8729 miles! I know it's not what I'm supposed to want for Christmas but I just can't help myself. Sure I want to spend time with my kids and the rest of my family but what I really want for Christmas is you. I want you in a short little elf dress with a Santa hat and red silky panties with white fur underneath. I want you in my arms when I wake up and look into your eyes then taste your lips while still snug in bed on Christmas morning. Is that too much to ask?

I guess it is because it sure as hell doesn't seem like it's going to happen. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard, just grab a flight to the Philippines and book a hotel where you could join me for Christmas, but that would be to easy! There is no way that could work out. Not with my kids and their mom demanding I be here for Christmas and your family wanting you with them. Magic is what we need, good ol' Christmas magic. I wish it was real.

With that thought on my mind I turn off the light and roll over looking at the clock I notice it's 11:59 PM and think 1 minute till Christmas as I drift off to sleep.

I am awaken by someone in bed with me. Being accustomed to sleeping alone I sit up quickly startling you. You jump out of bed and start to freak out when you see me staring at you from the bed. We simultaneously shout, "How did you get here?" Looking around I realize we are not in my house. I ask, "Brii? Is that you? Is this your bedroom?"

Looking at me with a puzzled look on your face, "Tim? No. I don't have a fireplace in my bedroom. I've never seen this room before."

"It's not mine either."

"What is going on here Tim?"

"I don't know but I think I like it!"

I reach over to turn the lamp on and notice the clock shows 12:00 AM. We are greeted by a scene straight from a Christmas card. The room is all decked out in Christmas colors and decorations. The windows are fogged up with snow on the outside. A huge fireplace crackles and flickers on the far wall with a fur rug on the floor in front of it. A bottle of champagne is iced down with two glasses near the rug. The bed is massive and covered in red silk sheets. The most beautiful thing in the room by far is you in your little red Santa's helper nightie grinning at me. As you look around the room, You point to a note on the night stand so I grab it and read, "Christmas magic is real and some wishes come true. Merry Christmas!" As I read you cover your face with your hands and double over in disbelief.

Dropping the note I walk over and take you in my arms. Our lips meet and my tongue slips between your teeth sliding over your tongue you close your mouth and suck my tongue inside slipping your tongue around mine. My hands roam up and down your back finally coming to rest on your sexy little butt. You wrap your arms and legs around me as I lift you up and carry you to the bed. I whisper in your ear,"I've been waiting for this a long time."

Gently laying you down on the silk sheets I kiss and nibble my way down to your neck. While sliding the straps of your nightie off your shoulders I gently bite your neck and suck on your skin intentionally leaving a hickey that will last for days. Trailing my lips down to your collar bone and across to your throat, I lick up over your chin to your lips and our tongues meet again as I pull the nightie down below your breasts. Our lips part and my tongue slides back over your throat and between your breasts. You grab my head and guide my attention to your left nipple. Long slow licks from my warm tongue send shivers through your whole body. Pulling my face hard into your breast prompts me to open my mouth and suck as much of the firm flesh in as I can gently but firmly biting down on your flesh my tongue continues it's slow wet massage of your rock hard nipple. Your moans get louder and you start to squirm from the combination of pain and pleasure. With your grip on my hair you shove my head to the right smashing my face into your other breast. Eagerly I suck it's nipple into my mouth biting it between my teeth and working my tongue around it. You moan and shutter as you waves of pleasure wash over you, every stroke of my tongue sends electric shocks through your entire body. Your grip on my head relaxes as you return to earth. I kiss you gently on the lips and whisper, "My GOD Brigitte! You are incredible."

I slide down your body positioning my face between your thighs. Taking a deep breath I savor the intoxicating aroma of your arousal before nuzzling my face in your panty covered pussy. Flicking out my tongue I lick the silky crotch of the soaking panties. Pulling the thin material into my mouth I suck your juices from it before ripping it off with my teeth. Working my arms under your thighs I put you legs on my shoulders and plunge my tongue into your body scooping your delicious nectar. The tip of my tongue flicks across your clit with every scoop. I dip a single finger into you completely coating it with fluid then gently push it into your tight little butt while I close my mouth over your clit and suck it in between my lips. Holding it there I begin licking circles around the stiff little button. You start moaning and twisting as my finger ravages your butt and my mouth devourers your pussy. Bucking and screaming you blast into orbit once more as I struggle to maintain contact. You reach down and grab me by the hair again pulling me upward as you scream, "FUCK ME! Please Tim, Fuck me."

You don't have to ask me twice! I fumble to get my cock free of the pajama pants while I press my lips to yours. Your tongue plunges into my mouth just as my cock invades your body. This is no time for slow and gentle this is hard and fast time! Slamming into you my cock head rams into the back of your pussy making me shudder as I quickly pull back and plunge back in so fast and hard we bounce off of the bed with each stroke. I wrap my arms around you and roll onto my back pulling you on top of me. "Fuck me Brii! I want you to fuck me."

You plant your feet on either side of me and start pumping your hips with all your strength. Watching your beautiful face and sexy body as I lift my hips to meet your pounding pussy is like a wet dream come true. Leaning over you kiss me as you slam down on my cock and grind into me shuddering and moaning into my mouth. The convulsions of your body milking the cum from my cock. I let out a guttural moan as my first blast of hot cum floods into you. The throbbing of my cock and the warm feeling of my cum gushing into you triggers several continuous orgasmic aftershocks though you.Out of breath and soaked with sweat you collapse on to my chest. Wrapping my arms around you I hold you close while we pass out from pleasure and exhaustion.

I'm startled awake by my alarm clock, I fumble for the clock to turn it off and I realize I'm in my bed alone. I'm thinking, "Wow! That's the best wet dream I've had since I was a teenager dreaming about my science teacher!" when my phone rings. I look at the display and see that it's you so I answer, "Merry Christmas Sexy lady."

"Was that real or a dream?"

"It sure seemed real to me!"

"How could we both dream the same dream? How could it have really happened?"

"Brii, Do you have a hickey on your neck?" I hear rustling and footsteps.

"Oh My GOD! I do, I do!"

"Holy shit! It is a miracle!"

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