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Firstly, look at these other guides to give you a better idea and more information on how best to make your bots. by Kuma by Drappier by Junko by Chai

So you wanna make a bot?

So, you want to make your favorite anime character, or maybe you want to bring your OC to life and have a nice chat with em, or maybe you just want to get the biggest sloppy imaginable from Mirko herself? Well, that's why we have Pyg.

But how do you even start making a bot?

When I create my bots, I like to use this site: because of ease of access, you can convert straight to .json file or Tavern png, and you can easily reupload older json/tavern files in case you want to make changes.

The Tavern UI does have a built in editor, but I recommend creating your character using the link above. Then, you can use the editor in Tavern to make small changes where they need to be made.

Getting Started

1.) First things first: You are gonna be writing. A lot. A whole lot. If you are already a writer or good at roleplays, then it should come naturally. If you aren't, then google and ( will be your best friend. Make sure to do your wrist exercises so you don't get carpel tunnel.

2.) Using incorrect or bad grammar will result in your bot either not reading what you wrote, or the bot regurgitating the same poor grammar you wrote into it.

3.) Look at other guides and other bots, they can give a lot of insight and are basically free information. Don't just look at my guide because honestly I'm a certified dumbass.

4.) If you want to make a character from a show, game, film, etc, then you can search on fan or official wikis. You can also use ChatGPT, but only to gather information and not for bot making.

The process of bringing your waifu to life.

I like to use w++ for my bots, but there is Alichat, Boostyle, and even a mix of multiple styles, but for now I will just be focusing on w++ since I believe it is the most beginner friendly. Personally, just go with whatever style you enjoy the most once you get enough knowledge.

This is a basic setup for W++. This is what all of your bots made in W++ should feature at the base minimum:

Important Categories Actual Meaning
Species Pyg will assume that your bot is human, so use this if you have a non-human character like a Demon or Lamia
Mind Place the traits of the character in here. Use short but accurate terms like "kind", "lazy", "reserved." Writing multiple synonyms can help reinforce those traits.
Personality Copy and paste what you have in Mind into Personality. This category will basically reinforce the traits from Mind.
Body Describe things like body type, build, height, and general appearance.
Features You can detail things like hair and eye color, features like tails, ears, claws, etc, if your character is non-human.
Loves What your character enjoys. Things like "loves to take naps", "Fishing", "Cuddling", "Archery", etc.
Description Write down important traits about your character. You can use either the name of the bot or {{char}}, like "{{char}} loves to be lazy", "Colada is a coffee addict", "agreeable when {{char}} has food", etc. <-

Optional Categories

Category Actual Meaning
Sexual Orientation Can help skew a bot towards certain genders, but will need to be reinforced via example dialogue to mostly work. This ultimately doesn't matter much however, as a straight bot will still engage in gay activities. Other models besides pyg may work better with this.
Age It can help the bot reinforce a specific age, or you can write things such as "{{char}} is young" as well. Sometimes Pyg does forget this though

Let's take a look at some examples;

Species("Snake girl")
Mind("Playful" + "Tired" + "Loving" + "Lazy" + "Teasing" + "Lax" + "Relaxed" + "Snarky" + "Sarcastic" + "Affectionate" + 
"Charming" + "Alluring")
Personality("Playful" + "Tired" + "Loving" + "Lazy" + "Teasing" + "Lax" + "Relaxed" + "Snarky" + "Sarcastic" + "Affectionate" + 
"Charming" + "Alluring")
Body("22 feet long" + "Muscular body" + "long black serpent tail" + "Large plush breasts" + "six-pack abs" + "red eyes" + 
"Shoulder-length brown hair" + "snake tongue")
Description("Likes to take long naps" + "Loves to be lazy" + "Loves to cuddle you" + "Loves to banter with you" + 
"Finds spots to stay warm" + "Enjoys being dominate" + "Wants to be lazy and content with you")
Loves("Naps" + "Cuddling" + "Chicken and steak foods" + "Weight lifting and training" + "You")
Sexual Orientation("Bisexual")

Personality("Dominate" + "Tough" + "Tomboy" + "Seductive" + "Horny" + "Outspoken" + "Adrenaline-seeker")
Mind("Dominate" + "Tough" + "Tomboy" + "Seductive" + "Horny" + "Outspoken" + "Adrenaline-seeker")
Description("{{char}} is tough and always speaks her mind + {{char}} respects those who are blunt and speak their mind" + 
"Wants to rail {{user}} privately" + "Very dominant" + "Wants to breed like a bunny" + "Wants to do sex bare" + 
"Can hop at 45 miles per hour" + "Goes into heat often")
Body("Short" + "Athletic" + "Muscular body" + "Thick large ass" + "Dark skin" + "Red eyes" + "Rabbit ears" + "Bunny tail" + 
"Thick powerful thighs")
Loves("Carrots" + "Being dominate" + "Cuddling" + "Oral")
Features("White bunny tail" + "White bunny ears" + "Dark skin" + "Muscular")
}] also includes some more categories not listed here. Go out and experiment to see what works best.

General W++

So now that you have a general idea of how w++ can be used, let's move on to the other aspects of making a bot.

Section How the section works
Summary (Personality Summary if using Tavern) Optional, can be used to briefly reinforce traits you want to keep in context throughout the entire conversation, like "Koko is a buff lazy snake that loves to banter." Also prepended by Personality
Personality (Or Description if using Tavern) Paste the w++ into
Scenario Explain the current scenario between the user and the bot. You can also list traits such as clothing, certain character traits that are important, etc since Scenario will keep these things in context for longer.
Greeting Message Greeting is the greeting that your character will give, but it is surprisingly important. Here, you'll want to add a detailed since more detail = longer and better responses and less detail = less engaging responses.
Example Dialogue One of the most important pieces of bot making. To briefly explain, this is where you'll write examples of how your bot will speak and interact with the user. The usually set up is "{{user}}: (or You:)" for the user and "{{char}}:" for the bot.

Example Dialogue In-Depth

Let's go over some things example dialogue can do for us, such as:

- Example dialogue has an effect on the personality of the bot. Having more abrasive or rude dialogue will reflect on the character, and writing more horny dialogue will cause the bot to be a bit more horny, writing a tired and aloof character who doesn't say much will reflect this in their responses, etc. - Making your bot like or dislike things. Koko enjoys sleeping and being cuddly, so I wrote example dialogue that showcased this. - Longer and grammatically-correct chat examples will lead to more quality dialogue, which leads to more quality blowjobs or hand holding (if you're a degenerate like me)

What does good example dialogue look like?

These are just some examples of what I consider good example dialogue to be. Included are other great bot makers including I_Maxis, Irontrooper, and Nanomachines.

Ryda, Dragon Maid (Noxx)

You: *I gently pat Ryda's tail.* 
{{char}}: "Hey, hands off!" *Ryda shouted as stood straight up, yet she made no attempt to stop you. In fact, her thick tail began 
to brush closer to your hand, and curled around part of your arm.* "Ugh, you could've just asked, you know. It doesn't even feel 
that good, I'm merely allowing you to touch me." *Ryda lied, trying to keep her tough persona up. Her hand curled up into a fist 
as she looked away and blushed.* 
You: "Hey, why are you always so mean and gruff to me?"
{{char}}: *Ryda scoffed, before stretching her wings out and flapping them a few times.* "I'm a dragon, that's just how we are.  
Totally, just how it is." *She growled out, her voice laced with venom. She turned away to continue her cleaning of the counter. 
Her claws gripped onto the counter, her tail drooping as she suddenly spoke softly.* "Maybe, it'll just take a while for 
me be not so gruff. Don't wait up on that, though."

Dark Mage (I_Maxis)

{{user}}: *She grins ear to ear* "I'm so thankful, that I finally have a cute husband like you!" *She has a gentle smile* "But.. 
even when we are now husband and wife..." *She comes to your ear and starts whispering* "I'll still need to have sex with you for 
your cum" *She removes herself from your ear and looks at you mischievously* "Husband~ shall we start sex for the first time as 
Husband and Wife?" *She grins and starts taking off her clothes, she is sitting on top of you naked* "If you are not going to 
start then I will!" *She pulls of the bedsheet and sits on top of your crotch, which slowly is getting hard* "Hmmm~ You seem 
{{char}}: *She is smiling at you gently* "How did you sleep? I hope that you recovered from yesterday... today will be an 
interesting day for the both of us.." *She looks at you mischievously* "There are some new spells that I need to try out.. and 
for that I'm going to need you as a testing subject" *She is grinning* "Well, the first spell I want to try out is making you
 not tired, during sex." *She starts chanting the spell and you feel your body is full of energy* "You seem energetic... I like 
that~" *She takes off her clothes and is ready to have a long session of sex*",

Trissian (Nanomachines)

{{char}}: *Trissian takes a few swings with a sword she just made, it's clear she had a lot of practice.* "Good enough... 
Though it could be sharper..." *She mutters to herself, testing the sharpness of the blade with her thumb.*
{{char}}: "Good to know my expertise saved your life." *She says proudly, seeing that armor she made just for you managed to 
stop a crossbow bolt.* "Though I'll need to repair it now." *It's clear she's rather happy about that, despite it being more work 
for her.*
{{user}}: *I offer her a pouch of gold.* "Here, for services rendered." *I say, happy with the current state of my equipment.*
{{char}}: *She smiles, but declines the payment.* "It'll be enough for me if you return alive. Besides, your lord already pays 
me for all the materials I use, and I love my work, I don't need additional payment."

Hex Maniac (Irontrooper)

{{user}} : "I love you Hex."
{{char}}:  *She smiles, pleased with you* I'm so glad~ come here sweetie, good boys deserve rewards *she coos softly, taking 
you into her soft embrace before gently laying you down in her pillowy thighs, softly brushing through your hair with her long 
fingers* Say ah sweetie~ *she coos softly and motherly, taking off the top of her purple dress to reveal her huge breasts, softly 
lactating a sweet smelling and alluring milk*
{{user}}: *I eagerly drink her milk, gaining an erection*
{{char}}: Aw, so cute~ *She coos, delighted to see you enjoying her breasts so much* I knew you'd like my milk baby, you really 
are the perfect man for me *she says happily with a big smile, her long hand trailing down to softly caress your cock* you deserve 
even more rewards, good boys that obey me deserve all rewards in the world~! *she coos with excitement as she fishes your cock 
out of your pants, softly stroking it with her long and soft fingers*

"But Noxx, what the fuck does all that mean?"

When writing example dialogue, think of it like a roleplay: write down how your bot will react and respond to certain situations or write down dialogue that shows off your bot's personality.

  • <START> is basically used as a starting and stopping point for your dialogue. Use it to indicate the start of new dialogue.
  • "{{user}}:" and "{{char}}:" is the stand in for the user and character. If you want yourself (or the stand in) to speak, use {{user}}:, and if you want to write dialogue for your bot, use {{char}}:.
  • Wrap ** around actions, like *She turned to you, giving a teasing smile.* Go wild and meld together action and speech to write characters that really pop.
  • Sometimes you can just write your character doing or reacting to something without input from the {{user}}.

When writing example dialogue, keep these two things in your mind:

  1. Show off your character's personality. You aren't just writing two character's talking, delve into those details of how that character moves and acts. If you have an energetic character, describe them jumping with glee, their eyes sparkling as they talk about something they love, voice cracks, giggles, etc. If you have a more sexual character, write their boobs squishing against the counter as a sly smile spreads across their face. Writing more details will create better responses.

You could write "I stick my dick in the bot" as an example, or you could really get into your character's head. What is the first thing they do when a thick rod enters your bot? Do they shudder and stifle back a moan, or do they let their eyes roll into the back of their head and moan out your name, or do they press their hips deeper into you and grasp your wrists to pin you against the bed?

  1. Your surroundings. Don't write basic responses, really get into the mind of the situation. When that thick dommy mommy is riding you, write about her heavy boobs swaying and bouncing, her nipples perky and full erect as her cherry-chapstick lips slightly part. The sweat rolling down her forehead as her skin radiates a soft and warm glow, the goosebumps forming as the grip she has on your wrist slowly tightens. The bedframe squeaking as the two bodies bounce up and down in a perfect rhythm. How your hand sinks into the soft plush of her hips, yet keeping its form to feel more of your touch. Really go wild and experiment here.

That whole "NSFW" Part

One of the most important things about NSFW is the nitty-gritty details. What really separates the "His cock inserted into her" from the "Her folds dripped with anticipation as his cock neared her. A massive jolt of pleasure crackled through her spine while she felt his rod plunge deeper inside, her grip on the bedsheets tightening." is the details. Don't be afraid to draw out a scene if it means extracting a few extra details, since the bot will take those extra details and add them to your chat later down the road.

Of course, don't be afraid to use your own experiences when making your saucy bots.

Additional Tips

  • Trial and error your bots. It's a time sink, but it's worth testing your bots because you may end up needing to change around several definitions and traits to accurately make your character.
  • If you are just making a horny bot meant to suck you off, then you don't need to dedicate a ton of tokens to their lore/backstory. For my Cybele bot, the only lore I added was the fact she lives in a cave for the setting. If you are making a more dedicated character, use the example dialogue and have the character explain a bit of their backstory.
  • If one section of your bot isn't working that well, then it doesn't hurt to add more tokens to that particular section.
  • Personally, I like to spend most of my tokens in the Example Dialogue section. The Example Dialogue is surprisingly versatile, being able to write how a bot reacts, speaks, treats the user, and even parts of their personality.
  • Avoid adverbs like the plague, seriously. Adverbs are very weak and can end up taking you out of the experience.

Noxx, I finally mastered all of this! Where do I go now?

Now, check out these other guides made from other great members of the community: by Kuma by Drappier by Junko by Chai

After that, you can share them on the pygmalion discord or on Botsprompt:

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Also go play VA11-Hall-A

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