All I could think about is what happened earlier in the day, and daydream of what the night could hold.

I arrived at Peggy and Kim’s apartment about 9:00PM. The apartment was dark, save for a small candle on the kitchen table. On the table was a note which read ‘Bring this candle with you, we are in my bedroom’. I picked up the candle and walked to the doorway of Peggy’s bedroom.

Once inside of her room, I could smell a beautiful fragrance. As I approached her bed I could see that Peggy and Kim were in the bed naked, covered but by a thin sheet. "Join us!" Peggy said excitedly.
I quickly removed my clothes and joined them on the bed. They repositioned themselves so that I was between them.

Peggy turned towards me and began to kiss me deeply on the mouth. Kim began kissing my cheek and nibbling on my ear. Then they traded. Kim kissed me in earnest, jabbing her tongue in my mouth as Peggy nibbled on my ear. After several minutes of this exchange, trading off between the ladies with their kisses, Peggy spoke. "Kim and I have talked about how we want this evening to go. We have a few conditions that you need to agree to before we continue." "Such as?" I asked. Peggy continued "One, You must not shoot your cum into Kim’s pussy. You can shoot in her mouth, on her or in her ass." I looked at her in surprise. ‘In her ass? Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that.’ I said to myself. "Not a problem. What is the next condition?" I asked. "That you agree that this is the one and only time that we will do this. If you bring this up again, we are finished." ‘Damn, that is harsh!’ I thought, but I agreed to it. "Very good then, we shall continue!" Peggy announced.
The girls then proceeded to continue their kissing, working their way down my neck until they reached my chest. Each girl took a nipple and played with it using their tongue. They both sucked and nibbled my nipples, which drove me crazy. They both worked their way down my body until they reached my cock. They both took turns licking the shaft. Then Peggy licked the head and proceeded to begin sucking me. Kim came back up and went to work on my nipples, continuing her assault on my nipples. It wasn’t long before I felt that feeling that I was soon going to cum. I announce it as best I could. "I’m cumming."

I expected Peggy to stop sucking me, but she did not. She continued licking and sucking. After another minute or so I shot a load into Peggy’s mouth. She gagged on it, trying to swallow my thick stuff. She did manage a little. The rest trickled down my shaft. As Peggy backed off, Kim was quick to get in there and lick me clean and gave me a little suck.

After a minute or two of recovery, I laid back and wondered what their next move was or was I the one to carry things along. I had my answer in an instant as Peggy looked at me and said "I want you on top." I quickly rolled over and got on top of her. I started kissing her, working my way to her tits. I began to lick and suck on her nipples. As I took the left one, Kim joined me and was working on the right.
I soon made my way to her pussy. I began licking and sucking in earnest. She was squirming about, moaning softly. "Brian, that feels so good. Don’t stop." I then looked long enough to see Kim straddling my girlfriends face, smashing her pussy on Peggy’s mouth. (A sight I never thought I would see!)
I went back and continued my tongue action on Peggy’s pussy. I could soon hear them both moaning and saying that they were close to cumming. Peggy came first, her juices flooding my face. Kim came moments later.
We all moved back to our original spots on the bed and laid there in blissful silence. After a few minutes of listening to the girls’ breathe and whispering how good they felt, Peggy announced "Switch!" I sat up and moved myself as Kim lay back on the bed and Peggy straddled Kim’s head. I then knew where I was to go and began to suck Kim’s tits briefly before adjusting myself down to Kim’s pussy. As I began to lick, I noticed that Kim’s juices had a tart taste to it versus Peggy’s sweetness. That, however, did not deter me from my mission. I continued to lick and suck Kim’s pussy with great enthusiasm. Moments later Kim flooded my face with her juices. Peggy soon followed, spraying her roommates face with her sweet cum.
We again returned to our position, with me in between the girls. Both were quite exhausted, but very happy with the multiple orgasms that they each achieved. I figured that the next move had to come from me, mainly because I figured I was next in line to cum. Turns out I figured correctly.
Peggy got up on all fours and said to me "Come here stud and take me from behind!" I needed no other instruction. I quickly got up behind her and inserted my manhood deep into her pussy. I first started out slow, as to pace myself. That only lasted a few moments, when Peggy screamed "Fuck me…fuck me hard and fast!" I picked up the pace, slamming hard into her with deep thrusts. That soon brought her to the edge of cumming. What I hadn’t realized is where Kim was. She was keeping herself busy with Peggy’s tits, sucking and nibbling on the nipples. With a few more hard thrusts, I shot the biggest load I think that I have ever shot deep into Peggy’s pussy. As we both just were there motionless, I felt Kim get between Peggy’s legs and lick her pussy and my cock. WOW!!! That was an incredible feeling!
Because the feeling of Kim’s tongue was so intense, I could only stand it for a few seconds before pulling out of Peggy and collapsing on the bed.
I laid there for several minutes, wondering what was next. I wasn’t sure if Peggy was really going to let me fuck her roommate. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Peggy rolled over and whispered into my ear "Kim doesn’t want you to fuck her pussy…but she will let you fuck her in the ass!" Really? Peggy and I had only tried anal once and she didn’t like it at all. Here was her roommate willing to let me give it to her there. "OK" was my response.
Kim repositioned herself so that she was on all fours with her ass wiggling up in the air. Her asshole was already wet due to her streaming juices from her pussy. My cock was still slick from Peggy so I pushed forward and popped the head in. Kim yelped. I stopped. She looked back at me and said "Go slow!" I did exactly that, pushing bit by bit until I was buried all the way in. Then I began to fuck her ass slowly. That was the tightest feeling in the world!
I was then surprised again when I felt Peggy move between Kim’s legs and begin to lick her pussy. That sent Kim over the edge. "Faster…Harder…" she moaned. I slammed into her ass with everything I had left in me, quickly sending a huge load deep into her ass.
We all three lay on the bed exhausted, but completely fulfilled sexually. I wanted to go again, but I looked at the clock and realized it was nearly midnight and that was my curfew. I quickly got dressed, kissed each of the girls goodbye and drove like mad to make it home in time.
I have other stories that I could write (not in this catagory but others) If responses are good, I will write more!

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