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How Realldolls Are Made

Known as realldolls, these highly realistic love dolls can be your submissive mistress or your naughty schoolgirl who loves older men. They can also be a source of fulfillment for your wildest fantasies.

The owners of these dolls are known as iDollators, and treat them like their true friends. They share hundreds of photos of their dolls on chat rooms and forums.


Realldolls are made from high-quality materials, such as latex and silicone, which feel and look like real skin. Its joints can be fully articulated to allow for realistic poses and movements. It comes with a modular head that permits different faces to be attached to the skull base. The head can be rotated left or right, up and down, and move in a variety ways, including tilting forward or reverse.

Abyss Creations, the company behind Realldoll has a long-standing history in the business and keeps an extremely strict quality control. Their dolls are made from premium silicone rubber and are extremely intricate. Everything from the bounce of their butts to the irises in the eyes are perfectly and precisely. The company also offers an array of customization options and a customer-friendly return policy which makes it one of the most popular players in the market for sex dolls.

Realldoll has a skin that is very different from other sex toys which are flat and have a dull color. The skin of Realldoll looks more realistic, and its hands, chests and faces look a lot like the actual woman. The company offers a variety of accessories, including lubricants, warming devices and other accessories to enhance the intimacy of the experience.

In addition to their authentic design, Realldolls are equipped with sensors for touch in their legs and arms which allow them to respond to any stimulation. They also feature speech functions that mimic various facial expressions, which makes them ideal for roleplaying or intimate encounters. Some dolls feature a full body heating system which can warm the doll up to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


The head of a RealDoll is perhaps its strongest characteristic, with a realistic silicone that feels and looks amazing. The lips and mouth of a RealDoll are soft and stretchy like human beings', and the hinged Jaw opens just as a real person's. realdoll sexdoll allows for a realistic oral experience. A lot of models have a ribbed mouth cavity for added pleasure.

RealDolls also have a sturdy skeleton, featuring stainless steel joints that can be adjusted to any position. The doll can be placed to your liking and that of your companion. It can be used for a variety purposes from missionary to reverse cowgirl and even those amazing poses you see on the Cosmopolitan cover.

Some sites allow you to modify a doll, allowing you to control more body features such as the waist and bust sizes, the shape of the areolas and the texture of the breasts. They typically allow you to select from a range of wigs and make-up. They can even create a custom appearance for you if you need a specific look.

Two areas in which RealDoll excels is in their male sex dolls and AI dolls. There are a variety of body types for their male dolls. They have a muscular model that has virtually no body fat, and a model that has a natural look. The female AI dolls they have available are also stunning. They are equipped with an electric sensor which responds to the touch. She will shut her eyes, move her lips and emit an imitation Moane.

If you'd like to go one step further, RealDoll offers an app called X-Mode which lets you give your doll a personality while controlling her responsiveness. You can even have your RealDoll give you tips and even talk back to you.


RealDolls are known for their stunning eyes. They are designed to appear like real eyes, however they have the optical properties and fluidity of Spherical glass. The eye has about two thirds of its volume dedicated to this substance. That's why, when you touch toy eyeballs in stores, they feel a bit soft.

In the handful of research studies that have been conducted to date on the sex doll owner there is no evidence to suggest that these individuals pose a greater sexual risk than a non-doll comparison group. A small amount of studies suggest that sex-doll ownership is a way for individuals to satisfy paraphilic desires that they can't express with other (consenting people).

Abyss Creations has been working on an artificial intelligence system for its sex dolls. One employee said that the company plans to integrate this technology into the X-Mode App so that users can infuse their RealDolls with personality. The AI model will track the user's behavior and adjust the doll's responsiveness accordingly The company calls it X-Mode Plus.

It's as if you walked into the uncanny valley as you enter the RealDoll factory in San Marcos. Everything looks almost human but isn't quite. Some silicone bodies have eerie real heads attached while others feature robotic faces with bug-eyed eyed eyes.

The sex dolls produced by Abyss Creations are highly customizable and can be given features like ears made of elf at a reasonable price. Most of the dolls sold are female, but Abyss does sell some male dolls and a few transgender models as well.


Realldolls can be made with different doll hair, including natural, fine yarns (often made out of angora goats), and synthetic fibers. The latter are often used on modern dolls. They can be made straight, wavy or curly. Many people prefer the latter since they give a more natural look.

Natural or synthetic, the best way to attach the hair to your doll is to stitch. Use a fine thread that matches the skin tone of your doll. Then stitch back and forth along the hair strands. This will keep them in place and stop them from falling. You can also apply a small amount of tacky glue.

If the hair of your doll is long and straight you can curl it with a wooden dowel encircling it. Bake it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven for 45 minutes. Some doll retailers sell synthetic hair that is already curly braided, coiled, or twisted.

While some reborn artists use straighteners and curling irons to style their doll's hair, it can damage the hair's surface. It is recommended to keep an extra bottle of mousse in the bag to control any stray strands of hair.

A few years ago Shelly McMullen opened a business selling "realldolls." Her clients include art enthusiasts, lonesome men and rubber fetishists. Realdolls are also sought-after by couples who want to be a saucy trio. In contrast to inflatable dolls of the past, Realdolls tend to be heavier, with models weighing up to 75 kilos. They require more strength to handle. They also cost more than traditional sex toy Some of them cost the same as an automobile.


Silicone is a non-toxic, flesh-like substance that mimics human skin. In contrast to plastic dolls, which can break and crack under extreme pressure the silicone material has a soft, more flexible texture. This makes it a safer choice for children and infants. Many reborn artists produce lifelike dolls using silicone. Their work is generally referred to as "reborning." The process of reborning a doll is complex and takes a lot of time and effort. Some artists even make an imitation doll that appears like their real-life offspring.

Reborn dolls can be used in a variety of different ways. Some people utilize them to learn how to parent before they have children. Some are used to help people suffering from mental illnesses, such as dementia. They can provide a comforting feeling that can help ease depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

Some reborn dolls have been marketed as sexual partners. Some are designed with sensors in their legs, arms, and breasts that respond to touch, sound effects and other actions. Some are equipped with full-body heaters that help them reach the ideal temperature.

Those who are looking to use a doll that was reborn to be used to have a sexual experience must take extra care to ensure the safety of the product. It is recommended to bathe the dolls whenever required, and use room temperature water. If a doll is hairy, be sure to brush it frequently to avoid damaging and snarling. It is also recommended to place the doll on a soft blanket or other smooth surface when being handled. Do not pull, pull, or poke the doll in a violent manner and cause damage to its joints and tear its silicone skin.

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