Ellie found Cassie on the living room couch, just getting her bra clasped and turning it around to lift over her breasts.

"Wow that was crazy, right?!" Ellie plopped down next to Cassie and started sifting through her clothes.

Cassie stopped getting dressed to put her face into her hands, elbows resting on her knees. "I can't believe we did that," she said through her hands.

"Did what?" Ellie asked dismissively as she found her bra and started looping it around her waist.

"Ellie, we practically just got naked in front of our little brother!" She looked at her sister in disbelief.

"Oh, stop being so dramatic," Ellie rolled her eyes as she pulled her bra up over her tits. "We just let him see our boobs for a minute. It's no big deal."

"Ellie, he had an erection!" Cassie couldn't believe she was dismissing what they had just done.

"I know!" Ellie had her shirt on and turned to Cassie laughing. "Did you have any idea that he had that big a dick?" Ellie looked over her shoulder quickly to make sure Eric wasn't standing right behind them.

Cassie blushed and looked down to start putting on her t shirt. "I didn't really get that good a look." She said quietly.

"You didn't?" Ellie was tickled by her answer. "Boy you should've while you had the chance! That boy is going to make some girl very happy." She smiled at the memory of Eric standing there, stark naked in their kitchen, just a few minutes earlier, his thick rod of twitching dick standing straight up.

"You don't think it's wrong that he got aroused by looking at us?" Cassie was floored at how inappropriate it seemed to her.

"Cass," Ellie put her hand on Cassie's knee. "I know you don't have a lot of experience with this, but he's a normal eighteen year old guy. They spend half their life with a hard on. They can see a bra ad in a magazine and they're turned on." She shook her head to emphasize how pathetic boys were. "It's probably the first time he's seen a real live pair of tits in his life and you have to admit, we're pretty hot." Cassie blushed. "So please don't worry about it. He was having fun, we were all drunk and just acting stupid."

"And you don't think it was wrong that he got aroused?" Cassie asked quietly.

"No, I can't say I blame him, either," she reassured Cassie. "I got a little worked up myself, but like I said, it wasn't like we were sucking his dick or fucking him, Cass. It's just boobs. Nobody is getting pregnant...or an STD." she looked at her sister sympathetically. "Look, maybe it went a little too far, but he's fine. It's only gonna be weird if you make it weird. Don't ruin the most fun that he's had since he started college because you got a little worked up too and you're feeling guilty about it."

"What?...that's not..." Cassie tried to protest.

"Oh, come on, Cass. It's me remember." Ellie looked at her sister doing her best to avoid eye contact. "It's okay that you liked having a hot guy rubbing up against you. You can't tell me you didn't feel his boner rubbing up against you or that you missed that he was nearly bulging out of his underwear before he took them off. Seriously."

"I didn't want to embarrass him, or make it awkward," Cassie sighed. "I just tried to pretend I didn't see it and hoped we could all get past it."

"Which is exactly what I'm telling you to do, Cass." Ellie smiled comfortingly. "Just let it go and it's going to be fine."

"You don't think this ruined things, like between us?" Cassie looked to her for reassurance.

"Of course not." Ellie stood up to put her jeans on, still a little wobbly from the drinks. "You know how you were saying how you feel kind of distant and left out? That it feels like Eric and I have more in common and have always been closer? Well, doing this together means that we all have a secret we share. Something that only we three know about. It's that kind of stuff that makes it special." Ellie explained. "Would you feel better if it had happened without you and you had one more thing to feel left out and awkward about?"

"No, of course not." It made more sense to Cassie than she would have guessed initially. "But you're not worried that he won't like, see us the same way, or respect us anymore?"

Ellie laughed. "Eighteen year old boys don't respect anybody, Cass. If anything, after seeing that perky rack and your tight ass in those panties, he's probably elevated you to 'goddess' status."

Cassie blushed deeply, but a smile crept into the corners of her mouth as she processed what Ellie had said about her. "I can't be-lieve we actually did that!" She looked at Ellie in amazement, still fighting the smile.

"I know, right? You have to admit that was crazy, but kinda fun too, right?" Ellie encouraged her.

"I was having fun," Cassie admitted. "I was just worried that it went a little too far."

"Well college kids take things a little too far when they're having fun, Cass. It's kind of what we do when you think about it." She smiled and shrugged. "You just gotta relax and stop taking everything so seriously. It's all fine. Trust me." She stood up. "Now put your big girl jeans on and help me clean up. I'm betting Eric has already gone upstairs to work out that hard problem he had and he's probably passed by now." Ellie bounced out of the room and went to start cleaning up.

After they had put everything away, the girls climbed the stairs quietly, hugged, suppressed a drunken giggle and parted to their separate rooms across the hall from each other. Ellie locked her bedroom door and crept through the bathroom she shared with Eric to open his door and peek inside.

Eric was sitting on his bed with only his reading lamp on, listening for his sisters after hearing them come up the stairs. He looked up to see Ellie coming through his bathroom door and broke into a wide smile.

Ellie tiptoed over to Eric's bedroom door and quietly locked it too, before creeping back to his bed. Biting her lower lip, Ellie reached down to lift her t shirt over her head, causing Eric to take his off as well. Ellie, undid her jeans and slid them off of her legs as Eric fumbled with his own to keep up with her. Eric paused as Ellie reached up behind her back to undo her bra and release her big, bouncing tits, before scooting up along the bed to sit next to Eric. She reached over to squeeze his still hard cock through his underwear and whispered, "I want to see it some more," with a sneaky smile.

Eric pulled his underwear down and kicked them off his feet, revealing again his rock hard dick sticking straight up in his lap as he sat beside Ellie on the edge of his bed. Ellie looked at it in fascination before reaching out to grab it in one hand around his thick shaft, before looking up to see Eric's reaction, "It's so big!" she whispered with delight.

Eric began to breathe deeply as she ran her small hands over the tender head of his dick and then stroked it lightly to the base and back to the head again. His breath hitched as her hand reached the flaring head, even as his own hand reached out to grab one of Ellie's boobs, squeezing it gently, fondling its firm size and lightly pinching the hard little nipple that rested atop her puffy, swollen areolas.

Ellie began to stroke his cock more firmly, squeezing the thick shaft and pressing her fingers together each time her hand closed over the tip of the swollen head. She looked back and forth in fascination between the hard cock in her hands, the rippling muscles standing out on Eric's abs and chest as his whole body tensed up, and the look of ecstasy on his face as she pleasured him. He gasped and said, "Oh, Ellie...". She could feel her hands getting slick with the precum that was coming from his twitching cock, each time she reached the tip, as he ran his hand all over her boobs, as if he was trying to touch all of them at once.

Eric made a sudden gasp and went tense as a thin rope of cum erupted from his dick as Ellie milked it to the tip The cum flew up and then landed on her hand, her arm, and his chest, right before another jet of it shot out and landed on his stomach and thighs. It had surprised Ellie that he'd cum less than a minute after she had begun to stroke his dick, but she was too fascinated by the sight of her brother shooting fountains of cum to let up as she stroked him through the next couple of smaller spurts. He finally reached down to pull her hand away as his dick had become too sensitive to be touched.

Eric leaned back on his palms and took in huge gulps of air after holding his breath through the orgasm. His chest, shiny with perspiration, rose and fell with his heavy breathing, even as his cock continued to twitch and ooze a thick droplet of thick, white cum from the tip. Ellie watched it all and soaked in the sight of the effect of making her brother cum by her own hands.

"I'm going to wash this off," she whispered as she stood up to tiptoe to the bathroom and wash off the splotches and droplets of his cum from her hand, her arm and even a small drop that clung to the side of her boob that she spied when she looked in the mirror over the sink.

Eric walked in behind her and she stepped aside to let him rinse the cum dripping from his still hard cock and the splatters that had landed on his body. "Sorry about the mess," he apologized, looking up at Ellie's reflection in the mirror.

"It's okay," she whispered smiling as her hand ran down his back and came to rest on his firm butt. "Remember, you never have to be embarrassed or ashamed with me, right?" She lifted her eyebrows in encouragement.

"Yeah," he grinned sheepishly. "I was just so turned on after..."

"After seeing your sister's tits and showing them your hard cock?" Ellie suggested.

"Well...yeah," Eric admitted. He turned to look back at her, her nearly naked body lit in the warm glow of the nightlight. He lifted his hands up to her tits to finally get the satisfaction of feeling them both fill his large hands, squeezing them lightly and lifting them gently, amazed at how beautiful they were. Even more so than he had imagined.

Ellie reached down to lightly trace her fingers along the shaft of Eric's cock to see how sensitive he still was, as he twitched and his breathing intensified again, she grasped him more firmly and began to stroke him lightly with both hands, twisting them slightly as she did. It was all Eric could do not to begin humping her hands, but she could feel his hips pressing his cock into each stroke as she increased the pressure.

Eric lowered his right hand along Ellie's hip and felt her breathing alter slightly as his fingertips traced along the inside of the waist of her panties. Reaching the soft, quivering skin just below her belly button, his hand slid into her panties and over the soft patch of trimmed hair that covered her pussy. He could feel the heat as his finger slid through the top of her pussy lips and entered the first wet, slippery fold at the top of her vagina. Ellie's hips jerked at how electric his touch was after enduring the anticipation of how tentatively his hand had slid down to finally get there.

Eric couldn't believe that he was touching Ellie's actual pussy. It was so much more intense than he ever imagined it would feel to get there with a girl. He looked down at her open lips and the edges of her teeth being revealed as her lips pulled back each time he slid his finger into the warm, wet folds of her pussy. He could see her beautiful tits jiggling in the soft, dim light as her hands worked up and down his hard cock.

Ellie was shuddering along the length of her body, especially her legs as she rose on her tip toes to increase the amount of contact she received from Eric's hand. She felt his hand wrap under her pussy and his long middle finger slide deeper into her than he had been able to reach earlier. She tilted her hips to get his finger tip to brush along the roof of vagina and she began shaking from the intensity of the sensation that he was giving her with the simplest touch. She slowed way down in stroking his dick and began to slowly work both hands from the base of his straining cock up its thick, curved length to squeeze through the swollen plum of his cockhead, milking it gently to the tip, before sliding her hands back down the length as she varied her grip by lightly twisting her hands through the length of the stroke.

Eric began to match Ellie's slow, languorous rhythm as he slid his finger into and out of her pussy. After the way she reacted the first time he touched her there, he lifted his finger to drag along the skin in roof of her pussy and the hard straining nub at the top of her opening as he withdrew each time. Ellie looked up at him, towering over her, as she worked both hands around his thick, pulsing dick and they increased their tempo a little at a time. Sharing gasps of warm breath in the dimly lit space they had shared forever, their eyes locked as Eric looked down to see Ellie looking up wide-eyed, lips parted and cheeks flushed as she was as drunk with the pleasure of the moment as the effects of the drinks at their party. He couldn't believe that he could see her like this, topless and tits bobbling, able touch her body as much as he wanted.

As Ellie felt her pleasure mounting she increased the pace of her stroking and felt Eric come along with her as he sped up to match her pace. The small space was peppered with the sound of their gasping breaths and stifled moans, the air perfumed with the scent of Ellie's throbbing pussy and the animal scents that emanated from their bodies as the climbed the mountain of pleasure. Ellie could feel Eric tense up again and hear the hitch in his breath that warned of his last orgasm. She could feel her own body respond as she pictured the powerful sight of his cum erupting earlier. Her thighs began to tremble and weaken as she arched her body up on her tip toes and then she was suddenly swept over the edge as her pussy clenched and spasmed over her brother's fingers. An explosive jet of cum squirted up between them, landing on Ellie's cheek and her boob. She continued to stroke his dick as her thighs came together to lock onto her brother's hand and he continued to spurt in a hot white eruption that soon covered her hands and forearms, breasts and stomach in drops of his sticky warm cum. She looked down to see the last few spurts dribble over her hands from the tip of his dick and realized that he had gotten covered with almost as much cum as she had when she reached down to pull his hand away from her quivering body.

Ellie backed up unsteadily to sit on the edge of their tub and they watched each other, like panting animals, while the effect of their orgasms slowly subsided. Eric stared at his sister's beautiful face, her heaving tits and the way her legs were carelessly open as she waited, her legs like jelly, for the waves of tingling to finally subside. Eric leaned against the sink, his whole body engorged by the tensing of his muscles as they pleasured each other. His dick twitched involuntarily as a tiny drop of cum continued to ooze slowly from the tip and he drank in the sight of his sister, covered in his cum.

At last, Ellie reached behind her to turn on the water in the shower and pull the curtain as it began to flow from the shower head. She braced herself against the bathroom wall as she slowly lowered her soaked panties on one side, and then the other, before slipping them over the smooth swell of her sensuous thighs and allowing them to drop to the tile below her once they finally cleared her knees. Eric stared at the trimmed patch of her pussy hair and looking up the length of her, surprised himself by thinking how vulnerable she looked completely naked like that.

Ellie stepped over to Eric and wrapped her arms around his long torso as she rested her face against his chest and listened to the mighty thumping of his heart as it slowed gradually. They stood like that for along moment, naked in the glow, sticky against each other with Eric's cum and sweating from the exertion of bringing each other the most pleasure either of them had ever experienced. As Ellie could feel the warmth of the water behind them grow, she turned at last to adjust the tap and step into the shower, holding the curtain for Eric.

When they crawled, each into their own beds, not long after, Ellie replayed her conversation with Cassie and tried not to think about all of the points that her sister had raised. Of course she knew it was wrong to do what they did, both earlier and certainly upstairs. None of which changed how much Ellie had wanted to do it and wanted to do it again. She didn't know if this would damage Eric or their relationship as brother and sister, she just knew that he wanted it, just as badly as she did, and they couldn't be blamed for taking what pleasure they could when the world had gotten so fucked up and the months of isolation, restriction and boredom had taken their toll.

If she and Eric were all the other had to get them through, the weeks or months of aching desire, to be touched, and wanted, and fulfilled, then they would take what circumstance had allowed them. If she couldn't know what the future held, she would not deny the few pleasures she had left in the present. She drifted off to sleep with the memory of Eric's hard long body still lingering, like the memory of his touch as she slid into a dreamless sleep.

Cassie meanwhile turned restlessly on her pillow, trying to find a comfortable spot and finally fall asleep herself. If the conversation with Ellie had eased most of her concerns while they were still drunk, she grew less sure as the effects of the drinks wore off. Maybe it would just all be okay if she allowed it to, if she didn't make it weird and let it go as Ellie had suggested. But as much as she hoped that it was true, she couldn't help thinking that something had fundamentally changed that night.

She couldn't admit to Ellie that it had excited her, even if Ellie clearly knew that it must have. Here in the dark alone, it was even harder for her to deny it. Or that the feeling of Eric's hands on her body, the day before, hadn't been exquisitely satisfying in a way that made her embarrassed about asking him if he would do it again. After seeing his fully engorged cock tonight, she didn't think there was any way she would be able to ask him to massage her again and she felt a little piece of her ache with regret at the thought.

Even if she was stimulated by the sight of his body and the touch of his hands, if she never acknowledged it, then it had the chance to remain somehow innocent. It was only something twisted and wrong in her if Eric didn't feel it too. It only meant that her life was empty of physical passion and she made up for it with focusing on her work. That being alone for so long, she couldn't be blamed if the memory of his firm body against hers made her want to melt into him and hold him like that again. And again and again. She twitched and shifted in discomfort before trying to settle down again.

If Eric never knew, then they were safe, because she would never do anything about it. But knowing that he felt it too, had caused an indescribably un-scratchable itch inside of her. As much as she longed for sleep to come, she kept seeing Eric and Ellie's almost naked bodies writhing against each other, the straining outline of his hard dick in his underwear as she first saw it, and then his fully naked body as he stood stripped in front of both she and Ellie.

Her thighs pressed and squirmed as the tingling within her refused to subside. She felt flush and overly warm under the covers and her nipples felt every brush against the fabric as she moved braless inside her flannel pajamas. She wedged her hand tightly between her thighs as if it would keep it from moving on its own or allowing it access to where her body was calling it.

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