Despite knowing how disappointed her parents would be, Lena hadn't been able to stop thinking of her upcoming visit to the Milkmaid Resort. She couldn't get her friend Marcey's animalistic, ecstatic, orgasmic cries out of her head, and she had felt really bad touching herself to memories of the sound and thoughts of her upcoming trip every night. Obviously, though, she hadn't felt bad enough to stop.

When the next Saturday finally rolled around, Lena could barely keep her excitement from dripping down her leg. She had furtively masturbated in the morning, biting her pillow to keep her anticipatory orgasm quiet, and that had allowed her the composure to lie to her parents at breakfast, telling them she was going for a hike. They had been a bit suspicious - she never hiked! - but had relented and wished her well. In no time at all, Lena was anxiously ringing the buzzer on the camera post in front of the security gate, and was promptly let in.

"It's so nice to meet you, Lena!" Tina enthused, smiling warmly at the nervous, incredibly horny, repressed young women who stood timidly before her.

"It's... Uh... It's nice to be here?" Lena said with a huge degree of uncertainty. "Where is Marcey? I thought she'd come and greet me..."

"Oh, no, sweetheart," laughed the nurse. "Marcey's being fucked silly and milked upstairs in her room. She produces about a dozen liters each day, so she needs to be milked almost constantly, and the bulls just can't get enough of her. She's a busy little cow!"

Lena gulped, eyes wide with shock hearing this. Innocent little Marcey was milked and fucked constantly! Part of her was scared to face this truth, but a different part of her was very noticeably dripping with excitement.

Tina led her to her friend's room, telling her all about the farm as they walked through. Lena had to admit, it did seem like a pretty good life to be one of the hucows...

After a few minutes, they had arrived at one of the bedrooms, and Lena could already hear panting, screaming, and desperate mooing coming through the closed door. "Is she really...?" she started to ask, before shyly glancing at her own feet. This was so crazy!

"Is she getting fucked? Absolutely," Tina said calmly. "That crazy little cow is nothing but a gigantic pair of udders and an exceptionally sloppy pussy. She won't be able to talk to you, I'm afraid..." Tina looked sympathetic, moving her hand to the young woman's shoulder. "Do you really want to go in there?"

Lena nodded shyly, her face flushed. Whether it was from embarrassment or arousal, the nurse couldn't say for sure.

"Well then, no time like the present!" Tina said encouragingly, and flung the door open. Lena's jaw dropped.

On all fours in front of them, held up by the milking table with 2 pumps working on the biggest breasts Lena had ever seen, was her dearest friend. Her mouth was hanging open, drool dripping down her extended tongue, and lustful moos and gasps poured from her. Her udders were seriously colossal, extending from her chest down several feet to the cups of the pumps. Even that far from her body, flesh spilled over the rim of the cups, and the entire absurd breasts trembled and shook as Marcey was brought to what seemed like continual orgasms.

Behind the once-modest girl stood the most masculine man Lena could remember ever seeing. He was completely ripped, covered in muscle and rippling veins, and from his crotch protruded a weapon. When he pulled back, Lena saw what looked like almost 2 feet of veiny shaft, and she knew more had to be remaining in her friend. When the cock slid in, Marcey's eyes shuddered and spurts of milk splashed into the pump cups.

Lena's pussy was gushing. Seeing her friend like this was supremely erotic, and no amount of thining that this was wrong could prevent her physical reaction. "You want to go try and say hi to her?" Tina asked gently.

"Well... You said she wouldn't recognize me, right? And that she can't even talk?" Tina nodded sadly, but gestured forward.

"If you want, you can see for yourself."

Lena just blushed even harder, and stammered, "I - I - I kinda want to go closer to watch... Is that okay?"

"Of course, dear! She's your friend; I'm sure she wouldn't mind you watching her gushing pussy get destroyed by this bull. In fact, if you're feeling horny enough... Well... Let's just say that the women who work here get really horny, too, and while Marcey can't speak, we've found other uses for her tongue..."

Lena gulped, hesitated, and finally stepped forward. She got close to the bull who smiled at her, and watched his cock - which was about the size of her arm - spear into Marcey's gaping, sloppy cunt. Lena was actually dripping with arousal now, and could feel her resolve waning. If Marcey was nothing but a milky sex toy now, why shouldn't she enjoy her friend?

"I... I think I want Marcey to... No, I want this slutty little cow to lick my pussy," Lena finally admitted to Tina, who just smiled and gestured her onward. There was a seat set up in front of Marcey, facing her - it must be there for this purpose Lena realized as she nervously removed her panties from under her skirt and sat down. Looking Marcey in her big, watering eyes, Lena's earlier trepidation had been replaced by almost pure arousal. To see her friend transformed into this much of a wanton slut was incredibly erotic, and to think that she was about to be serviced by the once-innocent "good influence" made her positively gush.

"Moo?" Marcey asked between gasps, the bull never stopping pounding into her sweet cunt. Lena just smiled at her, happy for her friend that she was experiencing such pure pleasure, unburdened by the thought of what she was doing.

"Yes, Marcey. I want you to lick me. I want to cum on your face when you cum on his cock, okay?" she asked lustfully. The bull fucking the gigantic cow gave Lena a thumbs up and slowed a bit, to let Marcey focus on the task at hand. Spreading her legs and leaning back, Lena bared her pussy for her friend's supposedly-talented tongue, and she was not disappointed.

"OH MY GOD!" Lena screamed out, Marcey's immediate and unwavering attention to her slit bringing her from extreme arousal to the very edge of an orgasm almost instantly.

"She's good, isn't she?" Tina purred from right behind the human girl. "We trained her pretty well, but really, put tits this big on any girl and she'll lick cunt like a pro!"

Lena shuddered at the naughtiness of what she was doing and hearing, and bucked her pussy forward into Marcey's frantically-moving tongue. "Holy fuck! Marcey, that's so good, don't stop!" she shrieked.

"She can't understand you, dear..." Tina reminded her gently, reaching around to cup Lena's relatively tiny breasts.

"FUCK! Oh yes, don't stop!" she screamed, then seemed to register the nurse's words. "Oh, right... Err... Moo?" she asked teasingly.

"Mmmmm" came Marcey's moan, muffled by her old friend's quivering pussy, the vibration set Lena off on the strongest orgasm of her entire life.

"OH MY GOD YES! MARCEY! DON'T STOP!" she screamed, forgetting her friend's drastically-reduced intellect. "I'm fucking cummminnnngggg!" she howled, squirting onto the dumb hucow's face and grabbing her own tits ferociously, twisting her own nipples and amplifying her pleasure.

The bull, having seen Lena's impending climax, had sought to help her get the simultaneous release she had been questing after, and ramped up his fucking immensely. Just seconds after Lena went teetering over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm, Marcey joined her, gushing milk into the pumps and arching her back so hard it looked almost painful. Even in the midst of such an extraordinary orgasm, though, Marcey's almost-Pavlovian training held, and she continued to lick her friend's orgasming pussy as eagerly as she could. The entire time, around the tongue sticking through her lips and into Lena's pussy, Marcey was doing the cow equivalent of a scream of pleasure, just one long, desperate "MOOOOOO!" that vibrated the pussy which she was focused on.

He had one even more incredible idea, though, and when the two young women stopped cummming a few minutes later, he pulled out of Marcey's gaping cunt and moved to stand near Lena. "Hey, miss," he said gently, watching her rapid breathing shake ehr small tits.

"H - Hey yourself, mister," she giggled, flushed with arousal and embarrassment. "What can I... What can I do for you?" She looked pointedly at his huge cock, and subconsciously licked her lips.

"Well, miss... Lena, right?" She nodded. "Marcey's already pregnant, so..."

"WHAT?!" Lena demanded. She hadn't been able to take her eyes off of her friend's massive udders, but now that she looked, she did see a tremendously gravid baby bump behind the swaying mounds of titflesh.

"Oh, right," giggled Tina. "It's so normal here, I forgot to mention! All our cows are constantly being bred and impregnated, and Marcey was one of the lucky ones! He got a whole special gangbang organized by Ashley..." she trailed off wistfully, and Lena just stared, awe-struck, at her friend's swollen belly.

"Well anyways..." the bull began gently, "so I can't exactly knock her up with my load, so if you want..."

"No! I can't get pregnant!" Lena stammered immediately, terrified at becoming a dumb, pregnant cow like her friend.

The bull just chuckled, smiling at her. "I just meant I could cover your tits and face if you want?" he asked, and Lena's anxiety dissipated immediately, replaced by burning desire.

"Wait... Really?" she asked longingly.

"Well yeah," he said patiently, "I got enough built up from fucking your friend here that I could probably coat your entire face and both tits pretty thick..."

Before he could even finish, Marcey's shirt was flying into the corner of the room and she was beaming at him expectantly.'Yes, please!" she gushed, and the bull smiled and started jerking his massive cock.

"Think you could give me a hand?" he asked gently, then looked at Tina. "You're welcome to join, too," he offered, and the older woman squeaked excitedly and moved to help. In no time at all, the women's four hands and the bull's own strong one were rubbing his shaft excitedly, with Marcey watching dumbly and mooing happily at the fresh feeling of her pussy having just been stretched.

In just over a minute, the feeling of those eager hands using Marcey's pussy juice as lube in his long, thick cock had brought the bull right to the edge. He pulled back, directed his aim at the young women's chest, and fired off what seemed like countless, thick ropes of semen onto her lithe body. He coated her tits, and then directed his spurts to her face, and she had to close her eyes and just feel layer after layer of jizz covering her cute featured.

Finally, the bull stopped cumming on her, and Marcey licked up all she could from around her mouth. The seed tasted sweet, and her eyes rolled with pleasure behind her tightly-closed eyelids. "That was amazing," she raved, trembling with sheer eroticism."

"Glad I could help, little lady," the bull laughed, tipping an imaginary hat and walking out the door.

"That... Wow..." Lena muttered as Tina helped her clean off, which she of course did starting with her tongue on the girl's nipples.

"You know," mused the nurse, momentarily taking a break from her licking, "if you sign up, this could be your life... This, and being bred..."

"Hmm..." Lena sighed, completely unsure of what to do. The day before, she would have never considered it, but now?

"You know what, I've been thinking of doing it myself..." Tina muttered. Then, an idea went off in her head. "I was thinking belly button length, and I don't think you want to be like her," she gestured to Marcey, who was drooling and humping the air while her teats still leaked milk and her pussy dribbled out cumm. Lena shook her head in agreement, then raised an eyebrow, encouraging her to continue.

"What if we do it together?" Tina asked, sounding more resolute in her decision than she really felt.

"REALLY?!" came an excited squeak from the door. Lena turned to see Ashley, the most famous cow in the world, bounding excitedly in the doorway, her teats brushing past her swollen clit just like she had wanted when she first began the transformation. "You're really both going to become cows?!"

The two human women looked at each other nervously, then nodded slowly.

"I don't want to just be a huge pair of udders," Lena began.

"But it certainly seems fun to have a pair!" Tina finished, and the two smiled. Ashley lunged forward and hugged them both tight.

"EXCELLENT!" she shrieked. "Let's get the paperwork done, then you can get started and I can get to organizing the induction and insemination gangbang of the fucking millennium!"!ku54178/!/

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