I have another confession to make. I know you've heard this before, but this one is big. Are you ready? I am on a sex fantasy website. Oh yes, believe me. I know it sounds filthy and perverted, but really it's not that bad. Believe me, you should try it sometime.

Anyway, I know you've heard it before, but I enjoy reading the stories for the most part. I've even written a couple, OK thirty-four, of my own. I think it has improved my writing skills and has provided me with hours of fun. I find most of the stories interesting, but not always all that arousing. As I've mentioned before, in general I only find the girl on girl and girls with toys stuff arousing. OK, maybe a few other things. I really don't find reading about sex acts all that arousing for the most part. Same for me when watching porn and I know from reading here that I am not the only guy that fast forwards to the girl on girl parts. So, I really don't always have huge expectations in that area when I log on.

The other thing I really don't expect is to meet anyone on the site. I know it is not a dating site. I am a member of an Internet dating site. Actually two, but who's counting. So, that was never an expectation. I have to say I enjoy the messages and the chats with the girls on the site. Most I have met are very friendly and nice. They write some hot stories as well. But I never really had the expectation of meeting anyone. Certainly not for sex. So, when the subject of cybersex came up in a couple of chats, I literally laughed it off. I mean cybersex? Sounds like an oxymoron. I think computers suck most of the time, but not in a good way. I have a hard time saying computer and sex in the same breath. Let's face it, I am a 48-year-old man. I am a bit old fashioned in some ways. The fact that I can even use a computer is amazing. But sex to me means being in the same room with another human, a girl by the way, and that is that. If I don't often get aroused reading about sex acts, I am certainly not going to get anything out of typing some conversation on a computer screen. Right?

So when yet another girl mentioned that she liked to cyber in a recent chat, I laughed it off yet again. It had been brought up to me in chats with girls before, but I never took it serious. I could not even have imagined myself sitting there in front of a computer with a straight face and attempt to cyber, as they call it. When the subject came up, I usually tried to change it. It is not like I am not easily aroused. Heck, I can snap to attention faster than a group of cadets when a five star general walks by. But only with a real live girl in the same room, or so I thought...

So, when I started chatting recently with a new girl, it just seemed like more of the same. ClassyLady made it clear she was into cybersex. I told her in our first few chats how I felt about it. I thought it was a joke, seriously. I repeated my feelings in our next couple of chats. But this girl was not the type to take no for an answer. She set out to seduce me, being the sexy seductress she is. Hell, it was more like rape. Let's see if I remember how the chat went. I may have to refer to the transcript I mailed myself. Oh yes, it went something like this.

ClassyLady: Hi.
Exakta66: Good morning.
Exakta66: Hanging out on the sex site again, eh?
Exakta66: How is your story doing?
ClassyLady: Have not done any more on it but have made notes for a couple of others.
ClassyLady: It is nice to chat with you.
Exakta66: I usually finish a story in the same day once I start.
Exakta66: And thanks, nice to chat with you as well.
ClassyLady: I respect your honesty with me.
Exakta66: I like honesy.
Exakta66: I mean honesty.
ClassyLady: Me too.
Exakta66: Even if it's not always what I want to hear it is better in the long run.
ClassyLady: I was talking to someone earlier and he was pressuring me to be too personal and I didn't like that.
Exakta66: You will find all sorts here. I have heard a lot of stories.
ClassyLady: I am lucky I found you to talk to.
Exakta66: Guys can be aggressive. I don't have any expectations of the site other than a fantasy site.
Exakta66: The chat is nice, but I don't expect anything. If someone wants to get personal fine. But I can't expect that.
Exakta66: I've heard some guys won't even chat unless it is about sex. That seems stupid.
ClassyLady: He was wanting me to explain things about my body and me personally in detail. He wanted to know everything.
Exakta66: LOL.
ClassyLady: It was not nice. It was very rude.
Exakta66: I agree.
ClassyLady: I will say some stuff but as you say this is a fantasy site.
Exakta66: Yes this is a fantasy site.
Exakta66: I have heard of people hooking up but everyone I chat with seems so far away. I don't expect that.
Exakta66: This is not a dating site.
Exakta66: I am on a dating site.
ClassyLady: You are on a dating site?
Exakta66: Yes, singlesnet. Same screen name.
Exakta66: Same pictures I am sure.
ClassyLady: I thought you were in a relationship?
Exakta66: No, not really. Was with a girl for seven years but she died in 2006.
ClassyLady: Yes, you said.
Exakta66: Have not been in what I would call a serious relationship since.
Exakta66: You in a relationship? Don't recall you saying.
ClassyLady: Yes. I am in a committed relationship.
Exakta66: Good for you.
Exakta66: I would say most people I have met on here are married, but not all.
ClassyLady: I love him very much.
Exakta66: Lucky man.
Exakta66: And lucky you.
ClassyLady: He knows I chat here.
Exakta66: I don't think there is anything wrong with exploring fantasies here.
ClassyLady: No, not at all.
Exakta66: I am sure he knows that. Better here than in the corner bar.
ClassyLady: Lol.
Exakta66: This is a different outlet for me. This whole fantasy thing is new to me.
Exakta66: I am amazed at how much I came up with in my writing.
ClassyLady: He knows I would never cheat on him in reality.
Exakta66: He truly is a lucky man to have you. I am sure he realizes it.
ClassyLady: He also knows I have a hot mind and a lot of sexual thoughts to explore.
Exakta66: A hot mind is a good thing!
Exakta66: A hot woman with a hot mind. You can't beat that.
ClassyLady: But I am full of love and hot thoughts.
Exakta66: That is a real good thing.
Exakta66: Believe me.
ClassyLady: Would you give me a hug?
Exakta66: Yes I could do that. That sounds good.
ClassyLady: Put your arms around me.
Exakta66: I will give you a big squeeze.
Exakta66: You feel so warm.
ClassyLady: And I snuggle up.
Exakta66: And soft.
Exakta66: I feel your breath on my neck.
ClassyLady: and kiss your neck.
Exakta66: Your lips feel nice.
Exakta66: And I return the favor.
ClassyLady: and nibble your ear.
Exakta66: I tease your ear with my mouth.
ClassyLady: Then look up into your eyes.
Exakta66: and breathe lightly in your ear. I let out a soft hum...
Exakta66: Your gaze is captivating.
A note here. By now I was starting to have trouble typing. I think I have corrected a few of the spelling errors, but it was getting tough.
Exakta66: I lean in and we touch noses.
ClassyLady: giggling.
Exakta66: I look deep in your eyes for a moment, hesitating.
Exakta66: Then we kiss.
ClassyLady: A wonderful sensuous kiss.
ClassyLady: So soft.
Exakta66: Lingering, I slowly insert my tongue in your mouth just touching your teeth.
ClassyLady: It tingles.
Exakta66: I feel you shudder in my arms.
ClassyLady: and my tongue dances with yours.
Exakta66: I tease your gums and tongue.
ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
Exakta66: I pull my tongue back and nibble at your lower lip.
ClassyLady: Sparks run through me.
Exakta66: I feel it too.
ClassyLady: I push my body in closer to you.
ClassyLady: running my hands over you.
Exakta66: Your hair is so soft it tickles me.
Exakta66: Your hands feel so good on my body.
ClassyLady: I can feel your heartbeat.
Exakta66: I stroke your neck with my hands.
I recall hesitating at around this point. It was getting increasingly difficult to type.
Exakta66: then I start to take off your top.
ClassyLady: the hairs on my neck stand up.
ClassyLady: as my arousal grows stronger.
Exakta66: I kiss you again in a passionate kiss as I undo your pants. I am getting quite hard...I am actually.
ClassyLady: Really?
Exakta66: Oh yes, once you started with the neck I was getting aroused.
Exakta66: I didn't realize this can be so stimulating.
Exakta66: I can see you've done this before.
ClassyLady: u like?
Exakta66: yes!
Exakta66: Getting harder to type...lol.
ClassyLady: Wriggling my hips a little as you fumble with my clothes.
Exakta66: I pull your pants down as you kick off your shoes.
ClassyLady: My hands reach your ass.
Exakta66: I pick you up and put you on the bed.
Exakta66: I reach around and unhook your bra.
ClassyLady: Still kissing you.
Exakta66: Your erect nipples are staring me in the face.
ClassyLady: shivers running right through me.
Exakta66: I start kissing down your neck to your breasts.
Exakta66: I tease your nipples with my tongue.
Exakta66: I trace circles around them.
Exakta66: I push you back on the bed and pull off your panties.
ClassyLady: tracing a finger around your thighs and your hips.
Exakta66: I feel your gorgeous breasts with my right hand then kiss down your stomach.
ClassyLady: getting even more aroused and I start squirming and moaning
Exakta66: I kneel down and spread your legs
Exakta66: I start to kiss your inner thighs
ClassyLady: oooooooooooooooo
ClassyLady: yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss
Exakta66: delicate tongue strokes up towards your womanhood
Exakta66: I can smell your scent as I get closer
Exakta66: It is delicious.
ClassyLady: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Exakta66: I hear your soft moans.
ClassyLady: driving me crazy just feeling your breath
Exakta66: I kiss around your soft mound and then delicately taste your outer lips
ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Exakta66: I insert my tongue up and down your moist pussy
ClassyLady: My back arches now.
Exakta66: I insert my index finger of my right hand and rub the upper part of your love canal putting pressure on your g-spot
Exakta66: I gently tease the area around your clit with my tongue as I slowly circle it]
ClassyLady: my juices flow
Exakta66: As I keep up the pressure on your g-spot, I tongue your clit with the same rhythm
ClassyLady: I'm reaching new highs
Exakta66: You are squirming uncontrollably under my tongue and mouth
ClassyLady: hips gyrating
Exakta66: I have to bury my face in you to keep up
ClassyLady: orgasm follows orgasm
Exakta66: I feel your hairs and your juices entering my mouth and nose, it is delicious...you taste soooo good
ClassyLady: WOW
Exakta66: Hey
Exakta66: Was it good for you?
ClassyLady: Oh yes!
ClassyLady: u?
Exakta66: Oh yes!
ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmmmm
Exakta66: I think I need a break.
Exakta66: For a moment.
ClassyLady: I see
ClassyLady: too hot for you???
Exakta66: Not used to it.
Exakta66: But I like it.
ClassyLady: I'm glad.
Exakta66: Not used to describing everything.
Exakta66: But it is good.
Exakta66: Really.
ClassyLady: I hope you aren't disappointed
Exakta66: No, not at all.
Exakta66: How am I doing?
ClassyLady: it makes it feel real I think
Exakta66: Much more than I would expect.
ClassyLady: you are great!!
ClassyLady: Really hot!!!!
Exakta66: Thank you.
Exakta66: I will probably get better.
ClassyLady: I don't want to pressure you into anything
Exakta66: No, not at all
Exakta66: Just not used to typing everything in real time.
Exakta66: I sort of wanted to try this.
Exakta66: but you had me at the neck kissing part and it gets hard to think! lol.
ClassyLady: sometimes I think its nice to put your true feelings down and bring something to life
Exakta66: agreed
I am starting to think at this point of the possibilities. I want to try something.
Exakta66: Can I kiss your toes?
Exakta66: You have such pretty feet.
ClassyLady: I felt really good
ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmm that's nice
Exakta66: I hold your ankles and lift your foot to my face
Exakta66: I take my tongue and delicately stroke the bottoms of your toes, one by one
ClassyLady: that sends tingles up my spine
Exakta66: I kiss each toe one by one.
Exakta66: I take each one in my mouth and stroke it with my tongue
ClassyLady: I smile at you.
Exakta66: I rub your foot while I do this paying attention to your arches
ClassyLady: Feels soooo good.
Exakta66: I massage your foot with my thumbs
ClassyLady: I feel so relaxed
Exakta66: you emit soft moans of pleasure
Exakta66: I suck each of your toes harder
Exakta66: I kiss the tops of your feet and then start working my way back up your legs
ClassyLady: leaning back just enjoying you pleasuring me
Exakta66: I want to kiss every inch of your body
ClassyLady: my whole body feels the pleasure
Exakta66: and if I miss a spot I want you to make me start over again
Exakta66: I glide my tongue up from your feet to the insides of your legs
ClassyLady: electricity running through me
Exakta66: I work my way up your calves one at a time holding your legs firm in my hands
ClassyLady: My legs open up.
Exakta66: When I get back up to your thighs, I massage them firmly with both hands as I kiss and lick every inch
ClassyLady: breathing deep.
Exakta66: I take the skin of your inner thighs and pinch it delicately between my teeth
ClassyLady: oooooooooo
Exakta66: I do this all the way up working back to your womanhood once again
Exakta66: I take my time, doing it very slowly
ClassyLady: the slower the better
ClassyLady: moaning louder now.
Exakta66: Your moans increase in intensity, as your pleasure is obvious
ClassyLady: feeling quite wet
Exakta66: I work up to the area between your pussy and your butt. I work the area hard with my tongue as I hold and massage your thighs
ClassyLady: desires growing.
Exakta66: I softly tease the hairs of your mound as I take in your delicate scent. You smell so good
ClassyLady: your touch makes me wild
Exakta66: I squeeze your hips as I again kiss the whole area around your wet pussy
ClassyLady: I have no control over my increasing wetness
Exakta66: I pause for a moment to bask in the scent then slowly kiss and lick your whole area. The taste is delicious as your juices start to drive me wild
ClassyLady: my body succumbs
Exakta66: I lap them up like an animal at feeding time
ClassyLady: my juices flow.
Exakta66: I don't want to miss a single drop of you
ClassyLady: more and more.
Exakta66: your juices flow like they threaten to drown me and I want to drown
ClassyLady: take me my love.
Exakta66: I lift my head for a moment
Exakta66: I take off my shirt and throw it aside
Exakta66: I remove my shoes and pants
Exakta66: You admire the bulge in my underwear
ClassyLady: getting impatient.
ClassyLady: screaming for you now!
Exakta66: I remove my underwear and throw them in the pile
ClassyLady: NOW!!!!
Exakta66: you reach out and touch the head of my stiff cock and give it a rub
Exakta66: it feels so good.
Exakta66: I insert the head in your wet folds
ClassyLady: I lift my legs high.
Exakta66: I tease your wetness for a moment
ClassyLady: hook them over your shoulders
Exakta66: then I slowly insert it as I feel every inch of your tight wetness engulf me
ClassyLady: deep deep
Exakta66: It is comforting and feels so good like your embrace
Exakta66: I push it all the way in as I lean forward over you
ClassyLady: we are as one.
Exakta66: my arms are at your sides as I begin to pump. I kiss your breasts as your nipples are before my face
ClassyLady: feels so good.
Exakta66: As I pump harder your breasts bounce before my face and I start to get lost in my own pleasure
ClassyLady: our pleasure.
Exakta66: I am quite unaware of my surroundings, all I can hear is your pants and moans
ClassyLady: louder and louder!
Exakta66: Your sounds of pleasure increase as I feel my orgasm building
ClassyLady: begin to climax
ClassyLady: going beyond the clouds.
Exakta66: I feel your muscles gripping me as I force against them...you are getting louder...I hear you pant in my ear
ClassyLady: reaching the stars.
Exakta66: your breath I can feel as I lean in and we both cum together
ClassyLady: yeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!
ClassyLady: I begin my descent now with you.
ClassyLady: holding you close.
Exakta66: I feel so relieved...an incredible feeling of relaxation comes over me
Exakta66: I slide my member out of you as I sit back
ClassyLady: a wonderful feeling.
Exakta66: I roll over next to you and we look in each other's eyes
ClassyLady: we lay together.
Exakta66: we smile at each other.
ClassyLady: I close my eyes.
Exakta66: I take your hand and kiss your palm and you giggle
Exakta66: then we lie back and relax
ClassyLady: satisfied.
Exakta66: oh yes!
ClassyLady: how did you feel?
Exakta66: nice.
Exakta66: I get aroused, but then I sometimes lose it when I have to think what to type
ClassyLady: Did it feel real?
Exakta66: at times.
Exakta66: This is new to me
Exakta66: but then I come out of it when I think too much what to type
ClassyLady: good.
Exakta66: but I see the possibilities
ClassyLady: it's the way it should be if you got some pleasure
Exakta66: oh yes
ClassyLady: thank you.
Exakta66: No, thank you.

Anyway, shows over folks. You can go back to work or whatever.
I would like to thank the staff at this site for all the features this site offers. Thanks to the mail yourself your chat feature, this story was just a matter of cut and paste. It was the easiest story I ever did.
I would also like to thank ClassyLady for starting off my July 4th weekend with a bang...you know who you are. Until next time...later.


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