Cesiax's hub#

I make smut and the occasional romance in the setting of Space Station 13. Most of these will be NSFW, and all of them involve Vox or other alien races in some way. I hope you have an alright day.

Header art by @froggy_files on Twitter (thanks!)
Illustrations for stories by @xenopera on Twitter (thanks!)


Khcenac and Several of his Relationships#

A hopeless romantic Vox slides in and out of relationships with various men in his life. Luna Station is a fantastic place to find love, so long as one is willing to keep trying, which he does, over and over. Oh, and he used to be a vampire.

Part 1 - Atchki & Matt: https://rentry.co/7kixd
Part 2 - Vizkathla: https://rentry.co/dtfv5
Part 3 - The Shoal: https://rentry.co/m39e5
Part 4 - Hitchixata: https://rentry.co/bxzp7



A Vox Raider with a peculiarly-tight stealth suit becomes endeared, and eventually lauded, by the crew of a space station orbiting the Moon. He has a boyfriend, and skills beyond compare, if you're willing to call them 'skills'.

Stetikekiak I: https://rentry.co/sdghu
Stetikekiak, a Raider with little experience, is caught trying to infiltrate a station while using a sabotaged stealth suit.

Stetikekiak II: https://rentry.co/t9fahv
Newly inducted into the crew, Stetikekiak is asked to report to the Medbay for a routine checkup, which doesn't go so well.

Stetikekiak III: https://rentry.co/p73z4
The crew is unruly and restless with antagonistic elements, and Stetikekiak is tasked with helping quell dissent with his special 'talents'.

Stetikekiak IV: Coming someday
Luna Station, lead by sex extraordinaire Stetikekiak, bands together to attempt an utterly impossible task-- securing independence from Earth, and Nanotrasen.

Anonymous Report#

Your name is Anon, and you finally landed a job! Two problems: firstly, it's a job on the Shoal, the crime-infested home "planet" of the Vox, made of rusting derelicts and smashed space stations. Secondly, you get lost. Very, very lost.

Into the Shoal: Coming when I remember to edit it
Anon falls deep, deep, deep down. There's no way to backtrack, and the first Vox he finds- gas-masked 'law enforcers'- have no intention of helping him escape the mazelike darkness below.


Anything else I've written that doesn't fit into a collection of stories. These will tend to be shorter, clunkier, and kinkier on average!

Near-Death Experience: https://rentry.co/3yar7
An old fetish fic with a focus on Vox talons, from second-person PoV. Very outdated, but maybe you'll still get some mileage out of it.

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