

"Enjoying an afternoon drink?" he said as he approached the desk.

"Help yourself," I gestured to the open bottle on my desk.

"No, thank you. Unlike you, I drive myself places."

"If I did that, then I wouldn't be able to do stuff like this."

"To each their own," he said, sitting at the empty chair across from me, "So, the party tonight."

"What about it?" The party was celebrating a big deal we just made with another company. The party was going to be at one of my houses in the hills of Los Angeles. A few of the shareholders were going to attend so it was a big thing.

"Well, the caterers have already arrived and have begun to set up."

"Okay?" I said turning my head to him wanting the point of the information.

"Well, I just wanted you to know that. But my real concern is," I knew what he was going to say, but I let him say it. "That you won't be sleeping with one of them. You can't do stuff like that tonight, not with the shareholders here."

"It happened once," he was referring to my sexual flings. At the age of 42, I had a beautiful wife of 20 years and two wonderful children. My son, Leon, was 20 and was now in his second year at college. My daughter, Jillian, just turned 18 and graduated high school, with the plans to head to law school. However, despite loving my wife and children, I always had a desire to have sex with men. I wasn't attracted to them, I just loved having sex with them. After some quick research, I found out I was bicurious. Ever since high school, I just loved having sex with men. There was so much about it that I loved. The way they sucked a cock was way different than any one who had sucked mine, even my wife. It was a secret only Jeffrey and my wife knew. Anna, my wife, never liked it. She always told me that it was a phase that would simply just pass. Unfortunately for her, it hadn't as I kept having sex with men on the side. She had found out about one incident, which had led to a fight.

"It's happened more than once. I've just paid the recent one to keep his mouth shut," Jeffrey said once again interrupting my thoughts. Despite us being friends for nearly 30 years, we had never had sex. I wasn't really the guy who sucked a cock or got fucked. I was what they called a top. I learned a bit of the lingo so it would be easier to communicate with guys who are going to blow me or get fucked by me.

"Relax," I said, placing the nearly empty glass on the table, "I will be on my best behavior tonight. You don't need to worry."

"Good, we don't need the company knowing you're sleeping with guys. It's a bad look for the company."

"Bad because I am sleeping with men?"

"No, sleeping around with other people while being married and having two children."

I snickered, "Fair point."

After my short meeting with Jeffrey, I left the office and got into my ride. On the drive there, I read through the list of guests that would be there. When I got home, I greeted the manager of the catering company and then slipped into my room to take a shower. I stopped in front of the mirror and gazed at myself with a towel wrapped around my waist. I kept my body in top shape and my face clean shaven. My hair was cut short. My looks were mostly what attracted gay men to me. Women didn't do it for me anymore. Of course, I fucked my wife from time to time, but her pussy wasn't as tight anymore. She also didn't like anal. But the gays, they loved to keep their asses nice and tight.

When I was done gazing at myself, I put on some dress clothes and headed down stairs.

My house was one of the three I owned. I had another one on the beach and the third one was where my wife and children lived. This house was mostly used for esteemed guest parties and the occasional time to myself. It was the first home I bought when I made my first big sale. My wife insisted I sold it, but I liked having it around. I had tried moving her in here when we first got married, but she feared the house would fall in an earthquake. It was a two floor house with a single bedroom. It hung on the hill with plenty of windows to gaze at the beautiful Los Angeles skyline. But I had always assured her it was safe, but she insisted on a house that didn't hang on the side of a hill.

In no time, the party guests arrived and the party went on.

As I went around the party meeting and greeting people, something caught my eye. He was currently serving champagne to a group of guests. He had a thin frame but his shoulders looked like he worked out. His hair was cut short and well groomed. No facial hair at all, and his skin was fairly dark, possibly a latino. He noticed me staring and quickly turned away.

I excused myself from the group I was in and cautiously moved towards him. Something had told me, he would be a great cock sucker. I wasn't sure how I always knew this but it had never failed me in the past. Many times, I would find cock suckers in the most unexpected places. I went from group to group as I got closer to him.

He was bending over by a table getting another plate of champagne. Which gave me a good look at his ass that was in those slim dress bottoms. His butt was what people called a bubble butt, but it wasn't as big as others I have seen. He rose up and turned to me, almost dropping the plate when he looked at me.

"Hello, there," I said with a warm smile.

He returned the smile and said, "Hello, Mr. Benoit," he had a latin accent.

"You're doing a great job," I said. I could already see the nervousness in him. I had done my best to keep my physique by working out every day and jogging as well. I had done a few marathons, mosty for charity and for the company to look good. The gays enjoyed my body despite my grey hairs starting to show. But they didn't care when they came on my hairy chest when I was done fucking them. I had heard the word DILF thrown at me from time to time, which I had learned meant, Daddy I'd Like to Fuck. The word always brought a smile to my face. But I could see him looking at me in a special way. It was like I somehow knew he was getting hard for me.

The young server gave me a warm smile and said, "Thank you sir."

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear in Spanish, "If you're looking for a good time, go up stairs," then I slipped him a one hundred dollar bill into his shirt pocket. The hundred dollar bill was an incentive to keep his mouth shut incase he said no. It was a gamble to tell him this as he could very well be straight, but what was the worst that can happen? He tells his boss? If so, money would solve that. These caterers only cared about money and who they got paid from. And my name carried weight in Los Angeles. I could make a small catering company into a big one. By months' end, they would be catering for Denzel Washington.

He said nothing as I stood back straight and took one of the glasses from his plate. I walked past him and went back amongst the crowd.

A few minutes had passed when I saw the server looking at me from across the room, he gave me an inviting smile then turned away. Which I knew was a yes. I excused myself from the group of guests I was talking to by saying I had a light headache and I would be taking a quick nap. Jeffrey hadn't arrived so I had some time to do this without him being suspicious.

I went up stairs and went into my room. The server wasn't here but I just entered and waited. Thankfully, it wasn't long before I heard a knock on the door.

"It's open," I said.

The door opened and the server entered the room. The door locked behind him as he approached me.

"Glad you took my invitation," I said to him.

He was now a few inches from my body as he said, "I wasn't sure if it was a good idea, my boss..."

"Don't worry about your boss," I said as my hand landed on his shoulder. I pressed down on his shoulder telling him to get on his knees. He smiled and slowly got down on his knees before me. His right hand landed on my bulge and slowly rubbed my member. Next, he undid my dress pants and let them fall to the floor. My member began to grow in my black trunks as he pressed his face into my underwear. Taking in my scent into his nostrils. Then, he pulled down my trunks just enough for my uncut cock to come out. It was fully erect, all 7 inches of it. The girth was about 6 inches. The only reason I knew my measurements was because a guy who I had slept with not that long ago, took my measurements after we had sex for fun.

The server gazed at my cock as it oozed out precum. His left hand cupped my balls while his right wrapped around the shaft. He pulled back and the foreskin revealed my almost purple colored head. I placed my left hand on the back of his head and brought his head closer to my cock. His soft lifts pressed against the tip of my cock and slowly widened as I pressed his head down on my pelvis.

Slowly, the server's head moved back and forth on my long cock. I had let go of his head as his hands slid down to my thighs. He slurped on my cock as he took it deep into his mouth. I undid my dress shirt and tossed it on the chair behind me. Then I stepped out of my pants and flung them away.

Soft moans began to fly out of my mouth as he had found a rhythm. Moving back and forth, taking it all in. He had also done something I loved the gays did, which was deep throat. Something my wife refused to do.

My cock was ensconced inside his throat, being pleasured by his throat muscles. I nearly let out a loud moan as he released but I remembered I had to keep quiet. The server's hands moved up my thighs and cupped my butt cheeks as he sucked on my cock. My left hand brushed through his short hair as I guided him.

We kept this up for a few more minutes until he stopped. He then stood up and began to remove his clothes. He stood before me in his bright red jockstrap. I had fucked plenty of guys in jockstraps before. It definitely helped when I wanted to get a quick fuck in at a public location.

The server bent down and sucked my cock a bit more to cover it with saliva. Then he got down on all fours on the bed where I moved right behind him. He placed his shoulders on the bed with his hands at his butt cheeks, spreading them for me. The tip of my cock pressed into his tight hole which made him let out a small cry. I continued sliding my cock into his tight hole and this made him let out a long grunt. When I was fully in, I placed my hand on his hips and I began to thrust. Slowly at first given my size.

After a few minutes, I was able to speed up. He had begun to moan but thankfully he pressed his mouth on the mattress to muffle them. I continued to thrust his tight hole. It was enough to rock the bed. As I drew closer to climax I realized he needed to get back to work after this. So cumming in his ass wasn't the ideal choice. My cock left his ass and told him to lie down on his back with his head at the edge of my head. When he did what I asked, I slid my cock into his mouth and began to face fuck him.

The ecstasy got the better of me and I fired my load straight into his throat. He continued to suck on my cock and sucked out any remaining cum. He sat up and swallowed my hefty load and turned to me. "Thank you Mr. Benoit."

I grinned when I said, "No, thank you for your service."

He got dressed first and was the first to leave. Then I got dressed and waited a few minutes then went back to the party. Thankfully no one took notice that one of the servers was missing. When I made it back to the party, Jeffrey had arrived and greeted me.

"I heard you had a headache," he said to me.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and said,. "Yeah, quick nap got rid of it. You should try the shrimp, it's so good."

The party continued for a few more hours. And ended around 1am. By then, I was still wide awake and felt like having a drink. The caterers had already left so I retired to my room where I stripped down to my undershirt and trunks. I poured some scotch into a glass and sat down on the couch that was next to the window.

I sipped as I gazed out to the night sky. But once again my private moment was cut short when I heard Jeffrey walk into the room.

"So, which one was it?" he said in an upset tone.

"Which one was what?"

"The guy fucked tonight? The thing I fucking told you not to do," his voice raised towards the end of the statement.

I sighed. I knew it wasn't worth lying to him. He knew me too well. "It was one of the latin ones. Short black hair. Boyish facial features. Great Ass!" The last part came out in my bad Al Pacino from Scarface impersonation.

Jeffrey shook his head and sat on the bed across from me, "Where did you do it?"

"Right behind you," I said without facing him. Continuing my stargazing.

He quickly rose up with a disgusted look on his face.

"Relax," I assured him, "I came in his mouth."

He turned to me as he sat back down, "Look, I asked you to not..."

I snapped my head towards him in anger, "For fucks sake Jeffrey, I'm not a hormonal teenager, I know the potential consequences of my sleeping around. I've been doing it for 20 fucking years. My wife only knows about one."

"I know, I know, but it's just I had to assure one shareholder a while back that the rumours of you sleeping around weren't true."

I calmed down and said, "Thank you, Jeffrey. You truly are my best friend. But, be that as it may, I'm aware of what could happen. I take great lengths to not get caught."

"I know. It's just you're a big name in the company. I don't want you to go down like all these celebrities. I don't want you to be the next Kevin Spacey."

"Spacey was a creep!" I retorted, "I don't creep on minors like he does. I fulfill the desires of the young men I attract."

"You act like you're Adonis, maybe Mount Olympus will make room for you."

"I wish," I said with a grin. "Don't worry about it though, no one noticed."

"Tonight, no one did, but one day someone will."

I took a sip of my scotch and said, "We'll deal with it then."

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