Keeping Him Wanting More

Demure wife turns much sexier after sex

"Wow. I needed that break from work," said my wife, grabbing her clothes from the bed after our relatively rare and quite passionate session of afternoon sex. "I think I'm going to put on my swimming suit and lay out in the sun for a while."

Telling me she's going out in our yard that's open to the street and the windows of surrounding houses in her swimming suit? That might sound like nothing to some husbands, but for a rather prude wife like mine, it's rather extraordinary for her to even let herself be seen by me. As almost a running joke, for the last few years whenever she asks what she can get me for my birthday, I tell her I want to watch her wash my car in her bikini. She just rolls her eyes and tells me I'm such a stupidly typical guy, then goes on some feminist rant about the objectification of women.

"It's cute!" said one of her friends, Madison, when I overheard Nicolette complaining to her over coffee in our kitchen. "Why don't you just give him what he wants? I'd be flattered if George were still that interested in me."

"No way," replied my wife. "If I start giving into his stupid fantasies, there will be no end to it. I'm not his little sex toy."

Yet despite her typical resistance, lately after sex—especially really good sex, the kind that ends with her having an intense orgasm—she seems to want to experiment with the very thing she says she's against. In the middle of holding her legs up behind my head in the missionary position, I decided to mix it up by going down on her. Since she's so shy about letting me see, much less feel her, that intimacy alone almost makes me cum. Soon she was moving herself to the rhythm of my tongue. As I put two fingers in her and started to pull them back and forth, still licking and kissing on her, she came incredibly hard. "Oh FUCK! FUCK!" For a woman who forbids any dirty talk whatsoever, just her saying that was a real transgression. Good thing our teenaged kids were both out with friends.

She then made the comment about laying out in the sun, and left to put on her swimsuit. Even though I just came, the thought of her exposing herself out in the open already started getting me excited again. In her late 40's, my thin brunette wife still has an amazing body. I'm more into her perfectly shaped ass these days than when we first met, and she has that European look with her small, perky breasts. Though I was playing it casual as I put my clothes on, I was already planning on spying on her.

Believe me, if I had any chance whatsoever, I'd try for actuals sex with her again. Sadly, though, such attempts just don't work. The thing about these after-sex shows with her, unlike when we were first dating, she is adamant that I can't have her a second time. She even gets turned off if I openly mention her after sex flirtations, which I mistakenly did a few times, hoping for another shot. Having learned my lesson, I now pretended not to notice as she walked by me in the kitchen wearing a brown bikini and headed out the door. Of course I kept looking outside while making both of us lunch. I tried not to make it too obvious how I was leering as she opened her legs while lying on her stomach, but I didn't exactly hide my face from the window. When she turned a bit my way, looking back in my direction, even in her Channel sunglasses I could tell by her slight smirk that she saw me watching her. She suddenly turned on her back, and pulled the straps of her top down. At this point I couldn't help but start to get myself off, something she no doubt wanted, without fully letting me know she did.

While after all these years I'm still insanely attracted to Nicolette, she's always frustrated me by remaining sexually reserved. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful that she's so elegant and beautiful. There's something i about the way she tends to deny me for always just a little too long that really turns me on. Before her I dated a stripper for some time, a true nympho who would do anything I wanted and exaggerate how aroused she'd get, like some performance in a porno. As awesome as that sounds, I actually lost interest. I so much prefer how classy Nicolette dresses and acts.

Of course I wish my wife were more into sex, but her subtle flirting with me always keeps me wanting more. Dressing up for work, she'll stand in the kitchen as we're talking to fix her shoe, lifting her skirt up enough for me to see her panties. She'll also at times forgo an extra button on her blouse, bending down to let me see the top of her small, perky breasts, as she pretends I'm not looking. She won't, however, sex it up beyond that. I've begged to see more of her, like asking her to wear something sexy to bed. She refuses. Even when leaving the shower or before getting dressed, she'll wear a full length, plushy robe. Only on rare occasions will she happen to walk around me in her underwear, which, since I'm so sex-starved, instantly turns me on.


A few weeks after the sunbathing show, when again we had the house to ourselves, before a big dinner date at a new French restaurant in our town she announced we should seize the moment. As she's gotten older and busier with work and parenting, it's been like this, with her managing our sex life almost like another appointment. I don't mind at all, if it makes her feel comfortable enough to do it. We were in her home office that doubled as a dressing room, and she laid down on the red sofa by her computer, her signal that I can come take her. Believe me, despite her being so reserved I still risk taking things further.

This time, for whatever reason, she seemed more available than usual, letting me get a little rough with her. I told her to turn over and she actually did on my command, instead of telling me no like in the past. With her hot married ass in the air, I really started pounding. Then, I decided to start spanking her, something I'd once tried that caused her to stop me in the act, telling me she's not going to entertain my pervy fetishes as she stormed out of the room. This time, though, she let me turn her ass red. Her allowing herself such a transgression with me actually seemed to get her off. After a few more spanks, when I reached between her legs to feel how wet she was, she unexpectedly came really hard on my fingers.

Completely satisfied after finishing inside of her, I thought I'd just go get dressed for our date.

"Why don't you stay and talk to me as I get ready?" she suggested, getting up to put on her underwear then going into her make-up closet, adjacent to her office. "You can help me get dressed."

That's something she's never requested before, and even though I came no more than five minutes ago, I started to get hard again.

"Sure," I said, trying to sound casual as I put on my boxer shorts. "What can I do?"

"Well, for starters, I think I need a fresh pair of underwear, after what you did to me," she replied, a little flirtatiously, as she started to put on her make-up in her full length mirror.

Stepping out of her sheer beige panties, she brought them up to her hand with her toes, then tossed them to me. "Don't get weird with these...just put them in the hamper, and bring me black ones with a matching bra, in my second dresser drawer."

I walked slowly out into the hallway, feeling on the wetness of her panties. While getting her undressed I'd fingered her, pushing them aside for instant access. That thought alone now got me even harder as I stopped at the hamper to smell them too. As if with women's intuition, she cleared her throat with playful aggression, a signal for me to put them down and come back to her.

"Um, new underwear?" I returned and picked out a matching black shelf bra and lace panties, which I got to watch her put on while sitting back on her red sofa.

"You can't be a perv and just stare at me...why don't you turn on sports or something?"

I found a basketball game, which I half pretended to watch as I stared at her ass, still red from my spankings. Completely hard now, I subtly rubbed myself while fixated on the thought of going for her again. When she bent down to rummage through a make-up drawer, sticking her ass up in the air, I got up and walked to her, putting my hand on her ass in the fresh black laced panties.

"That's not going to happen!" she said, rather authoritatively, slapping my hand away. "You just had me. Plus, we have a reservation! Go sit back down!"

Watching her try on outfits, it was incredibly difficult not to jerk off. I knew she'd throw me out of the room if I did, so I just sat there with a hard on, as she showed me a couple of dresses and one black skirt that went with a sleeveless top. Thankfully, she took my suggestion on the last choice. In the car I could hardly drive, looking at her skirt pulled up a little high, knowing what she was wearing under it. I reached at a stoplight to put my hand on her knee, and she let me leave it there, but when I tried to climb higher she stopped me with one hand.

At the restaurant she continued to set herself up as an object of seduction, even while seeming to deny it. With her cleavage so visible, she more than got our young waiter interested as he welcomed her banter about the specials and lit up when hearing she'd spent a year in her 20's in Paris. He actually put his hand on her bare shoulder when saying he'd put our order in for appetizers right away. Of course it was frustratingly hot to see that, along with her attention back to me, which again continued on the long ride home.

I felt for sure given her behavior we'd have more sex. Instead, when she suggested we watch a movie, she said she was worn out but would be up for doing it later in the week. She put what she wanted on Netflix, then went to her room and came back in these pink short shorts with white trim. I hadn't seen those in years. She'd stop wearing them I think because I once told her how hot she looked in them. She gave me the living room sofa, saying she wanted to stretch out on the floor. Letting me see her in those shorts after wanting her for the whole date was too much for me. Not caring for the romance comedy she chose, I started to jerk off. I knew she must have suspected she'd brought me to this, but it made it so much hotter for me that she didn't outright acknowledge how she kept provoking me. As she shifted her legs up in the air, twining and untwining her bare feet with toenails she'd painted red for our date, I jerked myself harder than any of my go to porn sites or erotica stories I visit. After I came, it was a little awkward to go clean myself up, but she pretended not to notice anything was different as I sort of half stumbled to the bathroom.


By far the hottest after-sex turn on happened most recently. Still frustrated from her not giving me more after our last big date, a couple of weeks later she'd come home from a tough day at work. Sharing about it next to me in my attic office, she sat on my desk to get my attention. She seemed especially thankful that I dropped everything to listen to her, knowing that I had a big contract for work to get done by tomorrow. Feeling kind of fearless as she finished complaining, I stood up and kissed her hard on her beautiful mouth. Soon I had my hands all over her, and when she half-started to break it up, as if saying okay no further, I held her on my desk, pulling her pantyhose down. Unlike most times, I had little interest in getting her off. I actually just pulled her to the edge of my desk to have her quickly and roughly. I kept wondering when she'd tell me to stop, but she didn't, responding to what and how I wanted her. When I was done, this time I actually had little time or interest in her games. I really did have a lot of work to do.

"Wow, you really fucked me," she said, pulling her skirt down but still staying on my desk. It was so unlike to be so abrupt, I could barely process that she'd just talked like that. She then started joking around a little, as if wanting to transition into a lighter version of a conversation we had before sex. She made it so playful, I almost wanted to just keep talking with her, but I told her nicely we needed to wrap it up.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked, kind of flirtatiously.

"You know I have this contract. I'm going to be up most of the night," I said, already turning back to my computer. Rather than letting me go, she got even more playful.

"So you just have your way with you woman then leave her?" she said. "At least pick up my pantyhose for me...that you ripped off."

I knelt to get them, then bringing them up to her saw that she was shifting her ass on my desk, opening her legs so I could see up her skirt.

Sighing, she said rather coyly, "I think I'm going to unwind. Come talk to me while I take a bath."

"I wish I could," I replied, "but maybe another time."

"Come on...I need company..."she said in almost a baby voice, very unlike her. "You can wash my back. I feel so dirty...after what you did to me."

Still wanting to resist, I found myself following her down the stairs. She'd asked me to bring her some furniture catalogs from the kitchen table for her to look through as she started the water When I returned, she was already covered in bubbles. I sat on the edge of our bear claw tub, handing her the catalogs. The bubbles hid a lot of her, but as she flipped through the catalogs, asking me now and then if I liked a certain chair or sofa, I'd catch glimpses of her breasts and upper thighs.

Now that she had me with her she wasn't as flirtatious, clearly a game she'd played with me and won. Starting to get bored with the domestic stuff, I said, "Hey, I thought you wanted me to wash your back."

"Oh, right," she turned over, continuing to talk about furniture, how it was strange I hated wicker so much.

Half ignoring her, I rubbed into her neck, inhaling the incredible coconut smelling bubbles.

"God that feels good." Her tone shifted much deeper, and I heard her breathing getting heavy. With one hand on her neck, I started rubbing the other down her back, then reached around to her breasts. She didn't stop me, so I soon had hands on both of her breasts, playing with her nipples. Then, I reached between her legs. She still let me, actually moving on top of my fingers. Without prompting, as she got more excited, she turned over, allowing me better access.

I was dying to get in with her, but this tub was just enough for her 110lb body. When we first bought the house we tried to bathe together, but I'm just too tall and big for it. Like so much else in married sex, it's not the same in real life as in Hollywood films.

Though never outright okay with me jerking in front of her, like it deeply offended her if I openly pleasured myself, at this point I didn't care. She once woke up and saw me jerking off on the chair next to our bed where I read and really lost it. I don't know why that freaks her out so much, but it does. Because it's so taboo, now with her grinding on my fingers, my stroking my fully erect cock next in front of her naked body turned me on even more. She opened her eyes at one point, something she rarely does because she's so shy. Looking a little shocked, she closed them again, turning her head to the side to let me keep getting her off. I selfishly swiped what bubbles that covered her body away, so I could see more of her, then returned my free hand back between her legs.

I would have much preferred lifting her out of the tub and carrying her to the bedroom, but at this point both of us were beyond the point of no return. If I couldn't take things physically much further the way I wanted them, at least I could risk the dirty talk that she almost always forbids. With her grinding on my fingers and me stroking my cock, I started to say whatever I wanted, for once not so concerned about her reaction.

"Are you going to come for me when I play with your pussy, watching me get myself off? You like me hard...seeing me stroke my dick with you don't you? Yeah, you pretend to be so reserved, but you're a dirty girl aren't you?"

She was moaning and griding hard on my fingers now.

"That's right, come for me dirty girl. You're going to make me come too."

"OH God!" She yelled out. "Oh God yes! Oh fuck!"

Right after she came I grabbed her hand and made her reach up and stroke me. It was an awkward position for her, but I'd already gotten myself so close, it didn't take long for her to finish me off. Holding me almost too tight as she violently jerked me, she made me come on myself.

"Um, I think you need a bath now," she said, as she put her hand back in the water, rubbing it into the bubbles. I'm going to rise off, then let you clean yourself up. Then you need to get back to that contract!"

After my shower as she settled into bed, I went back to work. Going through the contract for several more hours, I kept replaying all that had happened here on my desk, and downstairs in the bathtub. Though I needed to concentrate on the forms, I found myself obsessing on her. Yet again even when she fulfills my desires, she still seems to keep me wanting more.

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