Import your own 3D Models into Minecraft and create beautiful 3D Renders using Blender

Required Tools:

(!) Info: A good PC with a high end Graphics Card will highly impact your final Render Quality and also the duration it will take to finish.

Creating the 3D Model in Minecraft Format

  1. Create a Minecraft Model Using
    • Visit ObjToSchematic Web.
    • Convert your 3D model into Minecraft formats like .schematic, .litematic, .schem, or .nbt.
  2. Add the Model to Your World Using Structure Blocks
    • In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, use structure blocks to save and load structures.
    • Place a structure block, set it to "Save" mode, and define the structure's dimensions.
    • Save your building or model to the structure block's memory.

Export your Minecraft World using Jmc2Obj

  1. Export the Minecraft World as an OBJ Using obj2mc
    • Use tools like Jmc2Obj or obj2mc to export your Minecraft world to OBJ format.
    • Follow the tool's instructions to convert your world data.

Setting up the Blender Environment

  1. Import the OBJ in Blender
    • Open Blender.
    • Go to File > Import > Wavefront (.obj).
    • Locate your exported OBJ file and select it.
    • Click Import OBJ to bring the model into Blender.
  2. Prep the Import Using the MCprep Blender Addon
    • Install the MCprep addon.
    • After importing your Minecraft world into Blender, select all objects.
    • Click the "Prep Materials" button in the MCprep panel.
    • MCprep will fix materials, transparencies, and blurry textures.
  3. Blender Settings for Optimal Results
    • Adjust Blender settings based on your desired output:
    • Choose between Blender Internal or Cycles render engine.
    • Set up lighting, camera angles, and materials.
    • Use MCprep features like mob rigs, skin swapping, and texture pack support.

Guide by cweeper (Discord)

Pub: 11 Apr 2024 23:42 UTC
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