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  • Textures can be exported by applying to default brushes and exporting but 3D models as of yet have no convenient way of being shared.
    • Probably a way by going into your appdata folder.
  • If there is no name then there is no links. It's a space holder. If the DL link goes nowhere then I haven't uploaded yet.
  • You can cross confirm if something is already on the list by taking the last numbers from the Assets store URL and Ctrl+F.

Asset store

Some brushes may be outdated. I can only update brushes that I have purchased myself. Will mark with (🪄)

If you like a brush you may want to support by liking the brush in store and maybe purchasing if you have clippies to spare.

Name Store Link Thumbnail
Eye Strain barrier Store
close and fill tool without gaps Store
Tool to remove without gaps Store
No gaps close and fill + for erasing tool reference layer Store
Erase along edge Store
Pen and Eraser to detect reference line Store
1px move Store


Costs Clippy or Gold

  • Personal top tier recommendations are the hatching ones from 苺あんこ
Name ID Store Link DL Thumbnail
Rain brush🪄 [1744323] Store DL
Sweat brush🪄 [1790153] Store DL
Scar brush🪄 [1913968] Store DL
Cum brushes🪄 [1812155] Store DL
Duotone pens🪄 [1772325] Store DL
CHARCOAL Pack🪄 [1895565] Store DL
Depth hatching pen🪄 [1773193] Store DL
The terrible hatch pen🪄 [1852751] Store DL
The terrible hatch pen(GOLD)🪄 [1938898] Store DL
solid pen with a terrible🪄 [1916194] Store DL
solid pen with an impossible🪄 [1922222] Store DL
Hoarse Betta eraser for Pandemonium🪄 [1691265] Store DL
This is a very deep hatch pen.🪄 [1798846] Store DL
A hatch pen with a heavy weight🪄 [1894699] Store DL
A hatch pen with a heavy weight(GOLD)🪄 [1938902] Store DL
Gauze pen with impossible weight🪄 [1875808] Store DL
Gauze pen with a deep depth🪄 [1872642] Store DL
All out for the pandemonium pen🪄 [1820131] Store DL
Crystal brush [1788949] Store DL
MAGUPEN [1910059] Store DL
Gel pen/color presets [1738505] Store DL
Write Brush 3set [1907024] Store DL
neon auto-action [1921588] Store DL
LeafPens(old ver) [1765961] Store DL
LeafPens (new ver) [1911861] Store DL
sunlight under a tree brush [1844097] Store DL
Byguma brush set (pt1) [1843294] Store DL
Byguma brush set (pt2) [1843287] Store DL
Naughty Pen [1579600] Store DL
hatching blassi [1903157] Store DL
Doodle G [1860221] Store DL
Maa Blur [1722050] Store DL
Filled with tiles (ちょい埋めタイル) [1799762] Store DL
Brush 2 Breaking up (崩すブラシ2) [1874642] Store DL
SAZANAMI_Lite [1936839] Store DL
10 kinds of frills laced ribbon brushes [1904047] Store DL
22 kinds of seam-like brush breaks [1945465] Store DL
Drew Kai [1895073] Store DL
Rain Line Brush Set🪄 [1926651] Store DL
pennnn🪄 [1800628] Store DL
Line Marker🪄 [1704554] Store DL
Coo Pen🪄 [1788256] Store DL
Crochet Border Pack 1.3🪄 [1915252] Store DL
Lace Border Pack 1.1🪄 [914806] Store DL
HiBipencil [1764501] Store DL
Turtle Graffiti Pen [1967291] Store DL
Explosion Brush [1789216] Store DL
Aマーカー Marker [1926675] Store DL
Fluffy Oysters Set [1971710] Store DL
Noa Coarse [1863528] Store DL
MorPEN [1830782] Store DL
The brush [1881151] Store DL
Print Brush Set [1731995] Store DL
Texture Ink Pen Kai [1949936] Store DL
Oil pen c [1970099] Store DL
Similar to the Mike Pen [1967780] Store DL
Boichi Pen [1809677] Store DL
Boichi Pen v2 [1818179] Store DL
Real Pencil [1728880] Store DL
Crossburash [1860693] Store DL
NEW Senpen [1902116] Store DL
Flat Pencil [1929442] Store DL
Nemonemmo [1946684] Store DL
Pencil Bush [1729756] Store DL
Acting Bush [1731997] Store DL
MALZA PEN 2 [1735387] Store DL
MALZA PEN 2.5 [1735870] Store DL
Sumpen [1899211] Store DL
Sasson Bushash [1767443] Store DL
Taxe 냔냔Pen [1817874] Store DL
Taxe Black Pencil [1773170] Store DL
Taxe Watercolor Brush [1750471] Store DL
Taxe Nameless Pencilset [1754229] Store DL
MokoMoko Set [1971769] Store DL
Decay pen [1840666] Store DL
Reed Pencils [1796482] Store DL
Reed Pencil EX [1973305] Store DL
Reed Rough Pen [1973306] Store DL
Retro processing filter🪄 [1687209] Store DL
**** [] Store DL
**** [] Store DL
Everything Below I am Uploading later
Mystery Cat🪄 [1856722] Store DL
Crystal Particle Brush🪄 [1857258] Store DL
Crystal Engram brush🪄 [1857257] Store DL
Glow🪄 [1779888] Store DL
Dynamic Gradient🪄 [1809491] Store DL
A gradient map that makes anything pretty🪄 [1740150] Store DL
**** [] Store DL
**** [] Store DL


Needs reuploaded

Name ID Store Link DL Thumbnail
**** [] Store DL
**** [] Store DL

Removed from Asset store

Name ID Store Link DL Thumbnail
Kidkyan Oil Brushes [1700575] Store DL
MoNyo Snowman Pen [1967410] Store DL
Casa G-pen [1692200] Store DL
New Casa Pens [1915658] Store DL
Water Pens [1693883] Store DL
Shark pencil [1732997] Store DL
Magnolia Pen [1763144] Store DL
Natural Oil [1840810] Store DL
**** [] Store DL
**** [] Store DL



In regards to usage

Anecdotally plugins work on my copy of CSP but may not work for everyone as they are not officially supported outside of the Japanese version.
You should place the .dlls directly in AppData\Roaming\CELSYSUserData\CELSYS\CLIPStudioPlugIn\PAINT
If it worked as expected you should see the files under Filter
Might only work on global versions instead of official English but this needs testing

These plugins are old and I have no way to access the Japanese store to obtain updates.
Plugin List and Usages
Plugin SDK

All 11 Plugins currently available in 32 and 64bit (English translated)

Name Description Thumbnail
Inomura This filter uses perlin noise to change hue, saturation, lightness, and alpha to create uneven colors. Detail can be easily raised with analog-style painting
Ryusen This plug-in draws streamlines. Various effects can be rendered depending on the settings.
Syuchusen This plug-in draws a concentration line. Various effects can be rendered depending on the settings.
Retro Filter Instagram-style processing. Using it for color illustrations can create an antique look.
Ganime Color This filter automatically converts the color of an image drawn on a raster layer to a shadow color (or highlight color). It converts the color of the painted image to a shadow or highlight color using a specific color set inside the filter.
GAuto Shadow This filter automatically converts the color of an image drawn on a raster layer to a shadow color (or highlight color). It corrects color tones by color gamut and converts them to shadow or highlight colors.
GReserved Color Replaces the color of an image drawn on a color raster layer with a specific color set by the user. It is intended to be used to change the color of a character or replace it with a shadow or highlight color. The first pixel is the "original color" and the second pixel is the "color to be replaced".
Point Light This plug-in can generate an effect as if a light source were placed at a certain point on the editing target.
Kahitsu This filter makes the thickness of the pen line thicker or thinner. By adjusting the line thickness, you can create a delicate touch with thin lines or a rough touch with thick lines. Narrowing down the correction area by selection simplifies common expressions such as making lines thicker where they intersect (e.g., at the hairline). You can also use perlin noise to add random strength to the lines, making it easy to rework the lines to be more crisp.
Analogue Kakeami By specifying the number of lines, the number of cuts, and the size of each square, you can create a variety of cuts more naturally and easily than with a brush.
Crystalize This filter transforms an image into a collection of monochromatic polygons, as if seen through a crystal. It was created using a technique called Voronoi decomposition. ⁘Voronoi partitioning is a partitioning method that divides space based on which point is closest to an arbitrary point (the base point) when there are multiple points in space.


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