Foreword: My apologies for the long wait, gentlemen. Busy over the holidays and all that. This chapter is a little milder today, mostly foot related, but I promise it is building towards something. Thank you for your patience. I think we can all appreciate a bit of prolonged foreplay, after all. Enjoy.

Before the duo headed out, Becca heard the shower come on - for Tara, she imagined. Then, a short while later the two moved past the living room door and out of the house.

From the glimpse, Becca saw the two had gotten dressed. Tara was in tight jeans that showed off her wider hips, thicker legs and firm butt. She wore low-top white converse sneakers; she also had on a warm, long-sleeve shirt that hugged her frame, accentuating her more modest bust. The hair on her crown was tied back in a tail, whilst the hair on the back of her head flowed down to her mid-back. It wasn't a common style, but Becca thought it looked great on her, reminding her of a warrior-princess. Contrasting her was Eliza; her long, brown hair was brushed and straightened to perfection - she had a little more makeup on, but it was tastefully done. She wore a summer dress that came to her mid-thigh; smooth, tanned legs stretching out beneath, coming to dark, shin-high boots. She wore a denim jacket over the dress, combined with the boots to give a contrast between the pretty, girly dress and the tougher, more rugged pieces.

Becca wished she could go with them, more enamoured with being like them than ever before. Maybe they could give her advice on how to dress. She never made that much of an effort to dress up when going to the mall; she remembered Tara calling her pretty and wondered what they could make her look like. She felt a little ashamed for thinking the way she did, for admiring them, but she couldn't deny the thoughts were there.

The fantasy didn't last, she was on her own and had to occupy the time.

The TV didn't hold her interest for long, apparently she couldn't concentrate on the spotted leopards being showcased, finding herself glancing at the clock to see how long it had been since they left. The solitude and boredom was torturous.

For the next few hours she read more, made herself lunch, and even spent an hour trying to do her make-up like Eliza's, which was harder than she anticipated and didn't look half as good. Becca considered maybe she would ask them to do her make-up for prom.

She thought about how she was breaking her forfeit and using her hands, but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. Or her.

The clock slowly ticked away, closing in on 5pm. When the door opened and delighted giggling swept into the quiet house, Becca felt her heart flutter with excitement; finally the solitude was over.

Becca had showered and removed the makeup, and put her pajamas on; loose, soft cotton pants and a plain white shirt; her hair was brushed and tied back into a ponytail. She was sitting on the couch, trying to understand the appeal of reality TV, when the pair walked into the living-room and dropped themselves onto the couch on either side of her. Tara pulled the door closed on her way in.

She didn't want to look like she had missed them, but she was glad they were back, so she innocently asked, "Did you have a good time?"

Tara loosened her sneakers and pushed them off with her feet, revealing white ankle socks that Becca could see were plastered to her feet, she could see the damp outline of her toes and heel on their base. Eliza shrugged off her jacket and nodded, "Yeah it was great. Tiring though! We must've spent three hours at least looking at stuff."

The two girls briefly chatted with her about all the stores they went in, when Eliza looked at Becca and asked, "You've been doing everything with your mouth, right?"

Becca lied. "Yep." Eliza narrowed her eyes playfully - she clearly doubted the answer, but she didn't press it. Becca was more concerned Eliza had just reminded Tara of her forfeit. It had been a hot day, Becca was briefly terrified Tara was about to ask for another massage with how the athletic girl rubbed at the sole of her socked foot, a pained look on her beautiful face.

The older blonde sibling stood, "I've gotta pee." Then moved to the door, where she paused and glanced back to see the pair smirking at her. She remembered and smiled back, not falling for Eliza's trick - she pushed the door open with her pursed lips. Tara giggled at the display. Becca disappeared upstairs, half using the excuse to give time for Tara to forget about her tired feet and half actually needing to pee.

A short time later, she returned to the living room and settled onto the couch. She was about to speak, when Eliza hit her with, "Did you pee?"

It was such a strange, out of the blue question, Becca answered with an uncertain, "...Yeah?"

Eliza made a face like it was an interesting revelation. "And... did you wipe?"

Becca looked a little revulsed at the line of questioning and looked at Tara, incredulous that her sister would ask, Tara looked at her blankly - so she answered the silly question. "Yeah, of course I wiped."

Tara let out a pained, 'Oooo...' before Eliza shrugged innocently. "I dunno how you wiped with your mouth... but it sounds like you're gonna be giving tongue massages for the rest of the weekend."

Becca gaped at her, then to Tara. The younger blonde girl mimicked Eliza's shrug, like a sympathetic beaurocrat forced to abide by the rules, "That was the agreement."

Becca struggled for words, wanting to argue her side, but then Tara held her legs out, flexing her socked feet. "Speaking of..."

The older sister was assembling the words to refuse, but she didn't want to risk annoying them already, when she had been wanting to hang out all day. Becca let out an exaggerated huff of defeat and slid herself off the couch.

She pivoted around so she was seated on the carpet in front of Tara. Looking up at the beautiful, smiling blonde athlete, she found herself smiling back instinctually, before Tara lifted her leg and her sweat-sodden socked foot appeared in front of her face. Immediately, she could smell the murky, fabric-soaked-in-sweat scent overpowering the sharper, riper scent of Tara's normal, sweaty foot smell. Becca wrinkled her nose, letting out an, "Ewww... they're gross."

Tara let out an amused giggle and wiggled her toes, then she straightened her foot - brushing her big toe across the tip of Becca's adorable, upturned nose. It would've continued and settled on her lips, but Becca instinctively pulled back an inch as the raspy, damp fabric touched her.

She could see Tara again, who raised an eyebrow at her - clearly questioning her instinct to pull away. She was supposed to be massaging with her mouth...

Becca felt Tara's testing glare and knowing smile; her entire visage seemed to say, "You're going to do it, right?" That again reminded Becca of when a teacher, or her mom, gave her a request that wasn't really a request.

So, she decided to get it over with, and leaned forward. She puckered her cupid's bow lips and planted a kiss on Tara's pointed toes. As her soft lips pressed against the sock, the damp, rough feel of the fabric was immediately less pleasant than when it hadn't been there. It felt even grosser than kissing Tara's feet had. The sock seemed like it squelched slightly, having absorbed so much of Tara's foot sweat throughout the hot day of walking. As she finished the kiss, Tara looked satisfied.

"Good girl." She teased.

Becca felt herself quiver internally at the comment, a hazy mix of embarrassment and a strange, guilty excitement at the praise, that made her even more embarrassed. She hoped neither of the girls could tell; thankfully Tara lifted her foot, giving Becca access to her sole, blocking her mostly from view. Becca responded by pressing more hesitant, grossed out kisses across the ball of Tara's socked foot.

Eliza made a grossed out sound for her, "Oh my god, that must be so gross. We've been walking for hours." That made Tara laugh again. Becca showed her agreement by adding more sounds of disgust as she kissed.

Tara scoffed, as if mildly hurt by them commenting on her 'gross', sweaty feet. "Well, I'll make you the same offer as yesterday, Bec'. If you lick my feet for ten minutes, you can stop."

Becca paused her kissing, "Yesterday it was just your toes, and it was only once!"

Tara's lips twisted wryly, "Yeah... but yesterday they weren't as sore. And you kissed them for longer." Becca thought about it, but shook her head no. She didn't want to taste these feet after marinating in Tara's shoes and socks all day. Tara shrugged and pressed the ball of her foot flat against Becca's lips, burying her nose beneath her sweaty, socked toes. "Suit yourself." The athletic girl held her foot there, forcing Becca to breath in the scent of her socks, for a few seconds. Becca was hit by the sharp, vinegary musk. It seemed like the base of Tara's toes had soaked up the most sweat

Becca regretted her choice; Tara began 'massaging' for her, pressing her socked foot against her lips a little longer and more forcefully than Becca had kissed. Tara didn't look upset, for which Becca was glad, but the rough, salty fabric felt abrasive to her mouth and nose.

Eliza watched the show for a bit, before she leaned down to a shopping bag she had come in with. Her manicured hand withdrew a makeup palette.

"Oh, Becca. I bought some new makeup, so you can have the stuff we used yesterday if you want." She gestured towards the neat pile Becca had assembled Eliza's makeup in, from the previous night, on the coffee table pushed up against the wall.

Becca was pleasantly shocked by the gesture. As much as Eliza would tease her, and make her feel embarrassed, it was moments like this that made her realize her sister was doing it all in good fun - Eliza clearly cared about her. She wanted to show her gratitude for the gift, and opened her mouth to say thanks between contact with Tara's foot.

As she did, Tara pushed her socked toes into Becca's mouth. The older girl felt the fabric covered toes push between her lips and stroke against her tongue. Her words garbled at the sweaty intrusion, the taste of sweat filling her mouth whilst the fabric simultaneously soaked up her saliva - drying her tongue out. "Than-phbbbbff!"

She pulled away, Tara's foot sliding back out across her tongue, and she began mock spitting to get the taste out of her mouth, but couldn't because she had no saliva left. They laughed, and she found herself laughing as well. She was the butt of the joke, but she could see the humour in it and at the hilarious sound she had made.

Tara waved a hand in apology, "Sorry - sorry - I couldn't help myself."

The taste faded on it's own, but it took her a second to gather saliva in her mouth once more so she could speak clearly. "Oh my god my mouth is so dry..." Her voice sounded a little raspy, but she wanted to divert the humiliation from herself so she looked at Eliza.

"Thanks, that's really thoughtful, Eliza."

The brunette beamed a warm smile; she didn't make Becca aware it was because she and Tara had their feet all over the makeup they had used - there was no way it was going back on her face. "I'll get you a drink, since you can't use your hands." The sudden compassion Eliza was showing Becca made her feel extra bad for blowing up at her the previous night. Maybe she had over reacted.

Eliza headed to the kitchen, and Becca went back to kissing Tara's feet - though she eyed her suspiciously as she planted the first kiss on her toes. She could feel her saliva on them, making them even more moist. Tara held up innocent hands at the dagger-glare.

Becca rubbed at her face, wiping away the wetness. "Can we take off your socks? The fabric is making my lips sore." Tara looked a little surprised, and slightly concerned, "Oh, yeah totally. I didn't even think about that."

The older girl wasn't that hurt, but it felt nice to see Tara cared, she lifted her hands from the carpet when Tara's voice corrected her. "No hands though." So much for that concern.

Becca felt dumb for making the request, forgetting the consequences it had for her. She leaned down to Becca's ankle and tried to snag the opening with her teeth. The younger blonde began flexing her foot, shifting her ankle as Becca tried. The older girl shot her a look of exasperation, her face screaming, "What are you doing?!" Without even having to voice it. Tara smiled playfully. "Nobody said I had to make it easy for you."

With a scowl of annoyance, Becca tried once again then playfully bit the outer arch of Tara's socked foot when she began fidgeting again. Tara squealed girlishly, and Becca used the opportunity to seize the sock at the ankle. The younger girl laughed, accepting defeat, and allowed Becca to draw the white ankle sock down around her heel. As she dragged it up her sole, Tara tilted her foot forward so Becca was forced to draw her nose and face across the sweaty bottom as she went.

The sock came off, revealing Tara's smooth, bare sole - damp with perspiration, speckled with sock lint and toe jam.

Becca held her head high in victory, and threw the sock aside with a toss of her head. Nevermind that she had rubbed her face across Tara's foot - that was something she was getting slightly more used to. She locked eyes with Tara when she started to move towards the second foot and saw her getting ready to move it again. She wished she had the kind of stare that she could pin someone down with, but Tara was not easily intimidated. "I'll let you take the other one off but you have to do it from the toes." It was a daunting offer, but Becca didn't want to go through the frustration again so she rolled her eyes and accepted defeat. "Ugh! Fiiiine..."

So, Becca leaned down towards the socked foot. She tried to grasp the fabric without pinching the skin of Tara's toes, careful to not cause any pain. After two attempts that just ended in her brushing her teeth across Tara's sock, she moved down toward the base of Tara's toes, where the fabric was slightly more abundant. She used her upper lip and nose to push Tara's big and second toe back, catching the sock between her teeth. Tara cheered her on, and with some effort she dragged the sock up and off.


Eliza came into the kitchen and opened the fridge. She found herself grinning when she saw the milk, remembering what she had done the previous day. It was so fun getting Becca to do gross things, even if she didn't know about them. Instead, this time she pulled out a bottle of sparkling water.

They had spent hours walking around the hot mall, working up a sweat and talking more about what they could do this weekend. It was quickly becoming her favourite thing to do.

The cap came off, and she poured the fizzy liquid into a clear glass. Then, she leaned over the beverage and spat into it. Her saliva struck and disappeared below the surface, dissolving and becoming indistinguishable in the bubbles and froth.

Then, she called the local pizza place and put in an order for some food and drinks.

She collected the spit-and-sparkling water glass, and returned to the living room.


Becca could hear Eliza's booted feet on the wooden flooring of the hallway before she returned. She quickly threw the sock aside, so that her sister wouldn't see her with it between her teeth. Tara chuckled at the quick action, but didn't bring it up as Eliza came into the room.

Eliza handed the glass to Becca, then shrugged off her denim jacket and hung it up on the door. "I ordered us some pizza."

Becca had immediately brought the glass to her lips and taken several gulps of the water - grateful that she had moisture in her mouth again, especially after having held the sweaty sock in her teeth.

The pretty brunette settled back onto the couch, her eyes settled onto Tara's bare feet that weren't being kissed. Becca was going to ask what they had ordered, but she caught Eliza's look and then saw Tara was looking at her expectantly. She leaned in and planted her moistened lips against Tara's bare sole, feeling the smooth, soft, damp skin of her foot beneath her kiss. The scent was different now, sharper and more like Tara's personal smell than her socks held. Strong, musky, vinegary and fresh, if sweat could be fresh.

Becca felt herself kissing with slightly more force, holding the kiss for a little longer than she had the previous day - mimicking the pressure Tara had used when rubbing her socked foot against her lips. She recalled how Tara had reacted more strongly to her licking than her quick kisses, and thought it would be over more quickly if she made it a good massage.

As she kissed, they began talking again. She mostly listened, too occupied by her task to reply often, but the pair did include her and she stopped occasionally to comment or ask questions. As much as kissing Tara's feet was more bearable than kissing her socks was, she couldn't shake the notion that if she had licked them her massage would've been over by now. At least now she could drink her water, rather than licking her lips as they dried out.

Eliza piped up at one point, "After we eat, we should play truth or dare."

Tara reacted by excitedly tapping her hand against her thigh. "Ooo, I love when we play truth or dare."

Becca was intrigued, it was another of the classic sleepover games she hadn't ever experienced. "Sounds like fun." She added, before kissing Tara's big toe. Eliza nodded, suppressing a laugh as she watched her sister makeout with another girl's sweaty feet. "Oh it will be. By the way, where's the money mom left you? You can't exactly pay the pizza guy with it in your mouth."

Becca was about to refuse to tell her, she liked being the mature one trusted with such responsibilities, but Eliza's last comment convinced her not to. "It's on top of the fridge." Eliza nodded, then the conversation drifted again.

Eliza was looking through her shopping bag when she pulled out three packets. "Oh, we also got matching sleeping-masks. Aren't they cute?" She showed Becca - they were all black sleeping masks, which she didn't really use but was actually quite happy they had bought three instead of two. Tara retracted her foot for a moment, "Yeah, we were thinking you should bring a sleeping bag and sleep in Eliza's room with us tonight."

As bad as it felt to be kissing and smelling sweaty feet, Becca found herself feeling more bonded to the pair, even blushing slightly that it made her so happy. "Oh- er... Yeah I'd love to." Tara's foot returned to her face, and she leaned in to plant a... grateful kiss, right in the centre of her sole.

A short while later, the door-bell rang. Eliza got up to pay for the food, and Tara finally set both feet down. "If we're gonna play truth or dare after we eat, I'm gonna go change out of my jeans." Then she disappeared upstairs, leaving Becca sat on the ground.

Before she could decide what to do, Eliza closed the door and returned with two boxes and a large bottle of soda. She put one on the couch, in the middle where Becca normally sat, and one on the futon. Becca wanted to help out, and thought to say she would get the glasses, but realized she couldn't because of her forfeit. Eliza opened the box on the couch, revealing a delicious looking pepperoni pizza. She grabbed one slice, and began eating.

Becca was trying to decide how she would eat without her hands when Tara returned.

The leggy blonde came in barefoot, with tight, salmon-pink, athletic short-shorts on in place of jeans. Becca found herself momentarily staring. Tara's strong, muscular thighs stretched the leg holes, taking up the slack in the fabric and tightening it around her curvy, firm butt and coming in tight around her crotch - Becca thought she could almost see the outline of her pubic mound. Eliza seemed to take no notice as the athlete bounded past and settled down in her corner of the couch. Becca realized she had been looking too closely and snatched her eyes back to the pizzas.

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