* Chapter Sixteen - The Abby Interlude *

We had a conference call with Whittling Wealth Management scheduled up next as the last order of business for the day, this was to cover current project statuses, proposals and new requests on my part. Sonya and I each dialed in, and after thirty minutes of catch-up conversations we all got down to business. David chaired the meeting and ran his team through their paces.

The Real Estate manager led off the show and told me that 70 percent of the bids we'd put in had been accepted and that I was being sent the overall information with comments and recommendations on all parcels to make final decisions. If I closed them all I'd have almost fifty thousand acres of land with multiple homesteads. The numbers were well below our budgeted amounts. Mind you that most of that land was only useful for grazing, hunting, fishing or collecting snow; but it was exactly what I wanted.

Investment review was up next and I got a quick update from various specialists in moving money around the markets; I had a very conservative approach so that wasn't an exciting update. The legal update followed, and that was the least exciting of all. Once all of the initial financial moves were complete we'd only have a meeting like this for large changes, otherwise I'd just get a quarterly report emailed to me to keep me up to date; this suited me just fine.

The last order of business was new requests from me and I had a doozy. I told them I wanted to buy precious metals, well the investment guys immediately sounded off on how that was a bad idea right now, blathering about this and that.

I let them go on for a moment before I dropped the bomb, "I want $250k of gold and silver and I want to take delivery immediately."

The uproar was magnificent and I simply sat back to enjoy the show; the show lasted for a pretty good while. I should have made popcorn. Sonya was simply stared at me.

I regretted not making this a video meeting.

David finally got control of the situation on his end and proceeded to explain to me on every aspect of why they thought this was a bad decision; I let him talk until he was finished.

I reminded him that I had always been a little bit of a "prepper" and waved to Sonya to speak up. Sonya did join in going on about some of the things I'd ordered. I finally cut her off.

I made it clear that I just wanted a small fraction of my wealth on hand and safe from hackers and the like; I also explained that I knew how to hide what really amounted to a medium sized bag of coins.

David sighed and resigned to the fact, I was the client, it was my money and I would get my way.

Surprisingly one of the investment team jumped in and pointed out that those coins were a rip-off and I should avoid them. Damn, somebody was paying attention back there.

She opined that she could get me 1 oz. gold and silver nuggets at just over current rates saving me almost 20% over the coins. Give that lady a raise I thought.

My next question was forthright, "When and where can I have them?"

"I'll email you the information tomorrow when I close the trades and I'll arrange delivery with Sonya."

Dang, give that one a raise and a bonus.

We then said our pleasantries and closed the meeting. I had my emergency cash on the way and was feeling a lot better. Sonya however demanded full disclosure, I assured her it was nothing strange and would cover all the details with her in the morning.

Sonya wasn't backing down so I finally just looked at her and snapped, "Sonya, I'm going to get cleaned up and go out on the town. I need to get away for an evening and have some fun -- this has been non-stop for the past few weeks!"

She sat back in her chair taken fully aback by my outburst.

I continued on, "You have family that you really need to talk to and you have a vehicle to go out if you want to do that; you are now officially OFF DUTY!"

With that I turned and went to my tent to grab my on-the-town clothing and get ready to go. It was time to paint this town red.

Believe it or not I had not been out on the town since I hit the lottery. I needed to blow of some steam and this was the time and place. A hot shower, shave, and fresh clothes made a huge difference in how I felt; I was actually excited and ready to go.

I jumped in the truck and headed down to town. I had reserved a room at a historic downtown hotel; it wasn't elegant but it turned to be clean and neat, something you didn't always find in high-end hotels. they didn't have a built-in parking garage but valet parking was included. I dropped my overnight bag in the room, freshened up and headed down to the pub I saw nearby.

I love pubs for a variety of reasons, foremost was the relaxed atmosphere and occasional good food. This place seemed to be part of my rule rather than the exception and I sat down at the bar to start an evening. It was still fairly early so I perused the menu and ordered up small serving shepherd's pie; I didn't want a full tummy to end my evening too soon. I sipped a cup of espresso and took in my surroundings. The coffee was very good and the shepherd's pie was even better.

While I ate I perused online book offerings, I knew I'd was hoping to spend a lot of time off-grid in the future, but the idea of having pre-purchased reference and how-to-books available offline was pretty appealing to me. It seemed like a real consideration so I made a mental note to talk with Sonya about the subject tomorrow. Up til now I've always been happier with old schoolbooks, but ebooks just seemed to make more sense.

Dinner finished and espresso coursing through my veins I turned to take in my surroundings. The place was starting to fill up with the late evening crowd and it looked like I had picked the right place to be. I turned back to the bartender and ordered a pint of ale and two-fingers of the best bourbon I saw on their shelves. It was time to have fun.

I turned and pushed the bar-chair nearest me further on down the bar leaving a large gap between me and that chair. I then turned slightly towards that chair and started reading on my tablet. I had created a gap that would invite people coming to the bar to order to stand in. The trap was laid.

I surveyed the bar and saw the woman who attracted me most sitting in a group with four other ladies, I couldn't see a ring and she was beautiful -- especially when she laughed. It took a while for the bait to be taken and I simply drank, read and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere while I waited.

Several guys came to the little spot I had created to order drinks, if they spoke to me we merely passed pleasantries and they continued on their way. Next up came one of the ladies from Beautiful' s table, she was nice looking and talkative but wearing a ring -- seemed an obvious test to me. I kept my patience and waited it out.

Watching their table out of the corner of my eye I could see them goading Beautiful to come up and eventually she did. It took about an hour, but she was standing next to me and had "accidentally" bumped into me. The dance began.

Her name was Abby, she lived in Flagstaff and worked here downtown. She and her friends were here to celebrate her promotion, happy times everywhere.

I truthfully told her I was from Southern California and that I was in the area to buy a horse.

She responded that she loved horses.

I expounded a bit on Abigail and her qualities.

She stated she'd like to meet this wonderful horse who shared her name.

We talked for at least twenty minutes; her friends didn't seem to be in a hurry to get their drinks.

Abby went back to her table.

Five minutes later her friend was back to ask me to join them.

I bought a couple of rounds and the conversation and laughter flowed.

A couple of hours later Abby and I were at the table alone and closing time was within view.

* Ch 16.5 - We laughed while we made love *

We left the pub shortly before midnight. We were both surprisingly sober by comparison to your usual Pub pickup, just past tipsy but not yet drunk; can't drive but still charming I think is what the drunk-o-meter would say. We weaved our way out through the patrons of this downtown drinking hole, which was surprisingly packed for a weekday night in Flagstaff Arizona.

People spoke to her two or three times on the way out, she merely gave them a little wave, smiled and followed me to the door. Followed me to the street outside, which led to my hotel room. To the place we wanted to go. Together.

The warm spring night seemed to urge us on. The smell of new blossoms was on the breeze and the very atmosphere was an aphrodisiac.

She was celebrating a promotion and bonus; I was celebrating my first night of true relaxation in months. I was in the middle of a long business trip and she knew that; she just wanted to have a good time and celebrate and I knew that. We each knew each other's intentions and we both were aware of and happy with what this was.

At the first street corner I pushed her gently up against the light post and kissed her firmly, she responded with that delightful urgency that heightened passions. Our first kiss, back in the bar had been that tentative question; this kiss held the promise of many things more. I fondled her briefly and she moaned audibly into my mouth then our light changed and we crossed the street arm in arm heading for my hotel.

We came upon a liquor store along our way, it didn't take much of a discussion for us to make our way inside. It was a high-end store, befitting its location downtown and surrounded by expensive apartments and hotels. She chose a good wine; I grabbed a decent bourbon and a pack of cigarettes. On the way to the counter, we noticed a freezer full of surprisingly high-quality ice cream. A flavor discussion commenced but I won out in the end because, in the immortal words of Barenaked Ladies, "vanilla is the finest of the flavors".

We kissed passionately again on the stoop as we left the store. That kiss lasted awhile. Somebody said excuse me please so we ran away giggling like school children.

Never looking back and not looking forward, simply looking at now.

We tried to put on our straight faces and walk through the hotel lobby, we almost made it before we started giggling again. The elevator was thankfully empty but the ride seemed too short and we had to break off yet another hungry kiss.

Yet again an urgent and energetic kiss that lasted until we need to break apart and breathe.

"Wait", I said "ice cream!"

"Yeessss," she crooned in mock and yet true desire.

"Damn, no spoons!"

"Fuck!" she replied in a cute pouty voice.

I thought for a moment.

"Stealth Mission time!"

"Stealth Mission?" She looked perplexed.

I kissed her quickly and said, "Come with me, but be verwy, verwy quiet. We're hunting ice cream spoons."

Giggles erupted again from both of but I shushed her after a moment.

We left the room and took the elevator down to the "Service Floor". The hallway was empty. We crept along the hallway like two spy kids in a bad spy kids movie, struggling to keep from giggling at every moment.

There was a stainless still double door ahead and we flattened ourselves against the wall on each side of it. Except she didn't flatten all that well, with her back flat up against the wall her breasts stood out proudly. I stood entranced.

She shook them a little and broke my trance. I pointed to the windows in doors and we both peeked through, it was the kitchen and there was no one to be seen. Employing our advanced training and mirth we slipped through the doors at a crouch, still employing spy kid mode.

The lights were dim in this portion and I saw what my teenaged bus-boy self of old recognized as a dishwashing area off to our left. There directly next to it were large wire racks of clean dishes and utensils. We crept over and located bowls and spoons, we absconded with two of each. I also absconded another tasty kiss.

Back in the hallway to the elevator we strolled along whistling nonchalantly fooling everybody who wasn't there. Once again we erupted in laughter, my laughter was slowing until I looked at her and she wiggled her breasts again. Now I was almost on my knees laughing and my sides hurt.

Somehow we made it back to my room and yet again fell into a passionate laughing kiss. Both of our shirts were gone and her skirt was in a puddle before I pulled myself together and smacked on that sweet ass with a spoon.

"Ice cream first", I said.

She gave me an impish frown yet conceded with a smile.

She scooped ice cream into our illicit bowls while I poured our drinks, her fine wine and my tasty bourbon.

We started on the ice cream, it was tasty.

I remembered the cheese and fruit tray I had ordered from room service on arrival, it had strawberries and chocolate.

"Wait", I said, "we've got more."

Abby burst out with "Bathroom!" and was gone like a flash.

I retrieved the cheese tray and placed it next to me on the couch, our ice creams were sitting on the other side of me.

Abby returned with a mischievous smile and no pants, her satiny shirt hung down and covered the delectable bits but those lovely legs were on full display. She didn't even pause and simply climbed on my lap straddling me.

She kissed me and said, "I saw your shower", in a very sultry voice. "Wanna get cleaned up together?"

I stuffed a strawberry mostly into her mouth and said, "You're gonna need it soon". Red strawberry stains were now on her face.

She ate the strawberry while smearing a spoonful of ice cream somewhere near my mouth.

She giggled and said, "Look's like you will to".

We fed each other, kissing and laughing. I teased her with tiny bits of chocolate and she responded by grinding on my crotch while slowly starting to unbutton her top.

The last tiny bits of the ice cream was perched on type of her lovely erect, strawberry-flavored nipples when the game came to an end.

She looked at me with a mock-sad face and pretended to cry, I sucked the ice cream from her nipples and then kissed her deeply again.

Taking a firm hold of her delightful bottom I rose to my feet and carried her into the bathroom.

Normalcy and sobriety made an odd momentary reappearance after I put her down so I could start the shower heads up. Abby used the toilet again and then started sorting through the assorted supply soaps and bath oils the hotel had provided.

I had just used the toilet myself when I heard a gleeful "AhHaa!" from behind me.

I turned around to find Abby standing there in her panties holding the condoms from my shaving kit. She had a mischievous smile on her face, "And what do you intend do with these young man?" she asked in a silly motherly tone.

I stepped forward, reaching out with my hands to grab them, she raised and held them away from me. She was giggling and exposed so I tickled her. She laughed and squirmed trying to stop me, she gave up quickly and simply stepped into my arms and wrapped her arms around me.

I kissed her and while our tongues danced guided her into the walk-in shower and underneath the dual shower heads, we were instantly soaked. She broke the kiss and started laughing, she was still wearing her panties -- boy shorts I think they are called. Lacy, sexy boy shorts.

She stepped back out of the shower and stripped off her undies and then grabbed the soap she had chosen.

We spent fifteen delightful minutes cleaning up and exploring each other's bodies under the warm water, kisses and fondles were shared in plenty. Eventually we gave in to the building desire and killed the shower, grabbing two huge towels we exited the shower only to be confronted by the small pile of her sodden panties sitting directly in the middle of the pristine bathroom floor. More laughter ensued.

I picked up the panties and tossed them unceremoniously into one of the sinks. I dried off and wrapped the towel around me and started to head out only turn back to grab the condoms and a second turn back to grab the lube.

Abby was sitting on the edge of the bed with a towel wrapped around her and drying her hair with the other. I placed the condoms on the nightstand and walked over to grab my glass and a cigarette. I lit the cigarette and enjoyed an unhealthy drag.

I stood in-front of Abby and offered her a drag from the cigarette, she dropped her hair towel and shook her head no. I pulled the cigarette back as Abby looked up at me with that "Let's have fun" grin of hers and pulled my towel off, my erect penis bobbed into view and received a quick yet chaste kiss for his promptness.

Abby held my penis at the root and looked up at me with a smile, she took it slowly into her mouth. It felt heavenly.

She pulled back and smiled seeing the bliss on my face, I looked down and said, "You don't have to".

She replied, "I want to"

I let her.

I smoked my cigarette and sipped my bourbon. I felt like a mighty King standing there smoking and drinking while a beautiful woman gave me a nice blow job.

The blowjob could only last so long, I'd been drinking and wasn't going to give in quickly. I think "Whiskey dick" is the term. I'd rudely put my cigarette out in the empty bourbon glass and the next time Abby came up for air I stepped aside and put the glass on the nightstand.

I pulled on a condom while Abby slid underneath the blankets and snuggled up leaving only her lovely smile and lively eyes looking out at me. As I climbed into the bed she held the blankets open giving me a tantalizing glimpse of that lovely body; Abby was a lot of fun.

I slid into the bed and pulled her up close, kissing her deeply while those luscious breasts pressed against me. As our lips and tongues danced I held her tight and rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me. Her legs straddled me as she broke our kiss and moved to kneeling, bracing herself against my chest with one hand she reached down and used the other to align us.

She stared directly into my eyes as she lowered herself upon me.

It was a tight fit at first and the heat and slipperiness were overwhelming. We groaned in unison once we were fully joined, it was too perfect and echoed of choreography; we both started laughing.

Our laughter turned back to sounds of pleasure as we began to move together, hands exploring each other bodies and occasionally sharing passionate kisses. The pace of our lovemaking accelerated as the pent-up passion of our evening was finally set free. We moved together with unified intention; passionately and eventually frantically.

We raced together to the very edge of our Lover's Leap and crashed over it into that vast orgasmic abyss -- Abby leading the way with me following right behind her.

Abby collapsed down onto my chest and held onto to me tightly as my furious final thrusts signaled the end of this evening; her body was still quivering.

It took more than a moment for us to catch our breath.

Abby started to doze off.

She mumbled in minor protest as I rolled her off of me, I held the condom onto my cock to insure I took it with me. Rising from the bed I used the bathroom and disposed of used condom. I put a water for each of us on the bedstand and shut down the lights.

Abby snuggled up against me as we slept.

I slept well that night.

* Chapter Seventeen -- Building a Library *

I slept in the next morning, there wasn't any hurry for me today so I took the moment to rest and enjoy a little more fun with my new friend; Abby seemed to be of the same opinion and was very accommodating. Breakfast was room service and the large shower was a joy after a couple of days of showering in the camper. It was almost 10AM before I checked out and headed back to the campsite; I bade a fond farewell to sweet Abby and got on the road.

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