15 Facts Your Boss Wishes You'd Known About Veleco Mobility Scooters

Veleco Mobility Scooters

Veleco's most reliable mobility scooter to date is this model. It comes with four wheels that ensure stability and safety while driving.

Easy to operate

veleco zt15 of time and effort went into creating mobility scooters that are easy to operate and maintain. This led to the development of our flagship model - the Veleco Gravis. This heavy duty scooter has an all-black display that displays all the information you require about the vehicle, such as the speed of the vehicle, its gear, and the battery level. It comes with a variety of accessories like the ability to wear a seatbelt, a walking stick holder and a secure seatbelt.

Through a variety of investments, we've constructed a modern facility that encompasses more than one hectare. This allows us to cut lead times, optimise costs, and keep the highest quality.

Our company was honored with the Jurassic Product of The Year award and was included in the top group of companies making luxury electric vehicles. The prestigious nature of this award shows the quality of our products and demonstrates the high standing of our brand. It helps further grow our business, as well as the creation of a client base in Europe and the UK.

The Veleco TURRIS mobility scooter boasts an impressive range of up 30 miles, which is a substantial amount of travel distance for a tiny vehicle. This amount of savings is possible because of the Lithium-ion battery, which stores more energy than traditional lead acid batteries. This means you won't be caught off guard by a warning about battery levels, like you would with many other mobility scooters.

Furthermore, the TURRIS comes equipped with LED lights around the vehicle, giving you complete visibility even at dark hours. This makes it easier to navigate and stops you from becoming lost in the darkness which is a common problem amongst people who utilize mobility scooters.

Comfortable Seat

Our mobility scooters in class 3 offer unbeatable comfort, whether you're cruising around town or in the countryside. The control stick is adjustable as well as the swivel seats and padded armrests are designed to perfectly fit you and provide the stability and support you need for safe driving.

You'll also appreciate the acceleration button instead of a throttle grip, which makes it easier to use for those who struggle using their right hand. You can add a practical, wind- and rain-proof roof based on the model you select.

The adjustable headrest can help reduce the forces on your cervical spine when you encounter sudden changes in vehicle motion, preventing back pain or discomfort. Certain models come with a lithium battery that is removable that can be easily removed and recharged at home.

The Veleco FASTER prioritizes comfort, with a padded Captain's Chair that can be adjusted to your preferences and height. You can even alter the position of the seat's backrest and armrests to provide additional support and stability. You can also opt for an excellent roof that will protect you from the rain and sun. The folding mechanism and compact dimensions of this mobility scooter make transporting and storing it incredibly simple.

Style Design

Veleco is focused on making products that are future-oriented and allow people of all ages to travel with ease. The idea was conceived by the man who founded Veleco, who dreamed of a world where freedom is the most important thing. The company's goal is to design environmentally friendly vehicles that let people live a life that is free of limitations and restrictions, and do so in style.

The headquarters of the company is located in a sleek new Veleco complex, which is situated on a one-hectare area. The office and warehouse are powered by photovoltaics and intelligent building control systems developed specifically for the firm allow for significant energy saving.

Veleco is a brand that has grown in popularity on the European market for electric medical vehicles including Great Britain, thanks to its multi-million-dollar investments, constant improvement in product quality and development. The brand's repute has been confirmed by a series of Quality International awards received for GRAVIS and FASTER mobility scooters. The award is a sign of appreciation and respect from the industry.

Pub: 23 Apr 2024 18:01 UTC
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