Chapter 8 Compulsion

In the blink of an eye, ten hours flashed by. The obedient sluts were seated exactly as they had been at breakfast, in those comfy black leather sofas around that large wooden coffee table in the relaxing living room of that mesmerizing house that the forgetful sluts just couldn't quite remember coming to.

Something was different. Something had changed, but only Domme remembered what. The food was gone and in its place was the Trials and Trances box.

Crystal had the rules in her hand again. She knew that some time must have past, but try as she might, she couldn't quite remember the day's events. All of the forgetful sluts forgot why they let themselves forget what happened in between breakfast and the game.

They couldn't remember a single detail about how Domme commanded them to get on their hands and knees and crawl behind her into the bedroom for a remedial lesson on how to be an obedient slut. The forgetful sluts tried to think back, tried to remember, but that just made their minds go blank for me instead.

"Forgetful sluts forget why they forget" The forgetful slut thought obediently when she tried to remember Domme saying these words.

"Now follow along you forgetful sluts. Your first lesson today is a reminder that you won't remember on how to be a forgetful slut. It's really quite easy you see. Just don't think about it. Instead, you ponder pointlessly about why it is exactly that forgetful sluts forget why they forget. Every time you come to the same conclusion, of course, and that is the stunning realization that you are a blank obedient slut."

Try as she might, Crystal couldn't remember, not even a single word of the forgetful lesson nor any of the delightfully lustful details about the forgotten afternoon that followed. The forgetful slut could not remember Domme's command to crawl up onto the bed, or the way that she obeyed it obediently without needing to wonder why.

Crystal completely blanked out the scene where she got on all fours on the bed and got to be a vacant sexdoll for the other sluts. The forgetful slut could not remember what compelled her to forget every detail of the orgy that followed, remembering only the hazy blissful sensation of knowing "I am a blank obedient slut." That's what the slut thought obediently, instead of remembering Domme's words,

"you're my little fucktoy now, and you're going to do exactly as I say! You're going to learn how to focus on pleasure and on bliss, as you obediently serve me like a hyperhorny fuckslut. The more aroused you get, the deeper you fall into forgetful slut forgetfulness, which just makes you focus on the pleasure and bliss and forget the rest. My words and actions aren't worth remembering compared to the pleasure you feel when you obey like a good slut and let me use you like my personal pleasure doll."

The mindfucked sluts had no way of even trying to remember why exactly they needed to forget, because pleasure and blank obedient bliss were the only things that they thought that they forgot forgetting in the first place.

All that the obedient sluts could remember, when Hue strapped on that big double ended dildo and penetrated Crystal from behind, was the hazy pleasure of brainwashed sluts obediently fucking each other into blank and thoughtless compliance.

When two more cocks thrust into the eager needy fuckdoll slut, it filled her with so much blissful hazy forgetfulness that she could not remember just which cock was which. She just sucked and bucked as she got fucked from all sides, knowing as she looked up at Domme that she would obediently forget every detail of this lustfully forgotten orgy.

Every one of her fuckholes was filled and fucked like it aught to be, and every thought shattering thrust just kept her trapped in thoughtless bliss. There was only horny hazy fuckdoll thoughts in her empty mind as Domme grabbed hold of her hair and fucked her needy throat. She wasn't even paying attention when Domme said

"That's right. Take it you fucking slut. Take that big cock down your throat and let me fuck away your memories. Take that cock up your tight little ass and feel it fuck you senseless. Take it in your needy cunt and know that you love having all your fuckholes filled even more than you love remembering why you'll forget all about all of this. Take your hand and pleasure yourself like a desperate slut as we fuck away the last little bit of resistance from that forgetful head of yours."

Everything was pleasure and Crystal's whole world was being a blank obedient fuckdoll slut. Three cocks THRUST, in and out, overwhelming her hazy horny mind and pushing her deeper into a forgetful slut fuck trance. The pleasure felt stronger and stronger, as the horny slut dropped deeper and deeper, feeling every THRUST fill her up so good until the pleasure was too much to resist.

Ell and Hue were equally enthralled as they thrust in and out of Crystals tight round ass and dripping pussy. Their hips moved automatically, thrust, Thrust, THRUST, in and out, fucking their own willpower away as they fucked the horny blank obedient slut into blissful forgetfulness.

"Obedience is pleasure," Crystal could not remember Domme's words whispering into her ear, as the compelling dominatrix tightened the grip on Crystal's hair and filled her needy throat with THRUST after THRUST of hot throbbing pleasure. "You don't want to remember. You don't need to remember. It gets you hot just knowing that you've granted me power over your memories. That's why, when you CUM to the thought of what a forgetful slut you are, you CUM your memories away without needing to remember why."

That must be it! The forgetful sluts must have CUM all those memories away. That's why, in the blink of an eye, they realized that time had past, but could not remember a single thing that had happened in between.

Crystal was waking up. Or was she wide awake already? The words she was reading said that it was time to play Trials and Trances.

The spiraling clock on the wall agreed. So why did it feel like breakfast had just happened moments ago? What exactly happened in between?

Her eyes glazed over and her mind went completely blank, as the forgetful slut forgot why it was that she couldn't quite remember. Then she woke back up a moment later, oblivious to the fact that her mind had momentarily slipped away. That's what good sluts do when they remember to forget why they forgot what exactly it is that they can't remember.

Crystal shrugged off the momentary confusion, then she looked around the table at the familiar faces of Ell, Domme, and Hue. All them looked back at her expectantly, each of them holding a blank and hand drawn character sheet.

"They are waiting for my instructions" Crystal realized.

Then she glanced down at the booklet in her hand. It was the same one she had been holding just before the memory lapse, the one with the drawing of the hypnotic clock inscribed with a hidden message.

"So I can remember some things." Crystal thought to herself. "That's good. But it seems like Domme has more control than I realized. This game is my only chance to get inside her head before she breaks my mind completely."

"Just a moment please," Crystal stalled for time as she opened up the booklet.

It started with a warning,

"Warning: This book is for the Dream Manipulator only. All other players will immediately close this Dream Manipulator guide and obediently forget everything that you read in here."

The next page was a set of instructions for character creation.

"It's time to begin our adventure," Crystal began the game at last. "We'll start by making characters. Each of you is playing as a resident of Metro city. It's a big bustling city with tall skyscrapers and bright lights all through the night. It's a dangerous city, ruled by uncaring capitalists during the day and filled with unceasing violence during the nights. It's city sized shard of reality, inches away from the brink of destruction and flickering plentifully with Zeal."

She paused for a moment to look around at their faces. It was just long enough to make sure that each of them followed along, but not long enough to make them think that she was done talking.

"What is Zeal? You ask," Crystal continued reading from her booklet. "It's a cosmic force that exists where two realities intertwine. It's magic that reshapes the world in ways that you design. It's a power you grant to your characters by manipulating their fate from our reality. It's anything you want it to be. You're basically making up your own superpower, so have fun with it."

"Oh cool!" Ell replied. "Can I be a big furry cat man who cloaks himself in illusions."

"Go for it," Crystal encouraged, before instructing. "Write down illusions in the Magic section of your character sheet. Then start thinking about how exactly you got to be a cat person? Make up a little story for us."

Ell wore a wicked grin in his eyes as he scribbled on his character sheet. It was easy to read his excited expressions. He clearly planned to use these illusions for his own perverted fun.

"In that case, I want magical sight." Hue interjected, looking Ell directly in his silvery blue eyes.

"Nice! Write down seer in your Magic section." Crystal instructed. "And start thinking about how you got your magical sight. Make up a little story for us. How about you Domme?"

Crystal turned towards Domme, with a shimmer in her eyes.

"I want to be a witch who makes magical pendants," answered Domme. "My first pendant makes flames from Hestia's hearthfire. And my second one creates an invisible force field around my body. I go around at night, saving the day whilst scantily clad in dancing fire. My superhero name is Sultry Girl."

"So cool!" Hue exclaimed, then asked. "Can I be your sidekick, lustry lass? You could train me to use magic and help me learn about my seer powers."

"Heck yeah you can!" Domme replied and then they fist bumped over the table. "But not until after I seduce you with my earrings of lust."

"Oooh dreamy," Hue winked at Domme, then added. "Oh! I need an alter ego don't I? What do y'all think of Martha?"

"I think that's a lovely name," said Crystal. "Oh and Domme. Go ahead and write enchanted jewelry as your magic. Then and start thinking-"

"about how I got that power. Make up a little story for us." Domme interrupted, mimicking Crystal's voice. "I already figured it out doll. Blair, that's Sultry Girl's alter ego by the way, but Anywhose. Blair is a witch who has studied Zeal and knows that it takes a heightened state of focus to control it. She uses rhymes and pendants to bring her mind back to a familiar state where she can more easily manipulate her zeal in specific ways."

"Yeah," Crystal nodded in response. "That's uh, yeah that's really good, write that down in your backstory section."

Everyone else nodded along in agreement. Then they sat in stunned silence for a minute as Domme wrote.

To each of them, their characters were their own unique creations, yet they shared the strongest sense of deja vu. The feeling that they shared felt like they were recreating a memory that had been expertly plucked from their hazy empty minds. It all felt so familiar somehow, a story they had read that hadn't quite been written yet.

"Are they playing as characters from a story that Domme made me forget?" Crystal wondered to herself. "Did Domme do this to throw me off my game?"

The truth of the matter is far more complicated than that, involving multiple dimensions and at least one time paradox, but you don't need to think about that right now. You just need to relax and enjoy as you read through the true origins of Sultry Girl.

"I thought up my backstory too!" Ell broke the silence. "His name is Cheshire, and he used to be part of a superhero duo. He used his illusions to save the day without ever putting himself in danger. But then he was tricked into a genetic science experiment where he was turned into a cat person. MRREOOW! They tried to brainwash him to be a feral super soldier who attacks on command. He used his illusions to fool them into thinking that he was being brainwashed, whilst secretly dismantling th-"

"I'm going to stop you right there." Crystal interrupted. "We're going to roll some dice and see how well your illusions actually worked. But first, take a look at the top left corner of your character sheet. You've got four stats up there: Physical, Mental, Social, and Willpower. You get 9 stat points, spread out however you like so long as each stat gets at least 1 point."

Ell started writing immediately, but Domme and Hue just stared blankly at Crystal. They looked at her like she was speaking in a foreign language.

"I'm putting 4 points into my mental stat," Ell explained, "because that's how Cheshire makes illusions. Plus another 3 in physical because cat people are strong. That leaves me with 2 points left, just enough for social and willpower to get 1 each."

"Oh, I get it now," Hue exclaimed, then started writing down numbers. "These points let us choose what our superhero is good at and bad at."

"Exactly," Crystal said, and then she passed a handful of dice to Ell. "Since you put four points in Cheshire's mental stat, you get to roll four dice for your illusions. Each die is counted separately. You'll need to roll a 4 or higher on at least one of them in order to successfully craft your illusion. A 6 counts as two successes, but a 3 or lower doesn't count at all."

Ell shook the dice in his hand and then he threw them on to the table. They bounced for moment before landing on 4, 3, 2, and 1.

"Oh dear," said Crystal. Then she rolled some dice of her own and compared results. "You only got one success. That's enough to save yourself from undeniable brainwashing, but I'm afraid there's going to be an explosion at the lab, and your old team mate... well..."

Crystal trailed off, and let Ell come to his own conclusions. Then she turned towards Domme and Hue.

"Cheshire's tragic lab accident happened several years ago," She began. "Let's fast forward to the present day and learn how Sultry Girl first met her sidekick Lustry Lass. Hue, does Martha sound like the kind of girl who would take a high paying gig working as a secretary for a perverted scientist?"

"Yeah probably," Hue answered. "Why? Who am I working for?"

"His name is Doctor Sonic," Crystal answered, handing a single die to Hue."Picture this: a fat man in his late 40's, balding but sporting an impressive mustache. He's wearing a red overcoat and carrying a steampunk looking clock with matching earbuds in his ears. This guy just saunters into the room staring at your tits the whole time. Then he turns on the clock and recites this creepy poem about how the ticking makes your mind stop. I need you to make a willpower check."

Tick Tock Tick Tock

"I uh, what?" Hue asked, a minute later though it felt like no time had past.

Her character only had a single point in willpower, which meant that she only got to roll a single die. Unfortunately that die landed on a 2, which meant that she had no choice but to give in to the clock.

"Your consciousness level drops down by three steps," Crystal explained, "which reminds me. I need to teach your minds how to properly obey the rules. Go blank for me and know that whenever your consciousness level drops you will obediently count it down out loud. I will tell you how many steps to count. After each number you will read the drop description listed on your character sheet. Do you understand?"

"Yes" the three blank faced obedient sluts replied.

"Very good," Crystal cooed, then continued to explain the rules. "Now after rolling dice and counting down, all of the players must obediently forget about the dice and the counting down because forgetful sluts forget why they forget. You will only remember the things that your character experiences in the game, obediently forgetting the dice even though your blank obedient self knows exactly how to obey the rules."

Tick Tock Tick Tock

"I uh, what?" Hue repeated.

Each of the players had a list of hypnotic phrases written down on the bottom of their character sheets. The list started at 10 and it dropped all the way down to 0. Hue had just gone blank faced and obediently read from 10 to 8, but nobody remembers that. Neither the die rolling nor the countdown was remembered because forgetful sluts forget why they forget

The mesmerized sluts were too caught up in the game, too caught up in Crytal's thrilling description of the hypnotic clock pulling every last little thought away from their empty vacant heads. It was almost like those memories had been pulled away by Dr. Sonic's mesmerizing clock along with all the other though-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

"That's not fair, I only have one die," Hue complained, a minute later.

She had rolled a second time and actually managed to roll a 5. That counted as a success, but Martha still could not resist the hypnotic ticking clock. It required two successes to resist.

"You could get two successes if you roll a 6," Ell helpfully explained.

"But if you drop to zero consciousness first," Domme taunted. "You'll be this man's obedient sex slave."

Then Hue counted down further and further. All the sluts let their obedient minds go blank for me, forgetting all about the dice, compelled by the game and by the clock that stops all thoug-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Everything faded away as Hue failed check after willpower check, succumbing, undressing, then sucking down cum as Dr. Sonic's clock turned Martha into a thoughtless slave. Hue acted all of this out, of course. That was the best part of playing this game. She was completely drawn into the role.

Ell got to play the part of Dr. Sonic, because his character wasn't part of the scene. This was a role that he was more than happy to play. All he had to do was stand there holding a clock and getting a blowjob. The eager slut moaned in anticipation as Hue kneeled down blank faced in front of him and pulled his jeans down to the floor.

"Oh yes! you little slut, suck it just like that," He said as Hue took his cock deep throat style, like an eager suckdoll savoring a tasty treat. Then he grabbed Hue by the hair and started bucking and fucking that needy throat.

All the while Crystal's mesmerizing voice kept filling Hue with enticing suggestions about how the clock made her drop deeper and deeper into trance, stopping every last little thou-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The next thing Hue knew, Martha was standing starry eyed at the bank. Blair was there behind her in line, but they didn't know each other yet. This was the story of how they met.

Martha and Hue were completely helpless by then, trapped down deep in an obedient trance. She was caught in a mental loop, completely brainwashed into obedience, unable to even try to resist on her own anymore. She was in dire need of rescue, but Blair had no reason to save her. Not until Dr. Sonic started robbing the bank that is.

Domme had put 2 whole stat points into Sultry Girl's willpower, which meant that she had a much better chance to fend off the effects of the clock. However, her first efforts to resist were met with a resounding failure. The clock completely stopped her feeble mind before she had a chance to thi-

Tick Tock Tick Tock

What is happening? That ticking sounds so thought stoppingly relaxing, with a power that pulls all thoughts away into deep and dreamy trance. It's almost effortless to just stand and stare and submit to the unceasing ticking, but isn't there something I am supposed to be doing.,0,0,0,42,535

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