Guide to download view-only pdf from Google Drive in Windows


  • Google Chrome (with no adblock and disable all extensions)
  • ImageMagick (convert)
  • Cygwin


  1. Open the google drive pdf file on google chrome and open the console in chrome (ctrl+shift+I and then choose console option)
  2. : open the site
  3. click on downloader.js on the repository and copy the code pasted there
  4. paste the code on the console of chrome on the tab of the pdf file, it will start autoscrolling and proceeding ahead
  5. download the zip of the github repository(click the green code button and then choose download zip)
  6. First, you need to download and install Cygwin on your Windows machine. You can download it from
    Once Cygwin is installed, open it from the Start menu or by searching for "Cygwin" in the Windows search bar.
    In the Cygwin terminal, navigate to the directory where your script file is located. You can use the cd command to change directories. For example, if your script file is located in the “E:/Softwares” folder, you can navigate to it by typing cd E:/Softwares and pressing Enter.
    Next, you need to make the script file executable. To do this, use the chmod command followed by the +x option and the name of your script file. the script file you have downloaded from github is named, you would type chmod +x and press Enter.
  7. once the console command has completed progress, it'll download a .imgpack file on you pc
  8. put that .imgpack and from the github repository in the same folder of the directory you have chosen for cygwin
  9. install ImageMagick from the site
  10. execute the script by typing ./ "filename" and pressing Enter (put the name of the file you have obtained from the google drive pdf console command). For example, put ./ cocoeg5.imgpack if your file name is cocoeg5.imgpack
  11. it'll then do all the pdf generation itself and voila. you got the pdf.
Pub: 24 Dec 2023 10:44 UTC
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