Part 1: Caught

Cal was just like any other 23 year old, he had just finished college and was working from home as a stock broker. It was a peaceful gig with good money, he got to stay home and had no additional payments like rent so most of his money just went to his personal use or savings. Of course like every guy his age he was at that incredibly horny stage of life and not having a girlfriend didn't help matters much.

So basically he loved to pleasure himself, like a lot, when he was alone.

Cal's dad, Dan was usually out of state on business, while his mom, Jenna worked morning to night managing her own Salon. His sister Hanna who was 2 years older than him lived in her college dorms in the city pursuing higher studies in psychology. The house was in general managed by the maid, Lara who was hired by Cal's mom and had been working with them for around 2 years. She took care of most of the work like cleaning, cooking and laundry.

"Cal, I'm leaving, come lock the door behind me." said Jenna as she was rushing off to work.

"Ok, mom. See you later."

"Goodbye honey, take care of the house till Lara arrives."

"Okay, see ya." Said Cal as he slammed the door shut.

"Seriously Cal you're gonna break that door one day and there will be hell to pay." Cal could hear his mom scream from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, yeah."

'That boy and his antics drive me crazy sometimes, somebody needs to teach him some respect, Lord knows he's well past the age where I could just spank him and do it myself.' thought Jenna.

"Finally, I've got the whole place to myself."

It was such a hard thing to get some alone time, considering his family didn't really believe in privacy amongst family and sch. The 'no locks on the bedroom door' policy was one of the most painful tenets to Cal's masturbation time.

The only alone time he could have was the gap between his mom leaving for work and Lara arriving, maybe 30 mins, which wasn't much and maybe some time after if Lara was done with work early.

Cal ran into his room, switched on his laptop and started browsing through his favorite porn sites. Looking at the new videos and slowly rubbing himself was one of the favorite moments his day to day life.

He browsed through various sites like sex, foot worship, blowjob, hentai, BDSM and so on getting into it with each video.

As he was finally in the mood -

Knock knock

'No! not now, I was almost there.'

Either Lara had come 15 minutes earlier than usual or it was a salesman. Either way it neither was a welcome guest.

'Maybe I should just ignore it.'

Knock knock

'Ha... I guess not.' He let out a deep sigh and went off to open the door.

He tucked his hard on between his elastic trousers and let his shirt flow loose effectively covering his bulge.

Peaking through he could see Lara waiting outside waiting for him to open up.

"Hey Cal, I finished my breakfast earlier than usual. Thought I would get a early start on work."

Lara walked in and shut the door.

"Good for you." he said in a sarcastic voice as his irritation at being interrupted bled into his tone.

" Ok, I'll be in the kitchen if you need me." she said giving him a weird look before moving on.

'Unless you are willing to get me off, no thanks.' thought Cal as he stared at her moving figure.

Though he did have the odd thought about her, Lara wasn't really his type of woman as he was more into girls his own age, but she was pretty good looking. Her dark long hair, her brown eyes and her tall figure was very alluring not to mention her pert ass and firm breasts. The fact that she was older than him by 4 years was a good selling factor too as a mature woman. But Cal always saw her as only the maid and sometimes as a tool to get off in his dreams, but never as someone he wanted to date since he felt he deserved much better than her.

He went back into his room closing his tabs one by one. As he was about to close a video he noticed it was a new one which he hadn't watched yet.

It was of a college girl and a guy. The girl's hands were tied at the wrists and she was bent over on the sofa with the guy clamping his hand over her mouth.

'Damn that looks so hot, I need to save this to my collection.'

The guy was whispering how she was a dirty little slut and needed to be quiet for him.

He fished out a pair of pink gym socks and a light blue scarf from a bag nearby.

He rubbed the sock against the girls nose causing her to buck and squirm.

"That's my girlfriend's worn gym socks incase you were wondering. I picked it from her hamper just for you."

The girl's eyes glazed over and lovely tears poured out at the possibly horrible smell and the humiliation of being subdued by a man until she was just his toy.

He released her mouth and pinched her nose shut making sure she had to open her mouth allowing him to carefully fold the sock into a thick wad and thoroughly stuff the entirety of it into her mouth causing her cheeks to bulge. He then tied the scarf in a tight cleave gag completing the strict gag.

Cal could feel his cock twitch at the sight of the girl completely at her Dom's mercy.

The guy then wrapped his hand in her hair, grabbing and pulling her up by her hair as he prepared to take her from behind.

The sight of a helpless girl bound and gagged, bent over and about to be taken from behind was so sexy that Cal almost came in his pants.

'Definitely need to save this.' He began stroking himself as he downloaded the clip.


But you know how life is, when something good happens something bad isn't far behind.

Suddenly the door opened with Lara walking in.

"Cal, we don't have enough dishwasher, do you.... Oh my god!!"

There was Cal, openly masturbating and stroking himself in his chair while watching porn.

'Uh oh, busted.'

Part 2:

Cal's POV:

"Oh my God!"

Those were the words which marked the beginning of a long and arduous sexual journey. Though I couldn't possibly know that at the moment.

"Cal! What are you doing so blatantly and in broad daylight? Have you no shame?!"

I could feel my cheeks flushing red as she looked upon me with shock and disgust.

I could feel my cock twitching and about to burst due to the hot and raunchy sex video. On a side note it was still playing on screen giving out where the bound and gagged college girl was moaning into her gag as the man was whispering some lewd dirty talk into her ear which obviously didn't help my boner much.

" You shouldn't barge in here like that..." Was all I could manage at the spur of the moment. I could hardly think feeling heady what with all the hormones and the rush of being at the edge.

"Put that thing back in you freak. I can see it bobbing and twitching."

This got me blushing as I desperately tried to contain myself.

Lara moved to look at the screen after hearing the lewd moaning and cries of the girl.

"I can't believe you would watch porn now, so early in the morning, while I'm working just a few feet away. What are you even watching?"

She scooted over trying to get a better look at the screen, of what I was watching.

Now, maybe I may have over-reacted to this action of hers but I seriously didn't want her to think I was some pervert who liked to hurt girls and dominate them.

The video was at a point where the man was taking the girl from behind and the girl was moaning and squirming trying to buck him off as he held her down.

So in a bout of foolishness I got up and tried to shove her away and close my laptop.

"That's private Lara, move off." I gave her a forceful push, trying to push her a bit to the side.

"You jerk, whoa...."

Lara seemed to loose her balance and fumbled trying to grab on to something for support.

She held one hand against the nearby table while her other one flailed around trying to grab my shirt.

" Let go..."

Unfortunately it slipped off my sleeve when I tried to back away and roughly swiped my excited little friend below by mistake.

I could feel the sweet sweet release as I blew my load instantly upon feeling her rough handling of my cock.

I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure course through me and felt calm when it was suddenly shattered by a scream.

I opened my eyes to see Lara down on the floor staring at me with my cum dripping down her top.

"That was my favorite shirt you piece of shit." She said crying out in outrage as she stood up.


I felt a sting on my left cheek leaving me stunned at what had just happened. looked at her in a daze and saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes.

"Nobodies ever treated me like this, like a...a cheap slut. I'm going to get you for this." She said with rage and tears in her eyes as she backed out the door.

"Lara, wait."

"Don't move, don't speak. You are in big trouble, you don't want to anger me any more than this."

She went out back leaving me standing there with my deflated little friend hanging out. After the intense release my sex drive went into a slump leaving me clear headed... Oh boy was I fucked.

I'd just watched porn in broad daylight with my hot maid just a few doors down. Was confronted by her and my response had been to cum down her favorite top like she was some cheap whore.

I knew Lara, she wasn't some responsible adult who would sit me down and talk to me and try to change me, retribution would be swift and merciless.

'Is she going to tell mom? Maybe. Can't rule it out.'

'Maybe get me in trouble with the cops? No, she wouldn't go that far. I've know her for a long time.'

'Or would she try to extort me? No, that would require her to use brains.'

'Damn, I need to beg and plead for forgiveness and possibly throw her a few treats. That just might work.'

As I contemplated all the possibilities I saw the door opening out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh, Lara... Listen I know I messed up.... What..."

I had barely begun when Lara tackled me and pushed me face down on the bed.

"Wait, what the fuck are you doing. I'm sorry I did that ok. Let me go."

I could feel some sort of tape being wrapped around my wrists as she sat down on my head immobilizing me.

"Lara, get your fat ass off of me."

"You asked for this Cal, you're going to get what you deserve." As opposed to my frantic voice Lara's seemed stone cold.

I felt a chill run down my spine hearing her, since she was always a a nice and cheerful girl, I had never heard her so angry before.

"Ok, I'm at fault here, so please let's just talk this oomph."

Was all I got out before something nasty was shoved into my mouth. I could feel Lara prodding it in trying to get in as much of it as she could.


"That's so much better. I think I prefer you like this Cal." She said with an evil snicker.

She started to wrap the tape around my mouth making sure I couldn't spit out whatever she'd stuffed in. I could feel her patting down the tape making sure there were no loose ends.

"Now, that's more like it."


I could feel a weird taste seeping out of the wad in my mouth onto my tongue.

"I hope you like those ankle socks, I've had those on since my jog this morning."


My gag reflex suddenly started acting up after hearing the origin of the nasty taste in my mouth.

"Hahaha, serves you right."

I could feel Lara turning me over and forcing me onto my knees. She leaned over and grabbed onto my chin forcefully, meeting my eyes. She had changed out of her previous shirt and was now wearing a pink top.

"You better get comfy dear, because I'm only just beginning."

I saw the excited and sadistic look on her face and I knew it was going to be a long day.


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