Emma, Her Cuck, Linda and Me
Chapter 1, The Opening Bell
It has been a while since I have written anything. In an inverse sort of way, that has had to do with the pandemic and lock-down. My "part-time" retirement gig became pretty much full-time. If you have read any of my previous three stories you may recall that I do consulting for a government agency. The pandemic created a lot of urgent deployments, all with short fuses. I normally use down-time during these jobs and between jobs to write, but down-time became scarce.
The stories I write are not really erotic fiction. They are all based on real-life events I have had the good fortune to experience. My name is Tony. I am a pretty recently retired police executive from South Florida. I have a great pension, income from a couple of investment properties. The occasional international "consulting" I do provides me some excellent "mad money."
My ex-wife is Linda. While I have known many very promiscuous women, married and otherwise, Linda was the whole package. Linda is a great looking blond, 5'7, 130, with a knockout body and exotic good looks. She was also completely uninhibited, highly bi-sexual, sometimes submissive and sometimes aggressive... and very into anal and more. Despite our divorce, for reasons not related to our highly sexual lifestyle, we have stayed in touch... without sex. I miss her frequently and she has confessed that she feels the same, but we are better off as things stand. In fact, Linda agreed to review and comment on my stories that involve her. I think it makes them more interesting and I welcome her input.
Linda's role is absolutely essential to this story so I will include her perspective, comments and recollections after my own. This adventure was actually initiated by her and wow, am I glad it was. In addition to Linda, the story centers around Emma, a very highly sexualized hotwife and Jim, her cuckold husband.
I really enjoy sex with cheating wives and have probably had sex with 25 or more who were cheating on their husbands (that's how Linda and I got started) and a few who had cuckold husbands. Over time Linda actually became really into other wives who cheat and also found it a turn on. Cheating husbands were a turn-off for her. Go figure. That twenty-five or so does not include women who party or swing with their husbands. That's not cheating... just recreational sex. Linda and I were active in that scene for several years and even hosted a house party (see my story Two Perspectives). Cuckolding is something else, involving women who date and have sex with their husband's knowledge but not participation. Most simply delight in telling their husband the details while he beats off. A few allow their husbands to watch but not participate. Emma enjoyed telling Jim all the details of her affairs but had not allowed him to watch. Finally, that brings me to one of the best sexual adventures Linda and I ever had.
Linda met Emma at the gym they both went to. They chatted, took a couple of HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes together and began meeting frequently for coffee at a coffee shop Emma and Jim owned. Linda found Emma attractive and described her to me as about 5-5, 115, muscular, brown hair and very cute. Linda told me she had a goal of seducing her.
I am exercise addicted and, at 6-1, 210, in great shape. I played Division 1 football until a knee injury knocked me out in my sophomore year. I realized I would never have played beyond college so I focused on completing my degree and becoming a cop.
In retirement my schedule is extraordinarily flexible when I am not OCONUS (outside the continental US). I normally hit the gym around 9. That's when a lot of the soccer moms are there in yoga pants... I owe whoever made those popular a beer. Linda, who at the time was working as a financial advisor, and Emma, who needed to get into the coffee shop by 9, got into the gym around 7 and out by a little after 8. Emma's husband opened the shop at 6:30. Linda told me to get my lazy ass moving and into the gym a little early one morning so she could introduce me to Emma.
I was finishing up with triceps work when they strolled out of the ladies' locker room together.
"Oh, there's Tony," Linda said to Emma, and they walked over. Both were in halter tops showing defined abs and yoga pants with obvious camel toes. We were all introduced. As the girls continued toward the door Linda glanced over her shoulder and gave me a wink. A couple of paces farther and Emma did the same.
Linda called me from her office around 10 and asked me to join her for lunch, telling me she had something important and sexy to tell me. I suspected it was that she had got to first or second base with Emma... if not all the way to home plate.
She got to the restaurant before I did and as I entered I could see she was excited.
"You look pretty worked up," I said as I lowered myself into a seat at the table in a nearly empty area of the restaurant. Turned out Linda had smiled at the manager and asked for a table with privacy. Linda normally gets what she wants if she smiles.
"I am worked up! I'm so turned on I am wet and may need to relieve myself before I finish telling you about my coffee date with Emma," Linda said with a Cheshire Cat grin.
"I was hoping you would give me a kiss with a taste of Emma's pussy on your lips," I replied. She punched me playfully on the shoulder.
"Another time, soon, I promise," she said continuing to grin. "Now sit back and listen. You're going to love this. So, as you know Emma and I have become pretty good friends and I have mentioned before that we have talked some about sex... nothing real specific. I was anxious for you to meet her. Do you think she is hot?"
"Yeah, she's cute. It would be great to see her naked," I said smiling and expecting another punch in the shoulder, which did not come.
"Well, she thinks you are a hunk. That is how our conversation began today at the coffee shop. I assured her you are a hunk and great in bed... or elsewhere. She flat out asked me if I ever shared you. She grinned as she said it, but there was no question she was seriously interested. I figured it was time to take our casual conversations about sex to the next level." Linda paused as our lunches were delivered.
Once the waiter left, she continued. "So, I went ahead and told her that we do occasionally have sex with other couples and women, but only together... except for an occasional woman that I enjoy alone but with your knowledge. I knew I was running the risk of shocking her and losing my workout partner, but I was pretty confident that would not happen. In fact, she was hanging on to every word. She set quietly for a few seconds and then looked me in the eye and said, 'that is fantastic.' Then I said it was her turn to share information."
What she said next is what got my motor running and as I sit here and tell you I am getting wetter by the second," as Linda spoke she dropped her hand under the table, wiggled a little and then held her right index finger up to my lips and I could taste and smell the wetness from her pussy. Then she licked her own finger clean. "See," she said with a smile.
"OK, so what did she say... besides that you are lucky to have a hunk for a husband," by now Linda really had my interest.
"Well, first Emma withdrew a pendant hanging from a necklace with the letters SW on it. It was gold with a few small diamonds on each letter. She explained that it stood for Slut Wife and that she was given it by a guy she dated when she agreed to blow him and his brother. She said it with a tone of pride and a smile. Then she told me that she dates and has sex with guys and her husband is her cuckold and knows all about it. She said she started dating about a year after they were married and her first few dates were cheating. She said it was exciting but she didn't like doing it behind Jimmy's back, so she started hinting about having sex with other guys and found it excited him more than regular sex. From there it simply evolved. "
I had remained pretty mesmerized and quiet. "Cool," was the only comment I could think of.
"I don't know if she thought I was skeptical," Linda continued, "be she went back to the kitchen area and soon returned with a guy about 40, pretty short and a little pudgy walking behind her."
"Linda, this is Jimmy, my husband," she said, holding him by the hand. "Jimmy, this is Linda. I met her husband, Tony, earlier this morning and he is hot. I also told her about our special arrangement. Will you tell her what that special arrangement is so she knows I am serious. I hope to fuck her husband."
Jim, or Jimmy as she called him, simply stood there with a small smile and said, "Yes, Emma dates other guys and if she has sex with them tells me all about it. It works for us." Then he turned and returned to the kitchen.
Linda said she was a little taken back by how casual they both were. If this wasn't the slowest time of the day for their business she was sure they would not have so openly discussed it. Finally, Emma said she needed to get to work behind the counter. As she got up she squeezed Linda's hand saying she hoped to see her at the gym Monday and hoped I would be there also so we could all have coffee.
Monday I went to the gym with Linda somewhat earlier than normal and tried to time my workout with Linda and Emma leaving. Even though we were all a little sweaty we decided to go straight to the coffee shop. Emma was parked right next to my Caddy. The three of us stood for a minute and chatted.
"Linda told me she related to you the relationship my husband and I have. True?" Emma inquired.
"She did," I said, "and I find it fascinating."
As she talked to me she rested her left hand on my chest. She wore a good-sized diamond and simple gold wedding band. That is always a turn on for me. I make no bones about enjoying sex with married women cheating on their husbands, but cuckolding was sort of new to me, though I would have another experience with it not long after Linda and I divorced... stuff for another story.
"I really want Jimmy to see you so when we do this he can visualize everything when I tell him about it," she continued.
I glanced at Linda, as this sounded like a done deal. Linda pressed herself against me and in a low, very sexy voice said, "I really want to watch you fuck Emma, knowing she is going to tell her husband about it. She says she's never made love with a woman and I also hope we can change that."
Emma leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. Then she turned to Linda and kissed her. "Well, that's a start, lets go and let you meet Jimmy."
On the short drive to the coffee shop Linda straight up told me she wanted to have a threesome with Emma and was really turned on knowing she was going to tell her husband details. She also told me that she had cleared her schedule for the afternoon and that Emma had arranged to have an employee cover her this afternoon. She began fingering herself in the car and again held her finger to my mouth and then to her own. She dropped her left hand back down between her legs and in a few seconds withdrew it, holding her left middle finger to my lips and traced around my mouth and then inserted it so I could suck her finger. Clearly by the taste this finger had been in her ass. She then put her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. We're lucky I didn't crash.
When we got to the coffee shop Emma was already seated at a table in the far back that was probably for employees. This being the slow part of the morning after the early rush for coffee and breakfast, there were only a few tables occupied but a pretty steady take-out business.
Emma looked a little nervous, which kind of surprised me as she had been so open about everything. "Is everything cool?" I asked. "You seem a little nervous."
"Not nervous," she replied, "excited. Tony, you are a hunk and I have fingered myself thinking about fucking you with Linda watching and being completely submissive to you... and Linda. I am also very turned on about experimenting with Linda and learning how to please her and letting her please me. I've fucked a lot of guys as a slut wife but only fantasized about sex with a woman. I just want to be as good at it as I am at taking care of a man."
"Geez, Emma," Linda interjected, "I'm going to cum sitting here looking at you."
We were all still wearing our gym clothes. While to girls looked incredibly hot, I felt a little awkward in a pretty much skintight Under Armor shirt and gym shorts. I don't normally dress like this in public and don't set out to be intimidating, but I suspect it might appear that way to Jim (I refused to call him Jimmy just because he was a cuck).
Emma excused herself and went into the kitchen. Moments later she emerged with Jim in tow. He was pretty much as Linda described him, but not a bad looking guy and obviously owned a successful business. We shook hands as he sat next to his wife... who he and I knew I was soon to be fucking.
We all chatted about the gym and their business and the work I do in retirement, though I gave him the vague description I give everyone, even Linda. Emma then got down to the heart of the matter. "As Jimmy knows, I have never introduced him to any of the men I have dated. This seems special as you are the most attractive guy I have ever planned to fuck and it is even more exciting because Linda is beautiful, sexy and willing to share you. I have never had a real threesome but I am so excited I am wetting my pants sitting here."
I decided it was time for me to pipe up. "I acknowledge that I am really turned on about this. As Linda knows I have a strong attraction to women cheating on their husbands. In fact, it is a big turn-on for Linda also", Linda nodded, and I continued, "Jim, I think it is great that you are cool with Emma dating, but I want to be upfront and tell you I would fuck her even if you weren't." Emma was looking directly at me and her right hand was out of view but her arm was moving slightly and she was obviously rubbing her cunt. Jim nodded and spoke up, "it may be unusual but there are a lot of men like me who live this lifestyle and are turned on by it. I really do get off when Em describes in detail what she does on a date. It is especially a turn on if she has another man's cum in her pussy or panties or dried on her face. My only regret is that I have never seen her pleasuring another man. I've asked but she is afraid I couldn't deal with it. Now, the thought of her having sex with a woman has me ready to cum sitting here."
Jim was actually squirming a little in his chair. Emma said, "He's not kidding. I can see his hard-on outlined in his pants. If I so much as touched it, he would cum."
Linda had been pretty quiet but she decided to get in on the fun. "Jimmy, just think about this... when we start playing, maybe even while your wife has Tony's cock in her mouth, I will show her my shaved pussy and my tits which I suspect she will love sucking. I know I will love it." Looking quickly around the restaurant and Jim and then Emma, Linda pulled down one side of her sports bra showing her left tit. "Do you think you would like to kiss this nipple, Emma?" I saw Jim stare at Linda's tit, his eyes go wide and his hand drop under the table. He then sighed loudly. Emma's eyes were also fixed on Linda's tit, but she lowered her gaze to Jim's lap. "He just came," she announced in a whisper, "and I am close also."
Jim apologized and quickly stood up, turned his back and hurried back to the kitchen. Emma also apologized for him and pointed out there were several aprons in the kitchen he could use to cover his cum stained trousers.
Emma walked us out the rear door to the lot behind the shop where we had parked. "I hope that didn't ruin anything and that we are still going to get together this afternoon." "Absolutely," replied Linda, "I don't think I've ever made an adult man cum just by showing a tit. I thought it was very cool." Emma exhaled a sigh of relief. "So did I," she said. "I am almost ready to cum just imagining sucking on your nipple and everything you guys will do to me."
Linda leaned over and kissed her deeply, cupping her ass cheeks with both hands. "Go ahead and pleasure yourself. Do it in front of Jimmy. Just make sure you are still horny as hell when you come over.'
Emma turned to me and stood on tiptoes to kiss me, her tongue probing my mouth. We departed looking forward to the afternoon.
I reflected on the way home that Emma was one highly sexualize woman. I suspected she might be pretty submissive to me and probably to Linda. I also thought about Jim. I definitely did not feel sorry for him, but he actually seemed like a pretty good guy with a major kink. Linda was chatty about how much she was looking forward to partying with Emma and how she wished she could listen to her tell Jim about it. I noticed she had also pulled her yoga pants down and was fingering her pussy and occasionally sharing a taste with me.
We got home around 11 and both showered and changed. I cautiously asked if she thought she should use an enema. "You know better than that, Tony. You, and only you, can have my ass any time you want it. It might be exciting to have Emma watch you take me in the ass. If you do, you know I love to taste my ass on your cock. So, the enema is a firm no!"
I had a protein shake and checked emails. I like the international gigs I get, and the money, but I was relieved there was nothing urgent. Emma had told Linda she would be over about 2 and had asked if there was anything special she should wear. Linda advised her to dress like she would for any date.
Emma told us later she was knocked out by our neighborhood and the fact our house was only a block from the water. She pulled her BMW into the driveway a little after 2 and Linda went to the door to greet her. Linda was wearing a very short, thin sun dress with no underwear, and four-inch heels. As Emma stepped in it was as if they had coordinated their outfits and she was dressed almost identically. She kissed Linda deeply, apparently getting into the whole bi thing. She walked across the foyer to me swinging her hips as she walked. I got a deep kiss as well with our tongues exploring one another. She then began to feel my chest, shoulders and arms. As she did, I enjoyed her touch and looking at her wedding ring as she slid her left hand over the right side of my upper body.
"Damn, his body is so hard and muscled," she said looking at Linda, who had walked over and had an arm around Emma's waist
I noted Emma's slender fingers and tapered pink polished fingernails and of course her wedding ring. "You have beautiful hands and fingernails, don't you think so, Linda?"
"I do, and I can't wait to feel her hands on my naked body and use my hands and mouth on hers," Linda replied as she placed her left hand over Emma's and began to play with her wedding ring, placing her own next to Emma's. "I am especially turned on knowing this little slut wife is going to tell Jimmy every detail of what the next few hours bring."
"I am so turned on right now," Emma purred as her hands began to unfasten my jeans. "I'm glad you guys are turned on by my wedding ring. I never really thought about it, but now looking at it on Tony's body, it turns me on also. I guarantee I will put my left hand wherever you guys want so we can all enjoy you using this married slut. My panties must have come off in the car on the way over because I can feel my pussy juices running down my leg." Hearing that, Linda bent over and placed her hand under Emma's skirt. She slowly slid it up until she was only a couple of inches from Emma's cunt and she could feel the wetness. She removed her hand and held her glistening fingers first to her lips, then mine and finally held them in front of Emma's lips. Linda slid first one, then a second finger into Emma's welcoming mouth allowing her to taste her own pussy juice. "Mmmm," Emma purred looking seductively at us both and smiling. She was already on her knees and she leaned back, pulled her dress up over her waist so her hairless, dripping wet pussy was fully exposed for Linda and me. Then she surprised us both by rapidly stroking her clit with her right middle finger. She began to moan and her pussy juice was seeping on to her labia. She then inserted her left middle and ring finger deeply into her cunt and pounded it while stroking her clit. Her moaning increased in intensity and she let out a little scream and began to quiver as she climaxed. She pulled her left hand out and held it under her cunt in an effort to capture her cum and keep it off the rug she knelt on. Realizing some would still drip out, Linda grabbed a towel she had strategically placed for just this purpose on the floor under Emma.r"

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