Seduced by the Queen

By Cephalon Lewd

The doors to the meeting room opened up, elf after elf leaving and filling the halls as they spoke of various political issues. Each looked fancier than the last, adored in the finest clothes from faraway lands. It was a competition with those who could look like they have the most wealth crowned the winner. After all, a meeting with the Queen is not a common occasion, and everyone wanted to represent their best. However, Olga could not care any less about the appearance of her subjects. She sat on her throne, her hand under her chin stabilizing her head, as she waited with half-closed eyes. The meeting had bored her to death with the inconsequential talks of the various nobles and other elves important enough to join. Like thousands of them she had to attend in her long life, this was no different—nothing of an actual value was done. It seemed to her like these only carried any weight during war times. Not that she wished them upon her people, of course. If she had to suffer through occasions like these for peace, she would do so.

Just before the Queen would fall into slumber from the boredom, Chloe—her arguably most loyal servant, cleared her way through all the leaving elves. The room began to finally settle down.

"My Queen, it is over. While I would love nothing more than to stay in your presence, my duties call me. With the hour late, I wish you a pleasant night," Chloe said and finished with a deep bow.

The Queen rewarded her bodyguard with a soft smile, her presence alone improving her mood. The pure devotion to the leader the girl was radiating was enough to lift Olga's spirits. Not only that, but it reminded Olga of a certain thought she was entertaining for a while now. One that included Kai—her body guard's partner.

Ruling the kingdom took a toll on the Queen, her entire body tense. None of the annoying nobles helped with making that any better, and with the boy already nearby, it was a chance she couldn't let slip by.

"Thank you, Chloe. Do tell - Kai was with you during this meeting, was he not? I have something to discuss with him. Be a dear, and send him my way on your way out," she said, her mind already planning out the details of this soon-to-be encounter.

Chloe nodded and with that exited the room. She found Kai to be waiting for her, like he always did.

"Kai, the Queen calls for you. I do not know why, as she did not say, but her mood was most foul from this meeting. Simply keep that in mind as you go on. We wouldn't want you to get in trouble again," the girl said with a smile and gave the boy a peck on the cheek, "I love you, but there are only so many times I can help, before her patience might run out."

"You worry too much. I'll be fine," he said and waved goodbye as Chloe went to their room in the palace.

His bravado crumbled the moment she left. In truth, when he heard the Queen needed him, he couldn't help but worry. He was just a soldier, from a poor family no less. What could someone as important as the Queen need from him? He tried to think of any recent happening that could have earned him her wrath. The only one that came up was the time when he didn't recognize an important noble and stopped them before entering the palace, but that was hardly something to be banished over. His hand rested on the doorknob, the elf hesitating to open it. He took a deep breath and went inside. Making the Queen wait wouldn't make his situation any better.

Kai made his way to the throne, still occupied by her highness, and knelt as a sign of respect.

"Took you long enough." She paused, allowing the words to sink in. "You should know, me and Chloe talk often. You are the topic from time to time."

Kai only hoped that the discussions regarding him were only about the good, or at the very least not the bad. Whichever was the case, it did not calm his worries about being summoned.

"She mentioned a part about you she enjoys. Your hands, to be specific. It would appear you are good with them. Just so happens that my body is all tensed up, so I shall make use of your abilities. Follow me." The Queen got up, and without giving him a second look walked into her quarters.

It took a moment for Kai to gather his wits and get up. Out of everything his Queen could bring up, a massage was the last thing on his mind. He had no clue if that was some ploy, or a test, so he played it safe and remained cautious.

He caught up with the Queen and heeled her, trying his best not to glance at her behind that shook with every step the Queen took in her high-heels. She was a dangerous woman, but he could not deny that her body was extremely attractive. It wouldn't be the first time he had lustful thoughts about her, and it would not be the last. He figured they were harmless, as long as they remained in his head only.


The pair made it to the private quarters, and Kai couldn't stop himself from looking around in awe. He had never been there before, so to see all the different decorations, the luxury... it was overwhelming. The walls were adorned in various paintings, furniture glimmered with gold and embedded jewellery. He couldn't complain about how he lived with Chloe, but this was on a completely other level. Truly fitting for the Queen.

"After you are done gawking." She pointed to a nearby door. "This leads to the bathroom. There should be everything you need there and more to prepare. I must say, I am excited. Chloe only gave you praise." The Queen winked and stretched out, her breasts stretching out the material covering them. It was difficult not to stare, but Kai averted his eyes. His reaction amused Olga, who moved onto her queen-sized bed.

Kai didn't waste time and went to the bathroom right away. It was a chance to clear his mind and think this through. The whole situation seemed a little suspicious. There had to be way more qualified masseurs in the city, and the Queen could afford it. He wondered if this is truly a massage or something more, perhaps a test. But what was expected of him?

The elf washed his face with cool water at the sink. He looked up and saw his reflection staring back at him with distress clear in the eyes. The Queen was not a terrible leader, but she had her moods from time to time. At times they were costly to the surrounding people. He had a lot of leeway with Chloe, always there to help him, but now he was on his own. With someone that could have him banished, executed or worse, with a mere move of her finger. He had to be careful.

"Right, I need... lotion," he said to himself as he realized he was taking too long in the bathroom. He quickly found a bottle, double checked if it was a fitting lotion and headed back to the Queen.

Kai was still double checking the bottle after leaving the bathroom. At first, he didn't notice what the Queen did during the time he was away, and only did when his eyes laid on her. She was laying on her stomach on the edge of the bed, with a towel rolled into a U-shape under her face for support. It would be something he expected, if it wasn't for the fact Olga was completely nude. All of her soft, dark skin was out in the open for him to stare at. The Queen noticed his hesitation and the lack of hands massaging her.

"I hope you had no problems finding the lotion. Begin, my body is getting cold," she commanded.

Her clothes never left much to imagination, but to see her nude still blew his mind. He wondered how many people in her long life got to have the honour of seeing her like that.

"Kai?" she asked, her tone a little less warm than before.

"Oh, right, sorry," he replied and quickly began getting to work despite the unexpected distraction. He poured the oil on his hands and began rubbing them together, getting it nice and warm. He did it for a while too long, with him preparing himself for what was about to take place.

With a last moment of hesitation inches away from her skin, his hands finally made contact, earning him a soft gasp from the Queen. He began with long strokes, spreading the oil around her back and warming up her muscles. She really was extremely tense.

"Chloe wasn't lying, you do have some skilled hands. Oh, don't mind me, please continue," she added when the elf stopped moving his hands from creeping worry.

Kai focused on her back, kneading on her muscles around her shoulders and the neck, carefully looking for any indicators if he should go harder or gentler. Once he started the task, it was easy to focus on it and ignore the fact his Queen—whom he was sworn to serve—was completely nude in front of him.

Once satisfied with his work on her upper regions, he began moving lower, rolling his knuckles up and down the sides of her spine. The lower he got, the harder her behind became to ignore. It was perfectly shaped, plump and begging to be touched. As much as he might want to just bury his face between her cheeks, getting banished over it was not worth it.

When his hands reached her lower back, he paused when he heard the moan. Not just a gasp like before, and if he didn't know any better, it would seem like it was erotic.

"Mmm, that's the spot," she said.

That was all Kai needed. He focused on her lower back, careful to massage her very tense muscles. All the sitting up straight and her well-endowed chest must put a ton of pressure on that very spot.

The Queen continued making less than appropriate sounds as the elf kept going, an easy-to-follow sign that he was doing a good job. Once he felt that the muscles were no longer tensed up, he moved lower, skipping her behind for obvious reasons and instead moving onto her thighs and legs. While not as tense at her lower back, he wanted to do his task thoroughly, and he continued working down until he reached her feet. He slowed down to avoid tickling her and to give some special attention as well, with the Queen often wearing high heels.

The massage was more than delightful, the Queen couldn't deny that. But she had other plans for the evening. She wanted to relax and fully let loose, something she couldn't do as often as she would like. She was hoping her naked body would be enough to push Kai, but it seemed she would need to go one step further.

"Kai, I think you missed a spot," she said, hiding a devilish grin.

He looked at her glistening body, only one part of her not yet covered in the lotion. She couldn't be possible meaning that, could she?

"A spot? Where, if I may ask my Queen?" Kai wasn't about to assume something as direct as this.

"Do I need to do everything for you and spell it out? Come on, even someone low-born like you can't be possibly this clueless," she replied and as for emphasis moved a little on her bed into a more comfortable position. A side effect of that was her butt gently wiggling, looking even more inviting than before.

If this was a test like he suspected, this was the breaking point. He couldn't be sure if Olga was just trying to bait him into doing something he shouldn't, but the order was clear, and how could he refuse the Queen? He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and moved his hands onto her bare ass.

"Mmm," he could hear Olga as he continued, clearly pleased with his decision. Her butt was the softest thing he ever had contact with, his fingers sinking into the silky flesh, her soft cheeks offering little resistance. The worry of her shouting at him and calling the guards was gone, with her obviously enjoying herself. Kai had to remind himself that he wasn't merely playing with his Queen's behind, but that he was supposed to be giving her a massage. It was difficult to focus with the scene before him. His body was reacting to Olga before, but with her buttocks between his hands he grew harder by the second.

"Kai? Would you mind going over to my feet again?"

It took a second for him to stop massaging her behind, thankfully, his arousal not fully clouding his mind. His hands trailed down her legs, but just as he was about to massage her soles once more, both of her legs escaped his grasp. He turned to face her in confusion and did so with perfect timing. His Queen turned to lie on her back and gently spread her legs, his eyes going straight for her exposed pussy.

The Queen had a smirk plastered on her face as she observed the boy staring at her privates and then back at her in complete shock. But as much as it was amusing, she still had needs that needed to be taken care of.

"Well? Are you going to continue your massage?" she teased, spreading her legs further.

Kai cleared his throat and to her side like he did previously. Such a display had a huge effect on him, but he tried to keep his cool. This was a point of no return. While before, it could all be called a massage, that... that was taking it a step too far. He could never tell Chloe about this.

Maybe at the very beginning he could say no, or resist. But not after years of lusting after his Queen in secret, and when his trousers had a very obvious tent that did not go unnoticed. Olga's hand was trailing over his legs, her touch barely getting through his clothes and avoiding his most sensitive areas.

His warm and oil-covered hand went over stomach, while the other went directly to one of her breasts. The moan it earned him pushed him further, squeezing her breast before moving to the other, all while his hand was trailing lower and lower.

The Queen did not expect him to suddenly be so forward, but she enjoyed it far too much to order him to slow down.

Kai's hand made it over Olga's entrance, the oil making it extremely easy to reach over it. Her lips were shaved smooth, but it wasn't just that—she was wet. Knowing he wasn't the only one aroused encouraged him to rub her pussy with his finger, trailing up and down before slipping in between her slippery folds. At first just a single digit, exploring her tight insides.

He moved his hand on a breast further away from him to fondle it, while he lowered his mouth and put his lips around a very sensitive nipple. There was no holding back after she presented herself like that. He began pleasuring his Queen, his moves becoming bolder with every passing second.

Soon enough the royal quarters were filled with the sound of Olga moaning and his wet fingers going inside of her over and over, stopping from time to time only to tease her clit.

The massage just prior had Olga in a sea of serenity, waves of relaxation washing over the dark sheen of her skin. As his touch advanced, it became increasingly difficult to stay quiet. It was embarrassing for her to realize Kai was making her approach an orgasm far faster than she expected. There was little time to ponder whenever it was because of him being good, or her body starved of pleasure. Perhaps it was both.

When he began roughly fingering her with two fingers, while his thumb went over her clit, it was simply too much.

"G-Gods, please, kiss me," she asked, not demanded as he noted, her commanding voice gone. She no longer sounded like a mighty Queen, just a common girl desperate for more. And that was all Kai needed.

He went for her lips, his tongue searching for hers, his hands never breaking the intense pleasure. Olga moaned into his mouth, her tight cunt hungrily hugging his fingers as it twitched and fruitlessly tried to milk an absent cock.

After helping his Queen reach orgasmic bliss, his movements calmed until it was only his hand nuzzling her stomach to help her muscles relax once more. Kai glanced at her face and saw that her eyes were half closed, a small grin plastered across as she stared up into the ceiling.

There was still an issue he had right between his legs, and seeing his Queen orgasm from his hands right before him did not help one bit. It was risky to continue, but so far, any time he took initiative Olga did not seem to mind. While the woman was still dreamy from an orgasm high, he sat down next to her and carefully turned her around. Kai then pulled her up and put her over his lap, his hand going over her behind and stroking.

"W-What are you doing?" she asked, her body still mellow.

He didn't reply, raising his hand to plant a fervent smack on her ass, eliciting a gasp.

Before she could protest, he finally responded, "I'll be asking questions now. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but someone doesn't have much experience, if at all?", loving the feeling of taking control away from her.

"How dare you ask that and do... do this to your Queen!"

It was not the answer he was looking for, but about what he expected. Another spank, way harder this time. His hand left a red mark on her usually untainted skin.

"Your body is incredibly sensitive, and it didn't take that long for you to finish." To prove his point, he gently rubbed her still sensitive folds. The Queen gasped, the pleasure being quite the contrast from the sudden pain of spanking. But it didn't last long as his finger left her hanging.

"Fine, you brute. Yes, I have little experience. Ruling a kingdom does not leave me much time for meaningless romance," she said, and half expected another spank when his hand moved away. This time it was very gentle, and the boy rubbed her behind, soothing some pain.

"But it seems like I was not the only one that enjoyed this massage of yours, if this hardness underneath me has to say anything," she continued and teased, moving her body so his erection rubbed between their bodies.

"Hardly my fault. Who wouldn't react in such a way at the sight of their Queen? But perhaps you aren't suited to rule. What kind of ruler doesn't take care of her subjects?"

It was a risky game Kai was playing, and perhaps he went too far. But after what he did, the worst that could happen was him being kicked out of her room. Low risk, but the reward was more than worth it.

The Queen moved up from his lap, shooting daggers at him with her glance.

"Me? A bad ruler? The nerve!" She then got off him, only to kneel in front of the boy, her hands going over his trousers right away. He had to hide his grin, lest he provoke her even further.

Olga was very determined to prove exactly how wrong he was, but when his impressive member was finally out in the open, she was caught off guard. Not fully erect yet, it was at least ten inches of an impressive shaft right before her face.

After a moment of looking at it in awe, she collected herself and began her task. As much as she tried to hide it, her lack of experience was especially showing at that moment. While the motions of her soft hand along his cock felt adequate, her movement was clumsy. She lacked the confidence she was usually so full of.

"You should use your mouth," Kai commented, and the way Olga reacted seemed like she forgot she could even do that.

The Queen began lapping at his cock with her tongue, but once again everything she did was sloppy at best, and in not in a good way. It was in no way unpleasant, but at this rate he would never get off. Kai grinned as he realized that once again, he needed to take charge.

He grabbed the sides of her head, firmly but not pulling on her head as he aimed his cock at the middle of her lips. A gentle push was enough for her to realize what he wanted. Olga parted her lips, and it was all he needed to go inside her welcoming mouth.

Under any other circumstances he would try to hold back, perhaps starting slowly. But not in that case. There she was, the Queen that terrified him at times, one she lusted for as long as he remembered, on her knees, with the head of his cock in her mouth. The sight made his cock jump to its full length of twelve inches.

He moved his hips, pumping his cock between her soft lips, slipping deeper into her mouth each time he pulled back only to slam back in. He was in total control and it was driving him crazy with arousal. A chance of payback, a chance to really shut her up—all his.

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