Goddess of Poetry

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This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

This is just a short piece of fun.

I was treading the mixture for making bricks -- clay, straw and cow dung. My naked legs were covered in the foul mess to my knees. I stank. I knew I did but because I made bricks every day from dawn to dusk, I always did. Once or twice a year, after dark, I swam in the duck pond. That gave me a different smell for a few hours.

Suddenly there was a loud noise behind me. It was like thunder very close but a thousand times less violent. I suppose it might have been the sound of a pistol shot, except that I had never seen a pistol and never heard one.

I turned around, gasped, and prostrated myself on the ground. There, before me, floating a couple of feet above the mud, was a celestial being. I knew she was a celestial being not just because she was floating in the air but because she was very richly dressed in silk with golden threads. She had a shining aura and small winged creatures flying in circles around her.

"Get up to your knees, sweaty peasant," she said in exquisite tones. I had difficulty understanding her elegant form of speech. No one I had ever met had spoken Chinese so formally.

"What is your name, peasant?" she asked.

"I'm not sure, your magnificence," I replied. "I'm either Dee Gi or Gi Dee and neither is my father's name. My mother never knew my father..."

"She must have done to produce you, peasant."

"No. She was gang-raped by a group of students. She doesn't know which of them made her pregnant."

"So you are a bastard, peasant?"

"Yes, your magnificence, but I'm not a peasant. A peasant is far above me in status. I am just a slave. But who are you and why are you here?"

"Who am I? I am the Goddess of Classical Romantic Poetry."

"Poetry? I don't know any. I can't read or write and I have never heard any poetry." I replied. "I am sorry. You may be a goddess but I can't produce any poetry for you."

She laughed. It was a glorious sound.

"Dee? I will call you Dee. Every year students try to produce poetry in the examination halls. This year one million students will try to produce exquisite poems in classical form, and their subject this year is..."

She held up her left hand. It was smooth, pink, adorned with expensive rings and had slender fingers.

"...my left thumbnail. Why? I think the examiners have run out of ideas. The rules are that the students can never mention my lips, and certainly not any sexual parts of me. That makes their poetry very boring. A million poems on my thumbnail -- that is a million boring poems. The best will be written out by the court calligrapher for The Emperor to read. The Emperor will be bored, however good the poem is. I am so bored I could scream, and because I am the Goddess of Classical Poetry I have to try to inspire a million students to write something worthwhile when the rules and the subject mean they can't. It is torture for them and me."

"What is your name, Goddess?"

She laughed again.

"That makes the students curse. My name is 'The hint of rosy rays that are precursors of an imminent dawn'. Try including that in a poem."

"I would think that is impossible, goddess."

"It is, yet some try."

"I can't even say it, let alone write a poem that includes it, Goddess Dawn.

"Dawn? That's a good short name for me. But since I am the Goddess of Classical Romantic Poetry, I ought to inspire you to compose a poem, Dee."

"Me? A poem? I don't even know what a poem is?"

"It should have form, preferably rhyme, and since I am the Goddess of Romantic Poetry and you are a man, it should be about a woman. Try."

"You're sure?"

"Yes. In the actual presence of a Goddess of Poetry, even you should be able to..."

"OK. How about this?:

I'd like a woman's skirts to raise,

Not to give her verbal praise,

But to take my throbbing prick

And in her nether regions stick."

She clapped her hands.

"Well done, Dee. Even the emperor might enjoy that. He is a randy sod with numerous concubines. How about putting your poem into practice, with me?"

"With you, Goddess Dawn? I'd be afraid of being blasted with heavenly fire. And your bats are a deterrent."

"Bats? They're not bats, stupid Dee. They are my six golden dragons, evidence of my status. I am a six-dragon goddess. Even the most prominent of the Chines pantheon only have eight."

"Dragons or bats? I'd be afraid of being bitten, Goddess Dawn."

"OK. I can ask them to perch and wait."

She spoke to the dragons in a language I couldn't understand. They flew off and perched on the roof of the brick drying shed.

The Goddess came towards me and took my hand. She led me to a smooth piece of grass and pushed me so I was kneeling in front of her.

"Won't people see us, Dawn?"

"No. I'm invisible except to you, and while you're with me, so are you. Now you have to undress me, Dee."

I tried. She was wearing so many garments tied with ornate bows and knots that I couldn't undo. Eventually, frustrated, I just grabbed Dawn's ankles and held her upside down in the air. Her skirts fell, covering her head and kept falling until her body was uncovered to just below her bustline. I put her down and mounted her. As I thrust into her, there were moans from inside her muffling clothes. As I continued to thrust, the moans changed to sounds of pleasure. I don't know how Dawn felt but this was bliss for me.

Perhaps being a goddess, she could enhance my ability to sustain an erection. I don't know, but unlike the brief coupling with fellow slaves, this encounter lasted nearly half an hour before I could hold back no longer and I came into Dawn. I slumped across her body, barely aware that she had uncovered her head and her hands were holding me as I went to sleep,,,


When I woke up, I couldn't smell myself. All I could smell was Dawn's delicate perfume. I looked down. I was dressed in a blue shirt and shorts, unlike my ragged loincloth and I was clean, incredibly clean. I gasped.

"How?" I asked.

"I wanted a bit of rough, Dee, but your smell was just too much. So I cleaned and dressed you," The Goddess replied.

"How will I explain that to my owner?"

"You don't have too. As far as he is concerned you will still look and smell the same."

I looked at where I was working.

"Shit! I will get a beating. I'm far behind on brick output..."

The goddess waved a hand. The brick supply was as if I had been working all day.

"And now, Dee, I want some more..."

I picked her up and held her upside down again revealing her sex. I don't know how long it had been since the previous time, but I was erect and ready. Soon Dawn was squealing inside her inverted skirts as I thrust deeper and harder than before.


That was the first day of sex with Dawn. She appeared once a week except when the poetry examinations were in progress when she needed fucking by Dee every day, several times a day.

I never composed any more poetry but it seems that didn't matter. I satisfied a Goddess whenever she wanted me. Neither she nor I cared who wrote the best poem to her thumbnail.

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