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lee/benjamin minor she/he OK (he/him preferably) black, clown ENG OK


BASIC DNI! transphobes, homophobes, insane k-pop stans, nsfw accounts, racists, "cutegores", xenophobes, people who are disrespectful towards any religion or religious figures, pedophiles, ableists, sexists, people who think fiction doesn't affect reality


I am NOT diagnosed with any mental or physical problems. I say things like "rah" or "YARGH" a lot you CAN vent to me, though, I wouldn't be able to give you the best replies! I'm also super hesitant to call anyone a friend. I am not interested in any romantic relationship currently, i say "i love you" or "i love you too" platonically.

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I only speak english text based arabic (3arabi). so, if you can speak english and 3arabi, that would be awesome. i do art but i dont quite show it as much since im not confident as much with it! if you want to see it you can ask me :) if you have anything to say to me please say it right away, do not hesitate!

Hello, Happy World!, Raise a Suilen, Poppin' party, Morfonica, Pastel*Palettes, MORE MORE JUMP! WonderlandxShowtime,


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