Doe You Love Me?

You slowly awaken from your peaceful slumber, letting out a weak yawn as you shift and stir beneath the soft sheets draped over your body.
If the streaks of sunlight trickling in through your bedroom blinds were any indication, it was about time you dragged yourself out of bed.
A cursory glance at your alarm clock only helped cement that opinion, groaning upon realizing it was barely 7 a.m.
You lay back into your bed, wanting to enjoy that last bit of comfort and warmth before you tear yourself away to get started on the day.
A slight snore coming from the other side of the bed tells you your girlfriend hasn’t woken up yet.
Deciding a few more minutes in bed wouldn't hurt, you turn over onto your side to watch the peaceful, sleeping doe resting beside you.
Just watching her was enough to put a smile on your face, her ears twitching ever so slightly despite being fast asleep.
These last few months you’d shared with her had been like a dream, every moment spent together making you feel like you’d won the lottery.
That wasn’t to say your relationship wasn’t without it’s hiccups though, the two of you slowly getting accustomed to living together.
Some of the more unique aspects of her species had made that process a bit rougher than you’d like to admit, but it was nothing you couldn’t overcome together.
Even among anthros, your girlfriend was considered a rare sight, being part of a hybrid species usually referred to as cacti or desert does.
It was certainly an appropriate name, feeling not unlike a human pincushion at the moment.
One of the more prominent qualities of her species were the spines and small cacti bulbs that dotted her slender body, primarily covering her shoulders and back.
It was something you’d slowly gotten used to dealing with, although one of her favorite activities made it difficult to avoid being pricked by said spines.
Her fairly petite build made it easy for her to be the little spoon when cuddling, something that brought you a great deal of joy each time you held her tight in your arms.
Of course, this also meant that the majority of her spines faced you each time you did, much to your dismay.
Trying to stretch quickly reminded you that waking up was simultaneously the best and worst part of your day; as even the slightest of movements trigger that familiar stinging pain you'd grown to tolerate.
Careful to not disturb the sleeping doe, you pull the covers off yourself and gently peel away from your embrace.
Making your way to the bathroom every morning was a painstaking exercise in caution.
While you were fully aware that waddling down the hallway with your arms and legs outstretched made you look absolutely ridiculous, there was a good reason for doing so.
Namely, it allowed you to move around without disturbing the spines lodged in your skin, which made the effort well worth it.
Once you reach the bathroom, you start rummaging through the medicine cabinet until you find what you’re looking for, a small first aid kit you’d put together for this exact purpose.
After grabbing the kit, you plop yourself down on a small step stool you kept in the bathroom, being careful not to make too much noise.
Said step stool was mainly used by your girlfriend for grooming purposes, her short stature not quite allowing her to reach the mirror without tiptoeing.
You begin peeling away the gauze covering your shoulders and upper arms, wincing as you feel a few spines dislodging themselves from your skin.
Carefully examining every part of your sore body, you determine that aside from a small cluster of cacti needles in your thigh area and the few dotting your arms, torso, and back, there’s not much to deal with.
You've certainly had far worse days than this before; quickly getting to work on tending to yourself.
Opening the first-aid kit, you grab the tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, and a small bottle of glue that had proven to be quite useful for tending to your injuries, if you could even bring yourself to call them that.
Starting with your arms, you carefully scan the surface of your skin for the thin needles.
Every needle you plucked out of your skin made you wince a bit, but you pressed on, only clenching your teeth on particularly deeply embedded needles.
Applying the hydrogen peroxide and gauze to the affected areas, you finish tending to your arms, a smile forming on your face upon hearing the all too familiar pitter-patter of footsteps behind you.
"Morning, sweetie," Cholla said, rubbing sleep from her eyes while trying her best to suppress a yawn.
"Morning, dear.” You smile, leaning down to kiss her forehead. “Wasn't expecting you up so early."
She rolls her eyes upon hearing your pun. “Glad to see you’re still so lively after last night, I’m still exhausted.”
Your lower lip curves into a smirk. “Yeah, who knew watching movies could be so exhausting, right?”
A rosy blush immediately shines through her furred cheeks. “You know that’s not what I was talking about, you ass.”
”Oh yeah? Why don’t you tell me exactly what you meant then?” you ask, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer to you. “Or better yet, you can show me.”
She pokes at your bare chest, smiling. ”Hmm, maybe I w-”
Her smile quickly fades after taking one look at the laid out supplies. "Anon... you know how much I hate it when you try to do this on your own, right?"
She wraps her arms around your neck, leaning down to softly whisper into your ear. "Let me help you out, alright?"
The sensation of her fur tickling at your exposed back was enough to make you shiver, the skin on your arms turning to gooseflesh.
"Okay, fine.” You concede, handing her the supplies. “If you’re offering, I could actually use some help with my back."
”I’ll be gentle Anon, don’t worry.”
With the utmost care she begins pulling out all the spines in your shoulders and back, methodically applying the hydrogen peroxide, glue, then gauze, as if it was all second nature to her.
A while back, you'd figured out that applying a thin layer of glue before the gauze would help fish out the needles that had embedded themselves too deeply to reach with tweezers alone.
You always made a conscious effort to peel away the old gauze when she wasn’t around, not wanting her to see you in any amount of pain.
It would be needlessly cruel to make her feel bad over something she couldn’t control, after all.
Besides, you loved her enough to go through this daily routine if it meant having her by your side to brighten up your days.
Once she finishes with your upper body, you part your legs to allow the doe to tend to the patch of needles embedded in your thigh area.
The area around your thigh was particularly sensitive to pain so you weren't exactly thrilled to have her see your reaction to the needles being plucked out.
Her intense focus while she tended to you was apparent, a quality of hers that you admired.
You weren't sure how she felt about it, but it was hard to feel anything but safe while she tended to you, having complete faith in her abilities.
Clenching your teeth in anticipation, she begins plucking spines out, doing your best to keep your composure in front of her.
Eventually she pulls out a spine so deeply embedded that nothing could've stopped you from crying out in pain.
"Ah, fuck!" you curse, startling her into dropping the tweezers.
"Anon, are you okay? Did I hurt you? I really didn't mean t-to... I s-swear," she stammered, pulling her hands away and lowering her gaze.
You ran your fingers through the tuft of fur on her head in an effort to calm her down. "Don't worry about it, I'm fine, see?"
The gesture only earned you another needle in your palm, but you didn’t care about that right now.
You can’t help but feel a pang of guilt when you see the dejected look on your girlfriend’s face, tears starting to form in her eyes.
"Anon," she says, sniffling, "you shouldn't have to go through all this for me..."
Your heart sinks even lower upon hearing her words, knowing full well how guilty she felt when causing you any amount of pain.
Her sniffles turned to sobs, tears flowing freely at this point. "I don't d-deserve to have someone like you."
Delicately, you place your finger under her chin and tilt her head up to meet your gaze, locking eyes with those deep, lilac colored pools you’d come to love.
"Go through what?" You almost laugh at the absurdity of her statement. "Listen, whenever I'm with you I feel like the luckiest man to ever walk this Earth."
Placing a hand on each cheek, you wipe away her tears with your thumbs. "I'd do anything if it meant I could stay by your side."
Maintaining eye contact, you flash her the warmest smile you can muster. "If anything, I don't deserve someone as caring and loving as you."
"You really mean that?" she mutters, sniffling. “I’m not a burden to you?”
“Of course I mean it.” You hand her a tissue to blow her nose with. “You’ll never be a burden to me, not now and not ever.”
She blushes, accenting the freckles dotting her cheeks. "But you shouldn't say that Anon, you deserve to be loved."
Her crying comes to a stop, leaving only the dampened fur beneath her eyes. "You never complain about putting up with so much for me."
"Why would I complain about anything?" you ask. “These last few months have been amazing.”
You continue to gently stroke her cheeks. "You're the most important person in my life Cholla, I love you."
To further drive your point home, you stand up and lift her up into a bear hug, using every ounce of strength in your body to hold her as tightly to you as humanly possible, pain be damned.
You bring her into a deep kiss, feeling her worries melt away as she relaxes in your arms.
When you both finally break away to catch your breath, you catch a glimpse of her beautiful smile again, making you feel at ease. “Better?”
She takes a moment to fully catch her breath before responding. ”Yeah, I’m sorry for worrying so much.”
You set her back down, taking a seat on the stool again. “Don’t be, happens to the best of us.”
"Now then, about the rest of these needles..." You teased, earning you a few giggles and a playful tap on the ribs from the now upbeat doe.
Handing her the tweezers again, and with newfound confidence, she finished tending to you in record time.
Soon enough you were more than prepared to tackle the task of cooking breakfast for two, leaving her to freshen up.
You quickly tossed on a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, not having plans to leave the house today.
Despite not cooking too often, you were no novice in the kitchen, pulling no punches in pursuit of a memorable meal when you set your mind to it.
Sure, some of the things you stocked in your pantry and fridge would have Gordon Ramsay screaming his head off, but you knew your way around a kitchen and were determined to prove yourself.
Arms carrying as many ingredients as they could hold, you set everything down on the counter and got to work on breakfast.
You work as quickly as your body will let you, cracking the eggs into a pan with some melted butter while cooking a few thick slices of ham on a smaller pan, making sure nothing burned in the process.
To you, there wasn't anything quite like preparing a nice, greasy breakfast, all those wonderful smells in the air coming together could put a smile on anyone's face.
You get to work on the blueberry pancakes, a breakfast staple and personal favorite of yours.
Armed with your trusty bowl, you begin to pour in the dry ingredients, leaving some space in the center for the milk, eggs, and blueberries, which you then begin to slowly incorporate into the mix.
You poured out the resulting mix onto another skillet and upon tasting the finished product, you were very satisfied with the results.
Hearing the toast spring up out of the toaster, you take it and rub it down with Cholla’s favorite spread, garlic butter.
The smell of it alone was enough to make you salivate, it being another personal favorite of yours, another thing you were happy to have in common.
Finally, you got started on your famous triple berry oatmeal, something you prepared on rare occasions for Cholla, seeing as she rarely ate meat and you didn't want her lacking options at the breakfast table.
You used blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and a drizzle of maple syrup for some extra sweetness. If the rest of the spread didn't look so damn good you'd fix yourself a bowl too.
As you finished making breakfast, plating everything as nicely as possible, Cholla surprised you with a hug from behind, almost making you drop what you were holding.
She sniffed at the air, inhaling deeply. "What smells so damn good in here?"
After setting the plate down, you turned around and tussled her soft head fluff. "I was going to say it was my breakfast spread, but now that you're here I might just have to change my mind."
You weren't lying either, she typically cleaned up quite nicely, always managing to have a fragrant scent, something you chalked up to the conditioner she used on her fur.
She was also wearing one of your old t-shirts, large enough on her frame that it almost resembled a dress.
You didn’t mind it at all, but what did catch your eye was the fact that she seemingly wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.
"It's official Anon, you've met your flattery quota for the month," she said, giggling before parking herself on the stool in front of you.
You push a plate containing a portion of everything you'd made, sans ham, along with a small jug of maple syrup onto the counter in front of her; eager to see if your cooking skills were still up to par.
"What, a guy can’t tell his girlfriend she smells nice?" you ask. “Dig in while it's hot, tell me what you think."
For a moment you forgot all about your hunger and took solace in watching her eat the food you prepared.
She took her time, sampling everything you’d presented her before finally opening her mouth to speak.
”Mmm! Anon, this is really, really good!” she complimented, between forkfuls of food. “Seriously, why don't you cook more often? This is amazing.”
You sheepishly rub the back of your head. "I really don’t mind cooking honestly, I just hate cleaning up afterwards."
Flashing her a warm smile, you place another piece of toast on her plate. "But if you like it that much I'll try to do it more often."
"That's my Anon," she said, shoving a forkful of eggs in your mouth. "Now eat up, we've got a lot to do around the house today, but this time you're not going to weasel out of it."
”Me? Weasel out of something?” You gasped in mock disbelief, putting a hand over your chest. “I would never!”
She rolled her eyes at your dramatic display. ”Just eat already, you dork.”
You fix yourself up a generous plate along with a nice, tall glass of orange juice, making sure to leave seconds for Cholla.
You knew how important a filling breakfast was to keep her going throughout the day.
As you tore through your meal you realized she wasn't kidding, you really had outdone yourself with this breakfast.
After finishing the massive meal you're both left in the early stages of a food coma, with just enough energy left to say one word.


No matter what either of you did throughout the day, at some point you would always end up on the couch together.
Not that you were complaining though, neither one of you in a state to move, much less get anything important done.
Before she had a chance to sit down, you asked her to get you the remote.
If you didn’t know any better, she was trying to put on a show for you, bending down just far enough for you to get a good, long look at her ass.
Her shirt caught on the small cacti just above the fluffy tuft that was her tail, giving you an unimpeded view of her entire backside as she continued to search for the remote.
The only thing stopping from you from getting up and pulling her onto the couch with you was how full you were, content with watching her furred ass sway in front of you.
Despite not being able to get up, you were almost tempted to reach out and grab a handful, but decided against it to see what she had in store for you.
She looked back at you with a self-assured grin, holding up the remote in her hand. “This one, Anon?”
You could only lay back and appreciate the view she was giving you. “No, I think that’s the one for the DVD player, just keep looking.”
There was no doubt in your mind she was doing it intentionally at this point, wiggling her hips as she continued to search for the remote.
No man could resist a sight like that for very long, your manhood stirring in your pants as you continued to stare.
She turned to look at you again. “It’s this one, right Anon?”
”Yeah, that’s the one.”
Quickly turning around, she adjusted her shirt once she realized it had gotten caught on her body.
As she made her way to you, the grin on her face only got wider.
You absentmindedly flipped through the channels on the TV while Cholla got into a comfortable position, adjusting herself until finally settling for being at head level with you.
After flipping through every channel and finding nothing good to watch, you quickly turn the television off and set the remote down.
She pushed against you slightly, pushing her butt against your groin. “You almost seem disappointed Anon, didn’t you want the remote?”
”I saw something I wanted even more,” you whisper into her ear.
With a wiggle of her hips, she giggles and presses against you with more pressure. “Oh yeah, like what?”
”If you keep doing that, you’re going to find out.”
”Is that a promise, Anon?”
You put an arm around her and pull her even closer to you. “Only if you want it to be.”
It’s almost like torture, but you contain yourself while she continues to rub against you, letting out a sigh of relief when she finally lets up for a while.
"I swear we're going to get this place cleaned up today." She groaned, rubbing her full belly.
You shut your eyes for a moment, trying to forget how full you are. "Maybe later, but there's no way in hell you’re getting me off this couch for at least an hour."
It was far less painful to cuddle her when you were both wearing clothes, the needles having a harder time penetrating the layers of clothing.
Although that didn’t make it feel any less alien to you, being so accustomed to cuddling her without a shirt on.
You rest your head on her chest tuft, "Look, even if I have to do it on my own, I promise you I'll clean up today, stop worrying so much, alright?"
She ran her fingers through your hair. "I'll believe it when I see it, Anon."
There was this nagging feeling in the back of your mind, telling you it was downright wrong to let a t-shirt deprive you of the opportunity to feel her fur against your skin.
Despite the ever-present risk of getting more spines lodged in your skin, you quickly pull your shirt off, bringing her in even closer to you.
She turns to face you, scooting in close until your noses are practically touching. "You're so hopeless, you know that?"
You reach out to touch the tips of her ears, smiling as they involuntarily twitch. "Yeah, hopeless without you."
”Stop it, Anon...” she pouts, “You know they’re sensitive...”
”What? I can’t help it, it’s just so cute how they do it automatically.”
You had to close your eyes to appreciate the contrast between her warm body, fluffy fur, and spines against your smooth skin.
The way she smelled was intoxicating to you, figuring it had something to do with the small cacti that dotted her slender body.
It was either that or the special shampoo she used on her fur, but you couldn't be certain.
Her words quickly pulled you from your stupor. "Is it bad that I wouldn't mind staying like this forever, Anon?"
"Not really, but isn't one of us is going to have to go take a leak eventually?" You joked, earning you a groan from the doe.
She playfully poked you in the ribs. "You know what I meant you goober."
Her gaze met yours, a serious expression forming on her face. “Thanks, by the way."
You return the gesture, locking eyes with hers. "For what?"
"For everything, Anon, especially all that stuff you said earlier," she cooed. “You always know how to cheer me up."
"I didn’t think my oatmeal was that good..." You joke, earning you another jab to the ribs.
"Okay, ow,” you said. “But I meant it, you know?"
"What I said back there?” you ask. “That's how you make me feel, and nobody can take that away from you."
Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t suppress the warm, fuzzy feelings coursing through you as you gaze at her beautiful smile and lilac eyes.
"Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do, Anon," she says, putting a dopey grin on your face.
"You're patient, considerate, and even funny, sometimes..." She praised, rolling her eyes ever so slightly.
"Only sometimes?" You pout, stroking her cheek. “You know, I'm really happy to mean so much to you."
You both stayed in silence for a while, taking in every amazing sensation that came with your close embrace.
Despite feeling her warm breath mingling with yours and hearing her heartbeat quicken, you didn’t dare to make a move first lest you ruin the moment.
So it came to you as a surprise when she was the first to make a move, kissing you with such ferocity that it pushed your head deep into the couch cushions.
You reciprocated, shoving your tongue into her mouth, intertwined tongues now wrestling for dominance.
You went back and forth for some time, but you felt confident you were gaining footing if the deep, lengthy moans she was releasing into your mouth were anything to go by.
She pulls away momentarily, allowing you both to catch your breath and admire one another.
Getting a glimpse of the flushed look on her face brought you a great deal of satisfaction, a smirk plastered to your face.
"Fuck, Anon…" she panted, running her hands all over your chest. "You taste so... good."
"But I want... no, I need! More of you..." she demanded, even though her lustful gaze betrayed her dominant demeanor, “Kiss me again, please?”
”Needy girl...”
You pull off her oversized t-shirt to give you better access to her body, pulling her back into another passionate kiss, your body pinning hers to the couch.
She puts both arms around the back of your neck, ensuring that you could only pull away from the kiss if she allowed it.
You could feel her breasts pressing against your chest as you kissed, only serving as a reminder to pay the rest of her body some attention.
You work a free hand up her body, starting from her hips and slowly working your way up to her chest.
Taking a handful of the soft, pliable flesh, you begin kneading her breasts with your fingers, causing her to slowly grind her crotch against yours.
Her grinding was starting to get you worked up, more and more of your covered length rubbing against her panties as time went on.
After a bit of fumbling around, you find her nipples and start gently rolling the delicate nubs between your fingers, occasionally pinching them, coaxing moans into your mouth each time you did.
She breaks away to quickly catch her breath, all too eager to shove her tongue back into your mouth again, "O-oh fuck... don't stop, Anon."
You use your free hand to softly scratch behind her long, pointed ears, a weak point you were a fan of exploiting.
The longer you scratched, the heavier her breathing became, taking in shallow breaths through her nose as the two of you kiss.
The wet smack of her lips as the two of you broke away made you throb against her mound, a single strand of saliva still connecting the two of you.
"Anon, please, I need you to-" she cut off with a moan, grabbing your head with both hands and mashing your lips back into hers, continuing the sloppy kiss.
She could’ve said nothing and even then, every movement her body made told you everything you needed to know.
All the groping and grinding had you at full mast, your dick struggling to escape its confines.
You settled for kicking your sweatpants off, leaving nothing but boxers to contain your manhood.
You got right back to work, continuing to tease her nipples with one hand, your other hand traveling further south, to give her the release she so desperately wanted from you.
Sticking that same hand down her panties clued you in to just how badly she needed you.
Her panties and fur surrounding her crotch were absolutely soaked, only serving to make things easier for you.
You run your fingers over her slit, teasing at her slick lips in an attempt to get a reaction from her.
And a reaction you got, her lower body undulating against your fingers in a futile attempt to get them inside her.
She pushes your head away for a moment, breaking the kiss, “Don’t do this, Anon...”
”Do what?” you grin, slowly slipping in a single finger, earning you a breathy moan from the doe.
”Nevermiiiind... nnghhhh...” she groaned, shutting her eyes as she let the pleasure take her.
Your finger felt like it was in a furnace, her warm insides gripping and sucking at it from every angle as it painstakingly slid in and out.
Your hand was covered in her juices but wanting to draw her pleasure out as long as possible, you took your sweet time speeding up.
Cholla had other plans, taking one of her hands off your head and rubbing your shaft through your boxers, causing you to grunt and throb in her grip.
She'd found your weak spot as you'd found hers, and she planned to return the favor.
She gripped your head through the thin fabric and started to rub it with her thumb, causing you to grunt and fight every primal instinct in your body telling you to give in to the pleasure.
She pulled away from the kiss to tease you further.
"What's wrong anon? Going to.." She panted.
"..cum already?" She moaned, throwing her head back in ecstasy.
If it's war she wanted, it was war she was going to get, redoubling your efforts to get her off. With the help of your mouth, you teased both of her nipples, distracting her enough to loosen her grip on you.
You refocus your efforts on her lower lips, slipping in a second finger and speeding up over time.
You watched her writhe in pleasure, her free hand seeking anything to hold onto for support.
The unmistakable aroma of her arousal in the air only served to strengthen your resolve.
You decide to tease her, plunging your fingers deep into her with increasing speed, drawing out louder and louder moans from already pleasure wracked doe. You continue your assault until she finally says the magic words.
"Keep going anon.." She moaned loudly, "I'm so.." "..close, please!"
You felt a tad cruel for this one, but once she said those words you pulled your hand out of her panties. You licked your fingers clean, tasting what might as well have been the nectar of the gods to you.
"An-on?" She asked, out of breath and confused about why you'd stopped.
"All you have to do is say the magic words." You grinned, playing the part.
"Anon, please.." She whispered into your ear, shakily "I.. need you."
You weren't cruel enough to deny the poor girl for long, especially not after those words melted your heart.
You kissed her hard, giving her a taste of her own fluids, while slipping your fingers inside again, keeping a steady pace.
With your free hand, you groped her firm ass, causing her to pant even harder.
Despite all this mutual teasing, you were still in her grip, throbbing each time she moaned and panted into your ear. She was driving you crazy, and you felt if you didn't do something about this soon you would end up finishing in your boxers.
Breaking the kiss, much to her displeasure, you brought your head down to her slit.
Catching onto your intent she brought your head to her lips, struggling to wrap her short, slender legs around your head.
You began to attack her clit with your tongue, licking in a slow circular motion, making her thrash around you. She wrapped around your head so tightly you thought it might explode.
After some time you slipped your tongue deep into her wet passage, earning you a few drawn out moans.
You greedily drank all her juices, only serving to heighten your arousal.
You kept at it for a few minutes, licking and sucking at her folds until she caught enough breath to speak again.
"Anon.." She said, her moans becoming more and more frequent with each passing second. "Need.." "..inside" "Cum, together."
The poor girl was a convulsing mess, struggling to even form a sentence. yet you understood exactly what you needed to do.
You princess carried her into your bedroom, gently setting her down on the bed.
You tossed your boxers by the wayside, giving your manhood the freedom it craved. As you crawled to her, you notice her staring at your manhood, the smallest hint of fear in her eyes.
"Be gentle, please." She told you, staring into your eyes.
"I promise, I will." You say, assuaging her fear.
Parting her legs, you line yourself up with her, slowly pushing into her warm, silky entrance, doing everything in your power not to cum on the spot.
"Fuck, Cholla, you're so damn tight." You tell her between grunts, clenching your teeth.
"Slow down.." She panted, raggedly, "Anon please, wait.." "..too big"
In your lust fueled haze, you didn't stop to consider how small she was, giving her some time to readjust. It didn't help matters any that even without moving, her warmth and tightness was overwhelming.
Cholla gives you the go-ahead to continue by grabbing your hips and slowly pulling you inside.
Little by little, you eventually bottom out, stopping your thrusting to give both of you some time to mentally prepare.
Cholla started rolling her hips into you, giving you the go-ahead to start thrusting again.
You decide to tease her a little more as payback for earlier, pulling out almost all the way, then slowly bottoming out inside her again, and again.
"Ugh - just like that - don't stop - An-on!" She groaned as you repeatedly filled her up.
Every single deep thrust you made forced sultry moans out of her, leaving Cholla hardly able to speak.
You took her like a husband would his wife, grabbing her by the hips and thrusting with reckless abandon.
"Faster" "Please" "Anon" "..so big.." She said between shaky moans as you pounded her into the mattress.
Satisfying her demands you sped up, feeling her needy walls pulse around your length, trying to milk you for everything you had.
“You feel so fucking good.” You tell her as you thrust, making her blush.
At this rate, you weren't going to be able to hold on much longer, the slaps, breathy moans and panting in your ear, and that lovely feeling of two sweaty bodies rubbing together all coming together to overload your senses.
You were riding a high and you loved it, not caring for the needles in your skin, or what little pain they caused you. You only cared about satisfying the love of your life right now.
You kept thrusting faster and faster, slowly approaching your limits. On your next few strokes, you bottom out inside her, causing her to thrash around in ecstasy.
You can feel Cholla roll and grind her hips into yours fervently, her body being more honest than she could ever be.
With each passing moment you felt more and more of her warm juices, knowing she was close to losing control as well.
"An-on! - harder - deeper, please!" She screamed between moans.
Pinned under your body, she squirmed, the pleasure becoming too intense for the greedy doe. You felt a torrent of her warm juices flood out, now running down your legs.
You were already as deep inside as her body allowed, but that didn't stop Cholla from trying to pull you further inside while orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body.
As you sped up your thrusts to compensate, you could feel everything inside her intensify.
Her hot, velvety folds started to contract at an increasing pace all around you. It always felt great inside her, but you'd never felt anything like this before.
It felt like her insides demanded you release every single drop to quench their thirst. It was getting hard to hold on for you, and you made sure she knew that.
"Cholla. I'm gonna.." You grunt, trying to hold on. "..cum soon, should I pull out?"
Her putting her legs around you, shaking her head no fervently told you everything you needed to know.
You brought her into a hungry kiss while giving her a few slow, deep strokes, each stroke forcing more muffled moans and cries into your mouth.
"An-on! - inside me - please!" You hear her scream as she breaks away, tightening her grip on your hips.
You couldn't hold back anymore, finally giving into your primal instincts and emptying your balls inside her, every pulse, moan and contraction around you causing you to twitch and moan as you pumped rope after rope of thick, warm seed, deep into her fertile passage.
Never in your life had you imagined you could ever cum this hard, your legs giving out on you.
You collapsed on top of her, your manhood still lodged deep inside.
"That was.." You say, panting "..fucking amazing."
"Anon... We didn't use a condom." She cooed into your ear, still fondling your chest.
"You didn't let me... pull out." You panted, still trying to catch your breath.
You panic a bit, instinctively rushing to pull your dick out of her.
"Leave it in anon, I like how it feels.. you came so much." She giggles, watching your seed spill out of her.
"What if you did put a baby in me, anon?" She asked, running her hands over her belly.
You thought about it for a second and you could definitely see yourself starting a family with Cholla. Even if it wasn't something you were expecting to do this soon.
You loved her too damn much anyways to not make things work no matter the circumstances.
"I guess I wouldn't mind being a father, especially with someone like you to help me raise the kids." You smiled, "I love you so much, Cholla."
"You're too sweet anon." She replied, "I love you too, but I've got something to tell you."
"I'm on the pill right now.." She whispered into your ear, "But from now on I'm not taking them anymore, so you can make me a mother, anon."
The words sent shivers down your spine, making your semi twitch hard inside her.
"You're a tease.." You grunt, "You know that?"
"Maybe... but it feels like your dick and I are on the same page." She giggled, pulling you out of her with a wet sound that made you throb even harder in her hands.
"Jesus, how are you still this hard anon?" She gasped, slowly stroking your length back to full mast in her small hands.
"It's your fault, for saying all those things." You say, sitting up, laying against the backboard.
She took a seat in your lap, facing you, her slit rubbing up against the back of your manhood, stroking you all the while.
Grinding on your sizeable length, leaving it slick with her fluids, only made it easier for her to get you off.
You weren't exactly shy to tell her how you felt about the sensation.
"God that feels so damn good, please do it faster!" You begged her, using your free hands to scratch behind her ears again, causing her to let out a few quiet moans.
In response, she slowed down, focusing on your delicate head, causing you to buck your hips into her grip out of pure desperation.
Your girlfriend wasn't showing any signs of stopping her assault on your manhood. She relished moments like these where she could be the one in control, speeding up her strokes.
"Oh fuck Cholla, I'm gonna.." You grunt, clenching your teeth.
"Don't tell me you're gonna cum already, anon?" She frowned, slowing down for a moment.
When you thought she was giving finally you a reprieve, you found out just how wrong you were.
"You're such a quick shot sometimes." She teased, grinding even harder on your shaft.
She was the biggest damn seductress when she wanted to be.
You breathe heavier and heavier as you get closer to the point of no return.
"I want you to cover me in your cum, anon." She whispered softly in your ear, biting her lower lip.
Those words of encouragement were far too much for your pressure addled brain to repress.
"Fuck, I'm gonna.." You warn her, causing her to point your manhood towards herself.
You indulge her wishes, throbbing and grunting as you paint her chest and belly fur white with your thick cum.
Every stroke she made forced more and more of your load out onto her cream-colored fur until your balls were absolutely spent.
"You made a real mess of my fur, Anon, you're such a perverted human." She teased, mock pouting.
"Are you happy with yourself?" She asked, panting slightly.
"Very.. much so." You groaned, feeling a bit proud of yourself when you caught a glimpse of your handiwork.
You both bask in the afterglow, each of you watching the other pant in exhaustion, taking in the lovely sight of each other's sweaty, and sticky naked bodies.
"Might be about time we both got cleaned up anon, don't you think?" She asked after a while, getting off your lap.
You grabbed her by the arm to stop her getting off your lap, pulling her into a quick kiss.
"Where do you think you're running off to? You asked, breaking away.
"I thought we were going to get cleaned up?" She asked, confused.
"You could walk there or... let me give you a piggyback ride to the bathroom." You told her, throwing your feet off the side of the bed.
"Alright, all aboard, next stop Cleansville." You laughed, tooting an imaginary train whistle.
"You're so cheesy, anon." She laughed, rolling her eyes.
As she climbs on your back you feel your sore legs threatening to buckle but you press on, making it to the bathroom.
To you, there was nothing better than hot, close to scaling water running down your body, steam turning the bathroom into a makeshift sauna.
Whenever you showered together, Cholla couldn't help but wash every part of you she could reach.
You crouched down to give her access to your head, her fingers massaging your scalp with care. You were on cloud nine with the way she pampered you, washing every nook and cranny with the utmost care.
"God, were you a masseuse in a past life or something?" You complimented, sighing.
"I used to help wash my little brothers when I was little, usually had to dig in there to get all the dirt out." She smiled at your compliment.
Once she finished up with you, you were eager to return the favor, shampooing and digging your fingers deep into her sticky, matted fur, stopping to scratch every spot you knew she liked having scratched.
"So.. anon, did you mean what you said in bed earlier?" She asked, meekly, "About wanting to be a father?"
"It's a little scary to think about, but we could raise some great kids together." You said, with confidence.
"If everything you already do for me is any indication, I do think you'd make a great mother." You continue, while you shampoo her head.
"Aww, you're sweet, anon." She beamed, "For what it's worth I think you'd make a great father too."
"Does that mean we're going again after this?" You ask, chuckling.
"Don't push your luck, anon." She warned, wagging her finger at you.
After that much needed hot shower, you felt as refreshed as ever, throwing some fresh clothes on.
Exhausted, you were unsure if you could still get anything done around the house. Plus it was already getting late, so you considered turning in early for the day.
"How about we get some sleep Cholla? I'm wiped out, but I promise I'll help you clean tomorrow." You pleaded.
"I told you'd I'd believe it when I saw it." She sighed, shaking her head.
"But I'll forgive you since it's my fault for once." She smirked, taking you by your hand and dragging you off to the bedroom.
Having her warm body nestled in your arms, clean fur tickling your bare chest, you felt like you were on top of the world. She was already fast asleep, but you couldn't help but sit there and admire how cute she was even while dreaming. You scooch in even closer, kissing her goodnight and letting that familiar warmth finally take you.

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