Soundbit Pack from 【Mario Kart 8DX】Race with Me!! (after a bit of practice lol)


Irys insists that she is an adult!
Irys is going to beat you up!
What is up with that, wait a minute! (jp)(hot)
Irys wants you to feel good about yourself!
Irys is first place in everyone's hearts!
Irys wants you to go easy on her!
Lolirys is scared!
Not giving a damn, huh?!
Irys insists that she does not stink and that she smells like flowers!
Irys needs you to leave now!
Irys was about to sassily swear!
Irys says sorry for raging at you and laughs it off!
Irys asking if you're a sweatlord!
Violence is not the answer!
Irys is going to whip you up to shape!
tsk tsk


Irys had a freudian slip and says you deserve all the sex instead!
Irys wants you to bend for her!
Irys abused your mushroom and proclaims she has a bigger one!


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