My first impression of my mother-in-law wasn't really the greatest. Evelyn came across as holier than thou and it was obvious she didn't think anyone was good enough for her daughter, especially me. I don't think she expected me to last too long, and it's quite possible her dislike for me could be the reason her daughter married me.

I first met her when my girlfriend Heather, now my wife, invited me over for dinner to meet her family five years ago. I walked in the door and couldn't help but notice the very attractive older woman in the kitchen. She was about five foot six with long blonde hair, striking blue eyes, a gorgeous smile and a nice petite body. She was wearing a one-piece blue skirt that didn't show any cleavage at all, but yet somehow still made her breasts look very well rounded. I assumed they were probably C-cups, which seemed large on her petite little body. She had very nice runner's legs, perfectly tanned just like her daughter's.

My thoughts quickly shifted from admiring the beautiful, if not sexy, woman before me to finding myself on the defensive once I was introduced to her. She walked up to me, looked me up and down with a look of almost utter distaste and called me Brad. I knew Brad was Heather's ex-boyfriend, and it was obvious she knew that as well. I just couldn't tell if it was a jab at me or her daughter. All through dinner, however, she continued to call me Brad and point out everything she didn't like about anything I had to say. I didn't take any of it personal, and assumed any other guy would have received the exact same treatment.

I continued to date her daughter and had to politely decline a few more dinner invites. After several months of dating, I realized I was falling in love with Heather and that meant I was going to have to find a way to win over her mother. I knew I must have been at least accepted by her father, because they invited me to join them at their cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend. I was certain three whole days together could make all the difference and she would see that I'm really a good guy.

I couldn't have been more wrong. First, I got lost driving down there when my cell phone lost service, so I was about an hour late on my arrival. Apparently, timeliness is next to Godliness in her eyes, and being late is inexcusable. Then, the next morning I couldn't figure out how to work the boat. At that point in my life, I had never even ridden in a boat, let alone started or driven one. Fortunately, Stephen, my future father-in-law, wasn't as critical and showed me the ropes, so I could take Heather out for a quick ride in the boat alone. Even after the boat ride Evelyn never came down to join us on the dock or in the water. Which I thought was a shame, because I knew she would look amazing in a swimsuit.

The biggest hiccup in trying to win her over happened several hours after the boat incident, when we thought everyone was sleeping. Heather and I had snuck down to the dock just after midnight to sit by the water and look at the stars. We nestled in on the little padded deck-couch and cuddled up, both of us facing the night sky. Of course, it didn't take long for the kissing to start and my fingers to start finding their way under her shirt and bra. Which in turn led to my fingers next finding their way under her shorts and panties. Which eventually led to her pulling my hard cock out of my shorts and wrapping her lips around the hard tip. She was midway down my shaft when the lights on the deck came on with a flash.

All I could make out was her mother's voice screaming at us, but I either have no recollection or I couldn't actually understand anything she said. With the lone exception being something about going to church in the morning. I was too busy pulling my shorts up and trying to look for any way out of that situation, and watching my girlfriend run up to the house leaving me to fend for myself. Once she stopped yelling and went back into the cabin, I considered just staying out there on the deck-couch all night. The buzzing sound of all the insects made me wonder how many mosquito bites, and other random insect bites I'd wake up with, so I reconsidered it.

Heather woke me up the next morning, but she wasn't her usual chipper self. Apparently, she had been given quite the lecture already that morning. We got dressed for church and then had to face the wrath that is Evelyn all morning. Although, even thru the glares and the "you two should be ashamed of yourselves," I couldn't help but notice how sexy she was. All dolled up for church she looked amazing. Her legs looked so sexy in her form fitted skirt and heels, and even though she was twice my age she was drop dead gorgeous. At one point while standing in the entryway of the sanctuary I could tell she just caught me checking her out. I tried to look away really quick, once I realized she was looking at me, but I knew I had been caught. I couldn't bring myself to look at her again, and she never commented on it. It was the first time she didn't take advantage of an opportunity to put me down.

A few hours after church we packed up the cabin and headed back to the city. Heather and I dated a few more months before I decided to pop the question. I wanted her father's permission before I asked her, so I drove over on a Saturday afternoon unannounced. When I walked up to the front porch, I noticed the front door was open. I started to reach for the doorbell, but stopped when I heard a muffled moan. Relieved that I hadn't rang the doorbell I started to head back to my car. Then it occurred to me that Stephen's car wasn't in the driveway.

I was certain she was in the middle of the act of adultery, and for some reason I couldn't let that go. I'm not normally one to meddle in the affairs of others, and if she hadn't been so hard on me all these months I would have just left. I don't know if just wanting to have something over her was really my true motivation, or if it was actually just jealousy that it wasn't me. Either way I was going to storm in and give her a piece of my mind. Clearly, I hadn't thought that through at all.

I walked straight to the screen door and flung it open. I didn't even pause to listen for more sounds or anything, just strode straight to her bedroom door. The door was cracked open so I didn't have to turn the nob to open it. I just pushed it open with my palm and stepped into the room with the most judgmental look I could muster on my face. Much to my surprise I did not find her in the throes of passion with another man at all. Instead, she was laying on her bed naked only from the waist down with a purple dildo sliding in and out of her pussy.

She must not have heard me barge into the room, because her eyes were closed, her head was back, and she hadn't stopped. I panicked when I realized the tremendous error I had made, and backed out of the room as quickly and as quietly as I could. Unable to take my eyes off the incredibly sexy display happening right in front of me, until I was no longer in the room and in view of her. I crept to the screen door and had to laugh at myself for quietly opening and closing a door that just a moment ago I flung open and let it swing back with no regard to the sound it would make.

I got back in my car completely unable to get that picture out of my head. All I could see was smokin hot Evelyn with her naked legs spread wide apart and sliding that purple dildo in and out of her pussy. For several minutes I just sat there thinking about it, and debated going back in. I'm not nearly bold enough to just walk back in and try something insanely foolish like that though. I started the car and backed out of the driveway, and that was when I realized I had been rubbing my own hard on through my pants. I pulled into a park near her house to jerk off while reliving that whole experience, but wishing I had tried to join her instead of running away.

A short time later I got smarter and called her dad before heading over. When I arrived Evelyn actually answered the door, and she gave no indication she was aware that I barged in on her. With our history there was little doubt that she would keep something like that quiet if she had caught me leaving her house. Since I just wanted to ask Stephen and get the hell out of there, I decided to just ask him in front of Evelyn as well. Obviously, he gave me his blessing, and surprisingly Evelyn did as well.

Everything seemed to be getting better all around in the months leading up to the wedding. I joined them for birthdays, holidays and occasional family dinners just for the heck of it. Evelyn had completely stopped dressing me down and actually became quite friendly. I would put the emphasis on friendly, but never motherly by any means. There were even a few instances where I thought it was possible she could have been flirting with me. I talked myself out of it every time though. I knew there was something between her and Heather, almost competitive or something, but I couldn't imagine sleeping with her future son-in-law was ever a real option.

The day of the wedding was a very revealing day for me all around. Evelyn had asked me to meet her alone in one of the rooms in the church 30 minutes before the wedding started. I assumed it was to give me some advice, or the old "you better not hurt her" speech. I got to the room before her and stood by the window and waited. When she walked in, I was once again struck by just how beautiful and yet sexy she was.

"You make a very handsome groom," she said, walking towards me. She gave me a big long hug, holding it longer than I had expected.

"Thank you, and you are a very gorgeous mother of the bride," I said.

"Thank you, hon, you're very sweet," she said. "That's why my daughter is marrying you though. And, I don't think she is making a mistake."

"That's quite a relief to hear," I said. "For awhile there I wasn't so sure you felt that way."

"She's not making a mistake, is she?" she asked.

"No, definitely not," I replied, curious about the question after her previous remarks. "I love her dearly, and I promise to take care of her. Why would you ask that after just telling me you didn't think it was a mistake?"

"Because we never talked about... IT," she said. She turned away from me as she said the word "it."

"Never talked about what?" I asked.

"What you saw me doing when you just walked into my room uninvited," she replied.

"Wait, you saw me walk in on you that day?" I asked, very confused by that point.

"No, I actually didn't see you walk in," she replied. "I saw you walk out and I panicked knowing what you had caught me doing. I got dressed and started after you, but you were just sitting in the driveway. I wasn't sure what to do next, so I just watched you. Then when you backed out, I realized I should have stopped you, because we needed to at least talk about it. I didn't want you to get the wrong idea though. I got in my car and my plan was to talk to you about it in your driveway, on neutral ground, but you didn't go to your house after all. I followed you into the park and then I saw what you did in your car. At that moment I knew it had gotten out of hand and we couldn't talk about it any longer. So, now I just want to make sure that knowing what we both know now, it isn't a mistake marrying my daughter."

"I'm so sorry for walking in on you like that," I said. "I have no excuse and you have every right to have gone off on me that day. But I do love your daughter, and I promise I'll treat her right. You have my word on that. I was stupid that day, but that's all it was, just a moment of stupidity.

She walked up to me, reached out and placed a hand on each of my shoulders, turned me to face her and leaned in to kiss my cheek. Then she nodded her head and turned and walked out of the room. I couldn't tell if she was satisfied by my reaction or not, or if she got out of that whatever she had hoped to get out of it. Shortly afterwards I was married to her daughter and we began our life together. Ironically, about six months after our wedding Stephen and Evelyn had us over for dinner to tell us they were getting a divorce. Heather took the news hard and neither of us could make any sense of it. I believe they hadn't been happy for some time and were just waiting for Heather to be in a stable relationship before they split theirs apart.

Over the next four years we kept in constant contact with both of them, and there was always a little awkwardness whenever Evelyn and I were in a room alone together. I always wanted to bring it up, but could never bring myself to actually do it. I didn't want to make a joke about it, concerned that she would think I was making too light of it. I also didn't want to bring it up and have her think I was flirting with her or something. Which, let's face it, that's exactly why I would be bringing it up. I couldn't think about it without getting completely turned on, even four years later.

Then the big ice storm came and set everything in motion. The ice froze all the tree branches and a whole lot of those frozen branches broke off their trees, and took out a whole lot of powerlines on the way. Transformer blew up all over the city, leaving thousands without power for almost two weeks. Heather and I tried to wait it out but after the first freezing night we knew we couldn't stay in the house with no heat source. We called Stephen first, but he had lost power as well. He was pretty sure Evelyn hadn't though, so he recommended we call her.

Sure enough, Evelyn was there to save the day. We packed up about a week's worth of clothes and headed over to her house. Since my office was also without power, I was told to just wait it out and they would call me when they were back up and running. Since Heather worked at the Hospital, she still had to go into work every day, which left me in the house alone with Evelyn all day. I didn't honestly think anything would happen between us, but every morning that first week I jerked off imagining the possibilities. I would also try my best to low key flirt with her, to try and test the waters. The only problem is I don't have any game at all. NONE! So, I don't think she picked up that I was flirting at all.

On the Monday of our second week of staying in her guest bedroom she asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with her. Seemed innocent enough, so I was happy to join her. She brought in a bottle of wine and two glasses and started the movie. It was some silly romantic chick flick that I'm pretty sure even she lost interest in about ten minutes into. She poured the wine and we drank and then she poured more, until the bottle was empty. Then she was the one to bring it up.

"You know, I've been curious about something all this time," she said.

"Curious about what, something in the movie?" I asked

"How long were you there?" she asked.

"Oh, that," I replied. "Not long at all, only a few seconds. Once I saw what you were doing, I backed out quickly and quietly immediately."

"So, you didn't watch me?" she asked.

"Oh no, I definitely didn't watch you," I replied. "I mean, I saw you, but I wouldn't say that I watched you."

"Do you remember what color it was?" she asked.

"Um, yeah, it was purple," I said, kind of smiling and chuckling as I came to the realization, she was flirting with me now.

"So you obviously watched a little if you remember what color it was all these years later," she said.

"I'm curious about something as well, since you brought it up," I said.

"Oh, is that right?" she asked. "What are you curious about?"

"Why did you wait until the wedding day to tell me that you knew?" I asked.

"I thought that was obvious," she said, pausing to see if I understood, but realizing that I clearly hadn't. "Because I was masturbating while thinking about you, and then I watched you masturbate in your car thinking about me. It was clear that given the opportunity neither one of us would say no to the other."

I didn't want to screw things up by asking another stupid question or trying to think of some coy comment to make. Instead, I just leaned over and pressed my lips to hers. I expected her to push me away or slap me or something, but instead I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I pulled her closer as our kiss grew more passionate and I felt her leg slide over my lap. Our mouths still pressed firmly together in a deep kiss as she straddled my waist. We were both still fully clothed but I could definitely feel her grinding her pussy over my now hard cock over my pants.

I reached down and grabbed her shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it on the floor. I paused a moment to admire her breasts. For a 50-year-old woman she had amazing breasts. I'm sure they were more plump and firm in her younger years, but they were still very nice, and I was sure they were C-cups now that I got to actually see them. I could only admire them for a moment before her lips were pressed against mine again. I did quickly move both my hands to her exceptional breasts and massaged each gently while we kissed.

After a few minutes of kissing and breast play, she kind of crawled down, pulling my pants down as she moved. When she ended up on her knees in front of the couch, she pulled my pants and boxers down past my feet and tossed them to the side. Then she leaned forward and wrapped her fingers around my proud erection standing tall. She didn't waste any time at all and slid her mouth down over my cock. She used her hand to stroke my shaft as she expertly sucked my cock up and down. Seeing such a gorgeous woman suck my cock was amazing. She looked up at me while she sucked and that took me to a whole new level.

I pulled my shirt off while she was sucking my cock, and then I placed my right hand behind her head. I didn't guide her head or pull her hair, just rested my hand on the back of her head. Her mouth felt amazing sliding up and down my hard cock. The soft warm sensation was heavenly and amplified by how gorgeous she is. She sucked me cock so good, almost like she missed doing it for the last four years since her divorce.

After several minutes I gently pulled her up by her shoulders and she stood up in front of me. I pulled down her yoga pants along with her panties. She stepped out of them and then she laid down on the couch. I took a moment to just take in her sexy body. God she had to be one of the hottest 50 year olds on the planet. Her perfectly tanned skin over her athletic body and those amazing tits were a sight to behold.

I moved in between her thighs and pressed my open mouth over her pussy, sliding my tongue straight inside. Then licked up to her clit, pressing my tongue flat against her pussy lips and pressing firmly against her clit with each lick. Reaching up with my left hand I start massaging her right breast, and rolling her nipple between my fingertips. With my right hand I slide two fingers inside her pussy and start licking her clit quickly with the tip of my tongue. I licked and fingered her pussy nonstop until she moaned out loud and I felt her body begin to shake. I kept licking just a little longer until she calmed down a little.

As I sat up and moved over her I grabbed her right leg and pulled it over my left shoulder. Then I guided my hard cock to her wet and waiting pussy and slid it in with ease. I moved my hips forward thrusting my cock deep into her pussy as far as I could. Then I started pumping my cock in and out with long smooth strokes. I placed my right hand on her left inner thigh and used my thumb to rub her clit while I fucked her wet pussy. All I could think about is how sexy she was and that I couldn't believe I was fucking her. The fact that she was my mother-in-law hadn't even set in at all.

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