H's phone pinged with C's message at mid morning.

'I need to talk with you. I need to tell you things. Get dressed!'

Changing quickly into a plain skirt and jumper over a padded bra and knickers H opened WhatsApp for a video call with C.

"Hi, what's happened? Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine, really fine. I've been thinking and I think I've made some decisions. I'm not sure how to start or how you'll take it, but I think it will be ok. You need to listen. OK?"

"I've decided I have to go back; I have to go back today. I have to do something or I'll always regret it. I want to go to bed with Jenny and I want you to be OK with it."

H started to talk but C shushed him.

"You need to listen. I'm going to go over there but I need to tell you things before I go, so let me talk."

"I still love you and I still want you. I'm determined to keep you. But for today or may be more, I'm going to be a lesbian and you're going to be, well, I've looked at it on Google, you're going to be a cuckold."

"A what?" H was looking hurt and confused.

"A cuckold. A man who submits to their partner by allowing them to get their sexual fulfilment with someone else. A cuckold. A man who helps and supports and encourages and loves and submits to their partner while they have an affair. A cuckold. A man who is part of the affair, knows everything that's happening in the affair but submits to the other two having all the fun. And he has none, just the pleasure of submitting. You've always wanted to be submissive, haven't you?"

H gulped, he was flustered and flushed, but C knew he was caught.

"Haven't you?"

H nodded "But not like this, I mean....."

"You know you want to, I told you there will be treats and this is a big one. On the other hand, I can just put the phone down and head out off the door."

"No, you're right. I have to give you this."

C smiled "I know you do. I thought about it all night. I'm going to keep you and love you but I'm going to go through with this. At least, I hope I am. I'll probably get half way there, then change my mind."

"I'd better go. I'm really excited and terrified. What if she decides she doesn't want to. "

"You'll be ok. She'd be a fool to turn you down." H couldn't believe he'd just said that.

"Thanks for saying that."

H waited with his phone, aroused, desperate, fearful. He knew he couldn't be the one to call. He simply had to wait. C sent a text, 'I'm just near her cottage, I have to do this, I'm really nervous. Wish me luck.'

An hour later, a WhatsApp photo of two teacups on a table in a sunny garden. It was late afternoon when the third message arrived, 'Lost my virginity again. I'm a lesbian. You're a cuckold. I love you."

H's heart stopped in his chest. What lay ahead. He felt his life spiral out of control. C was truly in charge. Whether he liked it or not! He slumped into a chair; his journey to submission was underway but only C would decide where the path would lead.

The evening had set in before C finally started the video call. She was back at her sister's, in her dressing gown, still damp from a bath. Her smile was unassailable, clearly the cat had been at the cream.

"Hi" she said. "I've just had an amazing day. Its been brilliant. How about you?"

"Well I guess it has to have been the weirdest day, a real rollercoaster of a day. When it comes down to it I just feel really insecure and helpless. I don't know what's happening between us or where it's going." H was looking anxious.

"Good, I thought about you a couple of times and that's how I thought you'd be feeling. This is my gift to you, submission. I hope you liked it. I liked it when I thought about you, it was a bit of a turn on knowing you were helpless to change things. But, to be honest, I thought more about Jenny and me and that was a huge turn on! Shall I tell you all about it?"

H nodded.

"Ok. I hung around just down the road trying to pluck up courage. That's when I sent that message. In the end I spotted her on the garden and tried to walk up calm and nonchalant. I called out hello, she came to the gate and I blurted out that I had to see her, I think I may even said about going to bed. It was all a bit of a blur and I was in a panic again. Jenny just said come in and she took me to the garden then she brought out some tea. We had a long talk and she calmed me down. She said she was really pleased to see me again, how she thought we could be good friends but as well she was attracted to me. She guessed about my never having been with a woman before and I told her how I was feeling and how happy I'd been after kissing with her yesterday. Jenny told me that she still wanted me."

"Then we talked about me and you and I mean I told her everything. I even showed her a picture of you in a dress. We had a long discussion of the nature of our relationship but the upshot is now there is someone else in the world who knows about your predilection for crossdressing and submission. I think the conversation really helped to clear up in my mind about what I really want, even if it's just what I want for lockdown."

"Jenny asked me if I was serious about being open with you, and how you would cope with it. I told her I really wanted to try and that I thought it would work well for the three of us. She suggested I sent you a picture of the tea table."

"We even had a bit of a girly giggle about you, sitting there in your skirt and how we could smarten you up. If you play your cards right we could transform you to the girl of your dreams!"

H smiled, "I'd like that."

"Then Jenny touched my hand and just gave me a look. I smiled back, so she stood up, kissed me and lead me by the hand into the house and up to her bedroom. I think she knew or hoped something would happen this afternoon because the room was full of flowers. The was a patch of sunlight on the bed and I could hear birdsong through the open window. We left the curtains open but its a very private cottage, not overlooked from anywhere. We got onto the bed together into that little patch of sunshine and we started touching and kissing. I wanted to know if I was doing it right and that made her laugh. It was so weird but so lovely to explore her body through her kaftan. She asked me if I was ready to be a little more intimate and I must have smiled or something. She pulled her pants down and placed them on the bed between us. That was a moment that seemed to last forever, then I pulled my knickers down too. She saw my hands were shaking when I put mine next to hers so she reached out and we held hands for a minute or so. Then she drew me toward her, hugging and kissing, I was getting really aroused as we lay there, so close to each other. After a while she guided my hand between her legs and, well, I played with her and I let her do the same to me. And yes, we orgasmed and it was lovely. Afterwards we just lay together in that really dreamy way, both dressed apart from our knickers, cuddling and talking. It was pure bliss."

"We went back down stairs and ate. Just when I was getting ready to leave Jenny suggested sending to last message. I think we're both going to enjoy playing mind games with you, my love."

"It sounds like you're planning to see her again." said H.

"I'm not sure when. We agreed to wait a while. I think Jenny wants me to talk with you. She doesn't want anyone to get hurt and I have to make sure you're OK. No, not OK, you have to be more than OK, you have to want this. I want you to want it. I need you with me."

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