taken from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bradtraversy/design-resources-for-developers/master/readme.md

UI Graphics

| SVG sine waves | Export perfect sine waves as SVG for your front-end projects |

| UI Design Daily| Awesome UI Components of all types |

| 100 Daily UI | Free Figma library of products, elements, and screens |

| Paaatterns | Free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats |

| Absurd.design | Free surrealist illustrations for designers and developers |

| Open Peeps | Hand drawn illustration library|

| UI Space | Thousands of great UI freebies |

| Animations.co | Beautiful, customizable animated GIF icons |

| Uplabs| High-quality design resources (Free & Premium) |

| InvisionApp | Library of free, high-quality UI kits, icon packs, and mockups |

| Avataaars | Free sketch library of avatars illustrations by Pablo Stanley |

| Hero Patterns| A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns |

| BEAUBUS Patterns| A set of 150+ free SVG patterns (backgrounds) |

| IsoFlat | A Free collection of Isometric SVG graphic resources |

| Freellustrations | Free Background Images for awesome landing Pages |

| Pixeltrue Illustrations | Free Animated Illustrations |

| Abstract User Avatar API | API to create simple yet flexible user avatars from user names or emails |

| sketchvalley | Download free PNG, SVG or AI file . |

| Dimensions | Dimensions.com is an ongoing reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces|

| Freebiesbug | Hand-picked resources for web designers and developers, constantly updated.|

| illustration kit| Premium open source illustrations added daily |

| Exemplar | Free Avatar Library for Figma and Sketch|

| UIBundle | Thousands of Free Design Resources like UI Kits, Mockups, Illustrations, Icons, Fonts, 3D assets, Templates and more. |

| openby.design | Custom crafted free UI design resources, for personal and commercial projects. No attribution is required. |

| Design Stripe | Create beautiful illustrations, no design skills needed. |

| HOLA SVG! | An SVG playground to share SVG stuff. |

| symu.co| Free templates, UI kits, icon, PSD |

| Mesh Gradient| Generate & download beautiful mesh gradients. |

| CSS Shadow Gradients | Generate CSS Gradients For Shadows. |

| Boring Avatars | SVG random, cutely avatars collections |


| Use & Modify| Personal selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces |

| Tiff| A type diff tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts |

| TypeKit Practice| Learn about typography practices |

| Golden Ratio| Golden Ratio Typography Calculator |

| FontPair | Helps you pair Google Fonts together

| Abstract Fonts| Fonts free for personal and commercial use |

| Free Typography| A list of high quality fonts |

| Leon Sans| A geometric sans-serif typeface made with code |

| Lexend| A variable font empirically shown to significantly improve reading-proficiency |

| Fonts for Apple Platforms| Get the details, frameworks, and tools you need to use system fonts for Apple platforms in your apps |

| SFWin| San Francisco Fonts for Windows 10 and non-Apple Platform |

| Arabic fonts | Arabic fonts for free |

| FontDrop | Simple and easy way to view the contents of font files |

| Open Foundry | FREE platform for curated open-source typefaces |

| Glyphter | Upload your own SVGS and turn them into font files. Useful if you want a smaller library loaded |

| Google Webfonts Helper | A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts |

| Rough Font Awesome| When RoughJS meets Font Awesome |

| FFonts| Stylish fonts for free |

| Malayalam Fonts| Malayalam fonts for free which are maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing(SMC) |

| Font M| Free font you can download for material coding and design |

| W Fonts| Download Free fonts |

| Modern fluid typography editor| Fluid typography is a modern way of approaching responsive typography. |

| Typespiration| Inspirational font combinations and color palettes |

| Fontsource | Self-host Open Source fonts in neatly bundled NPM packages. |


| Color Brewer 2| The original color palette generator, also supporting color blindness. Probably the scientifically best option. Also probably not the prettiest. |

| Huetone| A tool to create accessible color systems. |

| ColorCurves.app| Color palette generator that uses curves to generate color palettes |

| ColorGradient| A free tool to create simple and complex CSS Gradients visually |

| Palette List| Pick 2 colors you like and the tool generates thousands of palettes for you. |

| Google Material Color Tool| Official Google Material Color Palette Tool|

| Adobe Color| Create color palettes, extract gradients from images, etc. |

| Colorsinspo | All-in-one resource for finding everything about colors |

| Happyhues | Happy Hues is a color palette inspiration site that acts as a real-world example as to how the colors could be used in your design projects by Mackenzie Child |

| Adobe Trends| Discover current color trends in different industries from the creative communities on Behance and Adobe Stock|

| Gradient Hunt| A free and open platform for gradient inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color gradients |

| ColorBox| A free website to produce color set |

| Palette Generator| Generate new color palette with every spacebar press |

| Material Palettes| 1000+ Material Design palettes |

| Grabient | Gradient Selector |

| ShadeSwash | Quickly generate shades of any color |

| BrandColors | The biggest collection of official brand color codes |

| BRAND PALETTES | Logo Color Codes and Palettes |

| Material Design Palette Generator | Generate theme and color palette Material Design-like |

| Colorate | Color scheme tool for designers and developers. This will help you draw inspiration and serve as a resource for your color work. |

| Color Blender | A tool that shows the midpoint colors between two colors

| Gradient Buttons | Ready to use copy/paste gradient buttons |

| whocanuse | A tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments.

| Color Hex Picker | Tool to get hex code along with name of the color. |

| Saruwakakun | The stunning color scheme for website & App Designs with previews |

| CSS Gradient Editor | You may only need this tool for creating CSS gradient backgrounds and patterns. |

| CombineCOLORS | Color mixing tool |

| Color Lovers | It will show the color schemes which are popular in the outside world. |

| HTML CSS Color | Free online Color (USA) or Colour (British) tools: information, gradient generator, color wheels etc. |

| HEX Color Codes | It gets HTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values with our color picker, color chart and HTML color names. |

| colors.dopely | Super-fast and simple color palette generator, palettes can be saved and shared in seconds. |

| UIColor Picker | A collection of UI Colors with hex codes available to be copied in just one click. |

| Color Hex | Color-hex gives information about colors including color models (RGB,HSL,HSV and CMYK) and generates a simple css code for the selected color. |

| FarbVelo | A random color palette generator |

| Veranda Color | Browse color palettes made by other designers, generate and submit your own |

| Lospec Palette List | The Lospec Palette List is a database of palettes for pixel art. |

| Palettte App | Build smooth color schemes that flow from one color to another. |

| Eggradients | Gradient Background Colors with eggs.|

| Gradientos | Find and test gradients easily. |

| Encycolorpedia | Website for referencing web colors. Color knowledge, Web colors, Hex color codes. |

| Croma | A website for pick colors quickly from image or manually. It's color picker is easier to use. |

| Color Designer | A gradient generetor from one color. |

| Duotone | Find beautiful free duotone images to use in any project, or make custom duotone images by uploading your own image and applying a duotone effect in seconds. |


| Circum Icons| Consistant open source icons as SVG for React, Vue and Svelte |

| UXWing| Well Optimized, Free icons for commercial use |

| Shapedfonts Iconclub| 8000+ free icons |

| Xicons| SVG Vue/React components integrated from fluentui-system-icons, ionicons, etc. (Vue3, Vue2, React, SVG). |

| Linear Icons| 1000+ Ultra crisp vector icons |

| Icons8| Free icons, photos, vectors and tools |

| Iconscout| Free Download Icons illustrations stock photos at one place |

| IconSear.ch | Search engine with over 50,000 SVG icons indexed |

| Nucleo App| Nucleo is a beautiful library of 27500 icons, and a powerful application to collect, customize and export all your icons. (Free & Paid) |

| Vivid.js| Ready to use Free and Open Source SVG Icons Pack JavaScript Library. |

| Lordicon | 50 free animated interactive icons |

| UseAnimations | Free Animated Icons in SVG and Json Format(for lottie) |

| IconBros | 7843+ free icons grouped in 182 collections |

| Material Design Icons | An icon collection allowing designers and developers targeting various platforms to download icons in the format, color and size they need for any project. |

| Zondicons | A set of free premium SVG icons for you to use on your digital products. |

| Endless Icons | A website offering a number of free icons. Icons are tagged and also compressed into kits. |

| Icomoon |Browse 5500+ Free Icons. Add any set you wish to easily browse and search its icons. |

| Eva Icons |Eva Icons is a pack of more than 480 beautifully crafted Open Source icons for common actions and items. |

| Cryptoicons | A set of 430 crypto and fiat currency icons. Completely free. |

| Evericons | Evericons is a big pack of over 460 free icons designed by Aleksey Popov. |

| Convertio | Convert PNG files to SVG online & free. (One of the services provided by it.) |

| CSS ICON | Icon set made with pure css code, no dependencies, "grab and go" icons |

| IconPark | Transform an SVG icon into multiple themes, and generate React icons,Vue icons,svg icons |

| EOS Icons | A pixel-perfect, open source iconic font available as ligature and SVG. |

| Teeny Icons | TeenyIcons is a set icons in SVG format easy to use in html |

| Lucide | Lucide is an open-source icon library, a fork of Feather Icons. |

| Icones | Icon Explorer with Instant searching, powered by Iconify. |

| Shitty Icons | Collection of Free icons. |

| Iconspedia | Iconspedia is a website that contains a large collection of high quality free icons. |

| 3DICONS | Beautifully crafted open source 3D icons |

| IconsDb | Free Custom Icons |

| Emoji Guide | The collection of 3300 emojis with their HTML codes for easy use. |


| Instant Logo Search| Thousands of free brands logos ( SVG - PNG ) |

| LogoSear.ch | Search engine with over 200,000 SVG logos indexed |

| SVGPorn | 1000+ high-quality SVG logos |

| Payment System Logos | Logos for payment systems available in png and svg |

| Browser Logos | High resolution web browser logos |

| VectorLogoZone | Consistently formatted SVG logos |

| Free Logo Maker| Fast, All-in-One Logo Generator |

| Namecheap Logo Maker| Create and download custom Logos for free |

| Favicon.io| Generate a favicon from text, from an image, or from an emoji. Download in .ico and .png formats |

| Favicon Generator| Generate favicon ico files for your website |

| Favicon.cc | Draw a favicon online and browse through a library of favicons made by other users |

| Maskable.app Editor | Generate maskable PWA icons based on your existing icon |

Icon Fonts

| Line Awesome| Swap in replacement of Font Awesome with modern line icons |

| Material Icons| Material design icon library |

| IonIcons| Beautifully crafted open source icons from Ionic team |

| Fontisto Icons| Fontisto the iconic font and css toolkit · 616+ free icons |

| Boxicons| Boxicons is a free collection of carefully crafted open source icons |

| Icofont| 2100+ free icons to spice up your creative designs |

| Material Palette| Free to pick palettes, icons and colors for Material Design]|

| Material Design Iconic Font | Material design icon font |

| Vscode Codicons | The icon font from Visual Studio Code |

| Devicon | Devicon is a set of icons representing programming languages, designing & development tools |

| PaymentFont | A sleek web font for payment operators and methods. Featuring 116 icons |

| Stroke 7 | 202 thin stroke icons inspired by iOS 7 |

| Fontello| 200+ web icons where you can customize the names or codes of icons. |

| Linea| Linea: Featuring 750+ Free Icons |

| Unicons| A set of 1100+ Free line style icons available as web font, SVG icons, and as components for JS frameworks like React, Vue and React Native. |

Stock Photos

| Mobirise Icons| A free, open source set of 150 elegant, pixel-perfect linear icons, available as web icon font and SVG icons. |

| Picspree| Royalty free images, stock photos, illustrations, and vectors |

| Gratisography| Free collection of free high-resolution pictures |

| Morguefile| Over 350,000 free stock photos for commercial use |

| Public Domain Pictures| Public domain images of all types |

| Stockvault| Categorized stock photos |

| Placeholder| A free image placeholder service for the web. You can specify image size and format |

| Wunder Stock| Stunningly amazing free photos |

| PxHere| Free Images & Free stock photos - PxHere |

| Piqsels| Royalty Free Stock Photos |

| Nappy| A website offering Beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people.|

| scienceimage | An image library specializing in science and nature images |

| Integration & Application Network Image Library | Free images to provide scientists, resource managers, government agencies, community groups and graphics professionals with a resource for enhancing science communication. |

| Saxifraga | Free nature images |

Stock Videos

| Pixabay| Large library of free to use videos, donated by the community similar to Pexels |

| Coverr.co| Beautiful free stock video footage |

| Life Of Vids| Free video clips and loops |

| Videvo| Free and premium stock videos |

| Loopvidz| Free To Use Cinema graphs Created With VIMAGE App |

| Free-Stock-Video| Free Footage Stock Videos |

Stock Music & Sound Effects

| YouTube Studio Audio Library| Royalty-free audio library for downloadable music and sound effects. Cleared for YouTube monetization. |

| Mixkit| Free music for your projects |

| Freesound| Free stock music and sounds |

| Free Music Archive| Collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers |

Vectors & Clip Art

| PNGTree| png, backgrounds, templates, text effects |

| Freeble| Vectors, patterns, mockups and more |

| Lukaszadam| Free Vector artworks |

| Clipart| Choose great clipart, png, coloring pages, drawings and more for your projects from the free collection! |

| Growwwkit illustrations| A set of 8 simple, black & white, stylish illustrations |

| blob | Generate Blob shapes for Web and Flutter apps |

| Stories by Freepik | A collection of free and customizable illustrations for projects |

| Black Illustrations | Beautiful illustrations of black people (free and premium) |

| Delesign | A collection of free illustrations and more |

| Servier Medical Art | 3000 free medical images to illustrate your publications and PowerPoint presentations |

| Clker | Free clip art you can use for anything you like |

| Heritage Library | Vintage Illustrations (vector and png) |

| ROBOHASH | Generate unique images from any text |

| Vector | Awesome website for all kinds of Moroccan vectors. |

Product & Image Mockups

| Smart Mockups| Create stunning product mockups (free & premium) |

| Media Modifier| beautiful design mockups service for your products (free & premium) |

| Shot Snap| Create beautiful device mockup images for your app or website design |

| Screen Peak| Create a mockup from a URL |

| Collab Shot| Real-time screen grabs and image sharing |

| Facebook Devices| Images and Sketch files of popular devices |

| Threed.io| Generate 3D mockups right in your browser. |

| Mockuphone| 100% free mockups for all devices including IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Laptop & Desktop and TV |

| Clean Mock| Create stunning mockups using latest device frames like iPhone X & custom backgrounds that make your mobile or website design standout, right from your browser quickly & for free. |

| Mock.Video| Instantly create mockups by adding a device frame to your videos. |

| MockupBro| Create product mockups with online mockup generator! Just choose a mockup, upload your design and download your image without a watermark. |

| Pika| Instantly create browser mockups and beautiful images for marketing, blog post and more |

HTML & CSS Templates

| HTML5Up| Very modern, unique responsive HTML5/CSS3 themes |

| Templatemo| Minimal, resume, gallery themes and more |

| FreeHTML5| Free & premium HTML5 and Bootstrap themes |

| StyleShout| Brilliantly crafted free website templates |

| Start Bootstrap| Bootstrap starter themes |

| Zerotheme| HTML5, Bootstrap, Prestashop templates |

| HTML5xCSS3| Collection of wonderful templates in different categories |

| Colorlib| Almost any category of theme you can think of |

| Hubspot| Templates, infographics, banners and much more|

| Mobirise| Great looking HTML5/CSS3 templates|

| Bootswatch| Free themes for Bootstrap|

| Themes For App| Free Bootstrap themes and landing pages|

| BootstrapTaste| Premium & Free Bootstrap Templates|

| W3Layouts| W3Layouts: 3784+ Free Website Templates for 2020 |

| Cruip| Fully coded HTML templates to help you easily build your startup landing page without hassles. |

| UIdeck | Free Landing Page Templates and Bootstrap Themes |

| Splawr | Free web templates to kickstart your idea! |

| W3css_templates | Some responsive W3.CSS website templates for you to use. |

| All-Free-Download | Download free-website-templates |

| mashup-template| HTML5/CSS3 Free Templates |

| Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template| Open-source & Easy to us Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template with Elegant Design & Unique Layout.|

CSS Frameworks

| Materialize| A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design |

| Material Design Lite| Light framework based on Material Design. No JS dependency |

| Skeleton| Extremely light framework for basic UI elements |

| Uniform CSS| Fully configurable utility generator and CSS framework built entirely in Sass |

| Semantic UI| Empowers designers and developers by creating a shared vocabulary for UI |

| Fomantic UI| A community fork of Semantic-UI |

| Foundation| Mobile first framework with clean markup |

| Pure CSS| A set of small, responsive CSS modules |

| UIKit| Lightweight and modular front-end framework |

| Susy| Lightweight, grid-layout engine for Sass |

| Milligram.io| Minimalist CSS framework |

| Vanilla Framework| Simple, extensible CSS framework written in Sass |

| Spectre CSS| Lightweight, modern CSS framework |

| Picnic CSS| Lightweight and beautiful library |

| Wing| A beautiful CSS framework designed for minimalists |

| Chota| A micro (~3kb) CSS framework |

| Blueprint CSS| A lightweight layout library for building great responsive mobile first UIs that work everywhere |

| W3.CSS | A modern CSS framework with support for desktop, tablet, and mobile design by default. Designed to be independent of jQuery or any other JavaScript library |

| NES CSS| NES-style CSS Framework |

| Shoelace.css| Lightweight, forward-thinking CSS library built with future CSS syntax |

| MVP.css | A minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements. No class names, no frameworks, just semantic HTML and you're done |

| Blaze.css | Open source modular CSS toolkit providing great structure for building websites quickly |

| Turret CSS | Turret CSS is a styles framework for development of responsive websites. |

| Cutestrap | A strong, independent CSS Framework. |

| Framework7 | Framework7 - is a free and open source framework to develop mobile, desktop or web apps with native look and feel. |

| Hint.css | A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites. |

| imagehover.io | Pure CSS Image Hover Effect Library |

| mini.css | A minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework |

| Tachyons | Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible. |

| Material Bootstrap | Material Design with Bootstrap |

| Ivory | A modern CSS framework for developing powerful web interfaces faster and easier |

| Halfmoon UI| A responsive and lightweight framework, designed for quickly building beautiful dashboards and product pages. |

| Metro 4| Create your site quickly and effectively with Metro 4. impressive components library built on html, css, javascript. |

| css-doodle | A web component for drawing patterns with CSS |

| latex.css | Make your website look like a LaTeX document |

| Paper CSS | Front-end printing solution |

| Windi CSS | Next generation compiler for Tailwind CSS |

| Cirrus CSS | A component and utility centric SCSS framework designed for rapid prototyping. |

| Gutenberg | Modern framework to print the web correctly. |

| lit | World's smallest responsive fire css framework (395 bytes). |

| Arwes | Arwes is a web framework to build user interfaces based on futuristic science fiction designs, animations, and sound effects. |

| Bojler | Bojler is an email framework for developing responsive and lightweight email templates that will render correctly across each of the most popular email clients. |

| Tacit | Primitive CSS Framework for dummies, without classes. |

| Terminal CSS | A modern and minimal CSS framework for terminal lovers. |

| Sakura | A minimal classless css framework / theme. |

| PSone | PS1 style CSS Framework, inspired by NES.css. |

| Marx | Marx is the classless CSS reset to be used in any projects (namely small ones). |

| Tufte | Style your webpage like Edward Tufte’s handouts. |

| Axentix | Axentix is an open source Framework based on CSS Grid using HTML, CSS and JS. |

| Raster Simple Grid System | Minimal and straight-forward CSS grid system utilizing descriptive HTML rather than semantic CSS. |

| flowrift | Flowrift is a library made of beautifully designed Tailwind CSS UI blocks. |

| twind | The smallest, fastest, most feature complete tailwind-in-js solution in existence |

| Pico.css | Elegant styles for all natives HTML elements without .classes and dark mode automatically enabled. |

| clay.css | Extensible and configurable micro CSS util class and SASS mixin for adding claymorphism styles to your components. |

CSS Methodologies

| OOCSS | OOCSS concepts help us write components that are flexible, modular and interchangeable. |

| Atomic CSS | Atomic CSS is the approach to CSS architecture that favors small, single-purpose classes with names based on visual function. |

| BEM | Block Element Modifier is a methodology that helps you to create reusable components and code sharing in front-end development. |

| SMACSS | SMACSS is a way to examine your design process and as a way to fit those rigid frameworks into a flexible thought process. |

CSS Animations

| Bounce.js| Bounce.js is a tool and JS library that lets you create beautiful CSS3 powered animations |

| Magic Animations| Animations has been one of the most impressive animation libraries available |

| Zdog| Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG |

| CSShake| CSShake delivers exactly what it says on the box — a CSS library designed specifically for shaking elements within your web page |

| Hover.css| Hover.css is a CSS animation library designed for use with buttons and other UI elements in your website |

| AniJS| AniJS is an animation library that allows you to add animations to elements in a simple ‘sentence-like’ structure |

| Animista| CSS Animations On Demand |

| Tachyons-animate| Tachyons itself is an atomic CSS library with a ton of utility classes for essentially designing anything by adding classes to what you need |

| Sequence.js| Sequence.js is a JavaScript library that provides a responsive CSS framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications |

| Infinite| These animations, like rotations and pulses, that are specifically designed to run and repeat forever |

| OBNOXIOUS.CSS| Animations for the strong of heart, and weak of mind |

| MOTION UI| A Sass library for creating flexible CSS transitions and animations |

| Keyframes.app| A graphical user interface for generating custom CSS keyframe animations |

| thoughtbot| CSS Transitions and Transformations for Beginners |

| SVG Artista| A useful tool to animate stroke and fill properties in SVG images with plain CSS code |

| AnimXYZ| AnimXYZ helps you create, customize, and compose animations for your website. Built for Vue, React, SCSS, and CSS |

| Whirl| CSS loading animations with minimal effort! |

| Hamburgers| Hamburgers is a collection of tasty CSS-animated hamburger icons. Also included is the source as a Sass library. It’s modular and customizable, so cook up your own hamburger. |

| CSS Loaders & Spinners| This is a library having a collection of different types of CSS loaders, spinners |

| Motion One| A new animation library, built on the Web Animations API for the smallest filesize and the fastest performance. |

| pocoloco| Generate dynamic backgrounds for your website |

| AniX| Super easy and lightweight css animation library. |

| AOS | Animate On Scroll Library. |

| Animatopy | Just-add-water CSS animations snippets |

Javascript Animation Libraries

| Velocity.js| Velocity is a lightweight animation engine with the same API as jQuery's $.animate() |

| lax.js| Simple & light weight vanilla javascript plugin to create smooth & beautiful animations when you scroll! |

| Rellax.js| A buttery smooth, super lightweight, vanilla javascript parallax library |

| three.js| An easy to use, lightweight, 3D library with a default WebGL renderer. |

| Atropos| Atropos is a lightweight, free and open-source JavaScript library to create stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects. |

| wow.js| Reveal Animations When You Scroll. |

| chocolat.js| Free lightbox plugin. |

| Animate On Scroll| Animate on scroll library to reveal animations when You scroll. |

| Tilt.js| A tiny requestAnimationFrame powered 60+fps lightweight parallax hover tilt effect for jQuery. |

| Roughnotation| Rough Notation is a small JavaScript library to create and animate annotations on a web page |

| tsParticles| A lightweight library for creating particles, an improved version of the abandoned and obsolete particles.js |

| Particles.js| A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles |

| mo.js| The motion graphics toolbelt for the web |

| Lightbox2| A small JS library to overlay images on top of the current page. |

| Slick| Fully responsive carousel |

| barba.js| Create fluid and smooth transitions between your website’s pages. |

| Locomotive Scroll| A simple scroll library that provides detection of elements in viewport & smooth scrolling with parallax. |

| Owl carousel| Free responsive jQuery carousel |

| Swiperjs| Free, Open Source, Modern Slider without jQuery. Available for Vanilla JS and all modern frameworks like React, Vue, Angular etc. |

| Splide| Free, pure JS library for carousels and sliders |

| Simple Parallax| The easiest way to get a parallax effect with javascript |

| KUTE.js| KUTE.js is a JavaScript animation engine for modern browsers. |

| Granim.js| Create fluid and interactive gradient animations with this small javascript library. |

| Popmotion| Simple animation libraries for delightful user interfaces. |

| Vivus| Vivus is a lightweight JavaScript class (with no dependencies) that allows you to animate SVGs, giving them the appearence of being drawn. |

| Typed.js| A JavaScript Typing Animation Library. |

| Progress Bar.js| Responsive and slick progress bars with animated SVG paths. |

| Midnight.js| Midnight.js lets you switch fixed headers on the fly |

| Tingle.js| Tingle is a simple modal plugin written in pure JavaScript |

| splidejs| Splide is a lightweight, flexible and accessible slider/carousel written in TypeScript. No dependencies, no Lighthouse errors. |

| nice-waves| Beautiful animated waves |

| Vanta.js| Animated website backgrounds in a few lines of code. |

| Splitting.js| Splitting creates elements and adds CSS variables to unlock amazing possibilities for animating text, grids, and more! |

Javascript Chart Libraries

| ChartJS| Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers |

| FrappeJS| Includes Green squares grid like in GitHub, and other charts to use. |

| G2Plot| G2Plot is an interactive and responsive charting library based on the grammar of graphics. |

| Google Charts| Get the experience from Google to create similar charts that Google uses. |

| Data Driven Documents (D3)| Bind complicated and massive data to interactive graphs. |

| ApexCharts.Js|Modern & Interactive Open-source Charts |

| Chartist|Simple responsive charts |

| Vizzu| Vizzu - a free, open-source Javascript library for building animated charts, data stories, and interactive explorers. |

| AntV|Ant Design Charts, free JS Charts library for dynamic data with excellent documentation |

UI Components & Kits

| Bit| Provides a huge library of reuseable UI Components for React, Angular, Vue, React Native. Also can be used for sharing UI Components among other team members |

| UILang| A minimal, UI-focused programming language for web designers |

| Medialoot CSS Components| Calendars, price grids and other UI components |

| Froala Design Blocks| Over 170 responsive design blocks ready to be used in your web or mobile apps |

| Flowbite| Open-source library of Tailwind CSS components |

| Mui Treasury| An open-source project that provides a collection of ready-to-use components based on Material-UI. |

| Material Design For Bootstrap| Open source toolkit for building material design with Bootstrap |

| Photonkit| Desktop UI library for Electron |

| Flat UI| Minimal free user interface kit|

| Shards| A free and modern UI toolkit for web makers based on Bootstrap |

| Themesberg| Free and open-source website themes, templates, and UI kits based on Bootstrap and React |

| Creative Tim| All types of UI libraries and kits including JS frameworks like React |

| Brumm Shadow Maker| An online tool to make css shadows|

| AdminLTE| Best open source admin dashboard & control panel theme|

| SpinKit| Simple CSS Spinners|

| Epic Spinners| CSS spinners collection with Vue.js integration. |

| Moving Letters| Animated Text with JavaScript and anime.js|

| CSS Grid Generator| An open-source project that allow users to quickly create dynamic layout based on CSS Grid. |

| Codyhouse| Kick-start your web projects with CodyHouse's front-end framework and library of accessible HTML, CSS, JavaScript components |

| Tailwind Starter Kit| Tailwind Starter Kit a beautiful extension for TailwindCSS, Free and Open Source |

| Tailwindtoolbox| Open source starter templates and components, a plugins directory and useful tools/utilities to kick start your Tailwind CSS project. |

| tailwindcomponents| A free repository for community components using TailwindCSS |

| sweetalert| SweetAlert makes popup messages easy and pretty. |

| sweetalert2| A beautiful, responsive, customizable, accessible replacement for javascript's popup boxes |

| tailblocks| Open source ready-to-use Tailwind CSS components. |

| Soft Components| A set of framework-agnostic web components based on neumorphic design. |

| Fast| An interface system that can be used with modern Web Frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular. |

| Kutty| A set of accessible and reusable prebuilt Tailwind components that are commonly used in web applications. |

| Tailwind Templates| A free collection of Tailwindcss Templates - tailwind components for rapid UI development. |

| Stitches| An HTML template generator using functional css. |

| Meraki UI Components| Beautiful Tailwindcss components that support RTL languages & fully responsive based on Flexbox & CSS Grid. |

| Daemonites Material Design For Bootstrap| Daemonite's Material UI is a cross-platform and fully responsive front-end interface based on Google Material Design developed using Bootstrap 4 |

| Stitches| CSS-in-JS with near-zero runtime, SSR, multi-variant support, and a best-in-class developer experience. |

| Headless UI| Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components, designed to integrate beautifully with Tailwind CSS. |

| Styled components| Build beautifully UI Components, for your applications & websites. |

| Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit| UI Kit comprising 300+ organized Bootstrap 5 components built with atomic design system & auto layout. |

| Notiflix| JavaScript library for client-side non-blocking notifications, popup boxes, loading indicators, and more that makes your web projects much better |

| CoreUI| Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template & UI Components Library |

| AgnosticUI| Accessible React component primitives that also work with Vue 3, Svelte, and Angular |

| SVGR| SVGR is an universal tool to transform a raw SVG into a ready-to-use React components. Available online, in CLI, Node.js, as a webpack/rollup/parcel plugin... |

| uiverse| Hundreds Open-Source UI elements, made with HTML & CSS. Anyone can contribute. Includes buttons, checkboxes, spinners, cards, inputs and more. |

React UI Libraries

| HyperUI| Free open source Tailwind CSS components for marketing and ecommerce websites, as well as application UI. |

| Material UI| React components for faster and easier web development, based on Material Design |

| Chakra UI| Build accessible React apps & websites with speed. Openchakra |

| React Bootstrap| Bootstrap rebuilt for React. Include Bootstrap components right in your JavaScript |

| Semi Design| A modern, comprehensive, flexible design system that gives you all modular blocks you need to build sensible web apps & SaaS products. |

| NextUI| Beautiful, fast and modern React UI library that allows you to create beatiful websites regardless of your design experience. |

| Arco Design| A comprehensive React UI components library based on the Arco Design system. |

| ui-playbook| The documented collection of UI components |

| ReactStrap| Another Bootstrap UI library for React |

| React Admin| A frontend Framework for building admin applications. Supports API's out of the box|

| BlueprintJS| React-based UI toolkit for the web |

| React Semantic UI| UI components based off of the Semantic UI framework |

| Shards React| React UI kit featuring a modern design system with dozens of custom components |

| React Virtualized| UI set for data. Includes tables, lists, sorting, etc. |

| React Toolbox| Material design UI library for React |

| Elastic UI| Distributes UI React components and static assets for use in building web layouts |

| React Desktop| Desktop styled components in React. Includes MacOS and Windows based components |

| Theme UI| Build consistent, themeable React apps based on constraint-based design principles |

| Onsen React| Distributes Components for hybrid mobile apps with React and Onsen UI |

| Evergreen| Design system for React |

| Rebass| React primitive UI components built with styled system |

| Grommet| mobile first UI component library |

| Landing Page Template| Open source landing page template for react |

| Elemental UI| A UI Toolkit for React.js Websites and Apps |

| Ant Design| Open source design React UI library. |

| Bumbag| Bumbag is a friendly React UI Kit suitable for MVPs or large-scale applications. |

| PRIMEREACT| The ultimate collection of design-agnostic, flexible and accessible React UI Components |

| Primer Components| Primer Components are React components which implement GitHub's Primer Design System |

| Orbit| Design system and React UI components for travel projects. |

| Base Web| Base Web provides a robust suite of components out of the box |

| Backpack UI| Backpack is the Lonely Planet toolset that we use to build front end apps. |

| Reaviz| Data visualization library for React based on D3 |

| React Suite| A suite of React components, sensible UI design, and a friendly development experience. |

| React Spring| Spring-physics based animation library for React applications. |

| Recharts| A composable charting library built on React components. |

| Vercel UI | Modern and minimalist React UI library |

| Framer Motion | A React library to power production-ready animations. |

| React Spectrum | A React implementation of Spectrum, Adobe’s design system. |

| React tsParticles| A lightweight React component for creating particles |

| particles-bg| A React particles animation background component |

| Treact| Gallery of free and modern React templates and UI components developed using TailwindCSS as the front-end framework |

| OAH-Admin| a free React admin dashboard template based on Gatsby with oah-ui components and elements package. |

| Carolina Admin Dashboard| Free React admin template is powered by Material-UI components framework and features a clean and fresh design following Google's Material Design specifications. |

| Tabler| Tabler is a free React admin dashboard template ideal for any kind of back-end web application. |

| Sha-el-design| React components for easier customization and smooth development flow. |

| React-WeUI| React-WeUI made from our love of React and WeChat's WeUI Design. |

| Supabase UI| An open-source UI component library inspired by Tailwind and AntDesign. |

| Ring UI| A collection of JetBrains Web UI components. |

| Reakit| Reakit is a lower level component library for building accessible high level UI libraries, design systems and applications with React. |

| Zent| A collection of essential UI components written with React. |

| Gestalt| A set of React UI components that supports Pinterest’s design language. |

| xstyled| A CSS-in-JS framework built for React with props based utilities like display, fontSize or rotate. |

| @use-gesture| Bread n butter utility for component-tied mouse/touch gestures in React. |

| React Rainbow| React Rainbow is a collection of components that will reliably help you build your application in a snap. |

| React Use Smooth Scroll| React Provider Component to add a smooth scroll effect |

| Choc UI| Choc UI is a set of accessible and reusable components that are commonly used in web applications. |

| Elementz| A React Component library for buliding modern applications easily & quickly. |

| Radix UI| Unstyled, accessible components for building high‑quality design systems and web apps in React |

| Materio MUI React NextJS Admin Template| Most Powerful & Comprehensive Open-source MUI React NextJS Admin Dashboard Template built for developers. |

| Chakra Templates| A growing collection of hand-crafted & responsive Chakra UI templates ready to drop into your React project. |

Vue UI Libraries

| Vuetify| Material design component framework |

| Bootstrap Vue| Use Bootstrap components with Vue |

| Buefy| Lightweight UI components based on Bulma |

| Semantic UI Vue| Semantic UI Vue is the Vue integration for Semantic UI |

| Arco Design Vue| A comprehensive Vue UI components library based on the Arco Design system. |

| VEUI| VEUI is an enterprise UI component library, based on Vue.js. |

| Grace| Design System For Vue Applications. |

| Quasar| High-performance Material Design component suite with builders for SPA, SSR, PWA, Mobile (Cordova & Capacitor), Desktop (Electron) and Browser extensions |

| Element| Desktop UI library for Vue |

| Fish UI| Vue UI toolkit for the web |

| Keen UI| VueUI library with a simple API, inspired by Google's Material Design |

| Materio Vuetify Vuejs Admin Template| Open-source & Easy to use Vuetify Vuejs Admin Template with Elegant Design & Unique Layout |

| Onsen Vue| Distributes Components for hybrid mobile apps with Vue and Onsen UI |

| Vuejsexamples| A nice collection of useful vuejs UI components |

| Inkline|Inkline is a modern UI/UX Framework for Vue.js designed for creating flawless responsive web applications |

| Vuesax|Unique and reusable UI components |

| Antdv|UI library for Vue based on Ant Design |

| Shards Vue|A high-quality & free Vue UI kit featuring a modern design system with dozens of custom components |

| Prime Vue|Powerful yet simple to use, versatile, performant Vue UI Component Library to help you build stunning user interfaces.|

| Chakra UI Vue|Chakra UI is a simple modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks to build Vue applications with speed.|

| View UI|Dozens of useful and beautiful Vue components made for people with all skill levels with extensive documentation.|

| Particles.vue| A lightweight Vue 2.x component for creating particles |

| Particles.vue3| A lightweight Vue 3.x component for creating particles |

| TC Components | A library of high-quality ready to use components that will help you speed up your development workflow. |

| Vant | Lightweight Mobile UI Components built on Vue. |

| Equal UI | Open-source Vue 3 components system for your next project based on TypeScript |

| Mint UI | Mobile UI elements for Vue.js |

| Cube UI | A fantastic mobile ui lib implement by Vue.js |

| Muse UI | Based on the Vue 2.0 elegant Material Design UI component library |

| AT-UI | AT-UI is a modular front-end UI framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces based on Vue.js. |

| Vuikit | A consistent and responsive Vue UI library, based on the front-end framework UIkit. |

| Wave UI | A Vue.js UI framework with only the bright side. |

| VueTailwind | Set of Lightview and fully customizable Vue Components optimized for TailwindCSS. |

| Oruga | Oruga is a lightweight library of UI components for Vue.js without CSS framework dependency. |

| BalmUI | BalmUI is a modular and customizable Material Design UI library for Vue.js. |

| Weex UI | A rich interaction, lightweight, high performance UI library based on Weex. |

| Varlet | Varlet is a Material design mobile component library developed based on Vue3, developed and maintained by partners in the community. |

| Naive UI | A Vue 3 Component Library. Fairly Complete. Customizable Themes. Uses TypeScript. Not too Slow. |

| Vuestic | Free and Open Source UI Library for Vue 3 🤘. |

| Vue Final Modal | Vue Final Modal is a tiny, renderless, mobile-friendly, feature-rich modal component for Vue.js. |

| Vuetensils | Vuetensils is a lightweight component library for Vue 2.x that brings some of most common UI features, but only the bare minimum styles to avoid adding any extra bloat. You can work on the branding, and don't have to worry about the accessibility.|

Angular UI Libraries

| Material Angular| UI library for Angular based on Material design |

| NG Bootstrap| UI library for Angular based on the Bootstrap framework |

| PrimeNG| Powerful UI component library for Angular |

| Onsen Angular| Hybrid mobile and PWA UI library for Angular and Onsen UI |

| NG Lightning| Native Angular components & directives for Lightning Design System |

| NG Semantic| UI library for Angular based on Semantic UI |

| Nebular| Customizable UI Kit, Auth & Security for Angular |

| Alyle UI| Minimal components set for Angular |

| NGX Bootstrap| Another UI library for Angular based on the Bootstrap framework |

| NG Zorro| UI library for Angular based on Ant Design |

| Pagination for datatables | npm library for pagination |

| Multi select dropdown | For multi select drop-dowm in forms |

| NG Particles| A lightweight Angular component for creating particles |

| Covalent UI| Angular UI Platform focused on solving common enterprise needs |

| Clarity| CSS based Angular UI framework developed by VMware group |

| Taiga UI| Taiga UI is fully-treeshakable Angular UI Kit consisting of multiple base libraries and several add-ons. |

| ngx-admin| Admin template based on Angular 10+ and Nebular |

Svelte UI Libraries

| Svelte Material UI| UI library for Svelte based on Material Design |

| SvelteStrap| UI library for Svelte based on the Bootstrap framework |

| Svelte Flat UI|UI library for Svelte based on Flat Design |

| Svelte Particles| A lightweight Svelte component for creating particles |

| Attractions| A pretty cool UI kit for Svelte |

| Svelteit| A minimalistic UI/UX component library for Svelte and Sapper projects |

| Carbon Components Svelte| A component library that implements the Carbon Design System, an open source design system by IBM.|

React Native UI Libraries

| Magnus UI| Magnus UI is the ultimate UI framework that helps you in building consistent user interfaces effortlessly in react native |

| React Native UI Lib| React Native UI (RNUI) is a UI Toolset & Components Library for React Native from Wix |

| React Native Paper| React Native Paper is a high-quality, standard-compliant Material Design library that has you covered in all major use-cases |

| UI Kitten| UI Kitten is React Native framework for creating stunning cross-platform mobile applications. Design system based, brings your product from MVP to enterprise. |

| React Native Elements| Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit that provides an all-in-one UI kit for creating apps in react native. |

| NativeBase| Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native & Vue Native. |

| Shoutem UI| Shoutem UI toolkit enables you to build professionally looking React Native apps with ease. |

| tailwind-rn| Use Tailwind CSS in React Native projects. |

| Ant Design Mobile RN| An Ant design based configurable Mobile UI component library based on React Native. |

| SnackUI| SnackUI is a UI Kit for React Native + react-native-web that's much faster rocket with an optimizing compiler. |

| Moti| Moti is the universal animation package for React Native |

| Tamagui| Universal React design systems that optimize for native & web. |

Design Systems & Style Guides

| Material Design| Google's Material Design |

| Ant Design| Design system for enterprise-level products |

| Apple Design Resources| Guides and templates for using Apple design and UI |

| Primer| Design, build, and create with GitHub’s design system |

| Arco.design| An enterprise-level design system jointly launched by the Bytedance GIP UED team and the architecture front-end team. |

| Alta UI| Oracle's design system and toolkit |

| Pulse| Design system, guides and React component library |

| Bolt| Robust Twig and web component powered UI components |

| Clarity Design System| UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components |

| AtlasKit| Atlassian's official UI library, built according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines |

| Audi Design Resources| Audi UI design system and toolkit |

| Carbon Design Systems| Carbon is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences |

| Yelp Style Guide| Yelp style guide, components and toolkit |

| Comet| Scalable design system of visual language, components, and design assets |

| ETrade Design System| Guides and toolkits that blend finance with simplicity and ease of use |

| Fundamental Library| Open source and community driven project for consistent user interfaces|

| Infor Design| Guidelines and resources to create meaningful experiences for Infor’s products |

| Lexicon| An experience language for crafting beautiful UI |

| Mailchimp UI/UX| Style guide and components from Mailchimp |

| Marvel Style Guide| Set of design principles and components |

| Microsoft Fluent UI| Collection of UX frameworks from Microsoft |

| Pluralsight Design System| Design guide with components for designing with Pluralsight |

| Polaris| Design system that creates great experiences for all of Shopify’s merchants |

| Mozilla Protocol| Protocol is a design system for Mozilla and Firefox websites |

| SendGrid Style Guide| UI library for developing consistent UI/UX at SendGrid |

| VTEX Styleguide| Reusable patterns, components and assets related to product design in VTEX |

| Rizzo| Style guide with UI components, JS components, widgets, etc |

| Atomize| UI framework that helps developers collaborate with designers and build consistent user interfaces effortlessly |

| StyleGuides.io| A directory of 500+ styleguides |

| Done Design System| Open source design system, guides & components |

| Skoda Brand System | Design guideline for developing applications under the Skoda brand |

| Spectrum | Adobe’s design system that provides components and tools to help product teams work more efficiently, and to make Adobe’s applications more cohesive. |

| Asphalt | Gojek’s design language system. A collection of guidelines and components to create amazing user experiences. |

| Checklist Design | Checklist Design is a curated list of checklists ranging from website pages, to UI components, all the way to branding assets. |

| Humane By Design | A resource that provides guidance for designing ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being. |

| Pr1mer Guidelines | An open source set of very general guidelines, inspired by Human Interface. Created and maintained by Pr1mer Tech |

| Patterfly | PatternFly is an open source design system from Red Hat, Inc. |

Online Design Tools

| Figma| Online graphic design tool (Free & paid options) |

| Penpot| Open Source and selfhostable online graphic design tool |

| Taler| Create social media banner designs in minutes from hundreds of customizable templates |

| Fancy Border Radius| Eight values specifying border-radius in CSS ( border-radius generator ) |

| Wireframe.cc| Wireframing tool (free & paid) |

| Pixlr| Online photo editor |

| Animoto Video Maker| Make videos online |

| Photo Creator| Create your own photos instead of searching for stock |

| Visme| Create presentations, infographics and more |

| Infogram| Create infograms |

| ChartGo| Create charts and graphs online |

| Cartoon Photo| Turn photos into cartoons |

| Octopus| Sitemap builder |

| Onlineboard| Real-time shareable whiteboard for brainstorming |

| CTA Button Maker| Create call to action buttons |

| Blobmaker| Blobmaker is a free generative design tool, to help you quickly create random, unique, and organic-looking SVG shapes. |

| Personas| A playful avatar generator for the modern age |

| Mermaid| renders Markdown-inspired text definitions to create and modify diagrams (like flowchart, sequence diagram, gantt, or user journey) dynamically. (FOSS) |

| MapInSeconds| Simple way to visualize your data with a map |

| Grid Malven| A css grid cheatsheet to reference when creating a css grid |

| Flex Malven| A flexbox grid cheatsheet to reference when working with flexbox |

| Big Heads | Easily generate avatars for your projects with Big Heads by Robert Broersma.

| Trace | Instantly remove the background from your photos |

| Neumorphism.io | Generate Soft-UI CSS shadow code |

| DB Designer | Design your database for free online |

| Ui Bakery | Create full-fledged web apps visually |

| Faux | Turn real code into faux code |

| Kodeshot | Convert your source code into nice pictures for your articles, tweets, messages, posts... |

| Draw.io | Free online diagram editor tool |

| UXWing SVG Editor| Creating and Edit SVG Online |

| CSS Arrow| Create and export CSS code for a custom box with an arrow extending out from the side. Great for tooltips, flyouts and the like. |

| Lucidchart| Diagramming and visualization tools that allows creating databases, flowcharts, boards, floor-maps, and much more. 3 multi-page documents on the free tier |

| PixCleaner| Accurate and hassle free background removal tool |

| Glassmorphism| An incredible online tool for generating quick glassmorphic UI in CSS code snippets. |

| Doodle Ipsum| The lorem ipsum of illustrations. Just customize your doodles, grab the code, and use them on your web prototypes, landing pages, or no-code tools. |

| Figen| Post Cover & Background Generator Tool |

| Windframe| A tool to rapidly prototype and build stunning websites using Tailwind CSS (Free & Premium) |

| Slickr| A tool for designing cover image for your blog. |

| Codepng| Convert your source code into awesome shareable images. |

| JSONT| A simple and powerful online JSON formatting tool |

| Jitter| Online tool to create motion graphics/design|

| Visily| Tool that empowers non-designers to design web and mobile app mockups |

| okso.app | The drawing app with a nested "drawing-inside-the-drawing" structure |

| Calc Generator | Tool for easily creating precise Calc() CSS functions |

Downloadable Design Software

| Gravit Designer| Free full-featured vector graphic design app that works on ALL platforms |

| Blender| Open source, free animation, 3D modeling, etc. |

| Be Funky| Online design program |

| Krita| Sketching and painting program designed for digital artists |

| Pencil Project| GUI prototyping software |

| Adobe XD| Free design tool from Adobe |

| Shapes.so| Icons that can be used as code in your projects |

| InVision Studio| Free screen designing tool from InVision |

| Inpixio photo Editor| Free Photo Editor: For windows only |

| Origami Studio| Interactive interface design tool created by Facebook: For mac only |

Design Inspiration

| CSS Zen Garden | Demonstrating the power of CSS, over 200 CSS-only interpretations of the same HTML file. |

| Dribbble| Design projects featured by different creators |

| Landingfolio| Landingfolio features the best landing page inspiration, templates, resources and examples on the web. |

| Codewell| Practice your HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills on real world design templates |

| Foxyapps| Design inspiration from the best mobile app designs |

| Httpster| Showcases websites made by people from all over the world |

| Inspofinds| Latest design work from designers and the design community |

| Design Notes| Free online resource library for product designers |

| Land Book| Displays a large collection of websites to help find inspiration |

| Awwwards| A website that rate and collects the best websites in the world in UI |

| Codrops| A website that collects the best UI ideas and patterns and make tutorials of it|

| Screenlane| Screenlane is a website and newsletter that features the latest web and mobile design inspiration. |

| Freefrontend| Free frontend design from css html and javascript. latest work some design part |

| Webframe| Discover and be inspired by beautiful webapp designs |

| Collect UI| Daily inspiration collected from daily ui archive and beyond. Handpicked, and updating daily. |

| Site Inspire |siteInspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive design. |

| Web Design Inspiration | A site for web design inspiration, updated daily. |

| NavNav | Responsive navigation examples |

| MediaQueri.es | A collection of inspirational websites using media queries and responsive web design |

| Mulzli Search | Search engine for design inspiration |

| Design your way | Collection of different Web and Mobile Designs |

| Humans.fyi | A collection of brilliant personal websites filterable by colors and web technologies used in each website. |

| SiteSee | A curated gallery of beautiful and modern websites. |

| ecomm.design | eCommerce Website Design Gallery & Tech Inspiration. |

| Design Nominees | A showcase of awarding and showcasing the best websites, apps and Games. |

| Design Vault | A library of screenshots and patterns from real world digital products|

| CSS buttons| 84 Beautiful CSS buttons examples. |

| CSS box-shadow| 91 Beautiful CSS box-shadow examples. |

Image Compression

| Optimizilla| Online JPEG and PNG optimizer / compressor with settings and archive download

| BulkResizePhotos| Bulk image resizing, compression & converting that perform all the tasks within the browser (It works offline) |

| iLoveIMG| The fastest free web app for easy image modification |

| CompressNow| JPEG, GIF, PNG Compression |

| Promo Image Resizer| Free Image and Photo Resizer |

| SVGminify| This tool removes superfluous information, thereby reducing the size of your SVG files |

| JPEG Optimizer| Free online tool for resizing and compressing digital photos and images for displaying on the web |

| OnlinePngtools| Resize png for without losing transparent background. |

| Vecta Nano | Uses lossless compression to compress inefficient SVG codes by removing unnecessary data. (Free & Paid) |

| Watermarkly | Private, client-side compression of JPEG images. The app does not send images to a server for processing. |

| Jpeg.io | Convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG |

Chrome Extensions

| WhatFont | The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.|

| WhatRuns | Discover what runs a website. Frameworks, Analytics Tools, Wordpress Plugins, Fonts - you name it.|

| Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder | Full page screen capture and screen recorder - 2 in 1. Share screencast video instantly|

| daily.dev - News for Busy Developers | Get programming news with zero effort. Simply open a new tab, and you’re all set. A must-have tool for busy developers!|

| JSONView | Validate and view JSON documents. |

| JSON Lite | Browser extension for viewing JSON files. |

| Window Resizer | Resize the browser window to emulate various screen resolutions. |

| BrowserStack | Instantly test your webpage on any desktop or mobile browser. |

| VisBug | Open source web design debug tool built with JavaScript |

| Kontrast - WCAG Contrast Checker | Quickly check and adjust contrast in real-time in your browser to meet WCAG 2.1 requirements |

| PerfectPixel | Adds a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML to easily perform pixel perfect comparison between them, useful for replicating UI designs. |

| Site Palette | A must-have tool for designers and frontend developers to grab colors for any website. |

| ColorZilla | Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies |

| Lorem Ipsum Generator (Default Text) | Provides an elegant and quick way to create default text or generate Lorem Ipsum. Optimized for quick usage, but it can be customized. |

| JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier | Beautify CSS, JavaScript and JSON code when you open a .css/.js/.json file |

| Imageye - Image downloader | Find and download all images on a web page. With Imageye you can find, browse and download all the images present in a web page. |

| GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture | Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions! |

| Stylebot | Change the appearance of the web instantly. |

| ColorPick Eyedropper | A zoomed eyedropper & color chooser tool that allows you to select color values from webpages and more. |

| React Developer Tool | React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools. It allows you to inspect the React component hierarchies in the Chrome Developer Tools. |

| Wappalyzer | Wappalyzer is a technology profiler that shows you what websites are built with. |

| Fake Filler | Fake Filler a form filler that fills all inputs on a page with fake/dummy data. |

| Page Ruler Redux | A Web Developer\Designer ruler to get perfect pixel dimensions and positioning to measure elements on any web page. |

| Web Editor | The web editor is the tool that provides you with an enhanced way to inspect any website elements, alter their properties, insert contents, design, and visualize the way you want to see them. |

| CSSViewer | A simple CSS property viewer. |

| Fonts Ninja | Identify fonts from any website, bookmark, try, and buy them. |

| Lighthouse | An open-source, automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps. |

| Debug CSS | Adds outline to all elements on the page to show the culprit element which is changing desired layout. Helps in debugging CSS of the page |

| Angular Developer Tool | Angular DevTools allows you to understand the structure of your application and preview the state of the directive and the component instances. |

| Redux Developer Tool | Redux DevTools provides power-ups for your Redux development workflow. Apart from Redux, it can be used with any other architectures which handle the state. |


| Vertopal | Free online platform for converting computer files to a variety of file formats |

| everysize.kibalabs.com | Check your awesome responsive webpage looks great in every size |

| The Web Toolbox| A collection of handy, free-to-use tools for web developers, programmers and designers. |

| WebDevTrick| A famous blog for many amazing HTML, CSS, JQuery designs. |

| css-tricks| Free CSS tricks and some unique ideas for beginners and advanced |

| Material Design Resources| Use Material tools, downloads, and interactive projects to simplify your workflow. |

| Nodesign.dev | A collection of tools for developers who have little to no artistic talent|

| Commitizen| Command line tool to formatted commit messages according to the standards |

| CSS Ribbon Generator| This generator will assist in creating a pure CSS corner ribbon. |

| kangax-js-compat-table | Check JavaScript versions (ES5, ES6, ES2016+ etc.) compatibility across different compilers, servers/runtimes and platforms (Desktop and Mobile).|

| mydevice.io| Most commonly used device resolutions including phones and tablets |

| html2pdf.js | Client-side HTML-to-PDF rendering using pure JS. |

| Critical Path CSS Generator | Generate critical css for your web pages |

| All The Tags | All HTML tags briefly explained. |

| Vue Telemetry | Reveal the Vue plugins and technology stack powering any website or explore a database of 5500+ websites. |

| Grid.js | Grid.js is a Free and open-source HTML table plugin written in TypeScript. It works with most JavaScript frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue and VanillaJs. |

| Gerillass | Gerillass is a website development tool built on top of Sass with a set of Sass mixins and functions for frontend developers to generate scalable CSS outputs. |

| Sketchize | Sketchize is built for UI/UX Designers to help them design lovely apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. |

| {CSS}Portal | CSSPortal is home to a large range of CSS generators, tools and resources. |

| flexboxfroggy | Help Froggy and friends by writing CSS code! |

| Designbetter Books | Essential reading on the practices that propel the best design teams forward. |

| Pageclip | A server for your Static HTML forms |

| williamsharkey | Random SVG Graphic Generator |

| Bootstrap CheatSheet | An interactive list of Bootstrap classes, variables, and mixins. The only Bootstrap CheatSheet you will ever need. |

| QR Code Generator | Use QR Code Generator to easily create a QR code for your project. |

| PapersDB | The Biggest Paper Database with Sizes, Dimensions and Formats in Metric and Imperial units. |

| SmallDev.tools | Free tool for developers to help with Beautify & Minify HTML/CSS/Javascript, and many other handy tools. With a delightful interface. |

| Angry Tools | Free web tools for speed up your development. |

| Rapid API | Discover and connect to thousands of APIs. |

| devices.css | Pure CSS phones and tablets by Marvel App. |

| Troopl | Build and publish a free portfolio in minutes. |

| Apifox | Apifox = Postman + Swagger + Mock + JMeter |

| A Modern CSS Reset | Resets the css styling of all HTML elements to a consistent baseline across browsers.

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