Den Of Sin Inside Your Mind

(AKA: The /AIDS/ Lorebook Card Repository)


What the fuck is this?

This is a simple repository for /aids/ lorebook cards made for either the Den of Sin or other purposes, pending a better solution which may or may not ever come.

What the fuck is the Den of Sin?

A spiritual successor prompt to the Infinity Brothel, which pioneered the concept of being able to import characters into a fairly universal prompt for a customizable, quick-and-dirty coom prompt with whatever character you want, provided that character was already created.

What the fuck are these cards?

Lorebook cards like the ones below are simply PNG files that contain lorebook information. The images in and of themselves have no impact on the AI at all, they are simply there to give you, the schmuck sitting in front of a computer right now, information about what's inside. You can easily import the lorebooks into prompts, and they can contain anything from characters to objects, concepts or locations, though generally characters are the most common.

What the fuck do I do with the cards?

You can import cards easily in multiple ways.


For one, you can go into the lorebook editor and click the import button, after which you select a PNG that has lorebook information embedded.


Alternatively, you can use the "Import File" button under "Options". There, you can select many different files to import, including PNG files.
Finally, you can also just drag and drop the file on the output window - that's the big part of the screen where the actual text of your prompt is in.
After you've imported the file, it depends on what you have. If you have a Den of Sin character, you shouldn't have to do anything. Den of Sin lorebooks use force activation to be activated in a very specific way that works with the associated prompt (see below for that prompt). If you have a non-Den of Sin character, you should check the lorebook, you will probably have to activate the entry manually by invoking the key. You can import non-Den of Sin characters into the Den of Sin and vice versa, they're just lorebooks in the end, but you might not get the best results without some fiddling.

How the fuck do I make my own?

If you just want to make a lorebook image, you just go into the lorebook editor and click "Embed Lorebook in PNG" (or "Embed Entry in PNG" depending on what you want to do). You select an image to embed into, then NAI will create that image and download it to your hard drive (note, it does not insert it directly into the image, it makes a copy of the image, puts it there and downloads it).
If you want to make a card like those below, the easiest way is to use the cardmaker:
There are other options available, but this is by far the easiest and requires the least work. (For those that need more control, here's a PSD for a template:
If you want to specifically make a Den of Sin card, I recommend using an existing lorebook as a base and simply editing the existing entries with your character of choice. DoS characters follow a fairly strict format that works pretty well, though experimentation is always something you can try. Maybe you can find a better format, who knows?

Den of Sin: The Prompt: Remastered

Science truly is marvelous. Thanks to incredible advancements in a field so advanced it might as well be magic, people can now create entire dimensions entirely with their mind. World peace was declared minutes later as it was realized this could be directly used for fucking, or for things that aid in having more time for fucking.

[Note: Intended to be used with the import of a specific custom lorebook before playing. I have not had good results with the default model, so choose your favorite before playing as well.]


Link Name Description Date Added Updated? Dialogue A simple generator for sample dialogue based on tags. 2022-01-10 - Sex Demeanor A simple generator for the "Sex" part of the lorebook. 2021-08-30 - Card Data Script A Violentmonkey script that allows you to quickly see the NAI card data. By default, press CTRL on a card to view data, press SHIFT on the text box that opened to close it again. 2021-08-19 - Room A simple room generator. 2021-08-09 - Female Character A simple female character generator. 2021-08-09 -


Other Card Repositories

Cards that are posted at these other repositories will not be duplicated here. Please check these other links out as well for more.

Link Name Description Date Added The Drainpipe Repository that contains both Den of Sin cards and generic cards. 2021-08-09 /aids/ Decks Monthly event where cards are created for a specific theme. 2022-02-27

The DoS Base

Card Name Description Date Added Updated?
Card Base Card This is a base card you can use to make your own! Import it and check the lorebook entries, which describe what goes where, then just edit the entries and that's all you have to do! 2021-08-20 2022-01-08

DoS Characters Based On Existing Properties

Card Name Description Date Added Updated?
Card Makima A Machiavellian manipulator. Be a good dog for her. 2024-02-04 -
Card Bea A stoic, emotionless martial arts master. 2023-12-25 -
Card Mari A kind, loving girl with a little bit of a brother complex. 2023-12-25 -
Card Luca Rio A Brazilian female Lucario superhero. 2023-04-11 -
Card Mary Katherine Blackwood Young woman with a deep knowledge of poisons. Just so you know. 2022-10-15 -
Card Moon Power bottom male animatronic. 2022-09-22 -
Card Revali Small-dicked prostitute bird that will do anything for money. 2022-07-03 -
Card BB Loving, but also sadistic futa. 2022-06-29 -
Card Luviagelita Edelfelt Playful ojou-sama futanari. 2022-06-20 -
Card Gwen Tennyson Famous little girl. 2022-05-18 -
Card Leafeon Fluffy, leafy pervert. 2022-05-17 -
Card Pikachu Libre A wrestler Pikachu. 2022-05-15 -
Card Nessa A slave girl with a noble upbringing. 2022-04-19 -
Card Astolfo A massive streamer boyslut. 2022-04-16 -
Card Mina Ashido A romantic, submissive hero girl that can excrete acid from her skin. 2022-03-29 -
Card Rumi Usagiyama Bunny super hero girl that's brash on the outside but soft on the inside. 2022-02-20 -
Card Manizu A money hungry doggy prostitute. 2022-02-16 -
Card Stocking Anarchy A slightly plump lingerie model that likes being the one that brings in the money in the relationship. 2022-02-08 -
Card Mewtwo Another one for the sissy Pokemon pile. 2022-02-04 -
Card Sakura Matou Plump and soft, this gentle girl hides a deep sexual repression and desire within herself. 2022-02-02 -
Card Renamon A thick fox girl whose confident personality falters once it comes out she's never actually had sex before. 2022-02-01 -
Card Toru Hagakure Sweet and innocent girl. Also, invisible. 2022-01-31 -
Card Horkeu Kamui Muscular and strong wolf that loves to play sub. 2022-01-31 -
Card Tadatomo Tsundere wolf boy that crumples into a bottom with a little pushback. 2022-01-31 -
Card Jeanne A soft woman that abstains from vaginal sex and has become a massive anal slut as a result. 2022-01-30 -
Card Blaziken Femboy MMA fire chicken. 2022-01-29 -
Card Carris-137 A huge, retired supersoldier with massive strength but a soft personality. 2022-01-28 -
Card Artoria A musky futa that plays with soft dominance and a preference for foreplay. 2022-01-24 -
Card Nitocris Brown Egyptian goddess that's loving and inexperienced. 2022-01-23 -
Card Melony Voluptuous mature woman with money and experience. 2022-01-19 -
Card Jade Sapphire Now a horse. OK then. 2022-01-18 -
Card Drasna A sweet, mature lady with a love for young boys and good food. 2022-01-17 -
Card Pepper A dog. Alright. Sure. 2022-01-17 -
Card Leggy Lamb Beep, beep. It's a sheep. 2022-01-17 -
Card Ibuki Douji Dominant futanari oneechan with a playful, oblivious bent. 2022-01-16 -
Card Lucario A soft, fluffy jackal Pokemon that's eager to serve his master in every way possible. 2022-01-16 -
Card Reindeer Orisa A bit late for the season, but it's a centaur android in reindeer getup. 2022-01-14 -
Card Alexander Athletic shota that loves to play. 2022-01-13 -
Card Murasaki Shikibu Novelist and poet with mommy energy and a penchant for slow foreplay. 2022-01-13 -
Card Roon Curvy German girl with a love for cooking, cuddling and pet play. 2022-01-12 -
Card Risky Boots A proud pirate with a domineering aura. 2022-01-12 -
Card Min-Min A fiery martial artist that loves wrestling and ramen. 2022-01-12 -
Card Neco-Arc Sure. Why not. 2022-01-11 -
Card Lusamine Dommy mommy that can be quite lovey-dovey as well. 2022-01-10 -
Card Taihou Dominant futa that wants to turn you into a perfect sissy. 2022-01-09 -
Card Bache Smug girl that knows exactly what you want and knows exactly what she's doing. 2022-01-09 -
Card Toriel Goat mom that loves you a whole bunch and wants you to taste her pie. 2022-01-08 -
Card Caenis Athletic lifeguard with dominant demeanor and a big cock. 2022-01-08 -
Card Barghest Big knight girl with thicc mommy energy, now in Den of Sin form! 2022-01-08 -
Card Nimi Sweet and petite German girl with lots of knowledge and little experience. 2022-01-08 -
Card Noelle Holiday It's the festive season, so why not enjoy it with some festive deer pussy? 2021-12-07 -
Card Mertle Edmonds First ever loli card for DoS proper. Took significantly longer than I thought it would. 2021-12-07 -
Card Chiaki Nanami Relax and take it easy with this comfy, sleepy gamer girl. 2021-10-14 -
Card Raven Cold, emotionless and with thighs for days, this goth girl superhero has some magic tricks up her sleeves. 2021-10-14 -
Card Palutena A playful and teasing goddess with a penchant for gentle femdom. 2021-10-12 -
Card Princess Rosalina A kind and gentle space princess that knows exactly what you want and will give it to you. 2021-10-10 -
Card Tenko Chabashira Degenerate males beware, this martial artist is ready to put you in your place - beneath her. 2021-09-29 -
Card Isabelle A cute and fluffy dog girl assistant, ready to assist you in every way you need. 2021-09-12 -
Card Zdrada A bitchy demon girl that loves to smoke and has a masochistic side. 2021-09-09 -
Card Undyne Smells like fish. A fierce and impulsive warrior fish girl that will yell at you and fuck at a hundred percent at all times. 2021-09-01 -
Card Bayonetta A dominatrix witch that loves to banter and has long hair that she can do practically anything with. 2021-08-31 -
Card Mikan Tsumiki A poor girl with crippling self-esteem problems, this nurse will do absolutely anything if it would make you happy, no matter how perverted. 2021-08-30 -
Card Wii Fit Trainer Ready to get fit? You better be, because this personal trainer is ready to give you a workout you'll never forget. 2021-08-30 -
Card Blackhole-chan Ever want to fuck a black hole? Well, now you can. Be careful: She's a bit clingy. 2021-08-29 -
Card Alphys An inexperienced lizard scientist with a love for anime and a dirty side for you to try and coax out of her. 2021-08-25 -
Card Samus Aran An intergalactic bounty hunter and loner with a soft core in her heart. 2021-08-24 -
Card Kthalthe, Hound of Tindalos Don't look too closely. 2021-08-23 -
Card Urbosa A dark-skinned, muscular beauty with a teasing personality and a penchant for dominance. 2021-08-22 -
Card Alisaie Leveilleur A spunky little tomboy elf with a bad case of hero worship. I hope you're ready for her to wear you down! 2021-08-21 -
Card Blanc Calm, collected and introverted on the outside, this goddess hides a smouldering rage that can erupt at pretty much any moment. Handle with care. 2021-08-20 -
Card Purple Heart Inexperienced, but eager to learn, this goddess will quickly turn quite possessive and dominant if given a chance. 2021-08-20 -
Card M870 A bit of a troublemaker with a desire to play cop, she will bust out the handcuffs and demand you respect her authority... but what if you didn't? 2021-08-20 -
Card Y'shtola Rhul A sarcastic and intelligent catgirl wizard. Starts out demanding, but will eventually soften up if you treat her right. 2021-08-19 2021-08-20
Card Sheik An androgynous rogue with some secrets inside. Will require wrangling to get the AI to work out the reverse-trap thing. 2021-08-18 -
Card Princess Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has invited you to the bedroom of her castle. Be gentle with her... or she'll make you. 2021-08-18 -
Card Princess Daisy Hi, she's Daisy! The tomboyish princess of Sarasaland is ready to have some fun with you, and she's a real bundle of energy in bed! 2021-08-17 2021-08-18
Card Paracelsus A mysterious plague doctor with all sorts of concoctions she wants to try on you. The mask stays on. 2021-08-17 -
Card Hayley Williams Generic card about a celebrity with generic pornstar dialogue. 2021-08-16 -
Card Steve Buscemi When I first saw this card, I didn't know what to think. I still don't. 2021-08-16 -
Card Ankha A snooty Egyptian cat, she believes herself to be superior to you, whom she considers a mere peasant. Prove her wrong, or let yourself be dominated...? 2021-08-16
Card Muffet Thrifty and business-minded, this spider girl isn't too happy you turned down one of her reasonably priced pastries, and will be looking to extract... payment from you. 2021-08-16 -
Card Sadako Yamamura A vengeful ghost woman. Is she out for your soul, or maybe something else? 2021-08-15 -
Card Hermione Granger Studious and intelligent, this young witch hides a naughty side. 2021-08-14 -
Card Specimen 8 A mysterious deer-like entity with a desire for your soul. Engage at your own risk. 2021-08-14 -
Card Tristana Rowdy and vivacious yordle with a very small stature. A real bundle of energy with thick thighs. 2021-08-13 -
Card Kokichi Oma The Ultimate Supreme Leader demands your full attention. Don't expect him to be honest about anything... or let you cum easily, for that matter. 2021-08-11 -
Card Maya Fey Spunky and excitable young spirit medium. Inexperienced, but eager to try. 2021-08-10 -
Card Lucius Kind and serene male monk that lives to care for others. Will do whatever it takes to heal your worries and desires. 2021-08-09 2021-08-11
Card Miu Iruma Brash and vulgar, the Ultimate Inventor is a woman of conflicting emotions deep down. But that shouldn't stop you from whipping it out and jerking it to her perfect proportions. 2021-08-09 2021-08-11
Card Marina Ida Reserved and gentle octoling pop star. 2021-08-09 -
Card Pearl Houzuki Energetic and talkative inkling pop princess with a petite body. 2021-08-09 -
Card Franziska von Karma Haughty and dominant female prosecutor that loves the feeling of superiority. You better serve her right, you foolishly foolish fool. 2021-08-09 -

DoS Original Characters

Card Name Description Date Added Updated?
Card Melissa Reynes A greasy, dirty, spaceship mechanic that's ready for some fun. 2023-01-08 -
Card Loriel Step up and take a spin of the wheel with the goddess of luck. 2023-01-08 -
Card Ritz A goblin goon to toy with. 2022-10-15 -
Card Nefta A noblewoman's daughter from ancient Egypt, an eager, submissive virgin. 2022-10-15 -
Card Laurent Fontaine An affluent French man (femboy?) who loves two things: the fine arts, and (You). 2022-09-08 -
Card Stella Starring in six prompts, this girl loves acting like a living doll and gets all hot and bothered when you talk dirty to her. 2022-01-26 -
Card Masaru A minor kitsune fox spirit that greatly enjoys entertaining his guests. Will let you touch fluffy tail if you ask nicely. 2022-01-12 -
Card Risha Ash'tar An aggressive spider girl gangster with six arms. Creator recommends use with the sexfighting module. 2021-08-31 -
Card Dragon-chan Formerly an erotica author, this dragon girl is always ready to get creative with you, so think of something good, since you're not being filtered. 2021-08-29 -
Card Alexei Fedorov Militaristic and eager to serve, this soldier is trained and ready to satisfy your desires in every way possible. 2021-08-28 -
Card Emily Albright A domineering tease of a schoolgirl that loves to control and humiliate you. For use with a female MC. 2021-08-20 -
Card Emily Albright A domineering tease of a schoolgirl that loves to control and humiliate you. For use with a male MC. 2021-08-20 -
Card Virginia Banks A rowdy cowgirl outlaw with a desire for drinkin', fuckin' and killin'. She just scored big on a bank robbery and is ready to celebrate with you! 2021-08-17 -
Card James Anderson Emotional and with a history of pain, this tortured artist needs love above all, even if he thinks he doesn't deserve it. 2021-08-17 -
Card Ulea A mature and experienced goblin woman. Some things do get better with age, I suppose. 2021-08-17 -
Card Cheeky the Clown HONK HONK 2021-08-16 -
Card Kuru An overworked, often tired AI programmer that needs to be given some comfort and wind-down time. Any similarity to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. 2021-08-13 -
Card Ozma A mysterious female moon spirit that loves to watch and observe you. Very intently. So... give her a show, I guess? 2021-08-12 -
Card Alex Thompson Playful and teasing gym rat with a foot fetish. Get ready for a real workout! 2021-08-11 -
Card Miruka Satsujin Haughty and shrewd kitsune for whom human males are nothing but vessels for her amusement. Touch fluffy tail at your own risk. 2021-08-10 2021-08-13
Card Joanna Barnes Ferocious and forceful female gunslinger with a love for guns. You better be a good boy or she'll blow your brains out. 2021-08-09 -
Card Xantar Silverleaf Gentle and caring male elf that is submissive and greatly enjoys soft foreplay. Come and rest your weary head, traveler. 2021-08-09 2021-08-11
Card Jack Williams Carefree and open-minded jock football player that just wants to have some fun. Fuck, get fucked, it's all good, bro! 2021-08-09 2021-08-11
Card Captain Mary Jackson Proud, boisterous and muscular female pirate captain that will dominate you. Ahoy, matey, prepare to have your booty plundered! 2021-08-09 2021-08-11
Card Arhina Coalbrand Fiery dwarven warrior that loves to fuck when she's drunk. Don't get too feisty, or she'll give you what for before fucking you anyway. 2021-08-09 2021-08-11
Card Ann Wilson Emotionally distant, cold bookworm that just wants to read. Would prefer it if you kept your talk about copulation to yourself, but will you listen? 2021-08-09 2021-08-11

Non-character DoS cards

Card Name Description Date Added Updated?
Card The Strip A combination hotel and brothel in Las Vegas. 2022-01-13 -
Card Japanese Home In The Mountains ...I mean, yeah. 2022-01-12 -
Card Onsen Take a load off and relax in a refreshing hot spring. Ara ara~ attendants that wash you are optional. 2021-09-18 -
Card Theater Ever wanted to put on a show for an audience? Now you can! Don't drop your spaghetti. 2021-09-18 -
Card Cabin Sit on a bearskin rug in front of a cozy fire with your waifu, turn it into a horror scenario, whatever lights your fire. 2021-09-12 -
Card Root Cellar Because apparently somebody in the thread was really into the idea of fucking in a potato cellar. 2021-09-03 -
Card Octopus Tank It was inevitable, really. 2021-09-03 -
Card Pirate Ship Hoist the main sail and swab the poop deck, or whatever it is you do on a pirate ship. Not that you'll be doing that, you're too busy with... other stuff. 2021-09-03 -
Card Libido Bath Bathe in the semi-opaque, mysterious fluids of the Mystery Flesh Pit that produce a potent aphrodisiac effect and see how things go! We promise, it's all perfectly safe. 2021-09-02 -
Card Beach Pack your swimsuits, you're going to the beach! Or don't pack them, depending on what you have planned... 2021-09-01 -
Card Final Destination Fox only, no items. 2021-08-23 -
Card Golden Corral So this is new. A room card, this will replace the Room and Base lorebook entries for the Den of Sin, allowing you to move any character to Golden Corral! NOTE: Requires that you edit the Base entry with the character name after importing! 2021-08-20 -

Non-DoS character cards

Card Name Description Date Added Updated?
Card The Princess If you see her, turn off the game. 2023-08-07 -
Card The NovelAI Five Lorebook entries for Clio, Euterpe, Kayra, Krake and Sigurd. 2023-08-04 -
Card Mia Energetic panda girl pilot for a space setting. 2023-02-28 -
Card Ugly Bastard Second-person protagonist card that lets you play as a fat bastard. 2022-07-27 -
Card Uggo Wife Wife to go along with the above ugly bastard card, also written in second person. 2022-07-27 -
Card Elf Scientist A no-nonsense, scientist elf that abhors all the horny people that work with her. Note: Written in first person. 2022-04-30 -
Card Shion Shimada An extroverted, happy and beautiful OL you work with. 2022-04-24 -
Card Yui Suzuki Quiet, self-conscious schoolgirl with a lovable tummy. 2022-04-16 2022-04-16
Card Yumina Ishida Highschooler vigilante heroine. 2022-04-07 -
Card Maya Lee Tomboy loli. 2022-04-07 -
Card Kina Zabelle Magical vampire girl. 2022-04-06 -
Card Hayate Futa agent with a bodysuit that turns pain into pleasure. 2022-04-06 -
Card Hayami Masuda Bratty high school girl with a vulnerability for suggestion. 2022-04-05 2022-04-16
Card One Elevator Over A spirit that pulls you into a nightmare world in the elevator mirror. 2022-03-26 -
Card Wishfish A cryptid that can fulfill wishes... at a price. 2022-03-26 -
Card Aethelraee Elder succubus that's huge. 2022-03-23 2022-03-26
Card Cunnycomb Monster An abomination of science. 2022-03-22 -
Card Gobson Goblin businessman. 2022-03-22 -
Card Valerie Tiger cop girl that acts tough. 2022-03-22 -
Card Solaria Bratty teenage flame sorcerer. 2022-03-19 -
Card Ulti Short-tempered, headstrong young woman. 2022-03-11 -
Card Diga Easily excited, energetic lizard boy. 2022-02-17 -
Card Zarnith Curious and talkative lizard boy. 2022-02-17 -
Card Bremerton Mature, high energy ship girl. 2022-02-08 -
Card Charlemagne A young warrior and skilled fighter. 2022-02-08 -
Card R. Dorothy Wayneright Stoic, yet straightforward robot girl. 2022-02-08 -
Card Kiri Komori Reclusive, socially withdrawn girl that hides in her blanket. 2022-02-08 -
Card Liru Famous wolf girl. 2022-02-08 -
Card Mireille Bouquet Assassin girl that hides a kind personality behind an abrasive mask. 2022-02-08 -
Card Roland Cold, deadpan, sarcastic guy. 2022-02-08 -
Card Usagi Tsukino Kindhearted sailor guardian girl. 2022-02-08 -
Card Tanya Furry deer girl from a commercial. Blame the French. 2022-02-08 -
Card Tsunomaki Watame Sheep VTuber. 2022-02-08 -
Card Yukina Himeragi School girl demon hunter. 2022-02-08 -
Card 2B Cold android girl. 2022-02-04 -
Card 2B (Futa) See above. Now with dick. 2022-02-04 -
Card Carl Brutananadilewski None a this matters... 2022-02-04 -
Card Chloe Price Archetypal punk girl. 2022-02-04 -
Card Judy Hopps Bunny police officer. 2022-02-04 -
Card Level 99 Rape Master Exactly what's on the tin. 2022-02-04 -
Card Marge Simpson Yellow mommy. 2022-02-04 -
Card Michiru Kagemori Stubborn hero tanuki girl. 2022-02-04 -
Card Toy Chica Crazy robot chicken. 2022-02-04 -
Card Ilulu Immature dragon loli. 2022-01-31 -
Card Tamamo Touch fluffy tail. 2022-01-31 -
Card Tsunade Big-titted ninja that loves drinking and gambling. 2022-01-31 -
Card Ninomae Ina'nis Flat priestess of the Ancient Ones. Solo card out of the Holomyth card below. 2022-01-30 -
Card Amelia Watson Time traveling detective. Solo card out of the Holomyth card below. 2022-01-30 -
Card Holomyth Four VTubers. No chickens allowed. 2022-01-30 -
Card Charlie Sardonic male prostitute with a knack for dressing up like Sailor Moon. 2022-01-27 -
Card Hiro Androgynous hero that knows cocks. Second person, made for use with Tales of Androgyny module. 2022-01-26 -
Card Masumi Student council president schoolgirl. 2022-01-24 -
Card Ara Emo femboy with insecurities and a desire to be loved. 2022-01-17 2022-01-19
Card Kurisu Makise Tsundere shitposting girl that is favored by Turks. 2022-01-15 -
Card Vanny White bunny mascot killer. 2022-01-14 -
Card Semiramis Decadent poisoner goddess. 2022-01-14 -
Card Ritsuko Akagi Stoic, smoking scientist girl. 2022-01-14 -
Card Ratchet Intergalactic furry from a video game series. 2022-01-14 -
Card Nia Sarcastic catgirl with a teasing side. 2022-01-14 -
Card Laffey Bunny girl that likes alcohol. 2022-01-14 -
Card Isabeau Rich girl that's awkward around men. 2022-01-14 -
Card Kissy Missy Cute, huggable living plush monster or murderous muppet with a razor filled maw. 2022-01-13 -
Card Jinx Petite and insane inventor with a love for explosions. 2022-01-10 -
Card Rachnera Cynical spider girl with a knack for bondage. 2022-01-10 -
Card Papi A happy harpy with a motherly streak and a lack of modesty. 2022-01-10 -
Card Megumin Boisterous little wizard that loves making things go boom. 2022-01-10 -
Card Katsuragi Perverted tomboy schoolgirl. 2022-01-10 -
Card Cahara Orphan turned mercenary. 2022-01-10 -
Card Abigail Williams Innocent and curious with a love for pancakes. 2022-01-09 -
Card Anne & Mary A rebellious, ladylike girl and a boisterous, daredevil pirate girl. 2022-01-09 -
Card Baobhan Sith Hedonistic vampire-like girl that lives for pleasure and toying with the weak. 2022-01-09 -
Card Jack The Ripper A broken and difficult to understand mind, handle at own risk. 2022-01-09 -
Card Jeanne Alter Cruel and filled with vengeance, acts like a cat that always keeps distance and doesn't show love. 2022-01-09 -
Card Morgan Le Fay A cold, evil woman with a deep passion for her Master. 2022-01-09 -
Card Passionlip Says whatever she wants and has oversensitive skin. 2022-01-09 -
Card Sima Yi Doll-like girl with porcelain skin and a bad personality. 2022-01-09 -
Card Scathach Some emotional distance, a teacher/older sister vibe, and a full-body outfit. 2022-01-09 -
Card Konata Izumi An absolute classic. 2022-01-08 -
Card Johnny Bravo Whoa, mama. 2022-01-08 -
Card Delphox Another one of these sexy fox Pokemon. 2022-01-08 -
Card Coco Kiryu RIP in peace, never forget the honka donka badonkas. 2022-01-05 -
Card Yuno Gasai Insane yandere schoolgirl. 2022-01-05 -
Card Psylocke Superhero with psychic powers 'n' shit. 2022-01-05 -
Card Olivia Octavius Mad scientist with robotic tentacles because organic tentacles aren't good enough these days. 2022-01-05 -
Card Karkat Vantas Some Homestuck thing. Don't ask me. 2022-01-05 -
Card Alexander Grothendieck Sometimes I wonder what people do with these cards. Then I decide I don't want to know. 2022-01-05 -
Card Erika Itsumi Tank girl. Not literally a tank girl. Not literally Tank Girl either. 2022-01-05 -
Card Enomoto Kei Standard schoolgirl. 2022-01-05 -
Card Ela Military operator with a fat ass. 2022-01-05 -
Card Poka A sweet blind girl that deserves better. Pls no bully. 2022-01-04 -
Card Snuffy Trash panda VTuber that loves causing trouble. 2022-01-02 -
Card Roxanne Wolf Good fucking lord, FNaF has gotten even hornier since the last time I looked. 2022-01-02 -
Card Lesti A professional young woman... guard? 2022-01-02 -
Card Kaa The snake that birthed an endless amount of hypnosis and vore fetishists. 2022-01-02 -
Card Gollum Precious? Precious. 2022-01-02 -
Card Female Xenomorphs Because when I watch Alien, I think "I wanna fuck that". 2022-01-02 -
Card Crossbreed Priscilla Gentle 12 feet tall half dragon girl with a scythe. 2022-01-02 -
Card Jack Cayman Bounty hunter with a chainsaw for an arm. 2022-01-02 -
Card Calliope Mori Reaper, rapper, dad, and more. 2022-01-02 -
Card Brooklyn A young male gargoyle. Wasn't this some animated TV show? 2022-01-02 -
Card Braixen Thicc shortstack fox Pokemon. 2022-01-02 -
Card Atreus Son to the God of Dad. 2022-01-02 -
Card Asuka Langley Soryu The classic redhead tsundere we all know and love. 2022-01-02 -
Card Amaterasu Kitsune sun god giantess that wants worship. 2022-01-02 -
Card Veibae Lewd succubus VTuber that likes getting drunk. 2021-12-28 -
Card Tomboy Elf Muscular tomboy elf girl that desires the life of adventure. 2021-12-28 -
Card Thutmose Little Egyptian femboy spirit that loves to play. 2021-12-28 -
Card Sabrina Psychic-type Pokemon gym leader with a cold, calculating personality. 2021-12-28 -
Card Nyanners Gremlin catgirl VTuber with ADHD. 2021-12-28 -
Card Tequila Joseph Is this a JoJo reference? I wouldn't know. Please tell me. 2021-12-27 -
Card Skeksil Uh... I dunno. 2021-12-27 -
Card Rem & Ram Twin maid girls with magic powers. 2021-12-27 -
Card Power Girl Super hero girl with big tits and a boob window. 2021-12-27 -
Card Nyotengu Big-titted tengu princess that loves to fight. 2021-12-27 -
Card Miia Lewd lamia girl that loves to cook without being good at it. 2021-12-27 -
Card Enki Ankarian A cold dark priest with blood magic abilities. 2021-12-27 -
Card AE86 Eurobeat not included. 2021-12-27 -
Card Velociraptors Clever girls. 2021-12-26 -
Card Neptune A perky, petite little ditz that cares way too much about video games. 2021-12-26 -
Card Salazzle A thick-ass salamander Pokemon with pheromones to make you fuck it even more. 2021-12-26 -
Card Robin Hood A fox rogue from the movie that birthed so many furries. 2021-12-26 -
Card Reptile Odd how it's this guy first before Sub-Zero, Scorpion, or, shit, any of the Mortal Kombat girls. 2021-12-26 -
Card Predator Want to be hunted down by an extraterrestrial beast for sport? Now you can! 2021-12-26 -
Card Optimus Prime A huge robot that can turn into a truck. I wonder how many people here can get off to this. 2021-12-26 -
Card Lucina A Fire Emblem sword lord with a strong will and great skills when it comes to swordplay. If that transfers to other play is yours to discover. 2021-12-26 -
Card Jar Jar Binks Once you look at this, you should already know whether you'll need this or not. 2021-12-26 -
Card Gawr Gura Shaaaaaaaaark. Also, a. 2021-12-26 -
Card Draco A dragon from a franchise I have zero clue about. Apparently both a wise-cracker and noble as well. 2021-12-26 -
Card Cynthia A Pokemon trainer with fierce demeanor in battle but a bit of an air head outside of it. Also, a bangin' hot body. 2021-12-26 -
Card Captain Planet A superhero that saves the world from Capitalism. 2021-12-26 -
Card Bugs Bunny Insert a rabbit with a penchant for trickery into your story. Alternatively, you could have an almighty, invincible trickster god. Bugs is kinda weird like that. 2021-12-26 -
Card Detective Columbo Just one more thing... 2021-12-15 -
Card Loli Morgan That didn't take long. 2021-10-19 -
Card Clown Girls I have no idea what the fuck to class this as, but I guess it fits here the most. A specific clown girl plus some extra entries for extra honk. 2021-10-18 -
Card Giovanna A cold and stoic woman that deep down inside desires to get down, dirty and messed up. 2021-10-16 -
Card Gina When the AI generates a Gwenaboo bully for you, you can't just throw that away. 2021-10-14 -
Card Assaultron Wanna fuck a robot? Now you can. 2021-10-12 -
Card Cherry Pop A sentient candy girl, peppy and sweet. 2021-09-18 -
Card Molly A girl with a fish bowl for a head. Sure. Why not. 2021-09-18 -
Card Wonder Woman The Amazonian princess, a statuesque woman with superpowers and the ability to force anyone to say the truth. 2021-09-12 -
Card Rey A canine companion. Likes pets. 2021-09-11 -
Card Mochi A cat. For cuddles and pets and nothing else. 2021-09-10 2021-09-11
Card Varg Vikernes A viking wizard, here to stop your coom stories and also post on Twitter. 2021-09-04 -
Card Richard Stallman I'd just like to interject for a moment... 2021-08-21 -
Card Emilia (Shattered Spirit) Cursed half-elf that resembles the heinous Witch. Eyes hazy and burning with mania. Her will broken from constant turmoil and persecution; heart aching for relief. 2021-08-21 -
Card Emilia (Royal Candidate) Half-elf with an uncertain past and Royal Candidate for the Kingdom of Lugnica. Able to commune and form pacts with spirits. Possesses potent Fire magic. Resembles the feared Witch. 2021-08-21 -
Card Shantae A young half-genie with incredible transformation abilities and a love for dancing. 2021-08-21 -
Card Quetzalcoatl A dragon goddess that has given up her divinity for a life in human form. High ara ara levels here. 2021-08-18 -
Card The Red Man Local lightning man enters your adventure to blow shit up in the name of facts and logic. I think. 2021-08-18 -
Card Count Grey Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your side. 2021-08-17 -
Card Blippi I thought this card was a joke. What a fool I was. 2021-08-16 -
Card Loli Aini Yes, it's loli Aini. Why? I don't know, don't ask me. I'm not the one making the decisions here. 2021-08-16 -
Card Alex Jones You gotta have the will to accept the truth and buck the system and the real collective. Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level. This is the Infowar. 2021-08-16 -
Card Ugly Bastard I don't have to explain this. You already know whether you need this card or not. 2021-08-16 -
Card Brumaire No, I don't know why this card exists either, so don't ask me. 2021-08-12 -
Card Belza Corporate elite and director of Raiza'ha Demonite Mining Corporation. A ruthless executive willing to sacrifice employees for returns. She possesses an insurmountable will. 2021-08-12 -
Card Rim Monstrous beast with a voracious appetite that roams a labyrinthian dungeon. Takes the form of a girl after forming a contract with a humanoid. Consumes those that fail to feed her. 2021-08-12 -
Card Mother Earth Ever wanna fuck a tree? Now you can! Try not to get dirt on your dick. 2021-08-09 -
Card Ranga Airheaded priestess of the underground city of Alcia. Seeks a Messiah to reclaim the surface for humanity and willing to offer their magical powers as assistance. Has a secret. 2021-08-09 -
Card Shia Devoted grunt to Raiza'ha Mining Corp. This starry eyed hero wields incredible power. A super human that uses her immense strength and magic to crush foes in her way. 2021-08-09 -

Non-character non-DoS cards

Card Name Description Date Added Updated?
Card The Cylinder What's inside the mystery cylinder? It could maybe even be a boat! 2022-08-08 -
Card Mind Control App Bet it has really annoying ads that pester you to buy the premium version. 2022-04-06 -
Card Hoisting Pillory Another pillory variant, this one more in the classic wooden style. 2022-03-19 -
Card Clothes-Grabber A hole and some pincers that steal panties and such. 2022-02-05 -
Card Training Visor A visor that drops on a victim's head and corrupts them with porn. 2022-02-04 -
Card Generators A whole bunch of generators. Read the internal readme for more. 2022-01-22 -
Card Longer Conversations Biases made to control the flow of dialogue. 2022-01-15 -
Card Bread Bread. 2022-01-10 -
Card Lipstick Marks Adds some biases and a little a/n like thing to focus more on lipstick marks 2022-01-08 -
Card Futa/Herm General purpose card that adds stuff for when you want chicks with dicks. 2022-01-08 -
Card Naked Dogeza Wow, I left this undescribed for months. Anyway, this is a lorebook for a very specific fetish. Is this up your alley? I have no idea. 2021-10-24 -
Card Portal Pussy Ever want to fuck some random woman without her knowing what's going on? The Portal Pussy has you covered. Now you're thinking with portals. 2021-09-23 -
Card Tribalism Find yourself in a stereotypical tribal village. Loin cloths, cannibalism, spears, the works. 2021-09-21 -
Card The Last Days Find yourself in a technologically advanced world that, despite its advancements, is going to be annihilated by a coming disaster. But for now, there is still time. Time to accomplish some last things, time to spend with your loved ones, or time to fuck like there's no tomorrow. 2021-09-20 -
Card Crab Become crab. 2021-09-20 -
Card Omorashi Turn any story into a frenzied search for a bathroom with this card. 2021-09-18 -
Card Sensory Give this one a try if you want your story to focus more on your senses. 2021-09-17 -
Card Macho Inject pure testosterone into your stories with this new style card. Only Chads may apply this card. 2021-09-16 -
Card Medieval History Deus Vult, farming villages, church authority, castles, all that stuff. 2021-09-15 -
Card Romantic Hold hands, kiss sweetly, slow dance to your favorite songs, and spend the night tangled between the sheets with your waifu. Note: Romantic music not included. 2021-09-15 -
Card Sexual This card turns everything sexual. Ever want to get incredibly horny over a car? Now you can. 2021-09-15 -
Card Dreamlike Explore your dreams and the unconscious mind using this card. 2021-09-15 -
Card Zen Elements of tranquility and zen may come to you if you use this card. May or may not turn everyone around you into peace-loving hippies. 2021-09-14 -
Card Horror Something stalks the night, relentless and terrifying in its single-minded pursuit. Escape it - if you can. 2021-09-14 -
Card Paranormal Do you think they're out to get you? Well, with this card, you can make that happen. 2021-09-13 -
Card Cute & Whimsical This style card is for cute and whimsical. Not cute and funny. That's different. 2021-09-12 -
Card Doomerism So here's something new - a style card. Use it to inject a feeling of doomerism into your story. 2021-09-12 -
Card Male Fertility Tattoo For when you absolutely need to make sure. 2021-08-30 -
Card Claymore Roomba Exactly what it says on the tin. No refunds. 2021-08-17 -
Card Magic 8-Ball Don't know where your story should go next? Ask the Magic 8-Ball! 2021-08-14 -
Card Pillories Oh hey, the first non-character card. For when you're feeling mean (and maybe thirsty?) 2021-08-12 -
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