"No. But I don't want to have sex just to have sex."

She takes another sip of her tea and gives me a small smile. We take a couple of bites, finishing our sandwiches. "Remember that night you changed Sara's tire in the rain? She was scared too call her dad and Jenny said you'd do it."

I chuckle, glad for the change of subject, "Yeah. All of you piled into her dad's car and she gets a flat. At 11:30 on a Friday night. I never said anything, but you guys weren't supposed to be out, were you?"

Katie laughs, "Oh God, Sara's dad would've killed her if he knew she was out that late with the car!" She pauses as we both smile, "You got there so quick, you must've jumped right out of bed and raced right out there. We watched you in the rain changing the tire, you told Sara to get back into the car and just went to it. We felt it as you jacked the car up and took the old tire off and put the new one on. Then you gave us all your number and told us to call if we ever needed help."

She pauses to smile, remembering. I remember, too; a car full of cute high school girls. I felt protective of them all in that moment, why else give them my number?

"From then on we all teased Jenny about that. 'Oh Mike, please rescue me!' Sara said she was going to send you a nude to thank you. We gave her shit about it for months!" She laughs. "Sara didn't actually?" She can't finish because she's giggling.

"No," I giggle back. "Thank God, I would've gotten arrested for having that on my phone!" We giggle a little more.

"We all joked with Jenny about sexting with her stepdad Mike. She hated that so much! It was fun, but I always felt a little more. Anyway, I never lost your number. Every time I got a new phone I just kept adding it back in. When we met at Target that day I remembered all that. I thought for sure you'd changed your number since then, but I texted anyway."

Katie looks at me nervously. I smile back and it's my turn to put my hand on hers. "I'm glad you did."

She pulls her hand back, "I've got to get back to work, we've been here an hour already!" I look at my watch, and crap, she's right! Where did the time go? I grab her tray and carry both over to the bus tubs and empty them. She grabs my hand again and leads us out the door.

In front of her car she pulls me into another one of her boob-smooshing hugs. It's nice. She pulls her head back and looks in my eyes, then kisses me on the lips. I'm shocked, but that doesn't stop me from opening my mouth to let her tongue in. The kiss goes on for half a minute of pure bliss when she pulls back and looks down at my crotch. I'm hard, and it shows. "Don't blow the belt, Mike!" She says with a grin as she walks to her car and gets in.

Grinning like a goofy bastard I wave back at her as we both get into our cars and drive away.


After lunch I went back to work and tried not to think about kissing Katie. Eventually I got back into the groove of work and the day ended before I knew it. I drove home to Kelly and the evening went on like normal. We asked about each other's day (I somehow forgot to mention my lunch with Katie), we made dinner together, and then settled in for the night.

Buzz buzz buzz. Kelly doesn't look up as I grab my phone from the arm of the couch. It's another episode of the Bachelor, so she's glued to the TV.

'Hi! Just thinking it would be nice to have someone to cuddle with' followed a few seconds later with an image. She's sitting on her couch. She's wearing very short silky short showing a lot of her creamy smooth thighs. The top is a babydoll t-shirt that's about two sizes too small and her nipples are clearly visible poking through. Then there's the smile, that naughty cute smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Damn, she's gorgeous.

'You look very comfy there!' I reply. All I could think of while trying not to be obviously hard on the couch.

'We should do lunch again soon, I really enjoyed it <3'

'I did, too! Thursday, same time and place?' Too soon? Ugh, I don't want to look desperate. And that heart emoji again...

Katie came right back, 'See you there!'

Without thinking about it, I reply with the heart emoji and she replies with kissy face.


Thursday at 11:40 I pull up next to Katie's car in front of Mac's. We both got out of our cars and hugged right away. Hugged and kissed again before she took my hand and led me inside.

I was too distracted to think of what to order so I ordered the same as last time. I paid again and we sat at the same table.

"Have you thought about it?" Katie asks, looking at me.

"Thought about cuddling on your couch?" Lame, but I was scared to talk about it.

"Dumbass!" She says as she slaps my hand and giggles.

"Yes, I've thought about it. It's one thing to text and have lunch with someone else..."

"And kiss in the parking lot!" she interjects.

"Yeah, and kiss in the parking lot. You really are a great kisser, did you know that Katie?"

"You don't know the half of what I'm good at" she replies with a grin.

The waiter drops our trays at the table and takes the little stick with the number. He looks at us and grins as he walks away.

"I don't know... Yes, Christ I want you! Do you have any idea how great you look? How you feel in my arms when we hug and kiss?" I feel myself blush. Dammit, how does she keep doing that to me?

She looks at me and says very quietly, "I've wanted you since I was in high school."

I don't know what to say about that, I just look at her eyes and can see she's telling the truth. She smiles, "So, there's that."

We both focus on our lunch for a few minutes. "Katie, I don't know how to handle these feelings. I think of you all the time, I think about us making love, then I feel guilty."

She reached across the table to take my hand, "That's something you have to reconcile. I'm not going to force you to do anything."

After a few minutes, "I have a confession," she says.

"Oboy, where did you bury the body?"

"Shutup dumbass!" She laughs, "I know you kept that picture of me in the black dress, didn't you?"

No point in denying it, "Maaaaybeeee," I say with a laugh.

"I didn't have a party. I put it on just so I could send you a picture of me in it. Hoping it would turn you on."

"It did. It does," I admit, then smile a goofy smile.

Katie smiles and we enjoy small talk for the rest of lunch. We talked about her job, my job; less emotionally charged subjects.

As we get up, I reach for Katie's hand and we walk out together. Same as last time, she pulls me into a tight hug and we kiss. This time, the kiss is less franticly intense, but with more feeling. Longer.

"Talk to you later?" Katie asks.

"Of course, Dumbass!" I smile back.


When I got home I hugged Kelly. "What's that for?"

"Just happy to see you, I guess," I replied. We slid into our normal, comfortable routine. The weather was nice, so we took a walk outside. We came back and made dinner together, planned our grocery shopping for the next day, and then settled in for a night of TV and reading.

Buzz buzz buzz. I open my phone to see 'Reading on the couch? Lol'

'Yuppers! You?'

'Just thinking about you :*'

'Nice, you know how to boost an old man's ego :*'

I went back to reading my book for a few minutes. Well, looking at the words while thinking about that last kiss with Katie when the next buzz buzz buzz came it. I opened my phone to see a picture coming in. Katie in the bathtub, a view of her legs in the bubbles. I could see her upper thighs, knees resting on the sides of the tub, and shins back down into the tub. The lights were low and there were candles on the lip of the tub.

'Well I'm thinking of you now!' I text back. My heart is pounding and my cock is rapidly hardening.

Another pic comes in, selfie pose in the tub. Her wet hair is slicked back, her face and upper chest flushed. I could see her breasts, large but not out of proportion large. Her nipples were buried in the bubbles, something I'm sure she arranged before taking the picture. Her eyes and face looked relaxed and dreamy.

Before I could think clearly another text came in, 'Actually I just finished thinking of you <3. Later!'

Oh shit, I was thinking she was relaxed and flushed from a hot soak in the tub. I'm sure she knows that I masturbate thinking about her, maybe not how much, but for her to let me know she just finished masturbating to me...


I wanted to send a picture, it really was my turn. After my shower and some self pleasure the next morning, I stood in front of the mirror trying a bunch of poses. I wasn't going to send the proverbial dick pic, but I wanted it to be suggestive. It ended up being a shot of me half turned holding a towel in front to cover my cock. It showed part of my back, my ass, legs; the parts that showed the most result of all the cycling I did.

Should I send it? I really shouldn't. Of course I did, followed up with 'Good morning!'

I fretted about it while finishing up my normal morning activities. I was just about to leave the bathroom when the reply came, 'Damn Mike, you've taken good care of yourself for a guy who never gets laid :D'

'Thanks, I guess lol. Later!' There were other replies I was thinking of, but still wasn't sure I was ready to go there.


We settled into a routine of exchanging a few texts every night and lunches a couple of times a week. We got to know each other over the next few weeks, became more comfortable with the hand holding and hugs and kisses.


At lunch one day, I told Katie "Kelly is going to be out of town for work next week. All week... Do you want to have dinner with me?"

"What, are you asking me on a date?" she laughed. I loved the way she laughed. A little more seriously, "Are we moving past just lunch?"

"Yeah... I want to go beyond just lunch with you. Don't get me wrong, I love our lunches, but it's time for more."

"Finally!" She smiles. "Let's skip going out. Remember you promised to come to my place to cook with me." Reaching out, she takes my hand as she says this.

I didn't expect that. "Ok, which night works for you?"

"Dumbass! You know I'm home every night," giggles; "When does she leave?"

"Early Monday morning."

"Then we're making dinner at my place Monday night. In my kitchen. It'll be so domestic!" big laugh on that one from both of us.

Our after lunch kiss was quite a bit more intense and lasted longer than normal.


I drove Kelly to the airport Monday morning, kissed her at the drop off as we said goodbye. Watching as she carried her bag into departures knowing that I was planning on being unfaithful to her that very night. Funny, I didn't feel any less love for her than I ever had, but I also had such strong feelings for Katie.

The day was another dragger at work. I spent all morning and early afternoon looking at the clock and finally just left work early at 3. A stop to the grocery store to pick up supplies on the way home before a second shower and clean up.

Buzz buzz buzz "When should I be expecting my personal chef?'

It was already 4, and I didn't think I could stand to wait much longer. 'How about 6? It's going to take about 45 minutes to make and it's a weeknight and I'm an old man!'

'Dumbass! Get here whenever you can. I'm already home.'

'Seeya in half an hour :*'


Looking through the closet trying to figure out what to wear. I settled on jeans and a button down shirt. My hands were shaking as I did the buttons.

The drive to her house was only 15 minutes. All this time she'd been living so close and I never knew it until that day at Target; funny how life is. It was a nice neighborhood, well maintained ranches on city lots with neatly kept lawns. I pulled into her driveway and walked to the front door with my bag of groceries.

Katie opened before I could knock. She greeted me wearing black leggings under a dark teal sweater. Her feet were in cute low-heeled boots. The leggings showed the curves of her thighs and calves so perfectly, the sweater was fitted, but not clingy tight. I could easily see the shape of her hips and breasts and shoulders and tummy, and I liked what I saw.

Katies black hair was straight and framed her face perfectly, showing off her dark eyes and kissable lips. I could see the small silver dangly earrings she always wore.

"Close your mouth and get in here Dumbass!"

"You betcha!" I laughed as I entered her house. She leaned in for a quick kiss as soon as the door was closed.

I wrapped her up with my free hand, but after a minute she broke the kiss, "Oh, no Mike; you need to earn the next kiss. Make us dinner and feed me!" She led me to the kitchen, "What are you making us?"

"Mushroom risotto with asparagus. Where are the pans?" We'd talked about food quite a bit during our lunches together and how we shared a love of cooking.

"Down there," she points as she starts taking the supplies out of the bag. "Chardonnay, is this to have with dinner?"

"I need about half a cup for the risotto, but we can't let the rest go to waste, can we?"

Katie grabs the bottle and gets a corkscrew to open it. She pours two glasses and hands me one. "To tonight" she toasts. I look into her eyes as our glasses clink and take a sip.

She leans back on the counter with her wine as I get out the pans. First a saucepan to start heating the broth, then a skillet to sauté the mushrooms. "I love risotto, but have never made it."

"It's not that hard, but it's kind of a commitment to make," I say.

"C'mon; they say making risotto is a way to show someone you love them."

"That's one way to look at it, I guess," feeling embarrassed, She walked over and kissed me on the cheek while I was stirring in more broth.

Katie sipped her wine, watching as I added more broth to the risotto. I looked at her, loving the way she looked, "Hey, aren't we supposed to be making dinner together? Grab the asparagus, this is going to be done in about 10 minutes."

She laughed as she cut the ends off of the asparagus, grabbed another pan and stood next to me at the stove. She started sautéing while I was finishing up. I pulled the pan off the heat and opened a couple of cabinets looking for plates. Finding them, I split the risotto onto them as Katie put the asparagus on. She grabbed them and carried them to the table, which she had already set with silverware and candles. She lit the candles and dimmed the lights.

The simple dinner turned out quite well, we both enjoyed the flavors. After our lunches together, it felt natural to be eating together. The wine helped the conversation flow, but there was also quite a bit more sexual tension - we were in private, having dinner by candlelight.

We finished eating and just talked while polishing off the wine. Both of us were pleasantly buzzed, but not drunk. We giggled and smiled a lot as we talked. Finally, Katie stood up and I took it as a cue to stand up too. I grabbed a plate to take back to the kitchen, but she stopped me "Leave it for later, it's time for desert," with a beautiful smile.

I put the plate down and stepped to her, taking her in my arms and kissing her. I held her tight to me as we kissed, feeling her melt into me. Breaking the kiss, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom; I recognized it from the black dress selfie she sent me. My heart was pounding out of my chest in anticipation.

Katie reaches for me and untucks, then unbuttons my shirt. She puts her warm hands on my shoulders and then runs them down my chest, belly, down to my belt. She grabs my belt and pulls me to her. Our lips meet in another kiss and I grab the hem of her sweater and pull it over her head. I reach back and unhook her bra, thankful that I got it right away instead of struggling like a horny 17 year old when in fact I was a horny 53 year old.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. Her skin was hot on mine; all of those boob-smooshing hugs, and now I felt her nipples directly on my bare chest, her belly against mine.

Katie stepped back and knelt down in front of me as she unbuckled my belt, and pulled down my pants and boxers all in one motion. "Taking the little blue pill?" She laughs, looking at my ridiculously hard cock.

"Nope, that all you!" I say as I pull her back up. I kick off my shoes and shake out of my pants and underwear so that I'm left only in with socks and cock. I pull her back and kiss her, my cock against her belly as we kiss and rub against each other.

She lets go of me and walks to her bed, pulling back the covers. Sitting on the edge she takes off her shoes, leggings, and panties and lays down on the sheet. Her smile is all the invitation I need as I join her.

The feeling of her bare flesh on mine is incredible as we kiss and our limbs tangle and hands roam each other. Her hands are on my arms, chest while mine are on her breasts and nipples. Suddenly she pushes me on to my back and starts kissing her way down my chest. I wiggle as she bites my nipples, "I didn't know my nipples were so sensitive!" I giggle. She looks up and smiles for a second before continuing down.

Her tongue is on my cock and oh my God, I can't believe this. After licking the length of the shaft and around my balls she takes the base in her hands and the head into her mouth, then more. The sensations on my cock feel like so much more than just lips and tongue and mouth.

"Fuck Katie, you have a hummingbird in your mouth or what?!" I gasp.

She spits my cock out with the force of her laughter. She looks up at me as she slaps the side of my thigh, hard. "You want me to do this or not?" she teases.

"Christ yes, Katie! It's just I've never had a blow job feel so good. Hell, I haven't had a blow job in almost 30 years," I say with a little wonder and sadness in my voice.

"Jenny's mom won't do this?" She asks as her finger traces first her lips than the length of my cock.

"Nope, she never has. I think she's scared of cum, she never wanted to see it."

"She doesn't know what's good, does she?" Katie smiles and then takes me back in her mouth. I want to enjoy this, I want to savor this, but the fact is she's bringing me to orgasm very quickly.

"Katie!" I gasp, barely able to catch my breath. I'm wriggling under her, I'm shaking, but she just focuses on keeping me in her mouth as she gives me the best blowjob in the history of blowjobs. At least it feels that way to me. "Katie, I'm not going to last much longer! Oh fuck, Katie...." I let out one long moan as my whole body goes rigid and start to cum in her mouth. It feels like it's never going to stop: one, two, three large spurts followed by more smaller amounts flowing out of me.

I feel like the world has stopped. For Katie's part, I hear her gulp a few times as she tries to keep up with the torrent pumping out of me. When I finally stop, I feel her licking me clean. I'm so sensitive that each touch of her tongue makes me gasp and wiggle, which I think she's enjoying.

Crawling back up to me, I pull her face to mine and kiss her deeply. I taste my cum in her mouth, I have never done that before. At first she's hesitant, then kisses me more thoroughly. She pulls back and slaps my chest, "Fuck, when was the last time you came!" She exclaims with a laugh. "You oughta warn a girl, you know?" Still more giggles as she presses herself to me.

"Yesterday. Oh, you mean with a partner? About 7 years, I guess."

Katie kisses me gently and looks into my eyes, "That's too long to go without intimacy, Mike."

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