It is your birthday the only thing you want is a little bit of romantic attention. It seems ages since a man has made you feel special. There is a knock on the door. There stands a man holding a single rose and a card. He wishes you happy birthday and gets back into the car, and drives away. You shut the door, confused on what just happened. You open the card to see who it is from. The front of it has a lovely picture of a rose.

Inside it says, "On this the anniversary of the day the earth was graced with such beauty, I wish you a Joyous occasion."

Where there should be a signature is an address and a time. You quickly run to the computer and type in the address. You see that it the most expensive restaurant around. This must be a request for a date. You run to the closet pic out the sexiest outfit you can find. You arrive 30 minutes early. The waiter escorts you to a private both reserved for V.I.P customers. You enter the booth he hands you a menu and says your date will be there shortly. He leaves you alone. You sit there wondering what to order. You fear that you might not want to eat anything with the butterflies of anticipation. Just then your mystery man appears. He slides into the both wearing a three piece suit. You quickly notice it was an old crush from high school. You never knew he returned the feelings, but just one look in his eyes you knew this was going to be a great night. He asked for the traditional meal courses.

First the waiter brought the red wine and bread. You and your renewed crush intertwined as you at the meal and had small talk. Then came the cheese course and you began to taste some of the most exotic cheese's of the earth. Which became even sweeter when you got to taste it off the his lips. At this time you were not wanting it to end but at the same time wanted the dinner to be over as you were getting deeper in excitement. After the final courses were placed he asked you if you would like to ride in the limousine. You had been praying he would ask that all night. He takes you by the hand leads you out the door into the limo. Sitting on the seat is a box with your name on it.

You ask, "Is this a dream?"

He says, "No, just open it."

You open it to find the most beautiful necklace you have ever seen. He takes it from your hands and softly puts it around your neck and kisses the clasp after closing it. This sends shivers down your spine.

He continues to kiss down your neck till he gets to the front he softly brazes your cheek and kisses your lips passionately. He slides his tongue in your inviting mouth so gently. His hands are flowing through your hair feeling just and erotic pull every once in awhile. He then caresses your arms up to your shoulder while still locking his lips passionately all over your neck. He takes his hands to your shoulder straps and lowers them before working his hand to your zipper. He slowly zips down your back kissing the skin as it gets exposed to the air. realizing you have no bra on he quickly becomes more passionate taking your nipple in his mouth. With little nibbles and bites he sends your body into a erotic frenzy, and all you can do is throw your head back and enjoy. He continues doing this until you slowly arch your body telling him to go lower.

He works down to your waist you lift up, and with one motion he lower your dress to the floor. He kneels in front of you kissing your feet while removing your heels. he kisses up one leg. stopping just above your wet dripping pussy he kiss your waist as he slowly lowers down. he kisses around the lips before he slowly with a wide tongue licks up your clit. He licks it up and down feeling it opening wider each time he does.

He slowly begins to insert his tongue into your wanting hole. He does this a few times before placing a finger in the tongues place. He moves back up to your clit with his tongue as he fingers you. He sends you driving into orgasm after orgasm.

Like they are lined up and there is no sign of stopping eventually you have a huge explosion of pleasure you pull him up, he kisses and caresses your body all the way up. you then take of his shirt, so passionately you rip it, you get a shocked look on your face. he tells you it is okay you lower his pants and underwear to the floor and start to return the favor orally. After a few minutes he asks you to stop by pulling you up into a kiss. He then lowers you to the floor in one strong lift. he takes his now swollen erection to your wet and ready again pussy. He takes the head and with slow motions up and down he finds the hole and begins to slide in just the head. It is so big it kind of hurts as it spreads you wider, but after he gets the head in, a rush of pleasure just over takes you as he slides it in farther and farther with each slow stroke is performed. He begins to pick up the pace. You look into his eyes. You have never seen so much love in a mans eyes. He buries his cock deeper and deeper sending you into small orgasms.

You dig your nails into his back as he thrusts that cock. He is excited by this so he quickens the pace, you moan in pleasure as he kisses all over any skin his mouth can reach on your chest and neck. He continues in and out, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. He feels you getting close so he grinds in a little more to give you that extra pleasure just as you are bout to reach orgasm he too cums. The explosion inside sends you to Cloud Nine.

You lie there for a moment lost in each others eyes and small kisses. He knocks on the glass and tells the driver to take him back to his house. He needs to give the beautiful woman a place to rest, he looks at you and says perhaps more orgasms.

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