I don't know how long I stood in the kitchen, staring at the letter in my hand. The word "Accepted", standing bold and firm against the rest of the text, kept swimming in and out of my vision. In the background I could hear mum hollering with joy and dad on the phone, excitedly proclaiming his son was in.

Eventually, after the twentieth re-read, I was certain this wasn't a hoax or one of those rejection letters that they word so vaguely you don't actually know if you've been passed over. Only then did I start to smile, which broke into a big grin, eventually cascading into full-blown laughter.

"Mr. Craig Ray, we are ecstatic to inform you that you have been selected to join the Tamworth Purple Headed Warriors, the premiere Small Town Rules Rugby League team in New South Wales."

I read it another ten times to be sure I wasn't dreaming. Mum and dad confirmed it. Twice each. There was a physical and another interview I still had to pass, but otherwise, I had made it. The promised land...

Small Town Rules Rugby was seen as a bit of a fringe sport by most people. A lot of folks hadn't even heard of it, but if you knew it, and you knew the rules, and if you could make even a five-year career out of it, you were set for life. Money coming out your arse. Enough to provide for me and the folks a hundred times over for the rest of our lives.

All I had to do was pass the physical and the interview next Monday.

I rocked up about an hour early to the clinic where the testing was done, pacing around the waiting room. While I was there I struck up a convo with the other new guys, all waiting for the physical too. There was big thick Oli Mills, with his carefully-cropped beard and hair; chiseled blonde Gordon Robbins, who looked like he'd just come straight from the farm; and good old Herman Earls, bit of a baby face even with his facial hair, but definitely the best looking fella out of all of us.

I'd seen these blokes before at the other screening points- the first physical, the interviews, the fitness tests- so we were pretty comfortable chatting away. I reckon it helped pass the time and calm us down.

Finally, the door to the doctor's office opened and out stepped our new sports physio. Right behind him was the coach, Davey John, not long retired and still a muscled bastard; and the captain, Sidney Green. I couldn't tell you how many wanks I'd had picturing these two, and now they were both here in the flesh, shaking my hand and steering me into the office.

"Right lads, final stage of the process today." Rumbled Davey, casually removing his polo shirt and track pants to stand naked in front of us.

"Our physio Marco is gonna give you guys a final check, and while he does that Sidney and I are gonna ask you some questions." He concluded, his half-rigid cock already bouncing up and down.

I'd been so transfixed by coach's naked body I hadn't realised Sidney and Marco had also stripped off behind us.

"OK then," Sidney said, moving to stand next to the coach and show off his equally-rigid knob.

"Strip off, clothes on the chair over there, line up."

We did as we were told, and soon Marco was moving down the line, feeling all over each of us, including the four hard dicks that were clearly at his eye level. While he did his work and made notes in his chart, Sidney began the questions.

"Oli, when and why was Small Town Rugby established as a sport?"

"1976 sir, as part of the sexual revolution and queer rights movement. But now anyone can play, they don't have to be gay sir." Stammered Oli, as Marco was lapping precum off his cockhead.

"Very good, but don't need the 'sir', captain will do fine. Gordon, how is Small Town Rugby different from other forms of rugby?"

I had to admire Gordon, he gave a very coherent answer considering Marco was finger-banging his arse.

"The games are played naked Captain, aside from shoes and socks in the team colours. Also the scoring system is different. Oh and uh, the two teams fuck at the end."

"Excellent. Herman- once Marco's finished testing your deep throat skills- how are points scored in Small Town Rugby?"

Marco pulled his nine-incher out of Herman's mouth to let him speak. A trail of saliva remained, connecting his beard to Marco's schlong. Herman gasped a little, then began.

"There's three ways to get points- a try, a conversion and a drop kick. A try means you get the ball over the end of the line at the other team's end of the field. If you get a try you can try for a conversion, which means you need to piss into a pint glass right after you score. If you can fill it you get the point. And a drop kick means you try to kick it between the goals and over the bar connecting them. If it works you get a point, if it doesn't you have to blow the opposing team captain for thirty seconds."

"Perfect mate, well done. Ray, what are the differences in the positions between Small Town Rugby and, say, aussie rules?"

I tried to focus as Marco furiously jerked my engorged member. This was part of the test, to see how we function when we're getting pleasured.

"Well there's thirteen members on the field and four reserves. Six forwards and seven backs. The roles are pretty similar, but at the end of the game when the two sides fuck the forwards do the fucking and the backs cop it. Captain."

The coach was sitting on a bench in the corner at this point, slowly stroking his stiffy and watching the whole situation. He stood up and approached us now, his big thick meat swaying side to side.

"I'm pretty happy with those response. Sidney, you happy?" he said, his fist encircling the captain's long, pale, hard-on.

"Very happy coach. Should we do the next phase of testing?"

"Absolutely. Right you lot, line up against the examination bench side by side. Good, now bend over, legs apart."

We did so, me next to Herman, Gordon next to him and Oli at the end. I felt the cool slick feeling of lube applied to my ring, then a finger gently massage my hole. Looking at the faces of my fellow applicants, I suspect we were all getting the same treatment.

It didn't last long though, as a wide, mushroom head of a cock pressed against my quickly-expanding sphincter. I moaned as I felt it probe and push deeper into my bowels, causing a small bit of pain but a lot of pleasure. I could tell from the pulsing veins that whoever's dick it was, they were enjoying it just as much as me.

"Right, so we're moving down the line." said the coach, standing on the other side of the bench to face us. I was a little disappointed it wasn't his thick cock that I was feeling, but I wasn't complaining!

"So young Craig here." He gestured to me.

"Is currently getting his ring expanded by Marco. Once Marco's had a bit of time in there, he's pull out and start fucking Herman. I'll take his place in Craig's arse until Marco moves to Gordon, then I'll go Herman, Sidney will go Craig, and so on. Clear?"

We all nodded and I felt a sudden emptiness as Marco unceremoniously withdrew his huge dick from my hole. Herman suddenly stiffened and sucked in air and I realised Marco had begun his work on him. Which meant coach should be along soon...

I tried to relax and breath as much as possible, but there was no getting around the fact that coach had a fucking monster cock. I eventually relaxed enough that it felt good, and coach must have known, because he started driving the full length of that big kranski in and out of me. Just like Marco, he suddenly stopped and pulled out, creating a plopping sound as his snake left my backside.

I could hear Gordon getting done by Marco now, and amidst a chorus of "Fuck yes, fuck me!" from him and "Jesus that's big" from Herman, I felt Sidney's slender penis slide into my well-worn arse. I decided, since the other lads were already getting pretty vocal, I could say a word or two.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck me captain, I want it so bad, fuck me Sidney fuck me!" I moaned and gasped, completely carried away in the moment.

To his credit, Sidney sure did fuck me, his narrow knob striking my prostate over and over.

Eventually, overcome and without announcement, I blew my load all over the bench and the exam room floor. Sidney felt my body quake and realised what had happened. Pulling out, he dropped to his knees and sucked the last drop of cum off the tip of my cock.

"I like you fella. You can sit back and watch now." He said, patting me on the shoulder as he moved to Herman's readied ring.

Sitting on the bench where coach had been, I watched my new team mates, my new captain and my new physio go at it hard.

Herman responded to Sidney's treatment much like me, although he furiously wanked himself and loudly announced he was gonna blast off. His dick got the same little suck as mine and he joined me on the bench to watch the show.

Gordon, to his credit, didn't blow from his fucking, but he passionately kissed Oli as they were copping it from coach and Sidney. Finally Gordon was allow to join us on the bench too, while Sidney aggressively pushed Oli's head onto the bench as he pounded him hard. Finally, Oli was also let up.

Coach, Marco and Sidney, cocks still hard and glistening, approached us.

"Well gentlemen, we're pretty satisfied with the process. There's just a final step..."

Marco opened a cupboard and produced four urine specimen jars. Not as big as the pint glass we were expected to fill, but still, the message was clear.

If you can't piss now, you won't make it.

I'm happy to say that with almost no hesitation each of us pissed in the jars. Nobody filled it, but everyone did something.

"Excellent work guys, you've all cleared the final steps. Welcome to the Purple Headed Warriors!" explained Sidney.

There was much hooting and hollering and hugging. We were all incredibly stoked, so it took us a little while to calm down and notice that coach and Marco were lying down on the floor, legs entwined, hard cocks pushed together and upwards towards the sky.

"We've got a little housekeeping to do now team, but if you'd like to stay and ask any questions feel free. Or just watch." Winked Sidney, carrying the tray of specimen jars over to the coach and Marco.

The four of us on the bench sat, transfixed, as Sidney gently placed the tray on the floor near the men.

Applying a generous amount of lube to the two shafts and to himself, Sidney looked us all dead in the eyes as he lowered himself onto the two cocks at the same time. As well as being captain, Sidney was the stand-off half position, meaning he was a back. So he was used to copping dick, but this, this showed us all why he was next level.

As we took in the sight of our captain getting two full lengths of cock up him, I felt Herman's hand begin to fondle my hardening cock. Reaching over, I went to return the favour, but found Gordon had already begun to jerk him off. So I moved lower, sliding my finger down his balls and taint to work my way into his arsehole. Somehow, despite the pounding he'd just received, he still felt incredibly tight and warm. The four of us continued to pleasure each other on the bench as we watched the show in front of us.

Spurred on by our actions, Sidney was now bouncing up and down on the double-meat stuffing. In the throws of lust, he picked up the first specimen jar and poured its contents over his body. This just made us wank each other harder, prompting him to distribute the second jar over coach and the third all over Marco. Finally, as coach and Marco pistoned away, he took the fourth jar, my jar, and drank its contents whole.

That was too much for me, and I announced my impending orgasm. The other lads on the bench said they were there too.

"Over here, on my face, on my face!" panted Sidney, and we all readily obliged.

The four of us coated Sidney's stubbled jaw with our seed, as the coach and Marco spurted into his guts.

Exhausted, we all sat back on the bench for a moment, as the coach wiped off his cock and put his track pants on with the speed of a man who does this at least a few times a day.

"Well done guys. Sidney and Marco will give you your orientation packs, and we'll see you for training on Monday. I'm definitely looking forward to this season with you lot." He declared, grabbing his already half-hard cock through his pants.

As I drove home I was still stunned I'd made it. The Small Town Rules League was notorious, if not famous, as it was basically live porn for anyone who liked to see a bit of bloke-on-bloke. That said, it was a huge industry, and the stands would be packed, even my folks would be there. I was nervous, but excited.

One thing was for sure- I couldn't wait until training started!

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