Hey guys second ever story, please be nice. This one is the basic first chapter that has most of the setup. Don't worry though, there's still sex. Anyways chapter 2 is already done and will be out in a few days. I'm not going to disappear for half a year like the only other story that I've written. Promise!

Alex went up the steps of the house she had scouted and rung the doorbell. She knew quite a lot about the people inside.

The man of the house owned the local trucking business and he was married to some escort turned gold-digger. She'd only chosen them because they were both the richest in the middle-of-nowhere podunk town and because she shared a name with the wife. Getting used to new names was a pain.

The door opened.

"Marrisa?" the other Alex asked surprised. "It's the middle of the night. Is something wr—"

She didn't get a chance to finish as Alex in Marrisa's body tore open the other Alex's pink satin dressing gown and stepped out of Marrisa's body and straight into hers.

In a moment she was suddenly facing the other direction and a brunette woman slumped onto the floor in front of her.

She stepped around Marrisa and peered out into the night to see if anyone saw, pulling the gown closed again against the cold. Satisfied she pulled Marrisa in and quietly closed the door.

There was little chance of noticer, of course, the houses's driveway was quite long and the nearest neighbour was half a mile away.

She dragged the brunette onto the couch like thing in the entryway. Then she delved into the original Alex's memory to find her way to her wardrobe to replace her torn dressing gown.

She looked herself up and down in the walk-in closet and decided against a bra. Her breasts were small enough she felt she could get away without it. She did pull on some tight yoga shorts to cover her, she felt it first, surprisingly naturally fat ass.

She looked through her hosts memories and found spin classes in 'her' past as explanation.

Next, she peeked into 'her' husband's bedroom and saw he was snoring away in his bed. She'd deal with him later.

She grabbed a spray bottle from the kitchen and filled it up so she could deal with Marrisa.

"Wakey, wakey, pet," she whispered as she spritzed her face.

Marrisa woke up almost immediately.

"Madam Alexandra?" She asked confused.

Alex smiled, the memory modifications she'd made on the way here had worked. Before Marrisa and Alex had been no more than casual acquaintances, now she was more her plaything than anything else. A very submissive plaything.

"It's ok Mari, you're with me," she said comforting her.

Marissa sat up on the couch. "Is there anything you need, Ma'am," she asked reflexively.

"Well you're not wearing your uniform for one and—"

"Oh, I'm sorry I'll get right—" Alex held up a hand to quiet her.

"You shouldn't interrupt my dear, now your things are in the car outside. Why don't you fetch them and set up in," she paused and looked for a suitable room in her host's memory, "the guest room on the second floor of the extension."

"Yes, Ma'am," Marissa replied and hurried to obey.

Alex got up and made her way to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. She looked out the window and pondered the small ripples in the swimming pool before turning her attention to what Marrisa was carrying up the steps.

"Is that the box with your clothes, dear?" She called out.

Marrisa nodded.

"Good, then why don't you change into the uniform I told you about?" She said.

Marrisa set the box down, rummaged through it and pulled out a surprisingly high-quality french maid outfit.

Alex had discovered it in Marissa's closet during her brief stint as her. Marrissa apparently used to work as a cam girl and decided to invest in quality stuff.

Alex smiled as she started to disrobe right there in the entryway. She had made a point to eliminate the merest notion of modesty in front of her.

"Over here, dear," she called, "I don't want to miss this."

She put on a good show, dripping with practised sensuality despite the frumpy but practical clothes she'd been wearing.

Alex ogled Marissa's much larger-than-her's tits. Of course, she knew exactly how big her tits were, 32E, but something about seeing them in the third person...

Marrisa's impromptu strip show ended and she started putting on her 'uniform,' but Alex wasn't close to satisfied.

"Have you got a strap-on in one of those boxes, pet?" She asked.

Marissa shook her head.

"Ah well, might as well use the real thing then," she said getting up. "Wait here."

And with that, she padded upstairs to 'her' husband John's room. She still didn't know why they slept separately. If she'd married a glorified prostitute, she'd certainly sleep with her.

John was still snoring away, face down annoyingly. She climbed into the bed, next to him and wormed her hand into his boxers.

"Wakey, wakey honey," she whispered, "I've got a surprise for you." She gave his dick a few tugs. John moaned in response, rolling over.

She climbed on top of him and started rubbing her ass on his dick through his boxers.

"Oh yeah, babe," he moaned with his eyes closed. She moved the covers well out of the way and guided his hands up to her plump ass.

She started dry-humping him but then, in a moment, Alex stepped out of Mrs Hutcherson and right into Mr.

She opened her eyes and shrugged off 'her' wives unconscious body and got up. The other Alex would be out at least 12 hours unless she was awoken.

She got onto her feet and stretched a bit. John was pretty stocky but not really fit. He was an ex-trucker after all. Involved lots of sitting that job.

She pulled down her boxers to reveal the still erect penis. She reckoned it was maybe 5 and a half inches long. The crotch was a bit hairier than she liked it too. She made a note to make him shave later. She gave it a few pumps and stomped downstairs to her busty brunette.

"Oh, hello Mr Hutcherson," Marrisa called pleasantly, acting as if her being in his house dressed like a slutty french maid was nothing out of the ordinary.

Alex gave the safe-word that she was indeed herself. She noticed how Marissa sat with such a straight and proper posture, one that conveniently jutted her breasts out even more. She was eager.

Alex plopped down into a large armchair and gestured her over into her naked lap. She complied at once.

"It's about time I fucked you, Mari," she whispered with an air of a threat.

She could already feel that John didn't have much stamina so she pulled Marrisa's panties down and slipped some fingers into her cunt.

She knew intimately exactly how Marrisa liked it, both from delving into her memories and from some fun exploratory sessions.

Marissa quivered and moaned, rather shrilly, so Alex kissed her right on her plump res lips to quieten her.

She could see the signs of the building orgasm in Marissa so she turned her around to fuck her cowgirl style.

"Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuck," she moaned with every bounce.

But Alex was relentless, and continued to fuck her without missing a beat, holding her by the tits.

"You like that, don't you, you little slut," she said, "you like me squeezing your tits and filing your sopping wet pussy."

Marissa could only manage a few animalistic moans in response.

"Oh shit, fuck, I'm gonna— fuck, I'm gonna cum," she half shouted as she got near.

"Oh, dirty whore is about to cum is she, why should she have the privilege?" Alex taunted.

"No plea—, fuck, fuuuuck, please, fuck, keep going," she half pleaded, half panted in response.

It was an empty threat and Alex was pretty close too. Perfect timing...

Tears rolled down her beet-red face as her orgasm neared it's exploding point.

"Al—most, Jesus, almost fucking there, please," she moaned as Alex pounded her relentlessly. "I'm cumming, fuck fuck fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

Marissa shook in Alex's grip as she cummed. But Alex kept fucking her hard as her own orgasm built.

She decided on whether to cum in her or on her as she got closer.

"You know what? I'm gonna cum on your pretty little face," she decided. She stopped pounding her for a moment so she could skin her around again and face fuck her.

Marissa somehow had the wherewithal to start sucking as a dick was shoved into her mouth.

"Oh yeah, take that dick you slut," Alex moaned. "Fucking Christ," she grunted as she started cumming.

Marissa immediately let it out and presented her almost relieved looking face to be painted.

John had a surprising amount of cum in him, Alex momentarily noticed before her eyes slammed shut involuntarily. Her head lolled over as the orgasm traveled upwards. John must've been quite blue-balled, she tried to remark, though all she managed was a satisfied smile.

Alex recovered from the sex first, being in a man's body. She ordered Marissa to clean up the spit and cum she'd left on the dick so she could dress. She winced as the brunette touched the post-fuck hyper-sensitive dick. Marissa got up shakily to get more tissues. Cum still dripping down her face. She was breathing heavily. She never been fucked this good...

Once cleaned up Alex headed upstairs to deposit John back into his bed and to collect the other Alex.

She was tempted to wake her up and fuck her too when she saw her dumped ass up on the bed, but decided not too.

She was doing small memory mods on John when she had an idea. Usually, she didn't leave her hosts with the memories of when she took over, especially adjacent nobodies like John but this time she decided to have some fun.

She put in the memory of fucking Marissa but as a sex dream, so she could see what his reaction would be to his dream succubus appearing in the morning as the 'maid' him and his missus had 'decided' to hire.

She smiled as she made the rest of the mods, namely the false memory of actually deciding to get a maid and a few small tweaks to make him much easier to handle when she was in the other Alex's body.

Satisfied she settled into bed exactly like she'd found him and then stepped out, and into the other Alex's body.

She quietly left the room and made her way to 'her' bedroom where she found Marissa warming the bed as expected. She had big plans for tomorrow.

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