It had been two weeks since the private orgy at Ali's house. Soheila thought it was strange that no other orgies had been arranged since then. She started to wonder why Dr. Hassan and the others hadn't approached her for more sex. In a way she discovered that she missed it... She missed the attention, the submission, and the sex. It had dawned on her that the sex she had experienced two weeks prior was more thrilling, more fulfilling, and more mind blowing than she'd ever experienced in her whole 30 some odd years of living.

Then one day, after what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Adnan called Soheila into one of the interview rooms to assist him with one of the patients. When she arrived, she found Dr. Adnan and the patient Mr. Hamdan. Mr. Hamdan was wearing a patient gown, sitting on the edge of the patient bench. He appeared Middle Eastern, and he and Dr. Adnan had been speaking in Arabic and both looked at her when she walked in the room.

"Hello doctor," said Soheila. "What's up?"

"Hello Soheila," relied Dr. Adnan."I have a very interesting case here that I wanted to show to you. Have you met Mr. Hamdan?"

Not ever having met Mr. Hamdan, she replied, "I can't say that I've had the pleasure."

Dr Adnan continued, "Mr. Hamdan here suffers from what we call in the medical profession epididymal hypertension, or what's commonly referred to as blue balls." To Mr Hamdan: "Please open your gown for Soheila." Then back to Soheila: "As you can see, his balls have become quite large and uncomfortable. I've prescribed that he get some relief as soon as possible; however, I don't have a pill for that, neither does his insurance cover any suitable options. You recently graduated from nurse practitioner school. What do you recommend?"

Soheila gulped in surprise by the size of Mr. Hamdan's large cock, which must have been 10 inches long and 6 or 7 inches around. Next to it were two large balls that looked like they were close to exploding.

"Well," she started, "I'm curious how this happened. Typically we would recommend the patient resolve it through traditional, non-medical means. For example, sexual intercourse or auto-stimulation."

Dr. Adnan replied: "As Mr. Hamdan informed me, his wife passed away recently, and as a good Muslim, he abstains from masturbation. What then would you suggest he do?"

"Well, in general, this wasn't discussed in school," she replied. "The going in assumption was that patients would take care of it."

Mr. Hamdan looked at Dr. Adnan with a grin.

Dr. Adnan said, "Soheila, given Mr. Hamdan' situation, I need to ask you to give him a hand. I can't ask him to leave without some sort of treatment."

"Dr. Adnan, I don't see how that's possible. There are other people who do this kind of thing for a living. Perhaps the patient could contact a professional who does this regularly," offered Soheila.

"As always, you're not hearing me. Let me be clear. Mr. Hamdan doesn't leave this room until you've resolved his issue. How you make it happen is up to you. Or would you prefer I went and talked with Dr Hassan?" threatened Dr Adnan.

Mr. Hamdan just sat there with a dumb look on his face, watching Soheila mull her options.

"Shit," thought Soheila. It figures this would happen. She'd just started wondering why nobody had demanded sex from her recently, and then this happened While she hated being used like this, she admitted to herself that she missed all the cock. She reasoned with herself that it was all okay since she was being compelled, but she knew she wanted it. And this man's cock was just huge. It promised to rock her world.

After standing there for about a minute, she made up her mind and approached Mr. Hamdan. His large flaccid penis was like a holiday sausage... long and thick. While she behaved reluctantly, deep down she was actually happy to comply. She'd subconsciously wanted more strange cock, but could never admit it to herself, let alone act on it. She slid her hand down the length of Mr. Hamdan's specimen.

"How does this feel? Are you feeling any discomfort when I do this?" she asked.

Mr. Hamdan replied, "No, actually, that feels quite nice."

"What happens when I handle your testicles like this?" she asked, gently cupping his testicles while bending down to get a closer look.

"Ooh, they're really sensitive. I like it better when you just touch my penis," he replied.

"I see," she said. "Your condition is quite serious. You need relief ASAP. Do you have a preference for treatment?"

"Well, this is the first time this is happening to me like this. I defer to your best judgment," Mr. Hamdan asked, trying to be polite.

"Let's see if this does the trick." She slipped her provider lab coat off of her shoulders, pulled her blouse up over her shoulders, and undid her bra so that her beautiful C-cup tits were hanging out with her beautiful black hair draping over the tops, beautiful brown nipples already stiff and poking out from the excitement of being told what to do, and from the awe of such a large cock and what was about to happen.

She leaned forward and licked the length of Mr. Hamdan's penis. If it looked big standing four feet away, it looked gigantic being no more than an inch away. She'd never seen anything like this in her life. Not from when she was an RN, and not when she was in NP school. She licked up and down the front of the penis, and then she lifted it with two hands and licked the lower side, careful not to disturb his nuts.

Mr. Hamdan sucked in air as he enjoyed Soheila's warm mouth and tongue on his penis. This stood to reason since it had been quite a long time since his wife passed away.

"Oh, Soheila, that's so nice. I love what you're doing to me," he told her encouragingly.

After a moment, his penis grew to a fully erect 11 inches hard. His penis was nice and straight, and even thick when it was filled with blood. For what must be a 60-year old man, he did not want in the virility department.

Soheila greedily domed Mr. Hamdan's penis head, sucking it playfully, and glancing up at his face while she tongued it and sucked it. She had been wanting cock for these last two weeks. She needed cock. Finally she was getting it again, and she was ready. She truly wanted it. She then began to suck deeper on the shaft, but this looked crazy as she could barely get her lips around his thick cock.

Mr. Hamdan's head went back and he leaned back on his elbows while Soheila continued to bob on his cock. She wondered if his late wife had ever sucked his cock. It wasn't normally something Soheila would do. She always thought it was kind of gross, but these last few weeks had changed her sexually. She was now turned on by giving head, and she was having a good time pleasing the patient.

Not only could she barely get her mouth around his penis, because of its thickness, she also could barely get any length in her mouth. She might have gotten four inches, maybe five tops. As good as it felt, his penis was not getting the stimulation he would need, particularly with the blue balls which tends to inhibit a man's ability to climax. She knew what she had to do.

"I think I'm ready for you, Mr. Hassan," Soheila said coyly. She undid her skirt, which fell to the floor. She then slipped her undies off, and stepped out of them, revealing Soheila in her full naked beauty... trim hourglass figure, silky caramel-colored skin, bare vagina from what was likely a concerted laser hair removal regimen, slender legs... She then proceeded to the doctor's chair, got on the chair facing the chair back sitting on her knees, and squatted to a height that would probably work for the tall Mr. Hamdan.

Mr. Hamdan jumped off the patient bench and pointed his large meat at what was the wettest pussy Mr. Hamdan had ever seen.

"Oh my God, Soheila! Look at your pussy! Did I die and go to Heaven?" Mr. Hamdan said.

"Put it in, Sir. But please go slow. I've never experienced a cock as big as yours. I'm afraid it will hurt me," she warned. To be sure, she was a little worried that Mr. Hamdan's cock would tear her apart. But she knew that it would take forever to get him to cum orally given the length and size of his cock, and frankly she wanted cock in her twat so badly. It had been too long. The rewards outweighed the risks.

"Don't worry, Soheila. It will fit," he replied.

He gently pushed his penis into her wanting vagina. While there was some resistance due to her never having had monster cock, the moisture from her pussy juice more than made up for it. She truly was in heat, and her pussy was truly enabling the fucking she was about to receive.

Soheila moaned loudly as he pushed his penis in. "Oh fuck, Mr. Hamdan! You're so big! Oh! Go slow, please!"

Mr. Hamdan took it very slowly. He had put it in about half way, and then fucked her like this slowly for about two minutes, and then started going a little deeper. Soheila couldn't believe such a huge cock could fit inside her pussy. It was just so big and beautiful.

After about six minutes, Mr. Hamdan had gotten nearly all of his penis inside her pussy. Soheila thought to herself that it really was true: women's vaginas truly can accomodate any cock.

Once Hamdan had fully been able to go balls deep, fucking Soheila doggy style on the chair, he let it rest there for a moment, and then he began to fuck her in full strokes, going balls deep each time. Her pussy must have been really good and tight, because after another two minutes he started breathing fast and his penis got even harder than before. He started fucking her like a rabbit, and her pussy was getting hot as he continued to go faster and faster.

Mr. Hamdan, not wanting to be rude or get Soheila pregnant, pulled out of her vagina and started stroking his cock. Soheila, not sure of what was going on, looked back at Mr. Hamdan, and realizing what was happening, she got down on the floor and kneeled in front of Mr. Hamdan's penis.

"Stroke it for me, I'm gonna come!" Mr. Hamdan shouted.

Soheila quickly grabbed his penis with both hands and started stroking his cock. She couldn't believe how big and hard it had become. It was like a genuine maglite flashlight. It stiffened and then completely exploded. Mr. Hamdan let out a big groan as if he hadn't come in six months, and his cock began to shoot rope after rope of hot cum. He shot all over Soheila's face and tits, it got all over her hair, and shoulders, and it seemed like he would never stop cumming. He must have cum for the better part of 25 seconds as more cum continued to shoot out of the large cock. With her mouth open for his semen, she was able to catch a ton of it in her mouth, and she endeavored to swallow as much as she could, although she'd wished he'd cum in her vagina. She needed to find release. When was she going to get it again?

To be sure, Mr. Hamdan's balls had gotten a lot smaller. The treatment had worked. He had been cured.

Meanwhile, Dr. Adnan was standing their stroking his cock. She looked at him, and without a word, she got back on the chair, then turned her head back at him, giving him the "fuck me" eyes.

Dr. Adnan, amazed at her transformation, came up right behind her, and slammed his cock balls deep into her wanting pussy.

"Ah!" she exclaimed. This is what she wanted. It's what she needed. Why hadn't they been using her like before? Was she know longer desirable now that they'd had her? Had they moved on to some other girl?

Dr. Adnan began to fuck her rhythmically, and her climax was building again, back on track. About halfway through, he directed Soheila to get on the patient bench and turn over so he could look at her while he fucked her. She obligingly got off the chair and laid down on the patient bench with her legs spread as wide as she could get them, her wrecked vagina exposed to the room. He stabbed his cock right back to her gaping cunt, her engorged clit clearly visible given that she had no pubic hair to cover it. He began to fuck her fast, his cock getting stiffer and fuller while he fucked downward into her pussy. Soheila closed her eyes as his rhythm got faster, her climax building in conjunction with his.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, Soheila!" Dr. Adnan exclaimed.

"Don't stop! I'm gonna cum too!" she replied.

They fucked and fucked until finally they both came, Soheila's pussy drenching Dr. Adnan's already slippery cock in fresh pussy juice while Dr. Adnan's stiff cock continued to stimulate Soheila's sex.

After Dr. Adnan finished in her pussy, he let the remainder of his cum ooze out of his cock while he laid on top of her. She revelled in the experienced doctor laying on her, feeling his weight, savoring in his pulsating cock, pulsing in the rhythm of his quickened heartbeat. She was in heaven.

It had been a long two weeks, but it had been worth the wait. Thank God the clinic had a shower. Soheila was going to need one.

When would be the next chance to fuck? These guys were killing her. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to be used. She couldn't act along and search out cock. That was wrong. But she needed it. The next few days were like murder while she looked for any sign. But the clinic was business as usual. It wasn't until the following Friday (again, Fridays tend to be half-days at the clinic), that Soheila was walking to her car and once again (happily I might add) discovered a sticky note on her driver's side car window.

"Come back to my house now. -Ali"

It was on.

When she arrived, no one answered the door, so she let herself in. Although there were at least six cars outside, she saw no one when she entered the house. "What gives?" she thought to herself. "Where is everybody?" She explored Ali's house, going to the main living room where the group of four had fucked her good about a month ago. No sign of anybody there. She walked to the back of the house and found a few bedrooms. Still no one. Then she heard the clinking of glasses. She followed her ears to where she thought she heard the sound. Sure enough, the sound was coming from a basement. She walked down the staircase into the basement where she found eight naked men, the four from before and four others that she assumed must be either from the local mosque or from the hospital, all middle eastern in appearance, all with average or larger cocks. The four new guys were all wearing masks to hide their identities. Like this, she just couldn't tell who they were.

Soheila hesitated. She wasn't sure she could handle this much cock. And then she noticed what looked like a sex bench. It had straps for what looked like wrists and ankles and a little seat where the woman would presumably sit. This would be fun.,dyskusja,1198227.html

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