You sit and cannot see.

A blindfold obscures your vision.

Your bare ass rests on a hard and cold metal chair. You struggle briefly, only to learn your legs are tied to the chair legs. Your arms are secured down to your sides, the rope that binds them looping under your chair and holding you fast. A third strong rope secures your body to the chair.

The shirt you are wearing is more of a scrap now, ripped open in the front, exposing your breasts to the chill. The coolness makes your nipples harden.

The coldness of the chair allows you to discover your miniskirt has been hiked up around your waist and your panties removed.

Removed, but not taken away. You discover they have been stuffed in your mouth, muffling the cries you attempt to utter as fear creeps into your belly.

Your body hums with fear ... and anticipation.

You hear a murmur and feet shuffling. You can tell there are people nearby, but not exactly where. Some of the murmuring is deep, so there are men there, or at least one man.

A hand rests on your head, and you sense a presence behind you. The hand begins to caress your face, trail down your neck, and move to your breasts, nipples erect and pushed forward because of how you are tied.

A second hand comes around and joins the first, your tits held, your nipples thumbed.

You can tell it is a man behind you, a naked man. His cock rubs against the back of your neck, and you can feel it hardening with his desire.

The hands get rougher, squeezing your tits harder, pinching and pulling your nipples. You want to gasp, but the panties in your mouth make that hard.

More hands begin to touch you, hands on each of your thighs, fingering that soft flesh and creeping closer to your gaping pussy.

How many hands? How many people? You can't tell.

The murmurs become words.

"Look how wet this bitch is"

"She's loving this. Look at her squirm."

You are squirming. You don't want to be, but you are excited, scared even a bit.

The hands on your thighs pull your legs further apart, exposing your bare pussy. The aroma of your arousal drifts up. You are wet.

The cock that was rubbing the back of your head is now alongside your neck. You feel its heat, and know the head is just near your mouth.

Your addiction to cock belies you. You move your head to capture it, but find your efforts blocked by the panties stuffed inside your mouth.

Fingers begin probing your pussy, spreading your meaty lips, rubbing your hardening clit.

The panties are yanked from your mouth and before you can draw air, a hard cock is thrust inside.

"Suck it," is the command.

Your lips close around the cock head. You feel its contradiction in your mouth, on your tongue — the velveting softness of the head, the steely flesh of the cock.

Other hands are grabbing your tits now, twisting and pulling your nipples.


The suddenness of the strike against your tit surprises you, and you drop the cock from your mouth to gasp.

"I didn't tell you to stop sucking, bitch," a voice growls and the cock is stuffed back into your whore mouth, deeper this time.

The hands on your tits are getting savage. More slaps. More twists. More pulls. Each action sending electricity through your body, unwanted and welcomed at the same time.

The cock in your mouth is thrusting deeper, deeper, until your nose is at its owner's base. It's deep in your throat. How far? It doesn't matter. You only know you can't breath.

"Suck it, cunt" you hear.

The hands at your pussy are now probing deep and fingers are pinching your erect clit. It hurts, but your body thrives on the sensation, the jolt that the pinch brings and the sting that follows when the fingers release.

Hands reach around and grasp the binding of your right hand, loosening the straps. Even as circulation is restored to your hand, it is pulled up and your fingers are forced to wrap around a hard cock.

"Pull this, whore!" You're commanded, and like the whore you are, you begin stroking it as commanded.

The cock in your mouth is pistoning in and out, existing your wet facial fuck hole just enough for you to catch a breath.

The torture of your clit continues.

Hands move away from your tits, only to return with clamps that are fixed upon your nipples. You can tell a chain joins the two clamps, and it is roughly pulled.

It's all so much and you feel yourself sliding to orgasm.

"Nuh huh, bitch," a man growls. "Who said you can cum?"

Like a good subservient slave, you draw your feelings back into your core, where they seeth and coil inside, aching to get out.

The cock in your mouth is almost frantic. Without warning, hot cum spews forth, coating your mouth for a moment until the head is pulled out. Cum sprays across your face, rope after rope hitting your lips, your nose, your cheeks.

The cock in your hand twitches, and begins spraying cum on your chest.

The hands in your pussy move away and your legs are pulled further apart. You feel a body shuffle in between them, and a cock begins probing your cunt, spreading those lips, hitting your clit, then being stuffed inside your wet hole.

You gasp and moan at the sensations, cum on your face and body, a cock spearing you.

Being tied up in a sitting position does not allow for deep penetration in most circumstances, but you can tell this cock is not normal. It is long and hard, and its owner has no trouble stuffing it deep inside your aching cunt.

The cocks in your hand and mouth pull away, and new hard shafts take their place.

"Take this new meat, bitch!"

And it's not like you have a choice.

But feelings are awakened in you.

You want this.

You exist for no other reason than to be a cum dump.

A fuck hole.

A sponge to greedily soak up all that male cum, to relish in its flavors and textures, its aromas,

Your need for orgasm drifts away. It is not important.

You are not important.

You are a whore.

And glad to be one.

Your other hand is loosened, and is made to grasp another hardened cock.

You count.

A cock in each hand.

A cock in thrusting in and out of your mouth.

A cock driving deep into your aching cunt.

Two cocks have already cum?

Is that 5?

Does it matter?

The chain attached to your nipple clamps is pulled, and your mouth draws off the cock to gasp.

"Don't stop sucking, cunt," is the command, issued with a slap across your face, and your blindfolded head is shoved back on to the hard shaft, even as the chain is jerked harder.

It's hard to tell, but you sense the cock that grinding in and out of your needy cunt is speeding up. You hear grunts. Yes, the owner is going to cum. You don't want him to cum in your unprotected womb, so you wiggle your ass to escape.

But what you want is really irrelevant, isn't it, Raven?

You hear the cock's owner chuckle.

"Take this, bitch," he says, and you feel that magnificent tool swell inside your slick pussy.

Then you hits you — that first geyser of male seed splashing you inside. It's hot and powerful, and your body does the only thing it can do now — cum.

Your body clenches, your head falls away from the cock in your mouth, and your hands jerk the cocks they hold spasmodically.

Each splash of cum coats your pussy and sends shockwaves through you.

The sensations are powerful, too powerful, and you scream out in pleasure.

The cocks in your hands begin to spasm, then one after the other, they spew their contents onto your body, coating your torso in hot cum.

Hands grab your head and thrust your open mouth back onto the hard cock you were servicing. It doesn't matter that you are still cumming and that breath is required.

You are a whore and breath is a luxury. "Suck it! Make me cum in that whore mouth!" You are commanded and bob your head on that fuck stick.

Even as the cock in your pussy begins to withdraw, even as the cocks in your hands stop their gushing, you service the cock in your mouth, until it too explodes, spewing another load of cum into your mouth then onto your face.

You hear a voice chuckle.

"The bitch just came," you hear as the cock ebbs in its painting of your face.

"And look at all that cum on her," another voice adds.

"Guys, I think she needs to be washed off," a third says.

You are post-orgasmic.

You feel cum coating your face, and try to lick it off.

Cum drips down your chest, dropping from the clamps on your nipples and gliding like hot sild between your tits.

Cum seeps out of your used cunt, your lips still gaped open, and the cum combines with your own pussy fluids to form a puddle under your ass.

You are conscious, but only barely. Sensations still pulse through your body, your arms hang limp to your sides, your mouth is open, gasping for air.

Streams are played along your body, across your legs, and on to your face.

What are they? You wonder.

Then you catch it - that particular smell only urine can produce.

They're pissing on you.

They're holding their cocks and pissing on you.

Piss streams cross your chest and begin washing away the cum that was sprayed across you.

You feel a stream of piss spray across your legs, only to be aimed directly at your open cunt, the hot stream flooding it.

Shocked, you have no choice but to gasp and then immediately know that was the wrong thing to do.

The stream of piss that was hitting your cheek is now expertly aimed directly at your mouth, and you sputter as you taste the acrid liquid hitting your tongue and filling your mouth.

Rough hands grab your face and force your mouth open.

"Drink i,t" you are commanded, "Drink it!"

You have no choice. You comply. Your mouth opens and throat relaxes and you take the piss into you like golden nectar.

The audacity, the violation, the complete foulness of what is happening to you is overwhelming. Even as the streams of piss slow, your body reacts and another orgasm rocks it.

Your need for the sensation is insatiable. You are disgusted with yourself, but crave more.

Finally, you return to your senses, and your gasping breathes slow.

The wetness that coats your face, body and cunt, where hot before, begins to cool.

A hand reaches behind you to loosen and remove the blindfold.

Blinking, you look around and count the cocks before you.

Not the men.

Just the cocks.

A devilish look crosses your face, and your tongue slips out to lick your lips, to taste the piss and cum that is still there.

"More," you say.

"Give me some more."

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