This work of FICTION contains themes of non-consent, abuse, humiliation and other related kinks. This is meant as entertainment to bring enjoyment, not as something that should be carried out. If such kinks offend you, please do not read. This is also not meant as any sort of statement but a story to be enjoyed.

"Merry Christmas!" I yell with a mean laugh over the loud music. Still laughing hard at him, I hurry through the packed dance floor as I move too fast for the guy to follow. I take one final glance back to see him battling his way through the crowded dance floor to get to me, but he's too big and it's too crowded. He has to push, pull and wedge himself through in his way to get to me, so I'll be out the door and long gone before he even gets 5 more steps.

"You are such a bitch, you know that right?" My friend Veronica says once we are out of the club and getting into a cab. To this, I giggle and then outright laugh. Yes. I am a bitch. But damn it, it sure is fun.

My name is Jan and I'm 23 years old and yes, I know I'm a bitch. How am I a bitch you might ask? Well, I love to tease. I LOVE teasing guys. For example, one of the highlights of my week is to go to a club and find a special guy to tease. To just build him up and make him think he's going to get some, then POOF! Disappear. Well, disappear after the idiot spends a fortune on drinks and anything else I want.

Men are so stupid. And being that stupid makes them so much fun to mess with. They are so easy to wind up. So easy to make them think they might get lucky. So easy to escape from. Just ask the idiot that's still trying to catch up to me in hopes I'll touch him at the very least.

Tonight I found a man who was alone inside the club. He had that look about him, that special "I'm lonely look" which means it has probably been a long time since he had some female interaction. Best of all that look means I knew he would buy me whatever I wanted. And so flashing him a sultry smile and batting my eyelashes a little, he fell right into my trap and bought me everything I told him too. In turn, all I had to do is rub against him once while he were dancing and he was hooked.

Just to be a bitch, I even started to grind with another guy right in front of him to see what he would do. You see, sometimes I can get men to fight over me. But this one just approached me with another drink suggesting we sit all while wearing a pathetic hurt look on his face. So lame.

Now, I've run out before he got my number, email or even my real name. And if I had to guess, I would say he spent at least $400 on me tonight. Men are so very stupid and so much fun to play with.

"That crap is going to backfire on you one of these days," Veronica says in a rather serious manner as if she's my mother. She's just mad because we had to leave so suddenly. You see, just for a bit of extra fun, I like to tell the bartender that whomever is buying me drinks is starting to stalk me, just to see what will happen. The real fun is when I run off, selling the ordeal as if it is true. Even now, I would think they are roughing up that loser for being a perv.

"Oh don't get your panties in a bunch. It's just a bit of fun," I tell her brushing her concerns off. And it's not my fault anyway. If guys didn't fall over themselves to try and talk to me, I wouldn't mess with them like I do. I mean, it's so easy to wind them up and mess with them, just because I look like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well, my nose is a bit slimmer and my hair is longer, not to mention my boobs are Definity much bigger.

"Treat people right, and they'll treat you right," Veronica tells me and I roll my eyes. She's been on this nonstop for the entire cab ride home. I almost say, "Ok Mom," in retort but don't. Instead I motion for the cab driver to pull over and let me out.

"I'll call you tomorrow," I tell Veronica after I get out of the cab. I had the driver pull over here because I don't like people to know exactly where I live. So he drops me off a few houses down from where I do live at. It's only when the cab is out of sight and down the road that I begin to walk.

A few minutes later I'm at the front door of my house as I get my keys out. Just as I do, I hear a strange PING sound. It sounds almost like my cell telling me I have a message, only it's not the same sound. Confused, I do a quick look around thinking it was someone else's cell, but no one else is out. I mean, it's almost midnight anyway. No one is ever out that late around here.

When I hear the sound again, I decide to check my cell. Sure enough, I pull it out to see the screen is lit up and unlocked which is impossible. I haven't used it all night and it would need my fingerprint to unlock. My hands haven't been near it at all. How did it get unlocked?

"Oh gosh," I gasp loudly as I see the picture on the screen. It's a picture that I wasn't expecting to see, EVER. It's of a good friend of mine named Jennie. Not just a good friend, but my best friend. Sadly she moved to a different country a few months ago for work. She is actually the one that taught me how to tease way back when we were in high school. Jennie was the queen at playing boys into getting what you want. Many a night we went out clubbing and bar hopping, seeing just how much we could get the idiot males to do.

The picture was sent from her, only it is from her old number which she had disconnected. Since she moved to a different country, her old number would no longer work so she disconnected it. I know for sure it was disconnected too because I once tried to call that number forgetting about it not working. That is disturbing enough, but what the picture shows is by far a million times more disturbing.

The sent picture is of Jennie, naked and on her knees, with at least 8 cocks around her. They all point at her as if accusing her of something, being inches from her face. Moreover, she has cum all over her. It's clearly some sort of gang-bang with her as the only female. It looks like they felt they might get in trouble if they didn't get cum in as many places as they could.

I would think this is some escapade that Jennie took part in and is proud of, but then I see her face. The look she has, it''s...filled with regret. The sort of look where you know she didn't want what happened but felt like she knew this was coming. It's very disturbing.

Seeing this picture has a weird effect on me. It's horrible, gross and all kinds of humiliating. Yet, there's something about seeing her like this that's, well, hot. Almost like I wouldn't mind finding what that feels like. But as soon as I feel that curious arousal, I tell myself how horrible it is and push it deep down and focus on what has happened to poor Jennie.

Looking at the bottom of the picture I see that there's a caption, "No more teasing or this will happen to you." I stare at the caption and then back to her face. Is that a threat? Or is this a joke? I mean, this can't be her. It may look like her and even have the same tats as her...but it can't be her. That number is out of service and the only way to reach her is via email at the moment.

Worried, I look around as if someone is going to pop out and say "Got ya!" That this is some sort of set-up to get me. But it's just me, alone. Everyone else is asleep in their houses, leaving me the only person out.

I look back down to look at the picture again, only my cell's screen is dark. I tap the button and it comes alive revealing the cell to be locked. Even more confused by this as it was just unlocked seconds ago, I use my finger to unlock it to find that there is no picture. Nor is there any message from Jennie at all. I search all over my cell's apps but can't find it. It's just, disappeared.

I feel my teeth gnashing together as I start to wonder if the "nice guy" at the club spiked my drink with something. That would explain why I am seeing things. If he did drug me, then I completely misjudged him as being a nice guy. It makes me so mad that I'm tempted to go and tell the club that he drugged me to try and rape me.

Unlocking my front door, I go inside the dark house and disable the alarm. Once everything is locked up again, I reset the alarm but don't turn on any of the lights. No use in telling the world that I'm home, right? In any case, seeing that picture has left me feeling a bit scared and vulnerable. I think it's best if I make it seem like no one is home.

In the dark I make my way to the kitchen where I have a few potato chips and a glass of wine. I figure this would settle me and let me calm down. I mean, if I am drugged, it doesn't feel like it. I have no dizziness or tiredness. I feel normal.

To help calm me down, I watch a couple of videos on my cell while sitting at the counter. Yet despite doing this, that picture of Jennie keeps popping up in my head. It makes me ask so many questions. Did they...gangbang her? If so, if that was in my head, why would I want Jennie to be gang banged? Or could it have been real? Like some sort of crazy app that deletes the photo after just a few seconds of being viewed? If so, who sent it to me and why?

I let out a scoff as I think of what the caption said. "No more teasing or this will happen to you." I'm assuming that meant about me teasing guys as I was thinking about it before I saw the picture. Fat chance at me stopping that. Playing with stupid boys is one of the few things I enjoy doing. I mean, a couple of weeks ago one of them actually told me he would give me his car if we hooked up. I mean, how pathetic is that? And why on earth would I ever give that up?

Once I finish watching all the videos in my subscriptions, I decide to re-watch a video that a friend of mine made. She always makes good content, mostly regarding makeup tips or foods to stay away from. But every so often she'll post something funny that she happened to capture. Case in point, her most recent video is of her spying on a scene in which a rather fat guy tried to ask out a very pretty girl that is ΒΌ his size.

The video starts to play and I laugh at the look on the girl's face as she realizes what is happening. That someone that looks like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons thinks she would go out with them. When she figures this out, she actually backs up from the guy, no doubt the smell of the guy getting to her.

But then I see Jennie. She walks into the scene, right behind the girl. My mouth drops open as she is still naked, still covered in all that cum. She walks into the scene, but walks bow-legged and winches as she does, making it seem like her two precious holes have been ravaged so hard that it hurts to walk.

No one reacts to her, even if she must be inches away from the scene playing out. They don't seem to noticed the naked and cum-covered woman in broad daylight. And then Jennie moves right between the two of them and turns to look at me.

"You will be visited by 3," Jennie warns, cum coming out of her mouth when she starts to talk, as well as drops of cum falling off her as her body jiggles from the movement. The way she stands there, I can tell her body has been roughly used. Her breasts are red as if they had been bound, her thighs, face and womanhood are red as if they have been slapped and her hair is wet from sweat and cum. It really looks as if she was gangbanged for hours.

Shaking my head as this can't be real, I look to the video to see that she has disappeared. The scene goes on without her as the pretty girl says "Ewwww," to the fat guy and walks off. I look for Jennie in the background but she's not there. I rewind the video a few seconds, but she's not there. I watch the video a few times all the way, but Jennie doesn't appear. I go so far as to check the upload date to see if maybe it was just changed, but the date shows yesterday, meaning the video hadn't changed.

Gulping the last of my wine as it feels like I'm losing my mind, I try to make sense of this. Am I losing my mind? Am I drugged? Or maybe I had fallen asleep and had a nightmare? Looking at the time, I see it is almost one in the morning.

Figuring the best thing to do is to go ahead and go to bed, I put my glass in the sink and head for bed. I just need some rest. Then I'll stop seeing that. I'll stop seeing weird things.

Yawning, I walk up the stairs after checking the alarm again and head towards my bedroom. Only when I get upstairs, I pause when I see the bedroom door is shut. A tingle of fear runs over me as I never shut my bedroom door. I leave it open so that the air can circulate better. Seeing it, combined with Jennie in that video makes me very, very concerned.

I begin to wonder if someone broke in, but quickly dismiss this as the alarm would have gone off if they did. At the very least, I would have gotten a notice from the motion sensor at some point. The only other reason it could be closed that I can think of is that I must have shut the door and didn't know I did. That I absentmindedly closed it when I left for the club as I was so excited.

Nervously I walk up to the door, making sure to listen closely in case someone is moving around in there. But I hear nothing at all. There's not even light coming from under the door. Noticing all this does put me at ease, and so I turn the knob and open the door.

"What in the hell?!" I say out loud as I step into my bedroom to find that it's not my bedroom. It's room A-104B from college. I remember this room all too well because it was one of my first college classes ever. It was Basic Physics and damn was it hard. I spent hours and hours in this room, trying hard to pay attention to the professor and his formulas but couldn't help but to zone off.

Amazed I look around to see that it is exactly the same, right down to that black mark right above the clock on the wall. Everything is exactly the same. The tables, the stools, the whiteboard complete with faded words all over. It's exactly like it was when I took the class...only...didn't this building get remodeled? I thought this room didn't even exist any longer as they turned it into a lecture hall.

When I turn around completely, I get another shock. The door I came through doesn't lead back to my house. It leads into the hallway of the building. It's like I've been transported completely back to college. I even step out and into the hallway and touch a nearby water fountain to make sure that it is indeed real. What is going on here?

"Hey girl," I hear a familiar voice greet. Turning back around, I see John standing in the classroom, where he wasn't before. There's only one door in and out of the room, and he wasn't there before.

I stare at him as he looks exactly like he did when I took the class. Overweight, tall, thick glasses, bad skin, the works. Only I know this isn't how he looks now because I saw his profile pic on Facebook just a few weeks ago and he looks completely different now. He lost a ton of weight and got contacts.

John sat next to me in Physics. He was nice and friendly and all that, but a super-nerd. He lived for science and I think he would get a hard-on just going to class to talk about science. He helped me out sooo much that if it were not for him, I would have failed.

"Here's the answers for chapter 8's problems," John tells me in his upbeat manner, holding out a few sheets of loose paper. Looking at them, I smile. I forgot that he would give me his homework so I could copy the answers before class. I would get to class early then sit at the table and copy his work onto mine, thus getting me that nice "A" grade. This makes me think of all that John did for me. The group projects where he did the work, the copying of tests (which I don't know he knew I was doing) and so much more.

"Thanks John," I say, looking around again as I still can't believe this is happening. Did I travel back in time? Or is this a drugged hallucination? Or did I just fall asleep and didn't know it? And why would I dream of college?

"So...what about Saturday?" John then asks in his timid and embarrassed manner. I look at him, not understanding what he means. I can tell he's fighting to keep looking at me and not at his feet when he says this. Then it hits me what he means.

Yet another thing I forgot is how I made him think that I was into him. That I was so appreciative of his help that I kept telling him we would go out on a date when I had the time. It was easy to do too, just had to do a few flirty things, such as when I was looking at the book I would flick my tongue at my pen when I knew he was looking, or on purpose drop something so I could bend over in front of him so he could check me out. But each time he would ask me out, I always said how I didn't have the time.

"Oh John, I...I'm," I start to tell him, looking about as I wonder what in the hell is going on. How do I go back to my house? What am I supposed to do?

John makes a very strange and frustrated noise. It sounds almost like it isn't even human. When I look at him, his face is very upset but it quickly disappears. His normal upbeat and sweet expression replaces it.

"I understand. But would you mind at least helping me with an experiment?" John then asks. Now is the first time that I notice that there is no one else here. No other students nor the professor. Not even anyone in the halls. That's really weird. There was always people here.

"Umm, sure," I say, remembering how John always had 500 experiments going on all the time. That he was always asking for help on them. Most of the time they were very stupid, but he was always excited over them.

"Thank you! It's really easy, all you have put your hands through this," John tells me as he moves to the other side of our table where he's picked something up off the floor. He holds up 2 large circle-looking things made of cloth. It sort of reminds me of a turtleneck, if the turtleneck part was cut off. There's also a cord leading down from each circle.

"I'm wanting to test the physics of a specialty cut fabric that have been treated by various neutral compounds, then charged with double electrons," John explains excitedly. As I normally did back then, I tell him how I don't understand what he's saying and that I don't really care. That this is his thing and not mine.

I walk to the table and then bend over it, both hands outstretched. I slide each hand into a circle, wondering how long this is going to take. John lets go of the circles, and at once the cloth circles contracts and tighten around my wrists. They contract, pressing against my skin so tight that it feels like they cuff off my circulation.

They're cuffs! Freaking cuffs! Panic hits me as my hands are forced downward due to the cuffs. I try to pull on my arms to lift them, but I can't. I'm bent over the table completely, my feet no longer even touching the floor as my arms are pulled on the other side of the table. Here I see the cord from both cuffs are attached to the floor. There's a hook attached to the floor, and both of the cords are hooked to it. And I can plainly see that the cords are bungie cords.

"John, what the fuck! Let me go!" I yell, my attempts to move my hands failing, as do my efforts to move off the table. All I manage to do is kick and swing my legs about, but since I'm off balance, I can't do anything else. I'm completely off balanced and helpless.

"I'll let you go, once I'm finished," John tells me, only the sweet and kind voice he used to have is gone, and a rough and mean voice has replaced it. Not saying anything else, he moves from in front of me to around the desk and behind me. As he moves, I keep begging him to stop and let me go.

"How many times did you lead me on? How many times did you promise we would go out? How many times did you fuck with my head?" John asks as he stands behind me, completely out of sight.

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