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These are all the things I like, oooo

anything bold is really big to me rn, ask me about it please some of these are ironic, you'll have to find out by asking

I love this gif so much

Video Games

"You ever get that? I think they call it an 'ear worm' or whatever."

Mega Man, literally any platform fighter, Marikinonline4, Everhood, Five Nights At Freddy's, FTAL, Shovel Knight, Star of Providence, Undertale 2: Revenge of the Robots, Pokemon, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, Digimon, Deltarune, Adventures with Anxiety, Hoi, Digibrain,, Synthstatica, Underhand


Misc Media

"i am the wind waker. it's me."

Evaporate, Homestuck, Foxy TV, Dragon Ball, Bunny Maloney, PDR, 3lamestudios, foxythepir, Rango, June Archive, Hero 108

why are these dice so silly wtfheeheehoohoo jumpy dice!


"Off-key? No, not me. I'm a karaoke machine."

They Might Be Giants, Patricia Taxxon, STOMACH BOOK, Femtanyl, Oingo Boingo, Name Impending, Remsoda, Wax Petz



"Young subject, heed my kingly wisdom. You don't actually need to be the fastest. Just tell people you are!"

Zakuro (MO4), Kashikin (MO4), Bec Noir (Homestuck), Purple Foxy (Foxy TV), Tasque Manager (Deltarune), Louis Picollin (Bunny Maloney), Beebee (Adventures with Anxiety), Katt (Animal Crossing), Chomper (FTAL), Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Z), Tangle (FNAF World), King Knight (Shovel Knight), Spider Furry (PDR), Tarr (Fortnite), Gotchawrench (Wrecking Crew), Morph Moth (Mega Man X2), Astigmatism (Undertale), Salesbot 9.99+TX (Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope), Pirate Man (Mega Man & Bass), Bit (Pix & Bit)


A door stands before you!


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