Cloudstream 3 Repositories

Keep in mind that the extensions can execute arbitrary code inside the app.

This means you should treat them with the same level of scrutiny you treat any apps. Extensions can also read all of the Cloudstream's data.
The first repo is constantly audited by the app developers so you can probably trust it.

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Cloudstream providers repository

Cloudstream extension Repository

Mega repository

Add all repositories easily.

Aniyomi Compat

Use Aniyomi Extensions in CloudStream!

English providers repository

Cloudstream English Plugin Repository

Multilingual providers repository

Cloudstream Non-english Plugin Repository

Hexated providers repository

Providers from all country

LikDev-256 Providers Repository

Tamil and Indian language Providers

CakesTwix Providers Repository

Cloudstream Ukraine Plugin Repository

NSFW Providers

For the coomers and degenerates

Arabic providers repository

Cloudstream Arabic Plugin Repository

French Repo

French Repository Forked de Eddy's Repo

Horis providers repository

Chinese Plugin Repository


Cloudstream SkillShare Plugin Repository

Avocado/Rowdy's Extensions

This Repo Contains Audio Books And More

Turkish Providers Repository | @KekikAkademi

Türkçe içerikli eklenti havuzu

IndusAryan's Plugins

Hindi Extensions


Updating the Cloudstream Arabic Provider. Feel free to join the Cloudstream Discord server for the latest information.


Extension en français

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