Derek remembered the previous Sunday when Lou and Sarah were playing their roles as his slave girls. At one point Sarah had said, "Oh, please, Sir, I know slave girls should be hairless, but it would be SO EMBARRASSING if we showed up in front of the other free women with no pubic hair at all." Derek wondered briefly if she was hinting he should order it off to subjugate them a bit. Before he could say anything, Lou quickly suggested they wax their trimmed 'vees' into landing strips.

"You know you can break character when we play." John said, almost laughing as a fully clothed Lou blushed now. "Especially if I take a hint the wrong way and start to order something you will not like."

"Oh no, Sir!" Lou said. "That is the point. We know you will push our limits. Sarah and I have decided we are your un-collared slaves fulltime. When and if you give us an order, we will obey. I suggested the landing strips hoping you would go along, but if you had told us to be bare we would have done that too. No matter how humiliating. It is going to be a little weird when we are asked about our matching tats. We have decided we are going to say we and our slaves should match as a family unit. But if we are asked whose idea it was, we are going to tell the truth and say you ordered it." Derek's mouth dropped open. "Some of those women are REALLY kinky. I know some have role played being a slave girl before with their partners. The part that will dumbfound everybody who knows us well is that a MAN is doing the ordering."

"I don't even have to check to know your pussy is wet right now." Derek said. Lou blushed and nodded. "And I know I could take you into your office right now, strip you naked and bend you over your desk. And I am very tempted to do just that." Lou shuddered. "But I know you have work to do. You came in before dawn to get it done, so I am going to order you to get to work. And that means no playing with your clit until after court."

Lou grinned, stepped forward to embrace Derek and give him a hot kiss. "Yes, Sir! I will obey. If I don't see you when we pick up the girls this afternoon, I will on Sunday." She patted Derek on the bulge in his jeans. He was grinning as he made his way out of the office.

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