Deezer Premium iOS Guide (Jailbroken)

Using Deezelife

Adding the Repos:-

Open your package manager (e.g. Cydia, Sileo) and add the repos linked below:

Note: Please read the warnings written below 🔻

Piracy Warning on Sileo

On Sileo, you shall see a warning screen upon adding the repos. This repository does not host malware/pirated packages, so you can skip the screen and add it anyways.
Refresh your sources and continue below.

Downgrading Deezer

Downgrading Deezer is not necessary, unless an update breaks Deezelife functionality

1. Install the package AppStore++ from the CokePokes repo
2. Open the App Store and search for Spotify
3. In the Deezer App Page, you will see a GET or OPEN button
4. Tap and hold the button, until you see a menu
5. Choose to Downgrade the app from the menu
6. You will be presented with a list of the versions available for Deezer
7. Downgrade to Deezer 8.19.0, which is the latest version to work with Deezelife

Installing Deezelife

1. Make sure you are signed in to Deezer
2. Install the "Deezelife" package from the JulioHYI repo
3. Respring your device
4. Upon Opening the Deezer App, Deezelife will start working
5. Enjoy Deezer Premium for free!

Additional Deezelife Preferences

Settings for Deezelife are available in a separate tab inside the Deezer app's settings pane


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