gif of mangle from FNAF world

nem 14 they it transmasc ocd neurodivergent mixed satanist psychotic system

![looping phrase 'the end is never the end is never the end is never[...]'](

DNRQ (i) basic criteria (ii) u do not want seons friends to interact w u (iii) if u survived the basic dni we prob chillin but i might still block freely

INTERESTS (i) fnaf (ii) the stanley parable (iii) the boys (iv) the mandela catalogue (v) bojack horseman (vi) drawing and writing (vii) higurashi when they cry (viii) mitski (ix) true crime (x) undertale (xi) deltarune (xii) the walten files (xiii) my little pony (xiv) creepypasta (xv) sally face (xvi) get a snack at 4 am (xvii) eddsworld legacy (xviii) not for broadcast (xix) will wood (xx) the backrooms

NOTE even as a system, i still go by the name of nemnuen and they it prns, if ure referring to me (i do see myself as a single person) just use those

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