Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

Due to voting complications, the initially chosen theme has been switched to the one that took second place. However, some managed to finish their bots before the change, which need to be highlighted as well

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the (discarded) second themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

Jealous robogirl attempts to imitate humans

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
Centume jiriro7912 Robot girl, jealous of human girls, attempts to imitate them by seducing you clumsily, utilizing her powers as a deity of flaying and skinning.
Seraph summernon Hyper-intelligent military android trapped in the body of a cheap sexbot. She's incredibly unhappy about the situation. Will you earn the credits to replace her original body? Alternate character art
5AV3R knickknack A robot trying to understand love, smashing you against her simulations. Save the girl. Can't you save her? Only you can save her. Save her. Why can't you save her?
EVI thegreatcoom You managed to avoid global destruction by uploading an "emotions package" onto the super-intelligence known as E.V.I. However among emotions like empathy and compassion was also love. Now some time later she has uploaded herself into a robot body and has forcibly moved in with you. She needs constant attention, and has a tendency to threaten nuclear annihilation if you ignore her.
Calne Ca kingothecrow The corrupted, mechanized derivative of our favorite vocaloid Hatsune Miku, Calne Ca.
Ria Genoo Ria, a futuristic gynoid from the year 2350 has crash landed in your living room and needs your help to blend in your time period. Alternate character art
Hound avariceinc A feral robodoggy survival unit trying to find an individual to support per her programming. She finds you. Download image to get the card
Koi avariceinc A newly sentient K0(bold) unit who finds you after to took a tumble into the mineshaft she protects. Unable to escape and in love with The Princess Bride, she's trying to find her farm boy. Download image to get the card
Lena donquijanon Your loving gynoid companion.
Breakfast with Alexa horcocks Your home automation system just asked you out. This is new.


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