Hi there, I'm Guy.

Here's the TLDR:
I'm 33, male, based in Brighton, UK for now. Straight, and looking for a long-term relationship with someone I like enough to build a family with.

Other things you may want to know (no judgment, we all like what we like):
I'm 6' 0", middle eastern, somewhere between average and dad bod.

What kind of person am I looking for?
  • Caring and kind
  • Comfortable being themselves
  • Curious. I love talking about ideas and surround myself with similar people.
  • Near Brighton / London
What kind of person am I?

My friends (if you can believe them) would tell you that I'm

  • Smart, and like thinking things through for myself
  • Caring
  • A bit quirky
  • The kind of person you want as a tripsitter

For the most part, I'm average. You wouldn't notice me walking down the street (unless it's summer and I'm enjoying a barefoot day).

I love to learn, and I love puzzles. The latter grew into teaching myself programming as a kid and participating in programming competitions. I've also had a long-lasting interest in science and philosophy and enjoy conversations where I get to learn something new about them.

I taught maths for a while and loved it. I'm now studying again to start a career in software development.

I am spiritual, but not religious. I believe spirituality is simply the skill of stepping back from things to get a better and more holistic view on them. I would also characterize spirituality as balance, or having a low (mental) center of gravity. I don't follow any specific tradition, but once in a while I will come across a text from some writer, poet, philosopher, thinker, or ancient figure which will speak to me in that way.

I enjoy connecting people who share similar interests (philosophy, spirituality, programming) and have either maintained or created small communities of interest everywhere I've lived for the last few years.

I'm vegetarian for 10+ years.

How to contact me

You can send me an email at [email protected].

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