Debloat your Android Phone Easily with a GUI!

How to

1. Download ADB Tools ( This is required so your phone can be detected) -
For other platforms:
Image description

2. Now run the exe file and make sure to press Y in all the Three options.
Image description

3. Then you'll be prompted with a window, make sure to click Next > Finish

4. Now download Universal Android Debloater (According to your operating system) -
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5. Make sure to Turn on USB Debugging from the developer panel(Otherwise it won't work)
How to turn on USB Debugging from the developer panel:

6. Now connect your phone with a usb cable on your pc.
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7. Now open up Universal Android Debloater and start removing the apps you wanna by clicking on the uninstall button
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If you're more of a video guy check out this really good video:


2.Incase your phone doesn't show up on the Universal Android Debloater open up cmd as admin and type adb devices
3.Supported devices:
4.Add your own phone debloat list:

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