I am ready to face the corporate world. This is what I have been telling myself for the past few weeks. I got hired by one of the top financial companies and I am shaking in my boots because this is the official start of me slaving my way to reach my dreams. You see, I am expected to support my family financially now that I am about to start my work and it is a huge burden to carry. I lost my mother at an early age and my father works two jobs just to provide for my two younger siblings. One is about to enter college and the other one is in middle school. Life is definitely hard for the middle class and this capitalistic world ain't helping.

It is quite ironic though because I am about to be part of that world that I loathe so much because I need to. Honestly, I would rather travel the world and try all the exotic food in Asia but I got no choice but to work full time. Maybe I could do that once my two siblings finish their studies, huh? Or maybe, I can get promoted once I finish my master's degree in Business Management.

Yes, I am quite the studious student back in college but I was also a student-athlete. I really had to work double time just so I can support my studies and here I am once again working double time even after I finish my studies. I am just glad that my company is ok that I have classes after work. They actually encouraged me to finish my master's as soon as possible if I want promotion and a higher salary. So for now I guess, that is my goal and nothing should distract me from reaching that.

I went to meet the head of human resource for my instructions and maybe meet my boss. I was then assigned to my desk and some tasks that I should familiarize myself with. She then asked me to wait because one of my co-workers will help me with the tasks and will train me. As I anxiously waited for my co-worker, I looked around our office. We are at the middle floor of the building, 23rd floor if I am not mistaken and this is one huge office space. There are a lot of cubicles and two huge offices in the corner.

So I am guessing those are the offices of the manager and senior manager. I wonder who amongst these people that are roaming around is my boss? Is she a woman or a man? I hope they aren't that much older than me because I am not sure I can hang out with them if they are. I chuckle at the thought because one advice I received is to hang out with your boss and be friends with them to gain their trust. If they trust you enough, then the higher the chance of promotion. I know it sounds ridiculous but I might as well try.

I smile at the thought of being friendly with the boss because I am not that kind of person. I kept a small circle of friends when I was in college because I felt like it would be a distraction if I am friends with all of my classmates or even team mates. I dunno, maybe I was just closed off because I knew that I have to finish my studies and work immediately because of my situation. I was never sad though because the two friends that I have are the best you could ask for. Justin and Mina, they are actually a couple, have been my best friends since my freshman years.

I first met Mina because we sat next to each other on my first subject. She asked a lot of questions about me wanting to be my friend and I just felt like she is the kind of person that I can trust. She has this really strong personality so I guess in a way, she kinda forced me to be her friend lol. After our first class, she immediately introduced me to her boyfriend who was an engineering student and the rest is history. My train of thought got cut off as a woman snapped her fingers right in front of my face. I immediately stood up and greeted her thinking that she is my boss. She then introduced herself as the one who will train me for my first day in work. Her name is Joana and she seems nice. I hope my impression of her is accurate because I will be working with her from now on.

After her brief introduction, she then introduced me to our co-workers, most of them seemed as young as me. Joana is in-charge of us but she cleared me that she isn't my boss. So I introduced myself to the team, and they said their hi's and hellos and went back immediately to their work. There were three of them namely John, Agatha and Nicole. So they will be working with the same clients as I am but for now, I will be assisting Joana so that I could learn the basics from her. They all seemed serious that they didn't even catch my name. I guess this is how busy everyone is in our department so I went back to my desk and started my task as well.

As I finished the checklist that Joana gave me, they called out my name. I almost didn't notice that it was already lunchtime and Joana had to grab me by seat because we are heading to the cafeteria. She said that the lines get really long if we are late so they get off 10 minutes before 12. And so we rushed there and fortunately, the line isn't long yet. We got ourselves a seat and as we were eating, my coworkers introduced themselves again saying that they really didn't catch my name and what school I went to. So I said my name, and mentioned that I am also taking my master's degree so if they plan to ask me out, I may not be available.

As soon as I finished my sentence, Agatha asked me if I have a girlfriend. I was caught off guard so I just chuckled. Nicole understood the situation so she asked for forgiveness for Agatha's straight-forward question.

I explained to them "no, it's fine. I guess I'm just surprised that you assumed that I am straight." I can see the shock in Agatha and Nicole's face and I was waiting if they are the kind of people who are secretly homophobic because Joana and John didn't seem to care.

Agatha smiled and said "ohhhh I'm sorry you had to come out to us like that, glad to know so I don't have to embarrass myself by asking you out."

Nicole was silent for a while before she said "I kinda sense that you were gay but I thought that you are one of those who are closeted and I didn't want to assume anything. You don't have to worry about us tho or the office because we are very open about the whole gay thing. In fact, Joana is actually lesbian and she would tell you anything you want to know about lesbian sex, just ask her" and then she laughed.

Joana smiled and just said "true, you can ask me anything." I felt relief because I thought I had to hide my sexuality to them. I don't want to attract any drama in the workplace because

I know that would be a huge distraction to my goals. I then looked at John to gauge his reaction because he is the only straight guy in the group.

John said "don't mind me, I'm just here to hear eating my salad and thinking about my date later." Joana added, "yeah don't mind him, he is chill with it. Back to Agatha's question, so do you have a boyfriend?" I said no and told them I am not interested because my work is my life for now.

Nicole pouted and said "too bad, you are sooo cute with your blond hair and dimples and all. Hey, maybe I can find you someone to date. There are a lot of gay guys working in the company. Some of them are really hot too."

Agatha chimed in, "yeah they might actually interest you and there is no harm in working and having some dick on the side." I laughed at Agatha's choice of words and she reminded me of my best friend. Always pushing me to date someone. But I politely said no and that we should get back to the office to finish our tasks.

Joana replied "awwwww, you are one of those workaholic people aren't you? Well, good for the team I guess." I just smiled because I remember them being so focused in front of their computers a while ago. Welp. I guess I will be working with some good people after all.

After all of our work is done, Joana said to meet me in the HR office so that I can get my ID. On our way out, I asked her when I could meet the boss and whether I will work with them or not. Joana explained to me the structure of the department saying that we will be working with the new manager.

The Senior Manager is in charge of checking all the functions of the entire department and the new junior manager is in charge with all the teams handling the clients. There are only two teams in our department so there is a chance that I will work with the new junior manager which is my boss. She also said that the junior manager will be coming in the office at least three times a week and he is scheduled to come in office tomorrow so we have to make sure that we make a great impression.

Okay then, I guess that is the first challenge that I have to face so I immediately thought of ways to impress the guy. He might be as young as me since he is just a junior manager but yeah, maybe I can serve him coffee once he is in his office? Or maybe I dress impeccably so that he knows that I am very professional? Oh lord, I am suck-up. Oh well. I guess we will see tomorrow.

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