He knows me so well, at least in this regard, and takes full advantage of my desire, no, need, to please him. The night started the same as any other, I let him know that I wanted to play. When he came into the room, I was naked, kneeling next to the bed, hands behind my back, chest lifted, and head down, just the way he likes me to be. I sat patiently while he showered after work. I love that he works an early shift so that he's home by midafternoon.

I heard the water shut off.

"I've had a few ideas for you today." He said as he exited the bathroom and walked past me to the closet.

I didn't respond but looked up and watched him rummage around in the closet. I like it when he goes in the closet, it means I'm going to be tied up. He caught me watching him and I quickly looked down at my knees.

"I bet you'd love to be tied down to the bed, have your pussy licked until you beg for cock only to be licked some more, and only when I've had my fill of you, pounded silly."

I stayed silent but felt giddy inside.

"Oh, even better, tied to the bed with the magic wand between your legs." He turned and pulled out a length of soft rope and the Hitachi wand.

"On the bed."

I stood without a word, climbed onto the bed and lay down face up. He tied my wrists together over my head with the rope and secured it to the headboard. Each ankle was tied and secured to the bed as well. He placed the wand right on my clit and I whimpered in anticipation.

"Not a word." He said as he turned the wand on. "Not even a whimper without permission or I'll punish you." He commanded and walked to the other side of the room.

The wand was doing its job and I could feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach almost as soon as it started buzzing. I bit my bottom lip as the first orgasm started and held my breath as it washed over me.

My chest was heaving while I tried to catch my breath as he walked around the bed and I heard the click of the camera.

"My good girl, my helpless little toy." He cooed lovingly. "My sweet, sensitive toy."

My chest heaved and I held my breath as another orgasm hit me. He slid his hand along my right side from the top of my breast to my thigh. Goosebumps sprang up all over my body as his hand moved along of my thigh and over to my wet pussy. I gasped and closed my eyes as his fingers slid into me, the pressure causing another orgasm.

When I opened my eyes, I watched him smile as his fingers left his mouth.

"I do love the way you taste. So sweet, and all mine." He whispered and kissed my forehead.

I sighed and closed my eyes as his fingers slid back into my pussy and stifled a whimper when he pulled them out. I desperately wanted him to make me cum again, and my eyes opened when I felt his fingers on my lips. I opened my mouth to suck on them, but he ran them along my lips coating them with my cum and kissed me hard. I kissed him back with all the desire and need that had been building in my body. He pulled away from the kiss and gave my pussy a quick sharp slap. I inhaled sharply, but I held back the squeak of surprise.

"Good girl, you've earned a reward." He praised me turning off the wand and removing it from my clit. He put it down next to me and moved to the foot of the bed. I felt his breath on my skin as he started kissing and nibbling the bottom of my feet. I wanted to moan, I wanted to growl, I wanted to beg him to fuck me, but I didn't. I had goosebumps on my goosebumps as he nibbled and kissed up my legs. I hadn't been given permission to make a sound, so I bit my lip to hold it in. His tongue found my pussy and he licked from my asshole to my clit in one long slow stroke. My body quivered and shuddered.

He looked at me and nodded, giving me permission to make noise. He is so good at making me feel amazing. I groaned and shuddered as his tongue slid around my tight asshole. I never wanted him to stop but moaned loudly when he started sucking on my pussy lips. His tongue moved across my clit ever so softly making my legs jump, the wand had made it so sensitive. He licked and sucked every inch of my swollen pussy letting his tongue flick across my asshole as if by accident making me moan his name. He brought me close to orgasm again and again not letting me cum for what felt like forever. His finger slid into me and pressed it into my g-spot gently stroking it while his tongue worked on my clit. I was losing my mind, the only word I managed to make escape my lips was his name.

I felt his weight leave the bed and heard him inhale and sigh. He kissed me, my cum all over his chin, I love the way I taste on his lips. He stood up and looked at me.

"Such a beautiful sight. All flushed and spent, just for me." He chuckled and I heard the camera click several more times. "Don't move yet." I felt his fingers untie my ankles and then my wrists. "Turn over."

"Yes, Sir." The first real words I had uttered since he came home. I drew my knees under me and shook my ass a little. He tied my wrists together and secured them to the headboard again. He brought the ends of the rope back toward me and passed them behind my knees, securing me in a face down resting pose. He reached under me and pinched my nipples making me squeak.

"Not a sound." He reminded me with another pinch.

I heard the click of the camera again as he whispered, "All mine." I love that he wants to take pictures of me. It made me even wetter being this exposed for him. I was at his mercy. The camera clicks stopped, he slapped my ass, and I kept the squeak of surprise from escaping.

"That's for the wiggle." He said rubbing the spot he just slapped. "I need a few more pictures." I could see him out of the corner of my eye as he circled me taking pictures, his cock was hard and all I wanted to do was lick it and suck it.

I could feel him standing next to me and bit back a groan as his hand reached under me to squeeze and pinch my nipples. His other hand slid up my leg past my slick pussy, stopping just long enough to get his finger nice and wet. I held back a moan when his finger pressed gently against my asshole, but I pressed back, letting him know I was ready for his cock.

I heard him move behind me, his fingers slipped down to my dripping pussy and back up to my asshole making it nice and wet. I sighed, one of the only sounds he allowed aside from my safe word but what I wanted to do was beg him to fuck his good girl.

Without warning I felt his cock slide deep into my pussy. His hands spread my cheeks so he could watch my asshole while he fucked me. He likes watching it pucker when I cum. His cock slid slowly in and out of my pussy and I could feel my pussy grabbing his cock not wanting it to leave my body.

His cock slid out of my pussy and I gasped as his thumb slid easily into my ass. He started fucking me faster and harder, his cock and thumb moving opposite, my orgasm building making my body buzz. My breath came in sobs as I waited for permission to make noise

"I want to hear you" he ordered as his hands moved to my hips and he pulled me back against him fucking me with abandon.

I moaned and cooed for him to fuck his good girl. I could tell he was about to cum as his pace quickened and I growled at him to fuck me harder while I pushed back against his every thrust. I begged him until our bodies shuddered in ecstasy, my pussy tightening around his cock as my orgasm shook through my body, triggering his release. He pulled his cock from my pussy and I felt his hot cum hit my ass and lower back.

I stifled a whimper as he got off the bed, I wanted more, I already missed his cock. I felt him untie the rope behind my knees and I waited patiently. He untied the rope from the headboard and released my wrists. As his fingers tangled in my hair, he told me to clean up the mess I made on his cock.

"You have been a very good girl. Now my toy, you get a reward."

I looked up at him and smiled around his cock. "You get what you want, tell me what you want me to do."

"I want you to kiss me like you're seeing me for the first and the last time." I said as I stood in front of him.

His tongue touched mine and I felt all his desire for me. He held me possessively, one hand behind my head, the other on my breast. My brain was on overload, goosebumps, tingling, losing myself in his kiss. It's a good thing breathing is automatic because I would have forgotten. He was just as lost in the moment as I sucked and bit his lip, his hands sliding to my ass pulling me closer to him.

I broke the kiss He broke the kiss and started nipping he neck making him moan. As I kissed down his chest and abdomen, he ran his fingers through my hair making my scalp tingle. His cock is gorgeous, and I took a second to admire it before kissing and nibbling his inner thighs. He moaned softly, knowing that I caused him to make that sound was such a turn on and my pussy throbbed. My cheeks softly brushed against his balls as I kissed his thighs and every time I switched sides, I could see his cock twitch.

I slowly ran the tip of my tongue around the head of his cock catching the beads of pre-cum before taking the whole thing into my mouth. He moaned as he sat on the edge of the bed. My fingers gently stroked his balls, his breath quickened, and he laid back on the bed. I continued worshiping his cock, licking and sucking, enjoying every inch of it with my tongue, paying close attention to the sensitive spot near the head. My fingers softly stroked the insides of his thighs, and his legs part giving me more access.

My mouth moved up and down his cock while my fingers moved behind his balls hinting at playing with his ass. When my fingers brushed his asshole, he moaned softly and brought his fingers back to my hair. I slid my middle finger into my pussy, making it nice and slippery, and rubbed his asshole with it making him groan. I pulled my lips off his cock and started licking and sucking his balls while my finger teased his asshole.

"You are such a good dirty girl." He sighed as I pushed his legs back giving me full access to his ass. I slid my tongue ever so softly from his balls to his ass making him moan again.

"Fuck. Your tongue feels so fucking good."

He groaned as I pressed the tip of my tongue against his cock and started stroking his cock with my hand. He pushed against my tongue as I probed a little harder. I replaced my tongue with a pussy slick finger and as I slid his cock into my mouth, my finger slid into his ass. My finger moved with my cock, up and out, down and in.

He was very still as I brought him to the edge and he softly exhaled the word yes. I knew he was close to cumming, his cock was twitching in my mouth. I edged him a few more times, teasing him the same way he teased me. My mouth and finger working his ass and cock in tandem. I twisted my finger in his ass as I asked where he wanted to cum. Without answering, his fingers gripped my hair tighter and he pushed his cock into my mouth. He growled as he fucked my mouth, my finger slid in and out of his ass as his cock twitched in my mouth. I had no control of the speed, his fingers in my hair held me in place while he slammed his cock in and out of my mouth until I felt cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed greedily not wanting to lose a drop while I twisted my finger in his ass.

His body gave one final shudder, I swallow one last time, and removed myself from him. His hands still in my hair, he pulled me up to snuggle in next to him and I sighed when his tongue found mine.

"You are such a good girl." He whispered as I fell asleep in his arms.

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