The Husband's Hideaway: Emily, The Bubble Slime

You decide to head to the lounge and wait for your mystery customer to arrive there. The lounge is nice, as usual, with a few comfortable seating options next to a small fireplace and a tray of drinks. You go for the single chair sitting in front of the fireplace. It's comfy, but not as much as the massage chair in the employee break room.
You wait patiently, sipping your drink every now and then.
You smell her before you see her. It smells sort of like mineral water, but almost sweet. It's a very pleasant scent, one that evokes a feeling of freshness.
It's distinct enough that you sit up in your chair and turn to look at the entrance of the lounge, curious what the source of the powerful scent is.
You're just in time to see a light teal slime shamble through the doorway. She's definitely a bubble slime alright, with dozens of small gas pockets rising through her slimy body. When they reach the surface of her slime, they peel off into little bubbles that float away and burst shortly after with a gentle popping sound.
Her form is a bit confusing to make out a first, looking like a human woman covered in bubbly melted candy. Considering that her entire body is made of the same color slime though, it's more like her humanoid body is shrouded in a layer of lazily flowing slime that eventually spreads out into a base that she glides along on.

Your eyes meet, and an arm emerges from her body to wave at you in a greeting. She has an almost drowsy expression on her face, lips curled into a lazy smile as she scoots across the floor towards you.
"Heyyyy! I'm Emily." She says with a small giggle. "You must be Ryan. I've heard so much about you."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Emily. I've never met a bubble slime before, but you're a lovely first impression." You say with a smile.
Her mass of slime jiggles as she giggles again.
"Aww, you're just saying that. You're too sweet. So, you ready to go?"
You nod your head and stand up, accepting her outstretched hand to help pull you up. She gives it a firm squeeze, and you can't help but notice the way her body moves as her slime shifts around. The touch of her slime is interesting, to say the least. Her squeezing your hand is more like having it enveloped in her slime for a few moments, which is a very strange experience. It's slightly cool, but also fizzy thanks to the tiny bubbles inside her body. You can't help but shudder a bit at the odd sensation, which Emily notices.
"Heh, not used to the touch, I see. Don't stress, everybody gets a lil' wigged out when I first touch 'em." Emily says with that same lazy smile.
"It's not that, it's just...interesting. I've never felt anything like your slime before." You say, struggling to find the right words to describe how it felt.
"Oh? Well, you'll have plenty of time to get used to it." She says with a gentle laugh.
You blush as she leads you to the door.

"So, where are we headed today?" You ask.
"Oh yeah, we're goin' to my workplace. It's this spa on the north end of the city, up near all the greenery and scenery. Real zen type place." She idly remarks as the two of you head for the tram stop.
"Woah, you mean one of those fancy monstergirl spas up in the natural district?" You say with a tone of amazement.
"Yep! It's one of those joints. It's where I work as one of the filter girls."
"Filter girls?" You ask with a confused tone in your voice.
"Oh man, my apologies," Emily says as she waves a hand, "It's been a while since I've been out of the natural district, I don't get to explain my job often."
"Tell me all about it, we've got time." You say as you gesture to the empty tram stop.
"Well, it's a bit hard to explain. It's a very...unique job that doesn't exist anywhere but at the spas in the natural district. You see, we filter the water in the hot springs." She says.
"I'm afraid I don't really follow."
"I work with my body. Bubble slimes have this neat ability to take the liquids that they soak up and purify them with chemical reactions in their slime. That's why I'm always bubblin' a bit." Emily blows a small bubble out of her mouth with a grin to punctuate her point.
"That's really cool! How does it tie into your job, though?"

"Well, the spring water is all natural, so it comes with some stuff that's not good for all the species we serve. So it's my job to soak in the water and help cleanse it. I give off these nice smelling bubbles and silica as the water passes through my slime. The spa keeps lots of us bubble slimes around to keep the water nice and pure, but all that silica means the water tuns blue."
"Yup. Management thought it was gonna be a big problem, but people love it. The special blue water is apparently half the draw of the place now. Who knew hiring a couple of sewer skimmers could make your spa so popular?" Emily remarks with a smile.
"What do you mean by sewer skimmers?" You ask.
"Oh, well, bubble slimes aren't usually as fresh and fragrant as yours truly," Emily chuckles, "a lot of us tend to just hang out in sewers or caves, purifying and feeding on stuff that way."
"Sounds less than ideal." You say with a bit of concern.
"It ain't pretty, that's for sure. Mineral water is a much nicer diet. Plus I get paid money to sit in a big bath all day! What's not to like?" Emily says enthusiastically.
"I suppose so..."

"Oh, it gets better. I'll have to show you around when we get there. There's this one cave where the water drips down from the ceiling and forms a pool that's just perfect for two people know." She winks at you.
"Really?" You say with genuine surprise.
"Y'know, you're actually the first person I've told that to that had that reaction."
"What do you mean?" You ask with a chuckle.
"Well, most guys either get grossed out or they just laugh and brush it off. You actually sounded intrigued."
"Well, why wouldn't I be? I mean, it's not every day you meet a bubbling slimegirl that wants to get freaky in a spa cave."
"That's true. It's not exactly a five-star hotel, but there's something romantic about it."
"Certainly sounds like it!" You say with a laugh.
"So, what's your line of work?" Emily asks.

"Me? I'm a prostitute."
"Yeah, but what do you do?"
"Well, my job usually just involves making sure monstergirls that come through our door have the time of their lives in bed. But recently we've expanded to this sort of boyfriend experience thing. Seems like word spread fast if I've got people from the natural district already paying to have me for the whole day." You explain.
"Oh, cool! So what's your definition of a good time then?"
"The usual stuff. Hugging, cuddling, kissing, talking, massages, hair brushing and all that sort of thing."
"That sounds lovely."
"And a heaping load of mind-blowing sex, of course." You remark with a lewd grin.
"Of course." She says, returning the expression.
The tram finally arrives, announcing itself with a small bell chime. You and Emily quickly hop on, bound for the natural district.
"So what's the name of this spa you work at, Emily?" You ask.

"Oh, it's the Orchid Oasis."
"Hm, I've never heard of it before."
"Yeah, it opened up two months ago. It's run by this elven lady named Iris. She used to work at a high-class brothel in the city center, but she wanted to go into business for herself doing something different."
"Ah, I see."
The tram stops at another platform to let someone on. A middle-aged human woman gets on, looking like she's ready to go to a party. You notice she gives both you and Emily a look of disapproval before moving to the other side of the tram.
You simply chuckle and wiggle your eyebrows at her in return.
The tram ride takes a bit, both of you engaging in conversation the entire time. You learn that her favorite color is blue, she likes to sunbathe, and she absolutely adores the taste of grape juice.
"We're here!" You say as the tram stops at the natural district.
You both hop off, Emily grabbing your hand to guide you through the streets. The natural district definitely lives up to its name, with buildings interspaced by all sorts of lush greenery. Everything is maintained perfectly, giving the entire district a park-like feel.

"I don't think I've ever seen the city like this." You say in amazement.
"Yeah, the natural district is like its own little self-sustaining ecosystem. It's really cool!"
"I can see that."
The streets begin to fill with more people as the two of you walk on. The people here are much more relaxed and carefree than those in the commercial district, but monstergirls and humans still blend together in familiar amounts. It definitely feels more like springtime here, with all the strange flowers and trees in bloom.
The canopy of blossoms above the streets paints the cobblestones a range of bright colors as the daytime sun streams through, only interrupted by the occasional shadow of the fairies tending to the plants.
You and Emily walk up to a small building that looks like it grew out of the ground. The wooden door opens automatically as you approach it, the inside walls covered in vines and flowers.
"Welcome to the Orchid Oasis!" A fairy dressed in a green dress says happily. "Have you come to experience our soothing services?"

"Hey Darla!" Emily says in lax and familiar tone.
"Oh, hey there Emily!" The fairy says, clearly recognizing her as a coworker. Her friendly smile quickly melts into something more playful once she notices you by Emily's side. "Oooh, brought a boy back, have we?"
"Aha, dead to rights. He's my boyfriend for the day. I picked him up at that place down in the commercial district doing 'extended experiences' now." Emily says with a similarly playful grin.
"I see. Well, he certainly seems like a cutie. I'm Darla, by the way." She says, waving at you with a smile.
You'd shake her hand, but she's only a bit larger than your hand. You decide to simply wave back with a smile as well. "I'm Ryan. Lovely spa you have here!"
"Why thank you! I do try my best to keep it tidy. If you're looking for a specific service, let me know and I can get one of the other fairies to help you."
"No, we just came here to relax."
"Understandable. You want the tour?"
You look to Emily, who smiles and nods at you. "I'll show him around, Darla. I promised as much."

Darla looks to Emily, then to you, with a smile that's just on the edge of lewd. "Alrighty then. Have fun, you two!"
With that, Emily takes you by the arm and leads you through a set of twisting vines and flowers into the heart of the building. You notice a bar along one wall and several cushy looking chairs situated in front of a fireplace.
The sensations of her slime bubbling against you are still a bit strange, but you're growing to enjoy her fresh aroma and fizzy touch.
"It's a good thing I'm on the night shift today, if you know what I mean." She says with a wink.
You blush and smile as she leads you through the building.
After a few more twists and turns through the odd architecture of the building, Emily leads you through a set of doors. They open to reveal a stunningly large and beautiful series of spa pools overlooking an expanse of the natural district.
Each pool has a small fountain in the center, attended to by what appears to be three or four bubble slimes. The water itself is a striking light blue, with curls of steam lazily drifting off the surface in a very inviting way. Monstergirls of all shapes and sizes are bathing in the various pools as bubble slimes shuffle between them, working to keep the water ideal.

"Wow, this place is beautiful!" You say as you take in the scenery.
"Right? Pretty awesome place to work. C'mon, you can get rinsed off and ready over here."
Emily guides you around to the changing area, where you quickly pick a stall and shower off before changing into a plain towel.
You emerge to continue your tour with Emily and notice she's quiet for a moment. At first you're concerned something's wrong, until you realize she's sizing up your half-naked body with interest.
Emily seems to bubble a bit more frantically for a moment, before giggling to herself. "Oh man, I think you were definitely worth the price hike."
You follow her back through the changing area and out into one of the many relaxation pools. They're smaller than the main ones, with sizes that vary for different species. Most of them are filled with monstergirls of various species, some of which are rather exotic.
"Ah, here's one that's empty. I'll go grab you a hand towel."
You climb into the pool and sit at the edge, dipping your toes in the water. It's very hot, but not to the point that it would burn. You wince a bit as you slowly lower yourself into the water.

"How is it?" Emily asks as she hands you a smaller towel and sits down next to you.
"It's really hot, but it feels good."
"Oh, that's easy to fix." Emily shuffles to the other end of the pool, where she turns a small dial. A blue crystal embedded in the base of the pool comes to life, and you notice the water quickly decline in temperature.
"Woah... that's pretty cool!" You remark.
"These relaxation pools are designed with plenty of species in mind. Gotta support lots of temperature ranges!" Emily says with a chuckle. "Feel better?"
The water is indeed at a much nicer temperature now. It's just the right temperature to draw the stress out of you.
"Perfect." You say with a hint of satisfaction in your voice.
"Good! Time to see for myself." Emily says her slimy body starts to pour into the water.
Her form keeps a remarkable amount of consistency as she submerges most of it in the water, the chief difference being how much more rapidly she's bubbling.
As Emily settles in next to you, you notice the water turning a shade of light blue. The temperature seems to adjust as well, entering a very comfortable range of warmth as the scent of Emily's body becomes both stronger and sweeter.

"You weren't kidding about bubble slimes working magic on this water!" You say, thoroughly impressed at how much nicer the water feels now that Emily's body is at work.
"Pretty soothing stuff, right?" She asks with a smile.
"Absolutely. This water is absolute bliss!" You let out a satisfied sigh as you sink a little deeper into the water and lay your head back against the edge of the pool.
"I'm glad you like it. I think it's just missing a little something." Emily says.
You look over at her and see a playful twinkle in her eyes. You give her a quizzical look.
She extends a slimy finger and touches it to your chest. It's warm and sticky, but its touch is gentle. She slowly traces a circle around your sternum, before running down to your stomach. Her touch is so light you can barely feel it.
"You sure take your time, don't you?" You say with a chuckle.
She lifts her finger up and flicks it against your chest.
"I'm a girl of passion, not haste." She says with a chuckle and a relaxed smile.

You laugh in return. "You're something all right."
"I'm going to take that as a complement." She says.
"Take it however you like, it is definitely one." You say.
She lets out a small giggle and leans in, pressing some of her gooey body against yours.
You can't help but gasp at the sensation, as it's completely different from anything you've experienced before with slime. Instead of the usual cold, thin, and inert texture that slimegirl's bodies have, Emily's slime is entirely the opposite. Her slime is warm, thick, and full of bubbles that tickle against your skin. It takes a moment for you to get used to the feeling, but you soon find yourself savoring the new sensation.
"So how does it feel?" She asks.
"It feels... really good." You say as you close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling of her slime against your skin.
Emily continues to press up against your side for a moment before taking a hand and running it against your chest. You try your best not to, but you end up exhaling a bit anyway at how good it feels. She traces her fingers along your chest and stomach, occasionally circling around your belly button.
You feel her hand go lower and a slight panic sets in. You're not sure if she's going to go for your crotch or not, but instead she takes a hold of your hand, lifts it up, and puts it against her own chest.
"Here. Feel me." She says.

"Wh-Woah..." You say in awe of the sensation. You hand lightly permeates the outer layer of her slime as she presses your hand against her breast, which is something she seems to enjoy quite a bit. You hand is soaked in a feeling of thick, gooey bliss, accentuated by the soft massaging sensations of her bubbles gliding past your fingertips.
"You like that?" She asks.
"I love it." You say.
"Would you like to try something else?" She asks in a slightly more lustful tone than her usual voice.
"Sure." You say, expecting her to ask to touch another part of her body.
"I want you... to kiss me." She says as she moves her face closer to yours.
You don't really think about it and just go for it.
You lips meet hers in an explosion of sensation. Her lips are viscous, slightly warm to the touch, oozing against yours as she presses her mouth against you. You can feel the bubbles of her body tickling your lips as she starts to kiss you back more intensely. The feeling is so foreign and amazing that you just close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

She wraps her arms around you as she continues to kiss you, before you feel a bit of her sliminess push against your lips. You're more than happy to go for a bit of tongue kissing, so you gently part you lips and greet her with your tongue.
You can taste her, and it's a very interesting flavor. Not bad, just very unique. The taste shifts and changes as you explore her mouth. She seems to enjoy it as well as she starts to slide her own tongue around your mouth more and more aggressively.
Her slime starts to ooze a bit more loosely as she keeps moving closer to you, setting a warm pair of hands on your sides.
You moan into her mouth ever so faintly, which she responds quite favorably to. The intensity of her kiss grows as you feel more of her slime in your mouth. The slime pouring into your mouth feels separate from her tongue however, like little warm fruit gummies she's pushing towards the back of your throat.
After a bit of prodding by her tongue, she gets you to swallow the little bits of slime, which actually taste pretty good. She breaks the kiss shortly after, advancing forward and taking you into her arms.
"Woah! Wha-" Your questioning is cut short as you feel a wave of arousal rack your body. Your body quickly softens up as Emily takes hold of you.

"You taste so good... Let's finish the tour with my favorite spot." She says, picking you up and carrying you bridal style out of the relaxation pool.
You're not sure how long she carries you for, but you soon find yourself being laid back down in a new pool, this one in a cave of some sort. Your head rests against the edge of the warm pool of water, and as your stare at the ceiling you notice it's being filled by water dripping off the stalactites above you.
"This is my favorite spot." You hear her say as she rests her head on your lap.
You look down to see her staring up at you, a mischievous grin on her lips.
Your body feels incredibly relaxed, soothed to the point of lethargy.
"Wh-What did you..." You manage to groan.
Emily laughs a bit, before running a hand along your stomach. The sensation is even more powerful than before, and you realize that you've broken into a cold sweat of some sort. The warm massaging touch of Emily's hand against your cold, sweaty skin is like heaven.

"Old bubble slime trick. My slime can do a lot more than clean water, you know..." Emily says as she sighs with pleasure, pressing her head against your lap.
"Aphrodisiac?" You manage to ask, though it takes all of your concentration.
"Mmmm... Maybe." She says, obviously enjoying having you at her mercy.
"What the hell is it... with you girls... and your love poisons..." You wheeze as the effects start to grow stronger.
She giggles as she slides her hands up your chest and to your shoulders, pulling herself up so that her face is level with yours.
"Mmm... What can I say? Old habits die hard. I didn't rent you for the day just so I could show you around my workplace..." Emily says in a distinctly more aroused voice.
The slime's hands slowly start to slide down your chest, before they reach your towel.
"Oooh... It's been a while since I've looked forward to tasting a man this much..." Emily says as she undoes your towel and tosses it out of the water.
She suddenly pushes her body against yours, bathing every inch of your front half in her warm, syrupy slime. She wraps her arms around your shoulders as she moves her head towards yours, and you find yourself kissing her.
You can feel the slime oozing from her kiss, entering your mouth as it mixes with your saliva. It's sweet and delicious, almost addicting.

"Mmmm... You taste good..." She says, resting her head against yours. You can see the raw lust in her eyes as she pants heavily, small puffs of water vapor exiting her mouth as you feel her slime start to suckle on your skin.
"Ooohhh... That's the shit... You taste so good..." She says, her voice having taken on a rich tone of desire.
You can feel the slime of her body applying a licking and sucking sensation to your skin, greedily consuming every drop of cold sweat your body is producing under the effects of her slimy love. It's impossible not to moan with pleasure, the feeling of her thick and hot slime bubbling against you as it works every patch of your exposed body only made even more mind-meltingly pleasurable by her poison dropping your body temperature.
You feel your body going weak, and you can hardly keep your eyes open.
"Come on... Let's get out of here... I want to feel your body against mine, and feel your skin quiver under my touch..." She says, her voice dropping even lower as she presses her lips against yours once more.
You let her pull you out of the water, and wrap a large bath sheet around your body. She looks at you with a heavy gaze, and you can already feel your body responding in kind. She presses her lips against yours once more, her tongue entering your mouth as she does so. You feel her feed you a fresh wave of her slimy love poison, before breaking the kiss with a messy pop.
"Come on... Let's go to my room..." She says, taking your hand and leading you out of the spa cave.

You follow her eagerly, your mind racing from the strong scent and taste of her love poison. You arrive at a large bedroom, which she leads you into. It's spartan, but you don't have much time to admire the interior design before Emily lowers you down on the bed.
"Come here... Let me wrap you in my love..." She says, her voice now very heavy with lust.
You find yourself unable to resist her commands, and soon find yourself with her slimy body wrapped around yours. You can feel her thick, gooey slime starting to coat your skin as she presses her lips against yours. You can feel your body rapidly cooling down in contrast to her warm, syrupy body.
You moan in pleasure as you feel her large, gooey breasts squishing into your chest, and her tongue entering your mouth once more. You can feel the heat of her saliva entering your body, sending a tingling sensation through your nervous system.
Her hands start to explore your body as well, rubbing against your skin with surprising gentleness. You feel your body respond instantly to her touch, and you writhe with pleasure as she starts to suck on your neck. Her extreme arousal has driven the bubbling reactions within her body to a peak, accentuating your pleasure with a fizzy massaging sensation as dozens of her little bubbles rub and burst against your skin.

You moan in ecstasy, your body feeling as if it's losing all of its heat as it starts to cool, but you don't mind it in the slightest. It just makes the warmth of her embrace even more soothing.
She starts to ooze lower on your body, kissing and licking against your skin as she moves. You find yourself shivering in delight as she works her lips down towards your manhood, which is standing rock-hard and ready before her.
"I know it's a little much, all the sensations and whatnot. Sorry about that. It's just too, too good... I haven't tasted a human's sweat in so long!" Emily says with a satisfied giggle as you feel her slime suck along your body.
You simply groan in response, sweating and shivering with pleasure as she works your body in her gooey grip.
"Heh... I can tell you like that. That's good. Last time I did this the poor guy lost his shit. That's the last time I'll cheap out on my men!" Emily rolls her eyes with an amused smile, before running her tongue along your length.
"F-Fuck!" You yelp at the explosive pleasure.
"Oooh... Tender..." Emily says as she chuckles to herself, "Hardly a bad thing! Buckle up, man. I paid for the whooollleeee day!"
You feel yourself getting closer and closer to the point of no return as her slick, gooey tongue works your body. You can hear the sounds of her licking and slurping as she greedily works your body with her mouth.

The soft, wet sounds of her oral caresses are punctuated by the soft "pop" sound of her bubbles popping every now and again. The heat from her body and her hunger for your sweat is enough to dry you off in no time at all.
You feel yourself coming close to the point of orgasm, and you're sure that she's felt it too, but she doesn't stop.
"Nhhh... H-Hey! You're not stopping, are you?" You say, feeling your breath catch in your throat.
"Of course not! I paid for the whole day, and you taste so good! I'm not wasting this chance!" She says with a laugh.
You feel your body start to tense up as her hungry mouth continues to work you over. Her slick, gooey tongue works its way over your length again and again in her eagerness.
"Ah... I can't h-help it!" You say, trying to warn her, but she doesn't seem to hear you.
Your hips buck against her face as you release everything you have into her eager mouth.
There's a distinctly jelly-like slap as your groin makes contact with her face, but Emily just takes it as an excuse to absorb most of your crotch in her slime. Her bubbling reaches a new peak as you release inside her gelatinous head, the massaging sensations of the carbonation and the oscillation of her slime drawing more power out of your orgasm than you ever thought possible.

After a few minutes of vigorous cleanup, Emily finally pulls her head off your crotch with a loud sucking noise. She eases back on herself for a bit, letting her head rest against a cushion of slime as she lets out a very satisfied moan. Her lips curl into that familiar lazy smile as she licks her lips and stares at you with half-lidded eyes.
"Ooohhhh... Fuck... That's some good shit right there. A lifetime of mineral water doesn't replace how good semen tastes."
"Th-Thanks..." You moan weakly, still shaken from the force of your orgasm.
"You were like a white firehose, dude! Is that why I had to pay so much? I'm hardly complaining at this point, though... Damn..." Emily rubs her tummy with a hand, before sliding back on top of you.
"You ready for round two?" She asks with a playful grin.
You tilt your head back for a moment, punctuated by a heavy exhale. There's a small silence as you consider just how much she's going to milk you for. Then you realize you don't care.
"Fuck it, I'm game." You reply.
"Ah, that's what I like to hear!" Emily says as she enthusiastically returns to sucking your neck.
You let out a small groan, which quickly gets louder as she starts to spill her body around yours again. Her lips trace a line of kisses along your neck and shoulders, while her hands begin to explore more than just your inner thigh.

She slowly works her hands up from your hips to your stomach, before pausing for a moment to rub against your chest. Then, she begins to slowly slide her hands around your back, and then down your arms as she moves around you.
You shiver in pleasure as her hands slide over the sensitive skin of your inner arm.
Watching and feeling Emily massage you is as fascinating as it is pleasurable, since she appears to be maneuvering a pair of semi-solid hands throughout the mass of her slime to caress you. It's incredibly nice though, seeing as she can squeeze and stroke wherever she wants without having to break any part of her gooey embrace. Her viscous slime coats your body from neck to ankles like a thick layer of melted candy, slowly sucking and kneading your body as her hands trace along your arms.
It's a strange feeling, but one that you're quickly getting used to.
You close your eyes and relax as the pleasant sensations take over. Your body tingles in excitement as her hands move around you, lovingly caressing your body as she slowly moves on top of you. You feel your dick gently pulse in response, and you let out a pleasured sigh.
You can't even remember the last time you felt this relaxed...
You slowly open your eyes and look at her. She smiles back, not moving her lips at all, and continues to gently rub against you. You reach a hand up to caress her face, but she keeps it firmly tucked inside her slime.
"No, no," she says as she continues to rub against you, "I'm not done with your arms yet."

You close your eyes again and give in to the wonderful feelings of relaxation. It's like a warm blanket of gel has been draped across your entire body, with gentle fizzling to coax even more pleasure out of you.
You let out a long sigh as you feel her hands begin to rub against your thighs.
She begins to slowly work her way up your legs, kneading and stroking you. Her slime continues to bubble and jiggle with warmth as she strokes and tickles you. You let out a small exhale as she gets closer to your crotch, which makes her giggle in response.
You open your eyes again and look at her. She's smiling back at you, and her hands continue to work their magic as they slowly move towards your inner thighs. You let out a long, slow breath, and she responds by stroking you even more gently.
"How does it feel?" she asks.
"It feels... Amazing..." You say, short of breath from how good you feel.
"I'm glad you think so. I want to make this as fun for you as it is for me!"
You smile and give her a nod, then close your eyes and relax as she continues caressing you. Her hands gently squeeze and knead at your thighs, drawing ever closer to your crotch. You let out a long breath as she begins stroking the underside of your dick.
It starts to harden in response, straining against her slime as it expands. Emily lets out a small moan as her body quivers at the sensation.
"It's... Getting bigger..." She says, her voice heavy with arousal.
"I can't help it... You're making me feel too good..." You say, your voice also heavy with arousal.

"Ooohh... what a shame! How could you!" Emily says in teasing tone. She's got a coy smile on her face, but the edge of her voice is dripping with desire.
She slowly begins to slide her body up your legs. It's slow and deliberate, and it feels amazing as she goes. You can feel every little movement of her slime as she shifts and squeezes against you, like a slow massage.
"Ahaha... Haah... Ooooh! It's the only part of your body that's warm! That's wild!" Emily says with a fascinated giggle as she continues to slide her way up your body.
She continues to creep upward with her shifting and squeezing until her lust-drenched gaze is even with yours. She's so turned on that her slime is having a bit of a hard time staying together, oozing out and around your body in rippled puddles.
Emily takes a moment to suck on your neck, before planting a gentle kiss on your cheek. "Alright. I think I'm done sampling the goods. Let's get down to business!"
You let out a long, drawn out groan as you feel her thick, slimy body move from resting on top of your cock to fully enveloping it. You shiver as you feel her slick, sticky insides start to massage your dick. The feeling of it wrapping around you is almost too much to handle, and the fact that it's mixed with a layer of bubbling makes the experience all the more intense.
"Ah! Your dick's twitching! I think you like the way I'm stroking it!" She says with a laugh.
"Yeah... No kidding..." You reply.
"You want me to go faster?" She asks.
"Go as fast as you want!"

She giggles in response, then continues to slide up and down your cock. Her slick, sticky body squeezes against yours as she moves, making it even better.
Her hands rub against your chest as she leans in to kiss you, her tongue darting into your mouth and wrestling with your own. Her body continues to slide up and down, the bubbling of her slime creating a sticky brewing sound as it rubs along your body.
You reach your arms through her body to grab her ass, and are surprised to find it softer than you thought it would be. It's firm, yet squishy. You squeeze into it as she continues to thrust against you.
"Oh! You're pretty good!" She says in between the passionate kisses. She's feeding you a river of her slimy drool at this point, but the taste has blossomed into something so addictively sweet that you're more than happy to keep up.
"I can tell you're enjoying this," she says.
"How could I not be!?"
She lets out a joyous laugh in response, then continues to kiss you as her body continues to massage your cock. The slime continues to bubble and brew, and the sound of it sloshing around you is almost hypnotic.
Her whole body starts to clench and quiver, and you realize that she's about to cum.
"Oooh... Looks like your turn is coming up!" You say in a teasing tone as your start to thrust against her motions.
She lets out a moan as you keep thrusting into her, and she continues to writhe and squirm. Her whole body starts to shudder in ecstasy as she lets out a cry of joy.
"Oh fuck! You got me! Ah! Here it comes...!"

Her slime's viscosity rises quite quickly as her whole body starts to spasm. She continues to moan and gasp with delight, her bubbling reaching a frenzied peak as her slime churns at a pace that resembles a rolling boil. Her whole body starts to shudder in ecstasy as you feel her tightness reach its limit.
She lets out a cry of joy as her whole body starts to spasm. You reach your own climax, releasing a torrent of your hot sticky seed into her as she continues to moan with delight. She clenches down on your cock, trapping it in a tight grip of slime and forcing the last few spurts of cum out of it.
"Oooh... that's it! Feed the beast, baby!" Emily cries as she shudders on top of you in waves. You feel her grip around your cock tighten and pulse as her entire body tenses up once more. The flavor and sensation of your semen inside her slime proves to be enough to throw her into another orgasm.
"Fuck! I'm going off again! You monster!" She moans as her face is consumed in a smile thick with pleasure. Her eyes roll back into her head slightly at the sheer bliss of such a rapid second climax.
Her slime starts to churn and boil once more, massaging every inch of your body in hot, sticky goodness. You feel like you're drowning in the warmest, stickiest honey imaginable.
After a lengthy amount of time, Emily finally settles down from her explosive orgasm. Her slime returns to a more relaxed carbonation as she gently rubs up against your body, basking in the afterglow.

"Oh, man... That was too good." Emily says with a contented sigh. "Tastes even better when you're climaxing."
"Glad my flavor has your seal of approval." You reply with a chuckle.
You and her lie there for a moment, basking in the afterglow as you wait to regain your strength.
"So... You ready to go again?" You ask.
"Fuck yeah, I am!" Emily replies as she pushes herself up a bit.
You begin to kiss her as she slowly shifts her slime to wrap around your cock. She pushes herself up and down along your shaft, her tightness massaging every inch of you.
You start to thrust into her, moving your hips to push even deeper into her.
"Oh, fuck! That's it! Mmmmh!" She moans, leaning her head back in ecstasy as you push into her.
You continue to thrust, pushing into her as deep as you can. Her breasts bounce up and down with each thrust, her moans growing louder and louder.
You feel her push back against you, trying to get even deeper. You oblige her request, pushing back with even greater force. There's a bit of resistance, but you soon feel the outer layer of her slime give way to absorb your hips into her core.

"F-Fuck! Oh my god! That- That's never... Oooh! Fuck!" Emily lets out a moan louder and deeper than you ever thought possible as her entire body starts to boil and quiver.
You thrust into her as hard as you can, feeling your own orgasm quickly approaching. You wrap your arms around her body, hugging her tightly against you as you thrust in and out of her with reckless abandon.
"H-Holy fuck! You hips are... Oooh! So deep! I've never felt someone this deep!" Emily cries in between orgasmic spasms. Her slime tightens and loosens around your body with each wave of her climax; licking, sucking, bubbling, and churning across you as she buries your dick as deep inside her as she can. She's practically absorbed your entire pelvis into her body, but Emily doesn't seem to care one bit.
You continue to thrust into her, moving your hips in a circle to massage your dick against her deepest reaches. Her entire body is starting to vibrate with the force of her squirming and bubbling as her orgasm intensifies.
"I can't! I can't! I have to let go! I have to cum! Ooohh! Shit!" She cries out shortly before any coherent speech is buried by her moaning.
You thrust into her one more time as you release your own orgasm, releasing a flood of your seed into her. You feel her body explode with the force of her climax, with bubbles rising up to the surface and releasing bursts of air and heat as she cums against you as hard as she can.

By the time the two of you wind down and enter the afterglow, Emily has almost completely melted on top of you. She manages enough strength to form up her head again, resting it against your chest as she pants from exhaustion.
"Feels so good... Tastes so good... Fuck's sake... What are they feeding humans these days?" She says as she stares into your eyes with an incredibly satisfied gaze.
You chuckle slightly, admiring your work. "Nothing special. Chalk it up to talent, I guess."
You reach an arm out from underneath Emily's mass of melted slime to stroke her gelatinous hair.
"Oh, you're so sweet. I could really get used to this." She says, looking up at you with a dopey expression.
"Well, I'm always available if you come by and make the booking. We can make this a regular thing if you want." You say.
"You're damn right we will. I'll have to be careful with the other girls, though. They don't like it when I bring back men that they can't have, too."
"You mean I might have more girls paying me to spend time here? What a crime that would be..." You say with a laugh.

"Oh, you'd better believe it. You say the word, and I'll make sure you're the most sought after man here."
You raise an eyebrow, interested in the idea. "I'm not opposed to you spreading a few compliments around."
"Oh, it's more than just a few. I'm going to make sure everyone knows you're the best lover here. You'll have women lined up around the block to get a piece of your dick."
"Wow, that's... That's confidence in my abilities, for sure. Just don't hype me up too much. I don't need to get assaulted going to buy my groceries."
"I'll strike a nice balance."
You smile as you feel her slowly melting against you, her body heat having warmed you up. You wrap your arms around her semi-solid form, hugging her tightly against you.
"I'll be sure to visit again soon." You say.

"Mmm... You better... I'll be back to pick you up for a day of fun again before you know it..." You feel her body jiggle with a slight yawn.
"Aww... Somebody's a little tuckered out from all the action, huh?" You tease.
"Not my fault you fucked me melty. I'm gonna get some rest. Thank you. You're free to rinse off and go wherever you want." Emily says with a smile as she forms up a bit to get comfortable.
You laugh as you watch her shuffle off of you and rest her head against a few of the pillows.
"Sweet dreams, Emily. I'll see you later." You say with one last kiss as you roll off the bed.
You head out of the room and down the hall, finding your clothes in the hallway. You manage to find one of the private showers, rinsing the residue of faintly fizzling slime off of your body before drying off and putting your clothes back on.

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