The next morning, Kelly skipped the conference. She'd been up half the night researching sex shops in Orlando (there were a surprising abundance) and thought she'd found just the right one. It was in a nice part of town, an expensive suburb, and you'd never know it was there. Just a plain black door with a number on it and a buzzer. She rang the bell and they buzzed her in.

She was the only one at the shop that early in the morning, and she was glad because she was uncomfortable. This place was not like the kitschy sex shops back home, with giggling teenagers buying flavored condoms. This place was legit. The displays showed scenes of mannequins in bondage, done up in expensive looking gear. An elegant woman, a little older than Kelly, approached her.

"Good morning. I'd like to help you find everything you need, but you must tell me very specifically what you are looking for. Your scenarios, your limits, your experience. Trust me, I have heard it all,"

The woman's candor was unnerving and yet also comforting.

"Um, I have offered myself as a slave to two men. I let them have me for the first time last night, and it was the most intense and wonderful experience of my life. We can only be together for two more nights, and I wanted to give myself, fully, over to them. They told me since I was so forward, and clearly a bad slave, I needed to procure all the gear they might want to use on me and bring it with me tonight. So, I really need help with everything."

"Tell me what it is you'd like them to do to you. Honestly, even if it shocks you."

"I know I want double penetration, ass and cunt. We simulated it last night with fingers, but I want it all. I want them to tie me up and use me at will, maybe film me being humiliated and bound. I want to be flogged, gently, on my cunt with my legs spread wide. I want them to use a vibrator on me while I can't move, then refuse to allow me to come until I beg, then keep doing it when I want them to stop. I...well, the other scenarios involve other people. I don't think that's an option."

"Oh, maybe it is. Thursday. Night three. We could get you into a private club. It's very exclusive, and it will be possibly too much for you."

Kelly couldn't believe she'd just said all of this, and that now, laid out for her, was the possibility that even after tonight, she could push herself further.

"Yes, I think I would like that. I..know I would like that."

"Come here, then, let's get you outfitted."

At 8 pm, Kelly knocked on Rob's door. A voice behind, she couldn't tell which of them, yelled out, "Please tell us who it is."

"It's me. Kelly."

"No, we were expecting our slave."

"Oh, yes. It's your slave. I'm here for you." And they opened the door.

"Come, sit, show us your wares."

Both men were already naked. Kelly had on a simple black dress. Underneath, she was not wearing anything but an open cup bra, a waist cincher and garters attached to thin fabric belts around each thigh. Kelly slipped her dress over her head. She put her bag on the bed and unzipped it, first taking out a black leather collar and handing it to Allen.

"Please, I want you both to put this on me."

She held up her hair and together the men did the buckle in the back. It was a soft leather with a metal ring hanging from the front. Next, she brought out a chain with nipple clamps at the ends. She threaded the chain through her collar and held out the clamps, one to each man. They each took one of her breasts in their hands, squeezed and pulled her nipple, and adjusted the clamp. The weight of the clamps hanging off her tits was such a pleasurable pain. She clipped on one more chain to the loop on her collar. It was a thin chain with a small little clamp that hung down between her legs. Rob fingered it in his hands and then smiled.

"This is for your clit, slut, am I right."

"Yes, sir."

"Let me see."

Kelly spread her lips apart. She could see her small but already prominent clit protruding from between her lips. She was wet and it was difficult for Rob to attach the clamp, but he managed to secure it. She was panting, and every movement felt like she was being shocked.

"You are so wet already, you are practically dripping."

Next, she took out ankle and wrist cuffs, ties, a spreader bar, a wand vibrator, a shining metal butt plug, a tube of lube, a flogger, a bag of clothespins, a gag, and blindfold.

"Do these please you, masters?"

"Get on the bed. On your back. Now!"

Both men grabbed her and pushed her back. Allen took her wrists and Rob her ankles, and they put on the cuffs. Then, they tied her ankles and arms to the bed, spread out like an x. The clit clamp slipped off, and Allen put it in her mouth and said, "Suck it." She held it in between her lips.

"Kelly, we made plans for a variety of things you might bring, and you have fulfilled many of our wishes. We will not hurt you unless you want it, so please just say stop and we will. We hope, though, that you won't want us to stop and that what we do to our little slut pleases her as much as it does us. Before we take you, we need you to endure a bit first." Allen said this, and it interested and excited Kelly to see how Allen, who had seemed to be the more reticent last night, was now dominating. Clearly, both men knew how to master a woman in this way.

"Yes, master."

"Do you have any limits or requests? Say them now."

"Yes, one. Please let me come once before you fuck my ass."

"Did we say you are going to get your ass fucked, whore? Do you tell us what to do?"

"No, sir. I'm sorry, sir."

"Here is what you are going to do, my pretty little slut. You are going to suck my cock right now while Rob tests your limits a bit. Do not stop sucking my cock unless you want us to end this, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

Allen climbed up on the bed and put a pillow under her head. First he placed his balls on her lips and instructed her to suck them. She pulled them into her mouth, his gigantic cock resting on her nose, and sucked them in, closing her lips a bit at the top and tugging down. And then she heard a rustling as a bag opened, and felt Rob's hands squeezing the lips of her pussy. He pulled her cunt lip on one side out and slid on a clothespin, which he snapped closed. It was painful, and yet also delicious. She gasped, and Allen pulled his balls out and started fucking her mouth with his cock. In and out, treating her mouth like a cunt, he fucked her. Sometimes he'd take it out and slap her cheek with it. And slowly, agonizingly, Rob placed clothespins down her pussy lips. Allen pulled out and moved off the bed, admiring the work Rob had done.

"Last one, now, slut."

Rob tugged at her clit and the skin above it, and secured the last clothespin tightly over the most sensitive part of her body. Then, he pulled on that clothespin, gently. Tug. Tug. He stopped. Kelly's hips were moving, her feet twitching, she couldn't stop. It was exquisite pain, something she had never experienced, letting these men make her body submit. One by one, Allen and Rob each tugged off a clothespin on each side of her, starting back towards her ass and moving, slowly, up towards her clit.

"Baby, you want to come now, don't you?" She nodded. "Should we let her come?"

"Maybe not just yet," Allen said, jiggling the final clothespin so her clit was on fire. He got into a rhythm, pulling on it, up and down, out and in until he could see she couldn't take it, her skin was red and blotchy and hot, so he looked her in the eyes and said, "Come, bitch, come for me." And she did, bucking and pulling against that clothespin, which Allen pulled all the way off in the middle, so the blood flowed back in, intensifying her orgasm. He held his hand over her pubic area, pressing, as she fucked against his skin.

They untied her from the bed, leaving the cuffs on her.

"Get on your knees on the floor." She did, and both men offered her their cocks to suck, back and forth, back and forth, the strings of spit wetting her breasts and her legs as she worked their thick cocks. They lifted her up under the arms.

"We are now going to give you what we know you want from how you nearly begged for it last night. Now that you've come once. Who do you want in your ass?"

Kelly looked into both of their eyes. She wanted Allen, with his enormous cock, and for the way he had taken over tonight, but she didn't want to say anything. "I want you both in my ass." Which was also true.

"It will be me this evening. I think you knew that." Allen whispered into her ear.

Rob laid down on his back on the bed and pulled her on top of him. She slid his hot cock into her swollen cunt. As she rode him, she felt the coolness of the lube Allen was rubbing in her ass, and she leaned back into it, feeling the tip of his cock pushing. It was never going to fit in, she couldn't imagine it would. He pressed in, slowly, and it was like a sweet burn but she pressed back against it, imaging herself opening up her ass to him wide. Her intense orgasm had relaxed her, made her more pliable, and soon his cock slid past the tension and filled her. And then he was fucking her, all the way deep inside her body and Rob's cock was pounding her sopping cunt. The two men had clearly done this before, Kelly realized for the first time, as they knew every bit about each other's pleasure. It was a perfect rhythm, back and forth, in and out, and then they would both push deep inside her, causing her to grunt loud guttural sounds. Rob reached down and slid his thumb onto Kelly's clit, so it rubbed hard with every thrust. Allen's hands pulled off her nipple clamps so the blood rushed into them, then he lightly brushed them, causing such intense feelings she yelled out.

"Tell us what you want next, our little slut."

And at the moment, Kelly knew what she wanted. She realized both men were bareback inside her, and she wanted it that way - had always wanted it to happen just this way - and she wanted them to come inside her.

"Please, can you come inside me? I want to feel your come dripping out of my cunt and my ass."

"And do you know what we are going to do to you then, come whore?"

"No, sir."

"We are going to spread your legs and bind you up and make a video of the come dripping out of your holes."

Kelly couldn't take it anymore. She hadn't asked permission, but she came, hard, wild, screaming, "yes, god, fuck me, yes, harder, god, oh god." It was like her body was an orgasm. She felt her heart pounding in her cunt, her ass, every bit of her skin. It was the most intense feeling, and as she continued to come, she said, "Shoot your load in my ass, Allen. Please, I need it." At almost the same time, she felt the strength of their push building, and both men grunted and moaned. She could feel the hot liquid filling her up, and it felt as if her orgasm was drinking up the come. She wanted it to never end.

Allen pulled out first and pulled her off of Rob, who rolled to the side.

"On your knees." He pushed her onto the bed and attached the spreader bar to her ankles, holding her legs open. Her ass was gaping, and a thin film of white come was sliding out. "Make sure you keep that ass up so we can see your cunt. Now, Rob's got the camera, and he's going to film our come dripping out of you. But, you made a mistake, little slut. You didn't ask permission to come."

"I'm sorry, master."

"Well, now you will be punished."

Allan got out the wand vibrator and turned it on to a low rolling speed. With one hand on her ass cheek, the other held the vibrator to her cunt, rolling it over her clit. Kelly moaned. The vibrator slid sleekly along her skin, lubricated with the come that was slowly making its way out of her holes.

"You are not allowed to come until you are given permission, whore. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Kelly could barely speak. Allan turned up the vibrator a notch, and rubbed it around the gaping hole of her cunt, then back over her clit, in circles, each time pushing the head of the vibe a bit more inside her.

"If you do come before you are allowed, do you know what will happen?"

"No, sir."

"We upload this video. Turn your head around, please. Look at Rob. Tell your new fans what is happening here."

"My masters just fucked me in both holes, and filled each one with their come. I can feel their come dripping out of me, and I just want more and more."

"Good girl. How badly do you want to come?'

"Very badly, sir."

"Look at the camera. Beg us." Allan turned up the vibrator to high speed. Come had started dripping down onto the mattress and down the side of the vibe and her legs.

"Please, sir, let me come."

"Why would I let you do that?"

"Because...I was a good slut. I took you in my ass - that's your come dripping out my ass, sir, and wasn't it good?"

"Rob, get in here and a get a close up of this ass. What's your name, slut? The viewers want to know."

"Kelly. Kelly Rand. And all I want is to be a good slave to my masters."

Allen pressed the vibrator hard and held it to her clit.

"Good, bitch. Now, come for us. Come, my slave."

Kelly's orgasm racked her body. She was driving her clit into the vibrator, thinking of men on the internet watching her juices, mixed with come, squirt out of her trembling holes. Allen slapped her ass, hard, once on each cheek, then removed the vibrator. Her ass and cunt twisted, wanting to feel the pressure again. Allan slapped her cunt, hard, with the full force of his hand. Again. He held his hand against her, drawing his palm across the wet mess of her cunt, pressing on her as she twitched out the last of her orgasm. He held his hand up to her face.

"Clean it up."

Kelly put her lips on her palm, sucking and licking the mix of their come until his hand was clean. Rob stopped the video, and kissed her. She was surprised, knowing he could taste the mix of his and Allen's come, but he did not seem embarrassed. He was clearly turned on by the idea of eating a man's come. He smiled at her. "I like it all," he whispered in her ear.

Rob and Allen helped her lie back down on the bed, taking off the spreader bar.

"So, whore, tell us about this party you heard about." Allen had put his fingers back on her cunt and was gently, very gently, sliding them up and down her lips and her clit. Incredibly, she still wanted more.

"Well, the woman at the store promised me we could get in, you just have to call her tomorrow morning for some details."

"What are you envisioning happening at the party, pet?"

"Like tonight, but I want people to see us." Kelly moaned, rolling her hips against Allen's smooth movements.

"Hmm. Kelly, if we go to this place, people will be doing more than just seeing. You will be played with. And not just by us. Rob and I want to see you shared. And also to share."

Rob looked at her intently, his hands rubbing over her still engorged nipples. "You are clearly a wonderful whore, but I fear you do not fully comprehend the intensity of what you will feel tomorrow."

"No, master, I do not fully comprehend. But I want it. I know I do. I will make you proud of me."

"I think what you will make us is obsessed with you," Allen said, smiling. "We may need to orchestrate a way for this to continue on a more permanent basis."

Kelly blinked. "I would like that, sir."

"Okay, then, come, bitch. You want to come again, I see that."

As soon he told her to come, she started to come. She was like Pavlov's dog, and they'd trained her in one day to come at their will. Bucking, she closed her legs tight on his hand, wanting to hold his fingers hard on her flesh as she came. She felt several fingers push up inside her, and she rode hard on them as he pushed them forward, toward her clit, squeezing all of her g spot. She'd never come so much in one night, and this last orgasm was the best she'd ever felt. Kelly felt so used, so controlled, so subservient, and it was a surprisingly amazing feeling to be played with and pleasured like a favored toy.

"Okay, we'll bring you back to your room now. We'd like to walk you there, on a leash, like the slave that you are. And we can continue the planning in the morning?"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, one more thing: have you fucked a woman?"

"No, actually, I have not."

"Will you fuck a woman?"

"I will do anything you want me to do."

"Good, slut, because tomorrow, you will." Allen threw her dress at her and told her to put it on. "Yes, we know we should let you clean yourself up, but we want to let everyone know what a wonderful whore we own now. They will smell the sex on you, and they will be jealous of us."

He clippled a leash to her collar. Kelly realized they had done shopping of their own, and wondered what else that had thought to use on her. She looked at the cuffs still on her ankles and wrists.

"We will take those off, for now. But tomorrow, we will send you an outfit to wear, and you will be going out dressed exactly to our specifications. Understand?" He unbuckled the cuffs.

"Yes, master."

"Good, pet. I will try not to fuck you again in the elevator. It will require willpower."

They led her out into the hallway.

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