In like a Lion

As usual March came in like a lion with raging rain storms full of lightning and thunder and swirling high winds. Today was no exception. Steve was busy with a project so I had gone to see my best friend who lived about a seven hour drive away from our home. Violet and I had been best friends in high school and remained so to this day.

After I arrived we spent a few glorious days together visiting old haunts and even meeting and spending time with some old friends. On the spur of the moment I asked Violet if she would like to come spend a week or two with Steve and I. Violet was excited at the prospect and readily agreed since her husband, who was in the Army, was currently deployed outside the country.

Violet and I had started out early the next morning since we wanted to get a jump on the long trip. Just a few hours later I found myself fighting to keep our SUV on the road in the midst of strong gusting winds and a torrential downpour.

For the past half hour we had been searching for a gas station as I watched the needle on the gas gauge creep slowly toward that big "E". Finally, I spotted what looked like a small country store with a couple of gas pumps out front.

I slowly pulled up next to the pumps as the rain continued to come down at a dreadful rate. We had not bothered to check the weather before we left so naturally I had not packed any rain gear and since the weather was unseasonably warm I had not even packed a jacket for the seven hour drive.

So we sat in the car hoping for the rain to stop or for someone to come out and with rain gear and pump the gas for us. No such luck. After about ten minutes it was clear that no one was going to come out and help us. Violet had not had any more foresight than I did and had come out without any type of jacket too.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and just go pump the gas. We had to get going and two things were clear. The rain was not going to stop any time soon and no one was going to come to our rescue.

Reluctantly I opened the car door and stepped out into utter chaos. I was immediately soaked to the skin, my hair whipping around wildly as I fumbled with the older gas pump. I lost precious time searching for the slot for my credit card before realizing that there was none.

I removed the gas cap and managed to pull the gas hose loose and insert it into the gas tank inlet. I squeezed the handle and nothing happened. No gas! Thankfully I remembered pumping gas for my dad when I was a kid and I vaguely recalled that there was a lever on the side of the pump to turn it on. After some more fumbling around I finally found the lever and flipped it up. This time when I squeezed the handle I was rewarded with the sound of gasoline gurgling down into the gas tank.

A few minutes later I replaced the hose nozzle and opened the car door. Dripping water everywhere I fumbled in my purse for my credit card while Violet simply watched me with her mouth hanging open speechless. Although I did not understand why she was looking me that way I had not time to stop and ask.

Slamming the car door I turned and headed for the front door of the store. When I glanced up I caught sight of a smiling face peering at me through the front glass window. I stomped into the store intending to wipe the smile off of that black face and immediately stopped in my tracks.

The store was just a small place with a glass topped counter with a selection of candy bars underneath. To my right against the wall was a rack holding a selection of chips and other bagged snacks. Behind the counter another rack was mounted on the wall holding a selection of cigarettes, cigars and snuff.

To my left was a small room with a small card table and a heater. Three men were seated there holding cards and staring at me. The fourth seat had apparently been occupied by the man with the smiling face who now stood behind the counter smiling and staring at me like the others. What was the matter with these people? Was it possible that they had never seen a woman who was soaking wet and madder than hell?

Slowly I turned to look at the three men at the table and it seemed like their smiles actually grew wider if that was possible. Shaking my head I stepped up to the counter to pay for my gas. This gave me an opportunity to look into a mirror that had been mounted on the wall between the racks of cigarettes that I had not noticed before.

I had expected to see a bedraggled blond with wet hair, running makeup and a soaking wet blouse. I was somewhat shocked by what I actually saw. I wasn't wearing a bra as usual so my thin tan blouse looked like a second skin. The real shock was that my blouse had turned almost transparent and it almost looked as if I were standing there topless.

Now I knew why Violet had looked at me the way she did and why the proprietor of the store continued to stare at me.

You could clearly see my dark pointy nipples with the heavy circular barbell nipple rings. But that wasn't the worst of it. With the material plastered to my body and nearly transparent anyone who looked at me could clearly make out the words "Black Owned" tattooed over my nipples.

Suddenly I realized what was causing that huge grin on the black proprietor and the other three men at the table. My day was about to get much more interesting whether I wanted it to or not because both my husband and I really took the meaning of those words seriously. In fact we were so serious about it that my husband Steve had been there and held me tightly in place when the words were tattooed into my skin.

I was jolted from my thoughts by the sound of the proprietor's voice as he said "Hello there Honey Pot. What can we do for you today?"

"I . . I need to pay for my gas so that I can get back on my way home" I said hoping to make a quick exit.

"Why Honey Pot you look chilled to the bone" he said reaching for my hand. "Why don't you come over here by the heater and take the chill off?"

He took my hand and led me over to a small heater. He looked me up and down one more time and then stepped behind me. I felt the warmth from the heater and then a different kind of heat as he reached around me and cupped my breasts.

I stood there as his hands caressed and massaged my breasts. My nipples had already been hard and puckered from the chill but his long black fingers made them rise to attention even more as he pinched and tweaked them pulling on them at the same time.

"You really shouldn't be doing that" I said. "I'm a married woman."

He just chuckled as those talented fingers began to unbutton my blouse. "Honey Pot if you are married I'm sure that your husband is well aware of what it means when a woman is tattooed as a Black Owned whore. I bet that he's watched you take a black cock before hasn't he?"

Unable to speak I simply nodded my head as he finished with the last button and pulled the tail of my blouse out of my skirt waist. I trembled as his big black hands wandered freely over the soft white flesh of my breasts.

"You feel pretty warm to me now Honey Pot" he said as he slowly turned me around until we were facing his friends at the table. He continued squeezing my breasts from behind as he held them up so that his friends could see my tattoo. "Boys we got us a little white wife who is a black cock whore."

"She weren't wearing no bra. I'm kinda wondering if she be wearing any panties. What do you say boys? Should we find out?"

The other three black guys simply nodded their heads as if they were afraid that the sound of their voices might break the spell.

I was pulled back against a rock hard chest as he reached down and began to work my skirt up my legs. I shuddered as my skirt began to rise because I knew the answer to his question. I wasn't wearing any panties. But that wasn't the only surprise they were about to get because when my skirt rose above my hips the Queen of Spades tattoo just over the crack of my pussy would be visible.

My skirt continued to slide up my thighs revealing more of my creamy white flesh. It was embarrassing and humiliating to be exposed to these strangers and I was powerless to do anything about it. Actually that was part of the turn on. Yet I knew that unless something unexpected happened I would soon find myself sucking strange black cock once again. In fact it was quite possible that I would return home to Steve with a pussy full of cum from these men.

The moment that my uncovered and shaved pussy mound came into view you could see the change in the look on the faces of the three men being treated to a show. That was nothing compared to the broad smiles that appeared when my skirt rose higher and they saw the Queen of Spades tattoo.

One of the men at the table stood and came over and said "Alonzo you better let me hold her so that you can come around here and get a good look."

With that he stepped behind me holding my arms back with one hand forcing my tits to jut out even more. With the other hand he reached around and grabbed hold of my skirt holding it waist high.

Alonzo stepped around in front of me and turned to get a good look. I don't think that he could believe his luck as he just stood there and stared. Finally he reached behind the counter and took out his cell phone. "Hold her just like that so I can get a few pictures. The boys will never believe this."

With that he proceeded to take several close ups of my tits and pussy along with a number of full figure shots. I shuddered knowing that it would not be long before those pictures would be circulating among his friends and then on the internet.

As his friend held me Alonzo completely removed my blouse and pulled my skirt down to remove it. I stepped out of the skirt and stood there completely naked except for my running shoes and socks.

Alonzo stepped up beside me and pressed his lips to mine. I did not resist when his tongue forced its way between my lips. Not being immune to the sexuality of the situation I have to admit that I was a semi willing participant.

A moment later he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. At first I did nothing and he proceeded to rub my hand over his cock and once again the whore in me won out and I grasped his man meat through his pants. He stepped back and took a good look at what fortune and a rainstorm had brought his way.

Alonzo motioned for one of the other guys to come over and take the camera. When his hands were free he quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He motioned for the guy holding my arms to release me and to stand on my other side.

"Take your cock out like I have" he told him. "We're going to get pictures of this beautiful blonde wife black cock whore as she strokes both of our cocks."

With a black cock in each hand I stood as the third man took a number of pictures. When he was done he asked "What about us?"

"Okay" Alonzo said. Give me the camera and you two get up here and I'll take some pictures of you too."

I immediately found two more strange cocks in my hands. They were both hard and yet soft and they were certainly hot.

Finally satisfied Alonzo put the phone down and turned to me. I was now standing totally naked surrounded by four black strangers. "On your knees" he said. I complied and immediately found his cock pressing against my lips.

As Alonzo continued to push forward I slowly parted my pink lips and allowed his black shaft to enter my warm moist mouth. "Suck it Honey Pot. Show us what you can do."

Without hesitation I began to move my pink lips back and forth along that big black shaft. Each time I took more and more of that cock into my mouth. Finally I looked up at Alonzo and, as he looked into my eyes, I took the whole thing down my throat.

I continued to work on his cock but before I was able to taste his cum the front door of the store opened and Violet walked in. With one quick glance she took in the scene of me naked on my knees with a black cock in my mouth surrounded by three other men with their cocks out waiting their turn.

"Pat what the hell is going on in here" she shrieked. "I was waiting and waiting for you outside and you never came out. Finally the rain stopped and I come in here and find you naked sucking cock. Are you crazy?"

Alonzo's cock pulled out from between my lips with an audible plop and he turned to Violet. "What do we have here? Honey Pot you didn't tell me that you had a friend. And she's such a cute redhead at that."

Pulling me to my feet and dragging me forward Alonzo quickly grabbed Violet's hand and made sure that she did not leave the store. "Come on in" he said. "Your friend Pat was just showing us how good she is at sucking cock. Maybe you could show us how you do it for comparison."

"Oh no!" Violet shrieked. I'm married and even if I wasn't I don't do blacks."

Still holding Violet, Alonzo pointed to my breasts and made sure that Violet saw the tattoos on my breasts. "And look at this" he said as he pulled up my skirt exposing the Queen of Spades tattoo just above the crack of my pussy.

Violet's eyes seemed to bulge out as she looked at me. "I don't have anything like that. I told you. I don't do black men. My husband would divorce me."

"Well now sweetheart I really want to believe you but you know that I'm going to have to take a look for myself."

"What? What do you mean you have to look for yourself? I'm no slut!" As the words came out of her mouth Violet realized her mistake and looked at me with an apology written all over her face.

"And neither is Pat. She is definitely not a slut. However, she is a whore. You see these tattoos clearly show that she prefers black meat and that she is available and agreeable to have sex with any black man who calls on her. So you see she is not a slut."

Alonzo motioned for one of the others to come over and had him pull Violet's arms behind her back thrusting her chest forward. With her restrained Alonzo slowly began the process of undoing the buttons on the front of her dress. When all the buttons were undone the dress was pulled back over her shoulders and it was allowed to slide to the ground and pooled at her feet.

Now Violet stood there in a bra and slip and panties. Alonzo made short work of the slip and then he reached around her to undo the clasp of her bra. But, before he did so, he placed both hands on either side of her face and kissed her deeply. At first Violet struggled but not for long or even too hard. As Alonzo's tongue pushed between Violet's lips Alonzo continued to struggle with her bra. Fortunately the bra was strapless and once undone it fell forward off her breasts.

As Alonzo stood back we were all treated to the sight of her lovely white breasts that were topped with beautiful pink nipples. Her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing. The nipples were not pierced nor were there any tattoos as she had said.

Violet stared straight ahead as Alonzo pulled down her panties revealing a pussy that was sparsely covered with light red hair. Her pussy lips were full and pink too. She was lovely as she stood there naked.

Violet had not said a word during the whole process as her clothes were removed and her luscious body was exposed the lecherous looks of the four black strangers. Stepping back, Alonzo reached for his cell phone and took several pictures as Violet stood there and stared daggers at him.

At one point he said "Sweetheart I want you to spread your legs apart a little bit wider so that I can see your pussy lips better for the pictures."

"Fuck you!" Violet retorted violently.

Alonzo smiled. "Sweetheart I'm not planning to fuck you since you aren't marked and if we were to fuck you that would be rape. But since you told me the truth I'm going to give you a break. We won't fuck you. After all, we aren't animals."

Finally Violet found her voice. "Good! Then give me my clothes so I can get dressed. I'll wait outside while you finish your business."

"Oh sweetheart, you misunderstood me. When I said that we wouldn't fuck you I meant that we wouldn't fuck your pussy because that would be rape. However, we are going to get a few more pictures and then you are going to take over for Pat and we are going to fuck your face."

"After you take my cock you can suck my friend's cocks and watch as I give the pussy of our good little whore the kind of attention that it deserves.

Alonzo pulled Violet over next to me and stood between us. He draped an arm over each of our shoulders and placed one hand on my tit and the other on Violet's tit. Then he said "Honey Pot I want you to reach down and cup my balls. Be gentle now and don't get any ideas. Sweetheart I want you to grab my dick and stroke it while we get a little video."

We did as instructed and one of Alonzo's friends filmed as Violet stroked her small white hand along his long black shaft and I fondled his balls.

Alonzo, unwilling to leave his friends out, placed one on either side of Violet and one on either side of me. He filmed the six of us as Violet and I busily stroked a cock in each hand.

When he was satisfied he placed the cell phone back on the counter and then turned to Violet and told her to get on her knees. At first she resisted. "I'm not going to suck black cock."

"Sweetheart it is your choice. You can either suck our cocks or we will simply fuck you and fill you with black cum. Then you can explain the black baby to your husband."

"No! You can't do that. You wouldn't."

"Sweetheart I am going to fuck Pat here because she is a black owned whore. I will let you out of here without fucking you but you will suck these cocks and get them good and hard for Pat to enjoy or be fucked yourself. It's your choice."

I watched as my best friend slowly sank to her knees and began to suck her first black cock. I wasn't sure but it looked like she might be enjoying it just a little now that her reluctance had been overcome by Alonzo's demands. Maybe being forced allowed her to do something she really wanted to experience.

Alonzo took my hand and pulled me over to the counter where he forced me to lean over. I looked over my shoulder so that I could continue to watch Violet as she worked on her first black blow job. My observations were interrupted when I felt Alonzo shoving his cock up between my legs. He rubbed it all over my excited pussy getting the head covered with my juice and then he slipped the head between my pussy lips.

It was no surprise to me when his sausage smoothly entered the sheath of my vagina and was buried to the hilt on the first stroke. At first he simply paused and I enjoyed the feel of a strange cock inside me once again.

I turned and tried to check up on Violet and I was just able to see her really working hard on that black cock. I had to admit that she looked lovely. Her skin was pale and the black meat splitting her lips was almost jet black. The contrast was one of the things that I loved the most about having interracial sex.

Reminding me about the black meat buried inside me Alonzo pulled his cock almost all the way out and then he shoved it in again. I sagged against the top of the counter and my nipple rings played a tune on the glass counter top as my body was rocked back and forth with the rhythm.

It wasn't long before the pace began to increase as his cock split my cunt and his groin slammed into my soft round ass. Guessing that it would not be long now I prepared myself for what was coming just as Alonzo slammed his cock into me and held it buried in my pussy. He grunted and I felt the gush of his first load of cum as it was pumped into me. He pulled out and slammed into me three or four more times holding his cock deeply inside me as he pumped me full of his black baby seed.

A moment later his now limp dick slithered out of my pussy. It was soon followed by a string of hot cum that proceeded to hang from my pussy lips. Wasting no time at all Alonzo turned and shouted "Next."

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